West Brom step up efforts to sign Salomon Kalou

West Brom are ready to step up their efforts to land Salomon Kalou after boss Steve Clarke identified the former Chelsea forward as his No 1 transfer target.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Chelsea v Stoke City - Stamford Bridge

The Baggies chief wants four more signings before his side kick off their Premier League campaign against Southampton on August 17.

But Clarke has made Kalou a top priority as he looks to reunite the 27-year-old with ex-Stamford Bridge team-mate Nicolas Anelka – the club’s only new face of the summer so far.

West Brom have been tracking Kalou for several months with the Ivory Coast international keen to return to England from Lille, where he enjoyed a successful time last season following a move from Chelsea a year ago.

A transfer fee of £2.6million would trigger Kalou’s Lille release clause but negotiations are currently stalling on wages.

Kalou is believed to be earning around £80,000 per week in France – although he is willing to compromise.

Chairman Jeremy Peace is traditionally reluctant combine a transfer fee with big wages but Clarke will hope the Baggies owner backs his judgement again.

Last summer’s two big signings – Claudio Yacob and Romelu Lukaku – enjoyed excellent seasons.

Clarke wants forwards who can operate out wide after releasing Marc-Antoine Fortune and Jerome Thomas and Peter Odemwingie almost certainly on his way out.

Clarke said: “Between now and the end of the transfer window – if no-one went out – we’d need another four players to add to the squad.

“When you’re chasing players you’re always making enquiries and always speaking to people.

“It would be wrong for us to mention names, or comment on names, but we are pursuing a number of targets.

“Whether they happen tomorrow or whether they happen next week, no-one can tell.

“So you have to be patient – trust me you have to be really patient!

“Richard Garlick and the chairman – it’s of their job to bring the players to me.

“I’m the head coach I get to work with the players when they bring them to me, hopefully, to turn them into a team which can be competitive in the Premier League.

“At the moment, I’m not nervous because I know the people I have in mind, I know they are good targets.

"They are realistic targets and they haven’t gone anywhere else. So I have no reason to be nervous at the moment.”

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Comments for: "West Brom step up efforts to sign Salomon Kalou"

Eli Ward

We surely can match his take home pay, 75% tax in France to 40% here, what's that about £40k a week gross over here


It's 45% tax in France


I could be wrong but my understanding is 75% for anybody earning over about €1.2m. There's also a wealth tax of about 2% I think.

I believe ours is 45% above £150k but employees NI is effectively another 10-ish%???

If that's right, you're probably still looking at somewhere towards £50k a week to match his net, or another £2.5m a year.

That might be workable if you assume Odemwingie will leave and Rosenberg still might.

My worry, as the bloke further below says, is that we try and haggle and somebody nips in first, particularly with it being quite a public pursuit. I have read a Turkish team are chasing him and the likes of West Ham will probably join the race with Pinky and Perky's money behind them.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Worrow mate, Just copied this from todays Sun:

The Hammers have debts of £70million, of which half is secured on Upton Park.

And vice-chairman Karren Brady told a House of Lords committee: “We have to pay off all our bank debt to move — we can’t take that with us (To the Olympic Stadium).” That should keep West Ham quiet for a time.

Kalou says he will compromise his salary purpose to play in the Premiership. I believe that places Jeremy Peace in a strong position for Kalou's signature.

All the best.



Maybe we can swap PO with extra bit of cash, that'll surely free up around £30-40k wages, he used to play for Lille. In saying that maybe he left on poor terms there too!


Wages,not fee,clearly the problem.He's not going to take a massive cut to play for us.West Ham can probably pay him a lot more so I would be very surprised if he came to us.Let's hope there are plenty of other quality targets to pursue.


Not every player is going to go to West Ham over Albion. They might have more money and be in London but Albion are a better run club and we think about our targets. West Ham just get the tranfer list and the most recent fifa game and start calling everyone. They can't buy everyone though. They will end up with the 'best' most expensive signing just like last season and we will get in a 'cheaper' more obscure option and our man will perform better over the season. Kalou may see that Albion have a more balanced squad and better management than West Ham but at the end of the day if he doesn't, I'm sure we have other irons in the fire.

Boing Boing

Jack ♣ Hat.

Steve knows Kalou from his Chelsea days. This Marque signing is the big one we need to partner Nico, Long and Rosenberg. Also Rosenberg could fill in if Dorrans decides to leave, allowing Mulumbu more defensive time. Kalou, yes, yes, yes please, three times for emphasis. Go get, Steve.

We know what we are and what our aims are.




After the great Rosenberg debate at the weekend LOl surely if Rosenberg is going to stay it has to be as a striker, that was one of my gripes all last season playing him out of place when a midfielder is available which appears to be a position not to suit him.

So by fill in for Dorrans do you mean in an emergency or as a replacement for Dozza.

Personally I think if Dozza goes he needs to be replaced by a midfielder and leave rosenberg as a squad strikers

Regarding Kalou have to agree that this would be both a great and big signing.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I agree about Dorrans and Rosenberg. Unless we're desperate we should put round pegs in round holes. Rosenberg is a striker and should be played as that.

King George

To true Andy he needs to play as a striker , remember when he came on against reading he changed the game .

Tom east stand

Andyl I totally agree with you , MR should remain as a striker , with a goal ratio of 0 in 20 we would be certs to go down, what are you thinking of .


Tom east stand

Think you may haves gone AWOL the last few weeks and missed the great Rosenberg debate at the weekend.

Needless to say I don't think he fits into our team certainly not in midfield, however if he does stay then he has to be played as a striker and given all weekend I have made my thoughts clear on him.

However if he is in the squad it is as a striker and he has to take his chance when it comes .

If you feel he is to be used as a midfielder for me he may as well go now.

But new season it's his chance to prove his doubters wrong so we have to give him his chance.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Yes I did mean when needed regarding Rosenberg. Respect your point of view.


Brian Baxter

What do you mean by a "Marque" signing? I don't think it makes much sense. I saw Steve Clarke has used the word before. Be wary of using footballers words. They don't always get it right!

You could be comparing him to a Rolls Royce?

Nothing personal and I don't mind being corrected either!

Jack ♣ Hat.


For us Nico is a Marque signing, as far as we are concerned he is a Rolls Royce, a top proven footballer world renowned. Can't put it any plainer than that mate. Sorry.

Anyway I believe in our system and the way it works, you twist it as you feel fit.



2.6 mill and 50,000 a week wages!


I think Kalou is better then what we have in creative areas on the pitch but at that price i fear we are definately in sink or swim territory!

In Clarke we trust!!!

Boing Boing!!

Jack ♣ Hat.


You say you have little faith in a player who Steve knows very well?. Yet you say you trust Steve. Which one will you choose.



I hope the Craig Gardener deal goes through personally as he is a quality midfielder. Kaloo has scored some very important goals for Chelsea, so should do the biz for us.

In all we are looking at players of real pedigree who have competed in the Premiership at the highest level.


I totally agree. Gardner would be excellent cover for Mulumbu and Yacob and better competition for Morrison if or when Dorrans leaves. He would move the club forward and he's a local lad so he wouldn't be edging for the door every 10 minutes.

Boing Boing

CantelloRocket 78

In recent seasons, we've often signed some of our best onfield players - P.O., Paul Scharner, Romelu Lukaku (?), etc., - in August, when players, agents and clubs seriously get down to business.

If we get the players we've targetted, it could potentially be a very exciting prospect for the season ahead.

Keep the faith.......

B90 Baggie

Kalou would be a great signing.

Then get Sinclair and Moses on loan and we will be well away. Maybe Sam Byram from Leeds as a good young fullback but he would command a fee which probably means we are not even entertaining that one.

Hopefully we can do the business soon and the tumbleweed can stop drifting past Peace and Garlick's office.

old baggie

I like him i think this addition will be good more of the same please.


This article is somewhat contradictory.

It says with some conviction that "Clarke has made Kalou a top priority"

Then later SC is quoted as saying "it would be wrong for us to mention names"

In truth, our perceived pursuit of Kalou is probably just an ill kept secret.

I would like this player on board, and I like the comment from SC stating the need to add four players to the squad.

Should be music to the ears of the doubters.


music to our ears but not jps , and i would make it six with our defence

We Only Need One Half!

Oh dear, looks like the stirrers are going to have to wait at least another day. Hey Rocket, you hear that? that's the sound of 1000's of monitors across Wolvo......well you know the rest by now ;-)

CantelloRocket 78


well the story's already been jumped on by Saunder's Jackett, and half a dozen different names from our sad little troll-

so we must be doing something right!!

I feel almost embarrassed that we're looking at Champion's League players to sign, whilst our neighbours are chasing Championship cast-offs.......;-)

Jack ♣ Hat.

One Half,

Good, you have just rammed a stick in the hornets nest.

Man the battlements guys, get ready for Puggy and his one-man committee. I blame One Half. Yiiiippeeee.

Believe it or not:

Human attempts for some sort of rejuvenation or immortality included monkey glands, which were actually monkey testicles, and before that, human testicles. A Russian man called Serge Voronoff, who was based in Paris, injected the human testicles into the person. Wolverhampton Wanderers striker Dennis Westcott also had this treatment injected into him. Major Frank Buckley, the manager of the club, insisted on it and the following season, he scored 38 goals in 35 games. The manager of Plymouth Argyle also made his team get injected too.

Right wo1-Ves players, bend over.



We Only Need One Half!

Sorry Jack, cant be helped, big believer in attack being the best form of defence, and you just know even if I desist, come the slightest perceived negative the usual haters will be back out, as sure as a Wolves relegation follows every season. That said, I have conceded to Shropshires request, for the time being at least, of not addressing any individual numpties.

Jack ♣ Hat.

One Half,

Shropshire means well, but part of my enjoyment would go out of the widow. I like it when they attempt to knock us over, it shows how jealous they are becoming of our system working so well, mate. £1m Henry was sold for, they had to slash his price to get him off their wage bill and they still have a lot to get rid of but they are standing firm. That club is in a bad way.



Love it, very exciting times!


wait for it lads....BUT.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Exciting times!, Jeremy Peace hasn't started yet, but he soon will.



"Between now and the end of the transfer window - if no-one went out - we´d need another four players to add to the squad".

Interesting quote and a bold statement - could leave the club looking very stupid with egg on its face. I, for one will start counting the ins and outs of this club between today, july 24th and august 31st.

If we sell 2 of our players we will buy 6, if we sell 4 we will buy 8 players etc. etc.

Somehow I feel we supporters will be fooled again again again. No way will we see 4 additional players being added to the squad....Unless they are free and have Chelsea connections. Izzy Brown softeners, perhaps.....?

So we will likely end up with Kalou, another high-earning, sulking primadonna, only for him and his chum Anelka to drag us through the mud next summer for lack of beaches in the West Midlands, no appropriate shops where they can buy spare designer tyres for their Jaguars/Lamborghinis and other soap opera relics.

Gardner is the only promising rumour I have heard all summer. oh, and Dempsey too, of course. But neither will come to us because of ££££££££££££


Danish Baggies fan


Your on the wrong page Danish dingle! Go moan somewhere else. The players we are looking at have premier league pedigree & if you want better players, you pay higher wages. Watch this space, SC will get it right!

Josh H

Yes, i fully expect you to be counting the ins and outs as making Steve Clarke eat his words seems your main ambition.

I cannot stand this "we will be fooled again" drama that i keep hearing, how in anyway are you fooled. Do you start every transfer window thinking we are going to be spending 15m on a superkid?

Your comments on Anelka and Kalou are plain stupid, Anelka will prove to be a very good signing for us, mark my words. If he was only interested in money then he would of gone to Dubai or whatever other offers he got and believe me, he would of got them. Instead he chose to join a club where he feels he will be able to play very good football and finish his days in the greatest league in the world.

If we could bring in Kalou to add to Anelka, Long and Rosenberg i would be delighted. That would be without the 2 domestic loans im expecting. I have no doubt we will be in great shape once again come the start of the campaign.

The Real Bully Hoo.


That's a b****y good post. Well siad.

Gabbys Elbow

Well said Josh.......I hope youre right?


Talking of bold statements "no way will we see 4 additional players added to the squad" That`s certain is it ?

Furthermore, since when have free signings and players with Chelsea connections been a bad thing ?

With due respect.........that statement is ridiculous/bewildering

Jack ♣ Hat.


That Nom de Guerre rigs a bell on the dark side. Something in The Mekon era?.


Westcroft buggy

Absolute fool

Jack ♣ Hat.

Westcroft buggy,

I hear you Puggy. L☺Ls.



Have you ever been to the Bullring?

Danish Baggie

Søren. Are you the founder of the Danish Wba branch ? His name is Søren anyway. If so, you should be a Little more proud of your Club´s achivements. Only if your a Dingle you should be proud of your post.

Danish Baggie. ( Kjær & Calles Sportscafe Århus )




Yes! Would be big improvement if hes "replacing" thomas or MAF, would still have liked to keep MAF but it was down to him in the end. Craig gardner would be a good back up player if mulumbu or yacob were injured or suspended. Hopefully people will be bought intime for the squad to gel ready for 17th aug! Still think 4 isn't enough though. I was thinking more like 6 players, 2 strikers, 2 wingers, a rightback & a back up centre mid. Season should be a good one! Can't wait.

COYB psalm 23!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Jackett the Hat,

ALBION Head Coaches have a always had a say on incoming players. Shows what you Dingles know about our system, the one you are trying to emulate, back to bed now.


Insider man

I didn`t know Simon Cowel played football ,that's proberly why we are after him .

We Only Need One Half!

no I didn't either, but no doubt if he did he would be to good for a 3rd tier side!

Oh the shame of it all.

CantelloRocket 78


Simon Cowell has indeed turned up at Molineux, but not to play football-

he just wanted a suitable venue for 'Britain's Got No Talent'.

It's perfect, the contestants are already there.........:-)


They'd fit the bill perfectly on two subjects.

1. Comedy

2. Free Fall Skydiving.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Especially the comedy acts for Divi3. Clowns for slap-stick comedy on the pitch with a ball, A1 talent mate. Jezz the magician, makes himself disappear every transfer window. Puggy is going as the one man committee and act out a meeting, that should be good. L☺Ls.


Oh please



..... or he's been down to the custard bowl to promote a big name signing (Eddie LARGE I think!!!)

Boing! Boing!

Roy Doran

I am excited at the prospect of another top class experienced Premiership player being linked to us, surely a transfer fee of about £2.6 million would not be a problem, however I think the wages may be though? Now let's see JP and RG use their negotiating skills to land Salomon Kalou who is the quality player that we need to improve our squad.

I have every faith in our leaders, they have managed to find the right quality players in the past so let's hope that they can do it again! COYB go for it!

Jack ♣ Hat.

If Lille want him off their books because of FFPI ruling Then they will let him go for much less than he is worth. Kalou wants to return to the Premiership and is willing to compromise to get there. This Places Jeremy Peace in a good bartering position. I believe we can pull this one off as Kalou will again partner Nico.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


New players coming in is very exciting - but the way clubs handle players leaving is also important - to the fans and players alike.

I am pretty amazed at the way wolves have thrown their longest serving player and previous capt out the door like a bag of garbage - their treatment of Karl Henry is scandalous and indicative of the attitude I think surrounds that club. Similarly with Ward - a player who played every position for them but keeper is now left to train with the kids and no shirt No - shocking treatment of a current international

Whilst we welcome in players like Anelka I am pleased to see the fans and club thanking Jerome Thomas and MAF for their contributions..... it shows some class and shows potential new signings that we respect our players as they leave and they then pass this on like Lukaku has done.


Happy excellent post mate, the way Wolves operate for me reflects the attitude of many of their supporters, 'I want everything and I want it right now'! They think they have this god given right to be in the Premier League but don't give managers or players the time they need to achieve that aim

Jez Moxey's managerial appointments have been a disaster yet we keep hearing the same spin emanating from him.

For me the club are like the fans, they constantly say what they're going to do but don't do it.


SB And I bet when we do get it you and a few others on here will start to put your money where your laptop is and start attending the games? when you think of all the money that as come into the club over the years and still coming in and we have not won anything since 1968 I think we are entitled to want it now not when we dead .

Jack ♣ Hat.


Worrow, Puggy.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Good point Happy. I don't ever remember seeing Henry and Ward give less than 100% yet they receive dog's abuse from the fans and this treatment from the management.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Shropshirebaggy, Bully,

Disgrace to the beautiful game the way their loyal players have been ostracized. Osaze's case is totally different but thick Dingles won't be able to tell why.

All the best.



Too true Jack, and it appears our Dingle friend has bitten for a second time under a different alias, obviously trying to get a reaction out of me, what a sad sack!


What about John hartson i recall i was the only person a few years back who gave him any support.

CantelloRocket 78

Alan puggy wolfboy Jones-

I've seen you post on the dark side as 'fed up wolf', and I noticed 'wednesbury/wolf' looked identical - so now we know for certain.

You've not only now forgotten to 'disguise' your name on here, but more disturbingly you post on your OWN site with different names-

that's not the work of a 'wind-up' merchant, that's someone with a disturbed mind.

By the way, did you support John Hartson when he was smacking the ball into the wolves net for the Baggies......?



Be fair Rocket, lots of players have put the ball in the Dingles net, Greening, Super Kev, Andrews, Odemwingie, Kamara, Hartson, Brunt....oh heck I'm loosing count here!


Difference is (if you didn't spot it) is that unlike Odemwingie, neither ward nor henry have said they want to leave - in fact they have both said they want to stay & fight - but Jez can only see the ££££ signs so its out they go with the bins..... shocking treatment.

Albion fans gave PO several chances even after the QPR fiasco (probably as thanks for the hat trick - you remember that don't you...) but he continued to tweet his rubbish so in the end he has to go.


Yes to be fair the Odemwhingie saga has left everyone a little sour but let's be honest here, PO manufactured this situation all by himself. His 'West Brom nightmare' as some papers have dubbed it was all his cheese eating before bedtime fault. Wolves are blaming current players for the mistakes the management made when they drew up the contracts, it's a different situation entirely. But I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. From what I hear the Mol's been a bit depressing recently.

Boing Boing


I think the reason we haven't moved for anyone, namely kalou, is because we need odem off the wage bill as well as looking to raise up to £2 million in transfer fee for him

Jack ♣ Hat.


I doubt that mate as Jeremy is all for letting him soak if no-one pays the right (More than fair) price for a free scoring Premiership striker. Don't worry let those who miss out do that. All the best.


Cyril Randle

Getting Odemgoldenslippers off the wage bill is proving difficult. Clubs can see trouble and are scared, especially at his salary. I really hoped Ollie would take a chance. Maybe when panic sets in nearer Aug 17th he'll go. I'd love to know what he thinks of his position now. Has anyone got the guts to interview him ? It could put 10,000 on the newspaper sales.

We Only Need One Half!

Cyril, thats a fair point, but who's more toxic than Luis (he will never leave cos Brendon Rodgers said so) Suarez and the bun fight brewing over him?


It doesn't really matter does it?

Oswestry Baggie

Almost a done deal.

We tried to get him on loan for a season with a view to a permanent move, but Lille were having non of it.

Kalou has agreed to wave a signing on fee to sweaten the deal, so fingers crossed.


I hope you're right Oswestry!!


Sorry but i think this signing might be a mistake. A lot of Chelsea supporters used to complain about him bringing nothing to the team. I know we operate on a lower level playing wise than them but i just don't think he is that good. if we sign him i hope i am wrong but i would rather us go after Sinclair or Moses if we are in with a shout of getting them.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think you will always get some players that are easy targets for a section of the 'fans.' He wasn't the best player at Chelsea but when you're in a team where the average player cost £10 mill plus then that still means he was probably a very high quality player.

As with Rosenberg, some fans make an instant judgement and it's very hard for the player to shake that tag off. Fans are notoriously poor at seeing certain things that players contribute such as making space for others by intelligent running off the ball and by covering space. Let's hope if he comes that our boo boys don't get their teeth into him before he's kicked a ball in anger ay?

Jack ♣ Hat.

Albion are in for Scott Sinclair on loan initially. This would be another class signing for us if it comes off.


Wall Heath Baggie

Sinclair and Kalou would indeed be excellent signings .

Kev in Mallorca


If we signed 'em would it mek any difference to the missus diabolical decision?


Real insider man

I can confirm that WBA official`s held talks with Kenwyn Jones agent last night and it seems very likely that a deal will go through in the next 48 hrs . You heard it here first .


Nice try. He'd be a great signing for Wolves though but whey above the level of football to be played at the Mol next season. It's funny coz it's true;-)

Boing Boing


Baggieinmanc, I'd be careful, inside man doesn't get much wrong so you could live to regret that post mate.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Real insider man,

Wrong, we disregarded it there first.


BLUEANDWHITE! (real one)


you get these dingles year in year out sayin that they are going to do this and going to do that. about time they went away i think under there league 1 rock.

i mean we have lost lakaku, thomas, and could be pete o in a few weeks time

the above players could be replaced with anelka, kalou and , sinclair

cum on dingles have a think will ya! IF we sign these players you lot can gear up for another year of wishing you was us!

boing boing!

Jack ♣ Hat.


That's the "Ommer maet", All the best.


CantelloRocket 78

Concerning Albion and West Ham target Matej Vydra, of Udinese-

his agent Ondrej Chovanec has said 'what football player would not want to live in London? West Ham are a very good club, he would fit in well there'.

I doubt if he's even bothering to accept the Baggies as a serious option, 'the smoke' and 'Sullivan's Gold' are a perfect fit for greedy mercenaries......


If a player will only sign for a club because of what post code thier ground is in then they are not worth thier salt and we would do well to steer clear of him. We will sign a hungrier player in football terms anyhow. Players who have something to prove are better than players looking for a certain lifestyle anyway.

Boing Boing


I see our resident Dingle friend fell for my wind up above.

Oswestry Baggie, how close is he to signing mate, are we talking terms agreed and undergoing a medical? There's nothing on the Albion website yet that's all.

Oswestry Baggie

Shropshire, no medical yet just an agreement in principle.

Interestingly, Kalou is doing all the pushing. No outlandish demands, just a desire to be a regular starter which is quite refreshing.


Oswestry Baggy, that is refreshing mate. I really hope we get him it would be a tremendous signing.

Whereabouts in Os do you live out of interest, I live in Whittington?

Jack ♣ Hat.

Salomon Kalou is set to snub a Premier League return to West Ham - because they will not cave in to his demand to play down the middle.

West Brom, like West Ham, have agreed a £4million fee for the Ivory Coast forward.

And it is the Baggies who are now favourites to land the 27-year-old striker, released on a free transfer from Chelsea last summer.

Kalou is desperate to return to the Premier League from French club Lille,

where he scored 14 goals last season.

But West Ham's main striker is England hitman Andy Carroll and Upton Park

boss Sam Allardyce is refusing to guarantee that he will accommodate Kalou

in the way the Ivory Coast striker would prefer.

Kalou knows West Brom boss Steve Clarke from the time the pair spent at

Chelsea but it is as yet unclear whether he will receive the assurances he

wants from Clarke over the position he wants to play.

Both West Ham and West Brom are searching for one more striker with the

Hammers having landed Carroll and the Baggies capturing Nicolas Anelka this


The Real Bully Hoo.


Surely if that's the case he'd turn us down as well.

Oswestry Baggie

Shropshire, just come back from a run through Whittington, small world. I live outside of Oswestry off Middleton Lane.