West Brom will fight Chelsea over Isaiah Brown

West Brom were today braced for a fight over Isaiah Brown after rejecting Chelsea’s opening bid for the teenager.


The Baggies issued a strongly-worded statement questioning the midfielder’s move to Stamford Bridge and threatening to take the matter to an FA tribunal to decide a fee.

Brown is already training with the London club and Albion are powerless to prevent him moving, but they are ready to hold out for a bigger fee after turning down the Blues’ initial bid.

West Brom sporting & technical director Richard Garlick said: “We are disappointed by Chelsea’s offer.

"We have invested a lot of time and money in Isaiah’s development as a player and – as one of our most exciting academy products in recent years – we had hoped to bring him through into our first-team.

“But Chelsea have forced our hands and we are more than prepared for the matter to be decided by a tribunal if needs be.

“More importantly, it makes you question why these young players are joining bigger clubs when they are likely to gain more first-team opportunities in the Premier League at clubs similar to us.”

Meanwhile, West Brom today shrugged off reports from Argentina that midfielder Claudio Yacob is a potential target for Belgian champions Anderlecht.

The Baggies have no plans to sell the Argentina international and do not believe he would be tempted to give up Premier League football and wages, despite Anderlecht’s presence in the Champions League.

Claims in Ukraine that Albion are monitoring Dnipro winger Yevhen Konoplyanka are also thought to be untrue.

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Comments for: "West Brom will fight Chelsea over Isaiah Brown"


I'm not sure we really can fight it, the kid's signed for Chelsea, it's just a case of accepting Chelsea's offer, negotiating it to incorporate some sort of loan deal for us out of it, or letting a tribunal decide it.

I suppose the wider point- and the one I hope Albion make as forcefully as possible- is that this sort of thing being allowed to happen is something that needs to be looked at. The dominance of the top few is to the detriment of football as a whole and we're losing the game we all grew up to love.

Regarding Brown's decision, think only Bertrand and Terry have made the breakthrough and established themselves in Chelsea's first-team squad over the last ten years. Izzy Brown must really have belief in his own ability if he think's he can break through there. The likes of Carlton Cole, Mikael Forssell, Robert Huth, Fabio Borini and Franco Di Santo were shipped off pretty quickly, even Daniel Sturridge wasn't really given a fair opportunity. Only time will tell I guess.......


Bertrand was snapped up from elsewhere I think, Gillingham possibly? Terry is the only one of their own in recent times I think.


I didn't know that.

Suppose you could further argue that Bertrand got his chance through injuries and lack of numbers rather than through being an outstanding prospect. Be surprised if he's still floating around the Chelsea first-team in a year or two.


Konoplyanka has been the first name this pre season that has really caught my eye!! Seen him a couple of times for the Ukranian national team, he was one of their leading lights last I heard, and scored a cracking goal against England at Wembley recently. So it's only typical that this gets rubbished!

On Izzy Brown its such a shame that he's leaving us before he's made a real name for himself and possibly condemned himself to the long list of 'I chased fame/fortune over loyalty/determination class' ask James Hurst how things are with his League 2 team after his attempt to fast track! If your good enough and determined enough, at some point you will make it to the big stage! And reward the team that put you where you are in the process! Good luck, for our nations sake I hope you make it big!

Rushall Baggie

Sad on so many levels. Izzy could be a miracle boy wonder. But does he really think he has chance to develop his game at Chelsea when a rare talent like Lukaku can't make the first team at 20? He's very young and no doubt influenced by an agent, who will pick up a big fee. It also sounds like we are in the process of falling out with Chelsea, which is a pity given our current head coach's good relationship. I am also depressed at my own ignorance. Can an Academy player really decide who he trains with in an instant? If that's the case, what is the point of any of it?


I wouldn't say Albion and Chelsea are on the verge of a dispute, the protests by Albion are aimed more at the laughable EPPP and Chelsea will realise that undoubtedly. The issue is that academy players can move at any point prior to their first precessional contract within the Elite system. It's a double-edged sword - the finest talent gets nabbed for peanuts (Dhanda being an example of ours just last week), but we can also poach the lesser, or more disgruntled, talent from other academies. It's a flawed system and it will change soon I'd have thought (or perhaps hope).

smethwick baggie

If I was chairman I'd shut the academy down immediately. Why invest all that money just to develop players for the top half a dozen clubs, which already dominate the league to such an extent, that I think it's time the rest of us broke away and had own league. I'm sure this would make the national media happy, because they only want to show and talk about these top few clubs anyway. I for one am fed up of hearing about them. OMG , why haven't Arsenal won a trophy for a few years. What's wrong at Chelsea? What's happening at the once mighty Liverpool? Don't know and don't care. Boring.


I absolutely agree. If the FA want to play it so that only the top clubs benefit from the system then only the Man U, ManC, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal should pay for EPPP status. They can cherry pick from the boys they have brought and paid to put through thier own system and all other clubs can wait for thier cast offs when they reach contract age.

The only problem is that the FA are trying to win a world cup within the next 20 years so if there are only 5 academies in the country, the finite number of places for up andf coming talent will ensure we have next to no chance of developing enough players to challenge for a League Cup let alone international honours.

Whether they likje it or not these donkeys at the FA need the other clubs to play ball or they will go down in history as having overseen an embarrassingly barren period in Englands history.

I hope the Albion start a petition between all the clubs in the four divisions to say that we are all refusing to work as academies until our clubs are protected from this type of approach in the future or that the FA payus £2.5m per year to run our academy meaning we loose no money in this sort of unpleasantness.

Vive la revolution Baggies

Boing Boing

blue and white

Let him go, I think we should go for Wayne Rooney.


Some people live and breath football regards their respective clubs, from our schools up to our top clubs.

Footballs governing bodie, along with parents/guardians and clubs need to sort this most unfair scenario, i honestly see this as a slight on peoples/terraces way of thinking, regarding 'our' game.

We were and can be again one of the finest clubs for recruiting future stars, but what is the point ?

Disgruntled :-((((

Davo from Wordsley

I think it's a case of accepting the inevitable with regards to Izzy. Lets face it, if we all had the chance to double / treble our money overnight, who would turn it down?

What is more worrying is the statement about Yacob. Lets hope it is just a rumour


Peter O has been vilified for wanting to do just that!!


No one vilified PO for wanting more money - if he has said that it would have been much better than saying he had dreamed of playing for Rednapp and it was the greatest compliment he had ever had - and giving that interview in the carpark where he referred to albion as "them" and QPR as "us".

PO just loaded every bullet that has been aimed at him.

CantelloRocket 78


as Cyril said the other week, premiership players like P.O. have already earned enough money to retire as multi-millionaires, if he wants to chase even more dosh, it smacks of pure greed.

He's made stroppy, brattish statements to the public, and appears to still refuse any personal responsibility.

It's important to make a moral stand, when P.O. bleated about 'showing no respect', he's upset a number of good people, and disrupted our club-

he doesn't appear to know what real respect is-

enough is enough.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Davo from Wordsley,

Academy players should be licensed provisionally to play for a club. When another club comes in for them, The license has to be bought by that club to the amount a club wishes for the player, otherwise no deal. The club has to buy the license not the player for the player to play for that club in my opinion mate.


Cyril Randle

Dick Turpin would be mightily impressed with Chelsea. Not breaking the law of course, so once again, "The Law Is A Ass" as Mr Bumble said in Oliver Twist.

Abramovich didn't become a billionaire by being fair with opponents and just this once, Jeremy's hands are tied by the all-know-nothing, all-not-seeing FA.

Mr Bumble

Neither did Mr Peace Cyril !

Insider man

Nicolas Anelka really was showing his intent and that he means business on the training ground yesterday, I can confirm that he WAS NOT repeat WAS NOT wearing gloves during training .

Walthamstow Albion

Like it insider mon.

Gloves or no gloves, if Anelka means business, Albion could be in for another explosive season. Looking forward to see what he can do and to who we get on either side of the frontman.

Guess JP is enforcing Albion's current standing and new-found cojones regarding Izzy. Good for JP - we are a club making a strong and valid point about EPPP. With RH and DA in the FA circle (or should I say circus), JP's message could get through. Didn't Izzy have a week at Arsenal before Chelsea? Seems like Albion had already given permission for him to leave if he did go to Arsenal for a time - I could be wrong?

Chelsea offering, what circ £15k-£16k per month compared to Albion's £6k-£7k? - the kid's probably thinking I'm quids in. If he makes it or not, by the age of 20, he'll have made a fair bit and secured his future whether in or outside of football. He's a Chelsea supporter isn't he so good luck to him. Agree with everone's comments about him having more of a chance to develop at Albion than south-west London.

Consolation for Albion is that there are more kids coming through.

Yuff these days eh!

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Jack ♣ Hat.


Old Chinese proverb: He who runs with naked candle, soon extinguishes it. Why do you think Jeremy Peace builds our club slowly but surely. I will tell you, when other clubs try to knock us as in your case, we never lose our balance. Live and learn sonny, all the best.


Jack ♣ Hat.

I'm glad Popov is back with us. He is more aware of what the Premiership demands, worth another look-see.


blue n white blood

I hope they have spit and shaken hands on the Popov loan .

The Real Netherton Baggie

It is the year 2113, the average house price is £2.5m,bus passes include travel to anywhere in the solar system, Wo1ve5 are playing in an even more non-descript league than they are now,and people are still still waiting for The FA to do something sensible.

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