Crystal Palace lead chase for Peter Odemwingie

Peter Odemwingie’s bitter West Brom exit today took another twist with promoted Crystal Palace new favourites to take the striker.

WBA 4 PM 04

Odemwingie is looking for a way out from the Hawthorns after his stay collapsed into an open feud with the club following the Queens Park Rangers transfer farce in January.

But with Swansea’s board unwilling to consider recruiting the 31-year-old because of his clouded reputation, Palace are reported to be ready to take a chance on the Nigeria international.

Striking a deal with the Baggies, who still have the player on contract and in owner Jeremy Peace possess one of the game’s most stubborn deal-makers, will still be a problem for any would-be suitors.

West Brom head coach Steve Clarke is relaxed that the issue will be resolved, but is in no mood to contribute to the speculation.

He said: “I haven’t had any talks, because I have been on holiday.  The club had a meeting scheduled, which was cancelled, and that’s the last I heard. The PFA couldn’t get a delegate there.

“It’s a situation that will be resolved over the summer. That’s why we have got a technical director and a chairman who like to do deals.

“That’s their job. It would be nice if people stopped asking questions on it. It will be resolved in its own time and hopefully there will be a resolution.”

Clarke has been more concerned fine-tuning plans for the club’s pre-season schedule which will begin with next month’s training camp in Austria and game against Bundesliga outfit Hannover.

He said: "It’s been a little bit harder to get opponents this year because almost every single major league in Europe starts on August 3. We start two weeks after.

“But I have been to Austria before, I like it. It’s a good country. The training facilities are excellent, the food is good. It’s a good place, it’s relaxed, low-key.

“The climate can be quite hot. I went there with West Ham one year and it was in the 30s. But we train early morning and late in the afternoon, so we tend to miss the warm part of the day.

“I’m looking forward to it, it should be good. Training camps are always good because that’s when you have a chance to get the group together and build ideas and the spirit for the season coming up.”

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Comments for: "Crystal Palace lead chase for Peter Odemwingie"


As long as they pay the going rate.........

CantelloRocket 78

Warren, alright mate?

yeah, if there's more than one club interested, 'bidding competition' can push the transfer valuation up......

but then agen, do you really think he'd be interested in joining a London club, who're amongst the relegation favourites......?

Hang on a minute.............;-)



Hello mate,

I was reading an older article over the weekend and see your arch nemesis named me as an ally of his.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that I have absolutely no idea where he got that from!

CantelloRocket 78

Mate, if it's who I think it is, his other friend is Harvey, an imaginary six-foot Rabbit, that only he can understand when it whispers in his ear.

Needless to stay, I don't take anyone seriously that's got a large, two legged version of Sooty sitting next to him..........


Rocket, I suggested he wasnt the brightest and he replied under the wrong alias so I thinks he's definitely one wave short of a shipwreck!

CantelloRocket 78


I did notice on a closed thread that someone called 'johnee 'boy' wolf' disputed your claim about the lack of education in Wolverhampton, he then brought my name into the proceedings by suggesting I'd never been to school-

in the same post, he couldn't seem to locate your comments, which were just above his, so it

appears his reading ability leaves a lot to be desired.

Two short planks come to mind.......:-)

The Real Bully Hoo.

I'm guessing this is a 'dog days' of the football season story. I think SC's comment, "It would be nice if people stopped asking questions on it. It will be resolved in its own time and hopefully there will be a resolution.” says it all.

I see Wolves are after Martin Patterson and Johne still has time to worry about where our goals are coming from.



Given there were no up-to-date Albion stories or any to comment on, I also had a glance at a couple of Wolves articles this morning and managed to stumble across this classic post from somebody called Reynolds:

'JACKETT OUT...........a 3rd relegation is on the cards'.

I thought he'd been doing quite well, he's been there three weeks and he hasn't lost yet.

Roy Doran

Hi Warren.

Love your comments mate!

Keep on Rocking & Rolling!


The Real Bully Hoo.

Hiya Warren.

There's still a lot of fun to be had over there. I love the ones that say about Kenny, 'I like what this manager says,' and go on to praise his interview technique. There were posts exactly the same for Deano and Stale before any games were played.


Good riddance, we can get someone who is better in skill AND attitude

Cyril Randle

They will Warren, they will. JP 1 - CP 0 And Ian Holloway will get the best out of him too.


We know that whoever he plays for in the Premier League, he WILL score against us!! Let's just accept this and trust JP to get the highest fee possible.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Peter Odemwingie’s bitter West Brom exit today.

Blimey E&D, I punched the air after reading that and nearly put paid to my mug of coffee. Anyway, clubs know the price, now all they have to do is argue among themselves and the one to come in with the biggest bid takes the goods, simple. Shell out or fall out (Of the chase), the choice is yours.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Don't include me in your "We know" guess. Thank you.



Afternoon there,

the pessimist in me would expect him to score....the eternal optimist would expect our defence to shut him out as they have seen him in training every day.....have a little faith mate. If he goes and plays against us I would expect the old fashioned "reducer" in the first 5 mins.....just to say hello you understand




It would be nice if people stopped asking questions on it.

Yea It would be nice Steve, but they won't, will they !!


A sigh of relief when he is gone

Ian Holloway is pretty straight talking, i wonder what he would stipulate within any contract Odemwinge signs. They will love him down the smoke ;-))))

Hurry up JP

amsterdam baggie

just heard steven reid will stay for at lesar one more year ,great news for aman who gives 100%,if he can play 15 games it will be money well spent,and fair play to albion for looking after one of our model proffesionals,look and learn a bit of integrerity odemgreed,p.s good bye and good ridance

Jack ♣ Hat.

Unlike the wo1-Ves with the big hitters they are so desperate to see the back of, ALBION have all Summer on our side. Wo1-Ves had the chance to get him on loan and they would have stayed up, this before Fuham got at him, in my opinion.


Cyril Randle

Whoever buys Peter Odemwingnut will know exactly what they will get. 1st season, sensational, supporters drooling over 'the find of the season', then it's all downhill once he settles in and tries to manage the club. But a season may be all it takes for Olly to adjust his team if he goes there. So, no hard feelings P.O. Start with a clean slate and best of luck except when you play us....10 - 0 at our place,

0 - 5 at yours.


I hear Crystal Palace have offered a curly werly for PO - Good deal! Goodbye Peter, now lets get a couple of top strikers in!


Afternoon all,

I just hope that this will be the end of it and if he's going to go...then go now .....for the right price! We know JP will extract as much money as possible from whoever the buying club is and we know that the "magic list" will have a number of striker options on it so....lets all just hope for a positive outcome for both parties now. If he does go to Palace....maybe KP can show him how to be a proper professional???? Just a thought.......




I filled my car full this morning and don't mind driving him to Selhurst Park as it's on my way home.

The Real Bully Hoo.

He's a very saleable commodity and we'll have no trouble shifting him at the price JP wants. But it probably won't happen quickly. Being a well run club we don't have to worry about selling players before we can bring the replacements in.

I missPaddyMulligan

I'll put in 100 quid if it gets him out a day sooner!!!


appears that PO is determined to enjoy a relegation before leaving these shores


What Chase? Is Bradley Walsh and the big fat quizmaster after him? Hurry up and catch him because I am fed up with the whole whole farce. Hope we get palace at home first game.


sorry priorybaggie we got spurs 1st game if you get your asking price and we get a decent striker good for both sides i say and to the baggie who said we will get relegated let us enjoy the start off the season first and we have as much chance off staying up as you have when all said and done good luck to both sides and hope we both have a decent season so up the baggies and up the eagles

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