West Brom starlet Isaiah Brown to join Chelsea

West Brom teenager Isaiah Brown was today poised to leave the Hawthorns for Chelsea after the clubs opened talks over a compensation package.

Football - Barclays U21 Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Former Albion midfielder Isaiah Brown moved to Chelsea in the summer.

The Blues moved following a week of speculation linking the 16-year-old with a move to Stamford Bridge.

Brown even joined the London club for training at the weekend after being given permission by Albion, although the Baggies stress they are still in the throes of finalising a deal for his exit.

His departure will come as a major blow to West Brom's academy staff, who had earmarked the tall midfielder as a potential first-team star and a possible standard bearer for other players in the Baggies’ youth ranks.

But Hawthorns sources stress that the player’s move is likely to net the club more than the £209,000 quoted last week.

That was believed to be the standard compensation figure under the new Elite Player Performance Plan.

As Brown completed a youth scholarship with the Baggies and joined the club long before the advent of EPPP, the club can demand more from Chelsea.

And the matter will go to an FA transfer tribunal should the clubs fail to agree a fee.

The Peterborough-born midfielder has been with Albion’s academy for several years since being spotted playing for Histon’s youth-team.

Brown played the final four minutes as a substitute in May’s 3-2 defeat to Wigan, becoming Albion’s youngest first-team player in more than 90 years.

The schoolboy, whose debut came at 16 years and 117 days old, is the second-youngest player in the history of the Premier League, behind Fulham’s Matthew Briggs.

Meanwhile, Albion’s players were due to return for pre-season training today with the club locked in discussions over a new loan deal for left-back Goran Popov.

Players returned to the training ground yesterday for fitness tests ahead of the pre-season programme, with the first full session planned for this morning.

And Popov could soon rejoin the group after spending last season on loan at The Hawthorns.

The Baggies decided not to activate an option to make the 28-year-old a permanent signing at the end of the season after his form dipped following an impressive start.

But sources in Ukraine claim Dinamo Kiev are willing to allow the Macedonia international out on loan for a second season, with the Baggies keen to take an extended look at the player.

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Comments for: "West Brom starlet Isaiah Brown to join Chelsea"


PLEASE NOT POPOV AGAIN .spend some money jp for albion sake .

Gabbys Elbow

Whats wrong with Popov.......hes the best attacking fullback we have, great on the ball, so good in fact I think he could play in midfield??

I'd be happy to see him come back!


Idiotic response! Clearly doesnt understand the way Albion work or know a good player when they see one. Popov is a fantastic full back and would be a great bit of business.


I would have popov above ridgewell all day long. Ridgewell ain't fast enough for me but I would make him second choice. Is it just me or do we seem to only be going for loans. I would like to see jp buy a couple off young wingers one for either side not just loan one ( Sinclair ). I would off gone for him from blues Redmond but its too late now oh well


Wolves fan in peace!

This is disgraceful, what chance have 99% of clubs in the country got on holding on to quality, young talent when even an established premier league club can't hold off the big teams nicking their best talent! What does this say for teams like Crewe that have brought quality players through for years, is there any point if the big teams can just pick them off?

The FA and Premier League need to look into this and give more protection to clubs looking to bring through their own players or else this spells bad news for our National team as many teams will start scrapping their academies.

It sounds like Albion have gave a lot of support to this lad and even put him in the first team despite his tender age, I hope Chelsea don't continue this trend they have of not bringing good quality youngsters through to the first team and just leaving them in the reserves and that they actually give him a chance, personally I think he'd of been better off staying at Albion.

Rushall Baggie

Agree. A change in rules need to be brought in to help every modest sized club, whether it be Albion, Swansea, Norwich - or Wolves - to allow us to develop our own players. How about no poaching until 18 and then only for a full price transfer? And, on a broader point, what incentive is there for any club to sign, develop and sustain young English footballers? James Hurst (remember him?) also had his head turned by Portsmouth, of all clubs, when it was in the Premiership and spending money it did not have. He returned to the Albion when Pompey went bust, of course, but never regained his focus. He's now 21 and playing for Crawley Town.


I think that would be a cracking idea, to not allow teams to poach players before 18. It would mean clubs would be able to give their full support to youngsters without the worry they could jump ship at any time for a big money move and enable the youngsters to concentrate on their football rather than be just looking for their next move.

I think unless a rule such as this is brought in soon, we will start to see many more academies disbanded before we know it and this would be bad news for the national team and also the club game, I always think there's a buzz around the ground when you see a local lad doing well for the first team.

Herts Baggie

Could not agree more, what can a club do to safeguard against bigger clubs coming and "stealing" our young talent, that we have nurtured and invested time and money into!!!!


Message to Isaiah Brown's representatives you are going to ruin this boys future for the sake of a few extra bucks now.

Shame on you.

Isaiah if you read this think long and hard about going to Chelsea, who was the last player to come through Chelsea's youth system and play foe the first team...?

Message to JP you are correct in your thoughts close the lot down what's the point.


Lukaku to come back for another season as part of the package. Watch this space!!

Len of Bournville

You may have something here BingBong, though my hunch is that Demba Ba could be a more likely sweetener.

The other possibility is that Jose Mourinho will do his mate Steve Clarke a favour and send Izzy back on loan for a year or two.

Either way it MIGHT all end up being to our benefit.

CantelloRocket 78


I did read that the 'special one' wanted to watch Lukaku to 'assess' him, and Chelsea could start the season with a few quality strikers, so I always keep an open mind-

never say never, eh........?


But... That's utter nonsense.


That would certainly soften the blow, but looking at it factually, we are powerless to stop it from happening, so what reason do Chelsea have to offer out their lead scoring forward?

I am very disappointed by this story and has certainly put a downer on the last weeks signing, I only hope the boy sees sense, but based on his Twitter updates he already has stars in his eyes.

Games over fame Izzy! Use your head!


lakaku back for brown compensation compete


Afternoon all,

this "deal" is morally repugnant....he's a child. His "agents" and, dare I suggest, other people around him need to look long and hard in the mirror and if they still think this is acceptable.....then I think that tells you a lot about the society that we now live in. He goes from being around the first team squad into the chelski reserves as they'll probably not play him as they seem to be buying every and anyone at the moment.

It's disgusting that we have nurtured him, trained him and this is all the thanks and appreciation we get.....I don't care if we get more than the price quoted....it's obvious now more than ever that we are all just becoming feeder clubs to the top 5/6 who can do anything that they want to. Toothless FA will not stop it - the PL seem to think it's okay...the knock on effect will eventually be no academy's - no young British talent getting a game as they'll just get poached so we'll buy ready made foreign players so no decent British international sides. Scotland went the way of buying ready made plaeyrs because they aere cheaper back in the early 1990's.......England will go the same way if the big clubs are not stopped from poaching young players...

wrong on all levels imo




Absolutely spot on. It's all about money.

Jack ♣ Hat.

FA and Premier League are letting cubs (Outside the big four) down. Time for the FFPI to intervene for the sake of "Fairness in Football".


brilliant post, you say it all. This type of banditry affects most clubs as it is they that have their best young players pilfered after putting them in line for first team football. ALBION have spent millions on a new Academy plus coaching, Heating and lighting bills, cleaning, plus, it all adds up. We might as well get rid of the Academy and go around nicking other clubs players. A1 Academy my foot. I am truly disgusted and the ruling must be changed.


Oh when the stripes

I heard that the club are even more annoyed as Izzy gave them a verbal agreement that he would sign a contract with us when he turned 17.


Couldn't SC done his best to stop this goin thru

We like a feeder club


I'm sure he did mate but from what I understand, Brown was a Chelsea fan as a kid. He's from Peterborough originally not the W Mids, so might fancy the bright lights of London. He's not under contract so is free to move.

I agree with Real Netherton Baggie below, he's gone now, nothing we can do but use this situation to our advantage if at all we can.

CantelloRocket 78

Warren, alright mate?

Yes, my Brother-in-law and his family live in Peterborough, and the general focus over there is much more about visiting or commuting to London than looking over to the West Midlands, so It's no surprise that kids like Izzy would be drawn to Chelski whilst watching 'em on TV as a young lad.

As you say, we've looked at this issue before, and there's little we can do if the Footballing authorities believe the system is fair - as usual they ignore the large majority of 'smaller' clubs, and allow the 'big boys' to gain yet another advantage over the rest of us.

So much is still wrong in Football, it's frustrating and infuriating.

The Real Netherton Baggie

If Brown goes to Chelsea,he will probably never be heard of again.

Albion must use the situation to OUR ADVANTAGE,by getting a Chelsea player on loan.


All part the Lukaku deal,as I've been saying for a few weeks,he'll be here.

Seriously though it's no wonder the national team struggles,bet Roy's not impressed by it all either.


It won't happen, Chelsea have no reason to negotiate, they CAN sign him regardless, by offering him a contract, we can't negotiate much else.


All very true BUT we can negotiate a fee for Brown. The figures touted of £209K per academy starlet aren't applicable to Izzy so, at the least, we may get upwards of £500K.

Still, I'd prefer the Fridge back.

Roy Doran

I have to agree with Jack Hat! This poaching of young talent must stop NOW!

The rich will get richer and the rest will get nothing!

Perhaps there should be a new Premier Super League.

The top clubs ie, Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Everton could play in this new league together with a few other top European sides and collectively these clubs should be banned from buying or loaning any player from the Premiership or Championship. This would help lesser clubs develop their own young talent and hang onto them. What do you think?

Robin Brittain

Come on Dan Ashworth , bare your teeth. Have the FA given the top Premier teams carte blanche to do what they like.


It is right, that the Albion see a future in Youth.

It is right, that the Albion commit to become a Tier one Academy.

It is right, that the Albion invest upwards of 2+ millions to achieve these aims.

But ...

Where is the value in those “rights”, when others simply swoop down, and cherry pick?

We take the risk, others get the reward; this route cannot be sustainable.

Is the EPPP system an accident I wonder, or devlisihly pure design?

baggie bill

For gods sake see sense Izzy what chance have you breaking in to Chelsea's first team within the next couple of season's


Well if this does go through was nice seeing you play in the premier league for those 4 minutes last season kiddo but doubt you'll see anymore playing time if he decides to go to Chelsea.

Shame really .


We need to pull out of this youth system right now. We need to dissasociate ourselves from other A1 academies and run a seperate scouting network governed by our own legal rules. Some how we need to find a loophole which states that any player in our academy can only be 'bought' (poached) if the club alows it and if not then the approaching club must pay a stated but fair compensation.

We will never have a decent national side if all the best players are being hired and fired from the same club. For one it will mean that all the best players will take a long time in getting up to playing competative football at the top level. It will ruin thier hunger for the game as they will already see themselves as a success and will do a Luke Moore. Thier dreams will be shattered and thier talent will fade as they are regected from this club. In the meantime less talented players from lower divisions will come through the ranks of thier clubs whilst gaining experience and gametime. They will hone thier skills and eventually take thier place in the national side when they are bought by Man U. Hence we will never have a decent national side and we will always spurn and ruin our best players with faux success early on in thier lives.

Izzy could've played a few games for the Albion this year and next year he could've taken over from Anelka whilst learning from a seasoned professional but instead he will play youth football for Chelsea for 3 years and go out on loan for another 3 then he will be sold to whoever gets relegated that season to start his career properly. It's a real shame.

Boing Boing

Cyril Randle

Anybody going to query why Jeremy Peace put out his interview last week ? He must be FUMING ! This is all the FA's fault when all is analysed. Useless, overpaid, biased shower.


this type of poaching has been going on since the start of football.

I didn't hear the moans when we have signed players who have been reared by other clubs.

take the money, let the lad go, he might not be as good as he thinks he is.

how many p o 's do we need at our club ,if they want to go ,let them.

I think that anelka will be a great signing for us

Jack ♣ Hat.


What I am saying is this type of pilfering has to stop no matter who is doing it, keep up with the pace, please.



when lukaku couldnt even get in the chelsea squad what hope in hell has this lad got of getting anywear near the premier league match day squad?? surely you would be asking yourself this even at the young age of 16-17.silly move...silly boy

Jack ♣ Hat.

ALBION have refused an offer from Chelsea for Isaiah Brown. Now for an independent Tribunal, which going to form, should drop on the Chelsea side of the fence.



Sadly it's no surprise that Izzy is chasing some dream of being a top star at Chelsea - the papers and the media only ever mention the top 6 teams, even Hodgson only picks players from London or Manchester and so young players believe they have to join one in order to progress.

If we are upset about Izzy imagine how Villa are feeling now Benteke has handed in a transfer request after one decent season - it all stinks.

The debate about the academy is one that JP will sort out - meantime I guess I would happily swap Izzy Brown for a loan of Ba or Lukaku - so lets see what happens.


Morning Happy,

it just seems ridiculous that players of such a young age can be openly poached....both Brown and Dhanda have progressed nicely in our academy and could/would have gone on to be top players for the Albion and then, maybe, earn a move to a bigger club....or help make us a bigger club in the future. By keeping their heads down and working hard all the future rewards / adulation etc could have been there for them anyway, and were I too would be happy to have Lukaku back or a loan of Ba.....I want to see young players come through the academy and into our first team and not just picked off by the so called "big" clubs. If they continue to get away with this poaching then and still signing all and sundry it just seems like they want lots of players so no one else can have them....

to further his career Brown needs to look at George Thorne...before being injured he was flying..

and the tribunal will, obviously, favour Chelski...

sorry for the rant but it's narked me.....were heading the same way Scottish football did......




Andy - I agree with you totally mate.

I too want to see young players coming through the ranks - brought up by Albion and with a love of the club from day one - that's why I say JP will now sort out whether its worth the investment if the top talent is picked off early by clubs for whom a few hundred grand is less than they spend on prawn sarnies.

I don't think youth players should be prevented from moving if they so choose - but clubs who invest their time and money into developing them should receive a much higher minimum fee - and more if a player has played reserve or even 1st team football.

Izzy Brown was a first team squad player last season just like Dorrens or MAF - and his value should be determined by the club NOT the PL who exist to appease the big 6 !

My rant over !!!


Let him go, kick up a fuss and see what Chelski will offer us as a peace offering!


Isaiah Brown situ stinks, the child in me tells me, JP, muster up support from other chairman and threaten to close the Baggies academy.

Many moons ago i was a 5 year indentured apprentice, my 'sealed' document was signed in the presence of a management official, a trade union official and my father, at the age of 16.

My father did research into what was one of the top companies for the trade i wished to enter, you could say this is very much the same sought of scenario bar for the Albion have put in the initial groundwork.

Never to see a Hope, Robson, Statham etc etc again.