Loan ace Romelu Lukaku staying at Chelsea

New Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho strode back into English football today and dealt an instant body-blow to West Brom’s Premier League plans.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Chelsea Press Conference - Cobham Training Ground

Mourinho, formally unveiled as Chelsea’s new boss for a second spell, has made keeping Romelu Lukaku at Stamford Bridge one of his first decisions.

Lukaku confirmed that he had been in touch with the charismatic Portuguese coach and promised his place in the Chelsea squad.

The news will not surprise Albion but it will disappoint the club after the young Belgian star’s breakthrough season on loan at The Hawthorns.

West Brom head coach Steve Clarke was hoping that Lukaku could be lured back for a second spell but that seems a distant prospect after the striker said: “I always said my ambition was to play for Chelsea.

“Now I will go back to Stamford Bridge and try and play even more games than I did at West Brom.

“If I can score a few early on, it could turn into a good season for me. I had a good conversation with Jose Mourinho and I know it’s up to me to show I’m worth a place.

“It is the World Cup next year, and I need to be playing. But if I don’t get in the Chelsea team often enough then I won’t deserve to be in the national squad.”

As a further indication of his current thinking, Lukaku has made some changes to his social network labels.

He removed pictures of himself in action in an Albion shirt and replacing it with a photo of him playing for Chelsea. He has also amended his biography which re-focuses on his parent club.

Clarke had already declared that his summer recruitment plans would be conducted on the principle of Lukaku being a ‘bonus’ signing.

He hopes to have his squad in place in time for the big kick-off on August 17, although he admitted today he would be willing to wait for the right player.

He said: "In an ideal world you want your squad together before the season starts. ut that’s not to say we won’t wait the extra two weeks to get the player that is right for our squad.”

“If we have to do that, then we’ll do that.”

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Comments for: "Loan ace Romelu Lukaku staying at Chelsea"


Thanks Romelu & good luck!!


I'll second that, our highest ever premier league scorer. Lets hope someone tops it next season.

We Only Need One Half!

Good luck to lad, thanks for last season, at least your not going to Swansea or Sunderland either!

Forever Albion

Looks as if JP will have to splash the cash now. The relegated teamns are those that are short on goals scored and the only way you get a good goalscorer is by splashing the cash, you are very lucky to get a Loanee twice in succession that can find the net. I am sure those around us ie West Ham etc will spend to survive & not stand still.

We Only Need One Half!

Forever, without wanting to sound critical of your post, if a wulfie or someone else who doesn't understand what a fantastic job our club is doing was reading that they would think it was West Ham about to go into their 4th consecutive top flight season and us into our second rather than the other way round. Have you forgotten West Ham's "spend to survive" method saw them finish rock bottom and relegated in our first season back 3 seasons ago.

If it all the same to you, I'll stick with our own proven way, thanks.


Spot on - I'm going to leave it to the best scouting network in the Premiership to get us the fire power we'll need.

If it means we need to "splash the cash" then so be it, but I have full confidence that they'll leave no stone unturned to unearth the next gem without the need for ridiculous transfer fees.

I mean, look at the facts:

McAuley (free) or Roger Johnson?

Yacob (free) or O'Hara?

They've proved it before and will continue to prove it.

With the right framework in place - which we have - then you it can be done.

I personally believe we'll bring someone in who none of us have heard of and who is not being touted in the press.

I mean, who had heard of Odemwingie? Who had heard of Yacob? Or Mulumbu? Or Popov? Or Gera, when we originally got him?

Cyril Randle

I'd like to have written that Takk, although to avoid further pain to our neighbours I would have missed out the comparisons. Reason ? Those players might have a case for being good in a good team. We shall miss Rom Lukaku without a doubt, but how can anyone criticise the way we are ? It ain't broke, why fix it ? (If if may paraphrase the Yankee saying).

Walthamstow Albion

Takk, you're bang on with your scouting unknown players comment mon

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way


Cyril (sorry, can't reply directly to your reply...)

I see what you are saying, however my point with comparing to our neighbours is a perfectly valid one in that it proves that "splashing the cash" DOESN'T always work.

Johnson cost £6mill I think (plus wages); O'Hara I'm not sure about but at the least it was probably £3mill plus wages. £9mill on just two players - from a chairman that is loudly proclaimed on these pages to "not invest in the team" or "fails to back his managers" ("Moxley out NOW boooo").

They might be good players in a good team, but that's where our scouting network triumphs again: they work out whether the players we are looking at (over a number of years in some cases) WILL fit into our team, no matter how good (or bad) they are perceived to be. The Borja Valero chapter has made sure of that: great player but just didn't fit.

It's about due diligence and research, and the Albion have it in abundance. There's always a risk, but it's about ensuring that risk is kept minimal.

I mean, as another example - Jelle Van Damme: what a great piece of homework done there by Mick "he shouldn't have gone" McCarthy...

Forever Albion

West Ham probably poor example but what I meant is that mid table teams will be spending more money to advance and if we dont we will be overtaken & I think Steve has already stated this. We need 15-16 goals from someone & they dont come cheap.

Walthamstow Albion

FA, I agree, Albion will need a goalscorer (or two) to get us those goals.

There was a rumour that Albion had scouted Robert Lewandowski when he played for Poznan in 2010, but baulked at the £4m fee.

If true, can't see JP making that mistake again.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Jack ♣ Hat.

Walthamstow Albion,

Jeremy might have baulked then, if story is true but our financial position was different then, our training facilities needed bringing up to date also. The situation is now more solid money-wise, although not fantastic, mate.


P.S. You realise wo1-Ves are better off than us as they are a big club, bay um.


Walthamstow Albion

Jack, wasn't knocking JP and you're right about infrastructure investments mate - just pointing out Albion is a different beast now in many ways.

We have no debt or servicing of loans to boot!

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way


Absolutely right! It is no coincidence that the last three seasons of relatively comfortable safety have coincided with the fact that we've had a goalscorer (Peter O and Lukaku). Either Shane Long has got to start scoring more regularly or we will need to buy someone else who can, and he won't come cheap!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


Lukaku didn't come cheap. There's his wages and a loan fee. Odemwingie was on big wages. Shane Long cost a club record. None of this is cheap but all of it is sensible as it is within our means.

Michu was £2 mill, Kone was £2.5 mill.

Andy Carroll was £35 mill, Fernando Torres was £50 mill.

I bet your Mom doesn't send you out for the shopping.



So you're agreeing with me then?

The Real Bully Hoo.

I bet she doesn't get you to explain anything either does she?

You were agreeing with a bloke that says we will have to splash the cash.

In your words, "we will need to buy someone else who can, and he won't come cheap!!!"

My point was that the fee doesn't mean a thing. It's important we get the right player. So no, in the real world where grass is green and the sky is blue I wasn't agreeing with you.

Mind your own business dingle, your lot couldn't even get in our youth team

Jack ♣ Hat.


Clubs with a lot more cash than us have splashed out, just to try and hang on to our shirt tails, mate. I say "Let the guys who have done us proud in the board room and in our scouting system, plus. carry on with the job in hand", with my blessing anyway. Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


Walthamstow Albion

As long as the scouting system continues to work (and in general it seems to) then I don't mind if we pick up another loanee or even another low-cost PO-type (less the attitude) for, what was it, £1.5m as long as that player has a record of 'scoring'. Dangerous game though.

If Albion have been monitoring the next Michu - say a CF worth around £1-3million, then get him in asap. Fairly danger-free. But the scouting has to be spot-on, as Swansea's was.

Albion could be scouting the next Benteke - say a player worth between £5-8million - it's a risk not having that player ahem, tapped and wrapped, and play the waiting game, but I'd prefer that kind of player in asap. Benteke was proven and scoring loads.

Albion do seem to do business late on in the summer though. Can be frustrating for some. Let's trust RG and SC with getting the strategy right this season. There are risks either way - go early or wait for a better price/deal.

Clubs are never far away from a Torres-like £50million-failure and will £15million-rated Andy Carroll outscore Long next season? Carroll returned 7 goals this season - fewer than Long.

Long has said he needs to up his goal-scoring - be great for him to target 15 but Albion still need another CF, and, as we all probably know, goals to come from outwide too.

So, I can see Albion targetting at least three 'goal-scorers' to fill the forward-three positions.

Wasn't too long ago we offered John Carew £50k-per-week to join us. I think the money is there to be spent if needed - it's a question of the right player, with right attitude and that fits with Albion's systems of play. And with Dr Evil at the helm, the right price of course.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Walt.

That really is a right on the mark post.

Nobody at the club has said we won't spend big (by our standards.) It's just this attitude that the fee is more important than the player that gets to me. I agree £5-8 mill probably isn't out of our ball park.

Walthamstow Albion

mate, we just don't know who Albion are looking at apart from stories and rumours doing the rounds. We know we'll be prudent.

We've probably sussed there's a shift in strategy from splashing the cash and perhaps hoping players fit in - likes of Valero (£5m) and a defence made up of the likes of Zuiverloon (£3.2m), Barnett (£3m) and Meite (£2.5m) etc to doing our homework thoroughly (or so it seems) and bringing in the likes of GMac for free and Olsson for £800k, plus Yacob and Mulumbu for a combined £175k?

Last year, Albion needed a goalkeeper - and we signed Foster for the going rate.

This year, in my opinion, providing Albion keep the spine of Foster - GMac - Yacolumbu - Long, then Albion need width and goalscorers.

I'm not too bothered if it's a £1.5m Michu, £7m

Benteke or a loanee, such as the Fridge, as long as they can hit the back of the net.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

CantelloRocket 78

Walt and Bully,

this is the thing-

when it was announced the other week that Albion had made a profit, Warren, who works in finance, said that after salaries, expenses, etc, the Baggies probably made 1-2 million-

the following day, some were saying 'spend BIG, bring in expensive players!'-

I then mentioned most clubs that finished below us last year spent a lot more than us, Sunderland in particular spending 30 million on three players, then just missing relegation-

next day, some were saying 'spend BIG, etc., etc.-

now each year, a large percentage of businesses go bust because they're mis-managed by overspending, fall deep into debt, then go under-

all together now, 'SPEND BIG, bring in 12 expensive players like QPR did, flash the cash!!!.....

Yeah, a sure-fire success formula........right.....?


why is it such a big deal ,we know he wouldnt be back

fed up with press pundits keep saying oh albion relegated next season

blah blah no ball kicked yet again,so what?

we deserve some respect so rom aint coming back

we knew this we can deal with it i suggest you lot deal with it,

relegation next season?and i suppose villa will be euro champions

what a joke

cameo wolf

Two words......Bubble & Burst LOL

You aint even had a bubble to burst !


Four words - League one ay ya


We are league 1/div 3, correct. Seeing as you were here more recently than us, perhaps we can follow your clubs example in escaping it the right way.

CantelloRocket 78


well if you drop back to Division 4, you'll have to call on past experience of being there, because we've got no idea what it's like at that level......

The Real Bully Hoo.


Good luck with that.

We're talking 20 years since we were there and football is a different world now. TBH this season is very much make or break for your club with the emphasis on break. If you don't get promoted the financial consequences could be dire. If you do get up you have the mountain that is the Championship to climb.

I'm not being smug as I know that in the PL, clubs like ours are only as good as the last result unless you have the money to buy your way out of trouble.



We'd love to help you out, but given that little old Sandwell Town have only spent two years of our history outside the top two divisions and this will be Wolves' 6th, including two in the old division four, then it might be that you have a lot more know-how in terms of facing the likes of Colchester, Gillingham, Orient, Rotherham and Shrewsbury.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hiya Warren.

You don't say much these days but when you do you don't half make those bullets count.


A few more two-word phrases for you to 'LOL' (how old are you, 13?) at:

• Terry Conner

• Stale Solbakken

• Dean Saunders

• Kenny Jackett

• Double Relegation

• Roger Johnson

• Jamie O'hara

• Crawley Town

• League Two

• Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Wasn't he the bloke on TOTPs with the big red cod-piece? Wouldn't want to see that burst.



i'm guessing teacher was out of the room at that point.......or was it lunch time????

oh dear....and cold you give me directions to port vale next season please???

just a thought



The Real Bully Hoo.

I think we all found it hard to believe that Chelsea would not want this lad back in their own squad. He's a fantastic young player with a brilliant attitude and it has been a pleasure to watch him. He'll always get a warm welcome from our supporters.

The thing we wanted was a quick decision one way or the other and RG and SC can now get down to plotting our next campaign knowing exactly what we need. Although disappointing it's also very exciting.

Alan jones

yes bully he will always get a warm welcome from the fans, the ones that bother to turn up that is, you know what im saying.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yeah I know exactly what you mean, the ones that can get in. Hope you can squeeze those 9,000 into your 30,000 super stadium. You know what I'm saying.

CantelloRocket 78


Alan Jones is a singer who also 'clowned' around in the Marx Brothers movies.

His most famous song is 'The Donkey Serenade'-

I bet he's perfect entertainment down Molineux.....:-)

Rushall Baggie

None of us are surprised. Romelu is a true star who needs to be playing on the biggest stages of world football. Perhaps even Chelsea won't be big enough in the coming seasons? Again, WBA has played its part in creating history - and he will never be forgotten at The Hawthorns for his hat trick against Manchester United and his all-round play in 45 incredible minutes. What a player.

CantelloRocket 78

Hardly a surprise, if Romelu had struggles at the Baggies we'd have sent him back, if he succeeded Chelsea would want him back - in reality, a no-brainer!

From Jose Mourinho's point of view, he's got a player who was amongst the premiership top strikers last season, and Romelu himself has always said he wants to be like his hero, Didier Drogba at Chelsea, so far from unexpected news.

Basically, last season was last season, you can never rely on what happens with one player, so you plan ahead with main focus on developing the whole squad - individual players may leave, or lose form, or get injured, so you take it in your stride-

we move forward, onwards and upward!!!


When I predicted this ages ago, I got ridiculed by Cantello. I will accept an apology on these pages.

(There may be a request for another one if Jonas leaves soon!)

CantelloRocket 78


Yet again, you drag my name up on this site with criticisms aimed in my direction-

and yet again, you twist the truth to suit your own 'know-it-all' attitude.

What actually happened was you said sometime ago that Lukaku wouldn't be at Albion next season because Steve Clarke said he wouldn't, and you told me to go to the 'transfer rumours' page to show me where SC had confirmed this-

I then pointed out that it said they were only rumours, and they didn't know if there was any truth to these stories-

it wasn't until a new manager was appointed this week that Lukaku's future was decided, NO ONE knew what would happen before this, not even Lukaku himself.

So in truth, it's you who owes ME an apology for trying to distort what happened, and puffing your chest out like a Teacher's pet at school.

I'm waiting..........


So you're saying that I was right and you were wrong! I suppose that is the closest I'll get to an apology, so apology accepted.

CantelloRocket 78


Just how childish ARE you???

I said no one knew before this week what would happen, until Maurinho spoke to Lukaku about his future, so in what way could I be wrong?

You really need to grow up.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Go on admit you're wrong, I honestly think Mboy may be a genius. He could replace Peace, Clarke and Garlick thereby combining all three jobs at a fraction of the price. There's a thought, perhaps he could do it for the Wolves as they're a bit hard up at the mo.


Mboy, do you remember when you said we were in for a long season of struggle because Steve Clarke was not experienced enough?

How about an apology for that?.....

The Real Bully Hoo.


I see he's ignored your question and gone onto the next post. I wonder why.


No I don't remember saying that. I was/am in favour of SC's appointment. I think we will have a long, hard season NEXT season.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Selective Memory Syndrome.


TRBH - I think you need to check my posts!!!



June 7th, 2012 7.08pm ( the day before SC was appointed)

Mboy - "If Clarke is appointed, it will be an excellent choice and he will have my full support...."

Check it out.

Please don't behave like your mate Cantello and spread false information.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I thought I remembered you predicting that we'd struggle.

Jack ♣ Hat.


You shouldn't be looking for apologies on the back of an "If", as it states that you really donn't know.



I've said that I think that Jonas would be going and Cantello disagreed. One of us will be right. If Ollson is with us next season, I will be willing to accept that I was wrong. I'm guessing that he won't do the same as evidenced from the Lukaku issue.

Jack ♣ Hat.


There you go, you've done it again.

All I am saying is "If" is equal to sitting on the fence, you can then fall to the side that suits your argument, as I see it.


Keith B Dutton

Mboy you got more chance of rocket saying he`s wrong as him calling a comittee meeting to vote for a new chairman.

CantelloRocket 78


yet again, you keep acting like a spoilt brat-

I've repeated more than once that Olsson can leave if certain clubs trigger the clause in his contract, otherwise he's got a new contract with Albion to focus on-

you were having a niggling disagreement with someone else the other week about whether a player can leave during his contract, but then again, you have very petty disagreements with most people on here.

What a waster.........

CantelloRocket 78

Keith Wolfboy-

I've noticed most of your posts are around 8 a.m., then you return after 3.00p.m.-

Just before and after school hours!!!

Also, you're best mates with m 'boy'-

are the two of you in the same class, by any chance........?

CantelloRocket 78


I first noticed Mboy a couple of years back when he was disagreeing with a couple of posters, and I saw he was taking odd words out of the other guy's statements, then twisting them around out of context, very clearly trying to make them look like they were saying something completely different - and he's still doing it!!

I've NEVER seen him say he was wrong on an issue, so when he says he 'would accept he's wrong', he might know it inside, but you'd be hard pushed to get him to actually admit it on here, it'd be a first.........


Afternoon there,

i'm not sure there can be a right or wrong to be fair here. Either he'd stay or he'd go......JM comes in a says he's the new drogba and can play CL football and........he plays for Chelsea - his club - next year. We'd all have liked him for another year but that's life. Rocket is not wrong based on an "if" and "when". We cannot predict anything in's too random in this respect.

As for Jonas......spurs....really.....i'm not sure which clubs were in his contract to trigger a release but i'd be surprised if they were one of them (inside man help here please!) I thought it was 6 top clubs in Europe not the EPL. As for this he said she said business it makes you look and sound childish......i'm not saying you are but it's how you come across with certain comments that you make. I'll debate with anyone football stuff but you do come across as childish and churlish.....take that as you will



Jack ♣ Hat.

Keith B Dutton,

You talk like an old hand, yet your nom de Guerre is new. You know what I'm thinking don't you.



Is this news?



Goodluck Rom, you fully deserve a place in the team over Torres.

Que all the dingles soon trying to put a sour one on our season.


No great surprise last time Mourinho was at Chelsea he had Drogba to lead the attack and Lukaku is like Minime to Drogba so like i say no surprise. Please note when i sat minime i know he;s built like a house but you know what i mean.


Will always remember the hat-trick against the mancs and that's good enough for me. Fair play to him and good luck. Just don't score against us next season lad!


Thanks for the memories Romelu.. all the best for your future.


Not really a surprise and not really the disaster the E&S are making it out to be (or hoping it is).

Best of luck Rom, a fantastic young player with a first class attitude. Reading the article properly, Steve had already said keeping Lukaku would be a bonus so there we have it.


Cheeers Rom,

The reality hits home and go's to show what poor relations we are monetary wise.

My positiveness dwindled somewhat as from Christmas, but i hung in there.

The one journalist i would take note of is Jeff Farmer, he told it as it is, and he was very much Pro Baggie, i wonder what his thoughts are for our next season. I do believe he is still alive ?

We can't have 'more downs' this coming season compared to last season, so that scinario becomes a no no, because all teams as we know have their ups and downs. I'm a long time Baggie, it is the Baggies that have made me the sceptic i am today with regards to how well we perform, comes any new season.

If the club mean business we will improve on this season, so i say let the clubs below us worry about jockeying for position.

Keep the smile on our faces you Baggie Boys.

Jack ♣ Hat.


If anyone thinks Jeremy Peace will throw away all he has built over the time he has held the reins, then they have truly been misled, mate. Look at the football talent that has signed up for another stint at staying in the top ten of the Premiership. Those lads could walk into most teams here and abroad. They are sticking with a good club that has a good infrastructure. Now try to tell me that there aren't any good players out there that wouldn't want to join a club like ours with such fine facilities and top notch management system. Now I'm not bothered if we sign players now or later, as I know decent players will come in to do a good job for us at a reasonable price. Onward and upward with the Baggies.


P.S. Nothing Dinosaur about our modern club.

Northampton Wolwoops Baggie

How about a cheeky bid for Kevin Doyle.

Go on PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Northampton Wolwoops Baggie,

We don't do mooning, sorry.



Myboy ,

Rocket ,wonoh sunshine Kev etc they all shot me down as well , don't dare to be sceptical about our club because they know best

Kev in Mallorca


Who ever you are we didn't shoot you down, it's called having a different opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Why is it when you say something then that's fine but if anybody dares disagree with you "they know best?"

Also why do you Wulfies love Mboy so much?

Don't answer the second one, we know.


TRBH - you've found me out. I used to go to all the Wolves home games in the mid - late seventies with my Dad and enjoyed watching Kenny Hibbitt, Dave Wagstaff, The Doog and John Richards etc (Wolves and Albion are NEVER at home on the same days) and went to two FA Cup semi finals at Hillsborough (v Spurs) and Villa Park (v Arsenal). I was also at Wembley when they beat Forest in the League Cup and played in the same cricket team as Mel Eves, who I consider to be a friend. This makes me a Dingle.

The fact that I've just spent £450 on an Albion season ticket is just a ploy to convince everyone that I'm an Albion fan.

The Real Bully Hoo.


A number of times in the past when others have cast doubts on your allegiance I've said that I'm sure you're a 100% Baggie and I've not changed my mind.

What I meant by that last sentence was that you are so negative and cynical most of the time that you are a gift wrapped present for BaggieBoy in his many guises.

I know you are an Albion 'supporter' but you stretch that word to its limits at times.


I accept that I'm cynical. It's what supporting the Albion for over 40 years has done to me!!


TRBH - you've found me out! In the mid to late seventies, I used to go to all the Wolves home games ( Albion and Wolves are NEVER at home on the same day) and used to enjoy watching Dave Wagstaff, Kenny Hibbitt, John Richards, The Doog and others. I also went to FA Cup semi Finals at Hillsborough and Villa Park and saw them beat Forest in the League Cup Final at Wembley. I also played cricket in the same team as Mel Eves, who I consider to be a friend. I must be a Dingle, then!!

The fact that I've just spent £459 on an Albion season ticket is just a ploy to make people think I'm an Albion fan!!

Norfolk Baggie

Thanks for the memories and a great season RL. Top bloke and very modest when I spoke to him. Good look at Chelsea, glad to have played a part in your success- expect a warm round of applause when you come back next season...but if you could see your way to having an off day, that might be useful. As to the headline around body blow, do not know where this comes from if I am honest. We have a set up which this year delivered Lukaku and a couple of good others and in previous seasons has delivered Mulumbu, Jones, Olsen and McCauley. So I am feeling quite confident.

Fulham Blue

Okay so that's your one man team destroyed, the bubble has burst and the Championship is calling! Bye Bye Baggies!!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Mick the Mackem.

Harry the Hammer.

Pansy the Potter.

Well done Boing Baggie at least you've got over the alliteration this time.

We Only Need One Half!

Cant figure out if your bitter because we left Fulham for dead in the table, or because for two seasons running we done Chelsea at ours (both times without Lukaku) umm?

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think it's still the 5-1 that rankles.


... and where was Lukaku when we finished 10th in 2011/12? Or when we finished 11th in 2010/11?

We were told that we'd be relegated without Hodgson, we were told we would be relegated under an inexperienced Clarke, we were told we would be relegated without Lukaku... Blah. Blah. Blah.

We have never been a 'one-man-team' and never will be - Romelu scored 17 goals; we still beat the likes of Chelsea without him and he spent most of his time at the Albion on the bench!

We will sign who is required as always and continue to push up the table.

Still, I do wish I could go to Crawley!

We Only Need One Half!

Stripey, I remember them give it the bigun, and advising us on how difficult our second season was gonna by.

Irony is not in Wolvo dictionary you know, so it shouldn't be a surprise they are trying to advise us on how to do something they have never achieved, again!

The Real Bully Hoo.


I still have a little chuckle about the post from Baggieboy in one of his earlier incarnations.

When he said they were going to erect nets over the stands to catch Odemwingie's wayward shots.

That was pre-5-1 and PO hat trick of course.

Any marksmen out there struggling with the art of shooting yourself in the foot, apply to the Mol for free lessons.

We won't do an Albion. Ho ho ho.

I know how to get a team out of the Championship. Oh God my sides can't put up with much more.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Ar maet, un not furra minit did um think they ud end up wi a clasick dubble drap "Big Brick" trowfy f their brand spankin nu amuseeum did um. Et dow arf goo noice alung-soid uv Connor's clip boo-erd ar cun-tell ya. Onny-road kep-aert thoss-un wo ya.



HI there,

Fulham.......Blue........chelski / bham or Fulham??????? but if it's chelksi....your bankrupt without the oil money. If it's Blues....oh dear and if it's Fulham.....hows your shop keeper doing?? without any of your big backers you'd be least we generate all we spend mate....

behave, there's a good boy



Cyril Randle

Fulham Blue. We didn't play with 10 men when Rom wasn't in the team, someone else from the squad filled his spot. Just thought I'd make that clear.

Roy Doran

Thanks for all the goals Rom, you are a great player and gave me a lot of pleasure last seasopn. GOOD LUCK with Chelsea next season, you will always get a warm welcome at the Hawthorns. For me you will be one of my all time GREATS!!

Onwards and up now Albion, at least we know where we stand so let's continue to build up the squad with some more quaility players during the close season.

I feel sure that JP and SC have a plan A and a plan B for next season. Together they will continue to build a side that can compete with the best in the Premiership! REMEMBER WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE!

I have renewed my season ticket and I am excited at the prospect of seeing a few more new quality players arriving at the Hawthorns soon! COYB Go for it!!

Jack ♣ Hat.

No idea what has happened to my first post, but Google has been playing up this morning. So here goes again. Right Google, get ready to connect.


You have stated honestly from the start that your desire was to return home to Chelsea. Hope everything comes up roses for your future international and Chelsea careers. Thanks for the goals and all the best lad.



I've heard Bojan (Barca, Roma, AC Milan) is up for grabs on loan...just a thought

Kent Wolf

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

All you need now is for Odemthingummybob to go, Long to get injured, then your flash in the Pan season will be just that.

Relegation welcomes you, especially if Olsson does one to Spurs :p



People who live in glass houses etc etc

PO will go as will others and players get injured but what we have is a plan, a back up, a vision you've got Moxey and the other chimps.

Whose laughing now...?

flash in the pan!

you have been relegated twice !! since we have been in the prem


so if this is a flash in the pan!!!

what's yours??



We Only Need One Half!

Keep praying Kent Wolf, at least you'll have something to look forward to then, cus there's bugger all to give you hope about your own team and foreseeable future down at the Mol is there?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The Real Bully Hoo.


Definition of desperate - kentwolf (can also mean a feeling of extreme bitterness or jealousy.)

Examples of usage.

My life's at such a low ebb I'm really kentwolfed.

I hate my life, my football team's rubbish I'm having a kentwolf day.

David Beckham good looking multi-millionaire footballer, I'm so kentwolf of him.

CantelloRocket 78

kent wolf-

'Albion's flash in the pan season.....' ???

as usual, the one thing you lot are good at is talking complete tripe-

well the best wolves ever did was finish 15th in the prem., yet over the last 3 seasons the Baggies have ended up 11th, 10th, and 8th -

I suggest you come back when you can see the reality, rather than the deluded daydream you appear to be in-

by the way, we're being linked with quality European strikers, whilst wolves will be looking to sign cheap lower league players-

Ha ha ha ha ha.........

The Real Bully Hoo.


Don't forget when their third season was going to establish them in the Prem.

Nice to be looking forward to our fourth.

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, yeah you would have thought only just making it to a third season by losing "a must win" game, having to rely on other results, and finishing 4th from bottom by one point would have been a wake up call, but it wasn't, instead of investing in their team, they built a stand their never going to fill!


If that didn't wake them up, then I'm afraid they are helpless as well as hopeless.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Kent Wolf,

..... and the sky to fall, just as it fell in on wo1-Ves. Both players you refer to scored hat-tricks for us. Romelu Lukaku against Manchester United and Osaze Odemwingie against, oh! I've forgot now. Maybe you can help me out.

Have you put your fist full of dollars where your mouth is, bet they went in easily. Whichever way you look at it, we won't end up in the nether regions,

L☺Ls on wo1-Ves as usual.


P.S, At least we aren't crying out for our big hitters to leave to save money, big club be blown.

Walthamstow Albion

Kant W

Kant pointed out: 'we all shape our experience of things through the filter of our mind'

Wo1ve5, now dredged from the upper echelons of English football and dumped into the darkness of DIV3, plummeting...down...further down, then land and go forth to pollute Crawley and Stevenage delighting denizens with a intoxicating footballing-experience - minds bitter-and-barbed, so rancid-of-Albion's success, golden-footballing precious...they took it cruel...we wants it back...

...the Crawley-and-Stevanage mild-filters discard the decaying and now rotten Wo1ve5-experience... before it takes hold and takes shape

Baggies and Bathams...the Black country way

A Pint And A Pie.

No class.

Walthamstow Albion

to be hontest APnP, it was just an incoherent afternoon-drinking ramble - nothing too serious. Banter on a football message board. That's all.

what's that kant doing over here in the first place - no class indeed.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Cyril Randle

Kent Wolf. You are the sort of Wulfie that makes sympathy for your plight rather difficult. Why don't you get the two MMs to ask JP for lessons on how to run a successful football club ? If you can afford him that is.



I THINK YOU FAIL TO REALISE!! that we are not like you lot!! everything is taken care of at our club!

Odemthingummybob - remember when he slaughtered you and is probably one of the main reasons your side slumped like it did! (and never recovered)(and still hasn't)

we have so far been linked with european players

you have been linked with a bloke who bournemouth have got rid of!!


just cus jez and your load of clowns cant run a bath leave us be where we are

established premier league outfit!

over to you!

comittee gone a fishing

This is the news every west brom fan didn`t want to hear, we need to spend millions to replace him, so imo he will not be replaced, i see trouble ahead.


sort aint so bad when your a top ten prem club! mate

ya seem to be bale to attract better players than the pop and crisp league will alow you to! and even more so when your established!

we will end up with someone else who will rattle them in!!

i would say the targets are already drawn up! and knowing the albion they would of planned this for a long time!

Jack ♣ Hat.

comittee gone a fishing,

Your post is as daft as your nom de Guerre. All you have to worry about is your club get promoted next season or it will be non-league football for you Dingles. What do you think Boing Baggie?.


Robin Brittain

I try to ignore all these Dingles on here today but it is very difficult because you would think they would be hiding away embittered by the embarrassment of their club's humiliating fall from grace. Instead they are wishing that their dear neighbors enter a similar spiral of decline which will not happen. There are people at the Albion who know what they are doing , can they say the same.

As for Lukaku , Bully has made the most relevant comment when he referred to his attitude. I doubt if he caused one problem whilst he was with us , if only his compatriot striker had shown the same attitude and focus we may have been looking forward to European football now. PO and RL at their best together would have been some strike force.

As for the future lets wait and see as we may all be pleasantly surprised.

west brom baggie boy

id just like to say thankyou romelu for all the effort you have put in last season and the very best of luck at chelsea,boing boing


As they often say on the financial pages, this information has already been factored into the market; ‘tis a non-story.

The Baggies growth & development strategy is a long-game, and one that I feel comfortable with & relaxed about.

Remember … Rom wasn’t built in a day!

David James Lees

With so many unprofessional senior players (No names) it is great to see a young player not only developing as a player but as a professional sportsman. I wish him the best for his future and will keep an eye on his career with interest. It is now up to our professionals to do the same again and uncover some 'gems' going under the radar of other clubs.

David Hoofs

Mboy remember when they said PO just made a silly mistake and he will still be here next season, we just need to give him another chance, they take anything in.



oh go on then, you got me interested......PO made a mistake yes. A big one and most of us expect him to be gone next year....if anyone takes him that is. To out another slant on the story - and I think it's best that he's sold and have said as much - if nobody does take him and he's still here......should we play him??? I'll pass that one over to you and Mboy to answer and see what I get....but no childishness please...a proper answer would be appreciated because with Rom not coming back it's a possibility that we may have to face....but the summer is long and I wait everything in a calm happy place.



Jack ♣ Hat.

David Hoofs,

Not like you lot then, divi 3 football hasn't sunk in with you lot yet, or the consequences of your classic double drop catastrophe that has left your club in debt. But sink in it will, believe me. Have a nice day before it's too late.



CantelloRocket 78

Hoof the wolfboy-

talking of being gullible-

remember when Jez Moxey told wolves fans on that radio forum he believed the club could be taken somewhere close to Manchester City?

Well he's kept his word, next season your lot will be going just past the city outskirts, and into Oldham.......

ha ha ha ha ha.........

Viva Moxey and his cheap Jackett!!!

Bromham Baggie

I hope he gets some game time. If he doesn't it will be a waste of talent, and a shame for the clubs who were willing to borrow him.


Afternoon all,

i'm gutted....but in a strange way not. I hoped against hope that he'd give us another year and now he's not going to I can look back and say thank you. Now I can look forward and say his wages are off the books - so that free's up money for another striker. We know that DA left RG a BIG LIST of players for every position we may want to strengthen major problems as the season starts in's june!! long is class - MR will come good i'm certain and with whomever we recruit I will have faith. And if PO is not sold (he probably will be but football is not an exact science) then who knows what will happen. The silly season is in full swing now.....

have faith in our club



The Real Bully Hoo.

Morning Andy.

Your point about Odem is an interesting one. Could he play for us again? On ability yes of course but unless we're down to our last fit 11 professionals then a big no. He would ruin the atmosphere in the ground although he could draw the booboys attention away from MR and their other favourites, a bit like distracting a small child with a new toy. Seriously though I think the fact that he has such ability means that somebody will take a risk on him.

Although he did a fantastic job for us playing out wide he wasn't a specialist there. His departure will allow us to bring in a real wide player or two and this should improve the shape of the team. I think with SL and MR we might only need one more striker, probably in the Mbokani mould we've been looking at. Having said that I usually get it totally wrong.


Tell us something we didn't know E&S! Change the record....

Seems we might be having a mini clear out and it makes sense. Dawson needs to be found a staring place and for me it's time to let Olsson go or stick him on the bench.

Reid, Fortune, Odemwingie to make room for the better players we will inevitably sign. Every confidence that we will continue to progress with the team even if it is tough to improve on 8th in one season. Expect to see Danny Simpson in for Reid and two younger players up front with Long. Jordan Rhodes looks a good shout.

Reid has been a good player for us but being fit for 10-15 games isn't enough then your earning well over £1m a year.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi BG.

It's June, there's nothing happening so beware. The Olsson stories are probably just paper fillers. Besides which judging Craig Dawson on the evidence of a couple of games may be a bit premature.

Do we want Danny Simpson? I don't mean as a player because he isn't bad but is he good enough to justify all the baggage he brings with him? He has made a lot of headlines but unfortunately not for his football. I'd rather have a good professional from Spain or Eastern Europe to compete with Billy at RB.

Jordan Rhodes? He isn't blessed with pace and would be a major risk at the price being asked. If we're shopping in the Championship Charlie Austin might be a better bet.

These are my own personal comments. They do not represent the views of anybody else. I am not bullying Blue Gates as he is at liberty to come back and tell me I'm talking a load of Trossacks, which I'm sure he will as he's a grown up.

Percy Freeman

At least we still have Odewingie, I believe he can still do a job for us if he stays.

tony browns moustache

heres the market , check it out , its from sky sports , thoughts any one, there will be some dellusionalls out there, I personally would stick to our scouts, because they are spot on , boing boing

Florent Malouda, David Bentley and Andrey Arshavin are three of the highest-profile names featured on the Premier League free transfer list, which was released on Friday.

France international Malouda, 32, last played for Chelsea in their 2012 Champions League final win over Bayern Munich but was frozen out last season and ended his reported £80,000 a week contract training with the U21s.

Bentley was a £15m signing for Tottenham from Blackburn in 2008, but he was an expensive flop in north London and has spent most of the last two seasons on loan at Russian side FK Rostov and Rovers.

He leaves White Hart Lane along with William Gallas, who spent three seasons at Spurs after joining on a free transfer from rivals Arsenal, who have released Arshavin after four years at the club.

Sebastien Squillaci is another to leave Arsenal, while Ivory Coast defender Kolo Toure will not feature in Manchester City's future plans and his move to Liverpool at the end of his contract was confirmed last month.

Chelsea have also released Israel midfielder Yossi Benayoun and Portugal defender Paulo Ferreira, while long-throw specialist Rory Delap departs Stoke along with retiring ex-England striker Michael Owen, Jermaine Pennant, Matthew Upson and Dean Whitehead.


Andrey Arshavin, Samir Bihmoutine, Reice Charles-Cook, Denilson, Craig Eastmond, Sead Hajrovic, Conor Henderson, Jernade Meade, Nigel Oldfield Spence-Neita, Joshua Rees, Philip Roberts, James Shea, Sebastien Squillaci, Sanchez Watt


Calum Barrett, Josh Barton, Courtney Cameron, Daniel Devine, Eric Lichaj, Andy Marshall


Amin Affane, Yossi Benayoun, Abdul Deen-Conteh, Paulo Ferreira, Hilario, Florent Malouda, Archange Nkumu, Ross Turnbull


Johan Hammar, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Sam Kelly, Jan Mucha, Phil Neville


Chris Baird, Simon Davies, Mahamadou Diarra, Thomas Donegan, Corey Gameiro, Georgios Karagounis, James Musa, Richard Peniket, Mladen Petric, Mark Schwarzer, Alex Smith, Csaba Somogyi


Tyrell Belford, Jamie Carragher, James Stephens, Danny Wilson


Wayne Bridge, Filippo Mancini, Ryan McGivern, Roque Santa Cruz, Kolo Toure


Reece Brown, John Cofie, Michele Fornasier, Luke Giverin, Luke Hendrie, Luke McCullough, Paul Scholes, Gyliano Van Velzen, Frederic Veseli


Steve Harper, Yven Moyo, Danny Simpson


Tom Adeyemi, Lee Camp, Olumide Durojaiye, George Francomb, Simeon Jackson, Chris Martin, Ramil Sheriff, Korey Smith, Marc Tierney, Elliott Ward


Tan Ben Haim, DJ Campbell, Radek Cerny, Frederick Champion, Adam Francis, Try Hewitt, Rob Hulse, Ryan Nelsen, Taylor Louis Parmenter, Tommaso Trani


Nick Bignall, Simon Church, Ian Harte, Noel Hunt, Charlie Losasso, Angus MacDonald, Alex Pearce, Nicky Shorey, Jay Tabb, Joshua Webb, Brett Williams


Danny Butterfield, Ryan Dickson, Tommy Forecast, Sam Hoskins, Ben Reeves, Frazer Richardson, Daniel Seaborne, Alberto Seidi


Michael Clarkson, Rory Delap, Matthew Gledhill, Jadan Hall, Matthew Lund, Andrew Musungu, Carlo Nash, Michael Owen, Jermaine Pennant, George Rigg, Mamady Sidibe, Matthew Upson, Dean Whitehead


Titus Bramble, Anthony Callaghan, Wade Joyce, Matthew Kilgallon, Ryan Noble, Adam Reed, Ben Wilson


Mark Gower


Jack Barthram, David Bentley, John Bostock, William Gallas, Jack Munns, Jake Nicholson


Marc-Antoine Fortune, Zoltan Gera, Gonzalo Jara Reyes, Romaine Sawyers, Jerome Thomas


Carlton Cole, Jake Larkins, Gary O'Neil, Jack Powell, Jami Rafati, Eoin Wearen


Peter Aylmer, Albert Crusat, Franco Di Santo, David Jones, Piscu, Jonathan Lynch, Callum Morris, Filip Orsula, Ronnie Stam, Joshua Sumner, Ryan Watson

Premier League Specials 13/14 Win Specials: Both Tottenham and Everton to finish season ahead of Liverpool in league table 7/2


The Real Bully Hoo.

Morning TBM.

Of the ones I know off that list the one that I find most interesting is Di Santo at Wigan. I wouldn't pay a fee for him but as a free agent he could be worth a punt. The lad has loads of skill but hasn't reflected this with goals but if the talent is there who knows what a bit of coaching can achieve. I don't expect a lot of agreement on this. We're all green now so perhaps a bit of re-cycling might work.

Another one is Roque Santa Cruz. A very good player albeit getting on a bit to have as possibly a fourth choice striker. Dare I say it but I've always liked the look of Lichaj at Villa as well.

Do Lallytap

Yet ANOTHER non story by the E&S, this was known weeks before the season ended ?

Look, last season was great and he helped but next season is a different kettle of fish, it's the team Clarke builds and organises and not what he inherited so it's going to be really interesting on how Clarke plays it.

Personally, if we finish 4th from bottom I would be happy but what I don't want is the problem of certain players who think they are better than they actually are, shouting their mouths off and snapping at the fans like Brunty, Odem. Olsson, and most surprisingly Morrison (He had a dig at the Brummie Rd last match of the season.

Lets enjoy the ride and not get carried away with ourselves and perhaps a nice little cup run wouldn't go amiss

The Real Bully Hoo.


Don't you think the players have the right of reply?

For instance when Jonas Olsson reacted to the BRE, where I sit because they were booing Scott Carson, far from minding I was glad. I wasn't booing so he wasn't having a go at me, if I was on the pitch I'd like to think that I would have the courage to show a similar support for a team mate who was struggling and having his confidence further knocked by idiots.

Brunt and Morrison have also suffered at the hands of the lynch mob and likewise are entitled to have a go back unless they're not trying, which I don't believe was the case either time.

I cannot back Odemwingie but still believe that booing any player wearing our shirt is ridiculous but no doubt I will get shouted down from some quarters.

Cyril Randle

"If we finish 4th from bottom I would be happy"...Well I bloody well won't ! Never, ever will I support the idea to survive is 'success'. That usually means dull, defensive, mustn't lose at all costs football. You have it. I don't want it. I wrote a sarcy little piece when Mowbray left because of the blame culture that surfaced then, but let me say I'd rather watch the football that took us to Wembley twice in seasons of roller-coaster ups and downs than 10 men behind the ball stifling rubbish. One is sport, the other is FEAR ! Pure and simple.

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