West Brom on alert for PSV striker Ola Toivonen

West Brom have been placed on transfer alert after long-time target Ola Toivonen set his sights on a cut-price exit from PSV Eindhoven.

Ola Toivonen2

The 26-year-old forward, who has been on the Baggies’ radar for several years, has been threatened with exile to the PSV reserves after refusing to discuss a contract extension with the Dutch club.

And that is likely to interest the Baggies, who are long-standing admirers of the Sweden international. Toivonen, who can play up front, as an attacking midfielder or as a winger, is open to the idea of moving to England.

He shares an agent – former Sweden striker Martin Dahlin – with current Hawthorns players Jonas Olsson and Markus Rosenberg.

PSV want to recoup the £3.75million they paid Malmo for his services in 2009 but, with Toivonen entering the final year of his contract, the asking price is likely to come down.

West Brom have watched Toivonen for several years and considered a bid in 2011 during his previous contract talks with PSV.

But the Baggies, who had survived just one season in the Premier League at the time, were a less attractive proposition while the Dutch side’s asking price of around £8million ruled them out.

Toivonen eventually signed a new three-year deal at PSV but has now decided he will run down his contract, which expires next summer, upsetting PSV coach and former Holland midfielder Phillip Cocu.

The former Orgryte player, who is also believed to have been watched by Everton, claims he has been told he will be banished to the reserves if he does not sign a new deal by the start of July.

But he appears ready to stick to his guns, meaning PSV are likely to try to cash in.

Toivonen boasts an impressive record of 48 goals in 100 appearances for PSV in all competitions.

The player, who is currently on international duty with Sweden, said: “On July 1 I will go to the B team to train. I do not intend to sign a new contract so I will be on the B-side team.

“I feel it’s poor respect from the club. I have already signed a contract with them and extended it once.

“So yes, I think it’s poor respect.”

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Comments for: "West Brom on alert for PSV striker Ola Toivonen"


Cut-Price - Budget - cheap sounds like one for us.

sorry for that seriously we have to trust our fantastic network of Scouts etc to bring in the best value for the club and we have a decent record for that PSV no matter what league they are in are a top club with a history of producing and selling on top players, I actually think this story has some legs in it.


Rocket,Jack or El Kev will be calling you a dingle

^ Well said !!


If we get him and he turns out to be as good as the guy who had that name on the back of his shirt, it will do me.

Talking about names ?!!!

CantelloRocket 78


no, I only call dingles a dingle, yer dingle.

Do you get off on calling posters dingle.What a strange existence you have.

CantelloRocket 78


When you learn to read, you'll see what I actually said-

then agen, you have a stranger existence than me, because you don't even have a name, so you really don't exist at all, therefore your opinion is completely worthless.......

Oh here he goes again...No name, coward , dingle,troll...Sad man

CantelloRocket 78


thanks for describing yerself, it saved me doing it.

Unfortunately you are rather a sad man, but at least you admit it, there's always hope.......

Westcroft buggy


CantelloRocket 78



You guys can't keep away from the Baggies site.

Like a bunch of kids staring in a sweet shop window.........

Division 4 here we come again

westcroft buggy

still over here? you must be

We Only Need One Half!

Why would they? if he turns out as good as Yacob, Mulumbu, McAuley, even Odem who were all Cut-Price - Budget - cheap, whats the beef, not a problem for us, cos we don't think of 'ourselves' as mossive, we let the table show that. I mean we probably could go for a record club buy like Roger Johnson, but......well, finish that sentence yourself!

Kev in Mallorca


I think if you look back at my posts you'll find that I'm not a member of the Dinglefinder Generals!! a member of the Moaningmoronfinder Generals maybe.


And a member of the "Committee"!

Kev in Mallorca

Scaredy cat Mboy

I posted to you numerous times on this subject a short time ago and you obviously had no answer to offer so please don't go back over old ground till you've answered the questions that are still pending.


I'll post what I want, when I want, thank you very much!

Kev in Mallorca

Mboy, the pick and chooser

Here we go again!!

So Mboy what is your definition of a "Committee" member?

Kev in Mallorca

The man with the Yellow strip down his back!!

So who do you define as "the clowns"

Division 4 here we come again

The man with no name (Clint Eastwood ha ha)

its called having friends and having a laugh

hope you find out one day

I bet you have a chat to that bush you hide behind

why don't you call it George it would be almost like having a real friend then


OK then.

Cantello is the Chairman and other members are your good self, WONOH, TRBH, along with Jack (bless him). You are trying to attract new members (like Andy h and Baggiejon) and meetings are held in The Vine on match days, with a quorate number of 2, where agenda items include how the Committee are to respond to posters they dislike/disagree with.

Is that enough information for you, Kev?


CantelloRocket 78


well I did try to reason with you, and ask you to be a little flexible, but as usual, you rebuff the offer of an olive branch, and continue to look down your nose at us all, in a very pompous, 'superior' way.

This talk of a 'committee' is extremely childish and nothing more than a cheap shot -

I've noticed apart from some of the regulars on here, there's been quite a few newcomers and 'occasional' posters who've disagreed with your views, but you treat them all with disdain -

so this 'committee' must've stretched to 15-20-25....how many do you want to be included?

Actually, I've noticed you now have your OWN 'Committee'-

you're supported by our mischief making Wolves 'troll', and an oddball 'Albion' fan named 'DwarfZappa', who's admitted to using a string of different names on here, and can often be seen talking to himself in posts, and asking questions no one can understand!!

From what I can see, you deserve each other.......


Calm down Cantello. I was only responding to repeated requests from your mate Kev


And may I add, Cantello, your post is flawed as I can confirm that I do not know personally anyone who posts on these pages.

CantelloRocket 78


I see it took you two posts spread over 15 minutes to tell me to 'calm down'-

looks like you were trying to compose yourself, eh? :-)


1) I only responded to your post because - not for the first time - you mentioned my name in a critical way when I wasn't around, and

2) you say my post is 'flawed' because you haven't met your own 'little committee' in person - although you have told the wolves fan on here that 'you're his friend', and the three of you often seem to agree with each other on the site-

but then again, you do have a track record of being 'picky', like when you worked out how many points Lukaku's goals actually won for us-

so you'd probably say that his hat-trick against Man.U. only helped us get one point, they wasn't very valuable, and didn't count for much....

I'll leave you to work out how many points you expect us to get next season, and how many will be acceptable on a scale of MBoy's standards-

by the way, are you by any chance building a model Stately Home out of exactly equal-sized matchsticks that you expect to finish in 3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 3 hours, and 2.4 minutes.....?

It wouldn't surprise me in the least.......

Jack ♣ Hat.


This guy seems very versatile mate. I also like the "He can play wide" which we can certainly do with. Hope we get him in plus another striker, as we can do with one. Toivonen has been well researched so hopefully he will be ours.


The Real Bully Hoo.

One thing is sure and that's that our success at unearthing treasures won't have gone unnoticed. I'm sure that if we are looking at him then Everton won't be the only club to take notice.

We Only Need One Half!

Its always good to read that players, most of whom we would have never considered, have been on the clubs radar for several years, yet further proof of a excellent scouting system and network, and that when things are quiet, there really is no need to panic, our club is working behind the scenes, quietly and without undue fanfare, to make sure we keep progressing.

However, if this guy is interested coming to us it would be a good idea to let him have a chat with Odem on how our club reacts to threats and strops by players, so there can be no ambiguity or misunderstandings at a latter date. Then have it written into the contract that if you want to be a spanner, he will be fined a spanner tax of forfeiture of wages.

If this player is still resolved to having his own way, maybe he should try the scousers, who's cousins I am eagerly watching, to see how they handle the Suarez question, and how Brendon can get out of, if needs be, categorically stating 'he is not leaving' if he does, without looking a prize pilchard.

p.s. Just seen " Jamie O’Hara: I am a Premier League player" that's going in Jez's book of humorous quotes.

CantelloRocket 78


this is what I've been saying - towards the end of last season, some on here were saying 'if P.O. and Lukaku leave, we won't have any strikers next season' - well there's already been strong stories linking us to 3 strikers who've done well in Europe, and there's still almost 3 months left before the transfer deadline - it seems the club are on the case!!

I saw this story on another blog the other day, saying it could be between us and Everton who sign him-

I then thought 'what if he asks Olsson and Rosenberg what they think of our club and it's fans reaction to players?'

I'd just like to be a fly on the wall, I'm curious to know.........;-)

We Only Need One Half!

CR, it would be poetic justice if the one's who booed Rosenberg (I am still to be convinced, but have never booed him) really wanted this player, and Rosenberg put him off by telling him how hostile the place can be if he fails to hit the ground running.

Hoisted by their own petard!

The Real Bully Hoo.


I saw that and just assumed he meant the Blue Square.


19 Kenny Jackett threads (no pun intended) and counting. wish we supported a big club.

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, telling you mate, its slippery slope to "how we won the toss" threads!


Read up on the issue regarding his contract with PSV. He has said he will honour it and then leave on a free when it expires but the club and manager are going to banish him to the reserves for not signing a new one as PSV have a policy of not allowing players to leave on Bosman frees....for once it's the club and not the player not adhering to a contract so I don't think you can compare him in any way shape or form to Odemwingie.


we should have signed him 3 years ago!! but like the expressandstar state we are far more attractive these days !

thanks star!

The Real Bully Hoo.


I don't know if you remember but a few years ago Happy Baggie quite honestly admitted on here that if you were at a Disco (or whatever they call them nowadays) the Albion would be the equivalent of a five pinter to any prospective signing.

Many of our friends from up the road thought this was hilarious and for some time after reminded him of this comment. For some reason that nobody else could understand they obviously thought their own club was something akin to Victoria Coren (alright WONOH?) with her own brewery, when at the time it was more like Cissie Braithwaite with a can of flat brown ale.

We're now a club that would be wined and dined. While our 'rivals' hang around at the end of the night hoping for some bloke that's too drunk to notice.

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH unless they are desperate in which case their lucks in because someones decided to go "ugly early"


TRBH - I remember it well.... and the way that it sailed over the dingles heads as they couldn't accept the idea of humility and realism.

These days I think whilst we aint quite on the gezzy we can get in wearing trainers and the girl who was too good for us at school is now smiling in our direction.

I may have lost my thread somewhere but hopefully you follow my drift.

Cyril Randle

Bully, it's Victoria Coren Mitchell now mate. That's what she puts in the Dario Smite, oops, sorry, Radio Times. She runs their puzzles page I think.

We Only Need One Half!

Darn it, always the bridesmaid!

Boing Baggie

3 mill and dropping JP rubbing his hands here will get him for 500,000 .

We Only Need One Half!

and that would be a problem because.......?

that will probably turn out to be the stupidest comment of the day award, awarded daily on a day by day basis.

If we get him 4.5 million or £4.50, I know which I would happier with, he's still the same player you doughnut! blimey, I bet your missus daren't let you loose down the shops, its the Spitting Image, Ron Atkinson cigar sketch all over again.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I said a very similar thing in a post on the Steve Clarke thread earlier today. Some of our fans seem to want to splash money out just to show we're a BIG CLUB.

I'd rather get a Claudio Yacob in and show that we're a CLEVER CLUB.

CantelloRocket 78

Boinging Wolfboy-

I misheard that, did'ya say '3 divisions and dropping...'?

Cos your lot know all about droppin', dow thay.....?

Ha ha ha ha ha....

Viva Moxey and his ill-fitting Jackett!!!

Your obsessed with em !

CantelloRocket 78


so as you're obviously a big Baggies fan, let's have a beer somewhere and chat about it - what was your name agen......?

It's actually quite funny, because some of 'em are on here every day, but are too cowardly to give a name, they hide in the shadows and have pathetic lives......

I'm sure you understand......?

We Only Need One Half!

Tell the truth anonymous, CR's getting to you isn't he?

What you got? go on, say summat!

yep, just as I suspected, you've got nothing!

No name or made up user name..what's the difference?

WONOH...your like that kid that hangs round with the school bully!

" Go on CR you tell em" I'm right behind you

CantelloRocket 78


Like you say, they've hit such a low, they can't even show their faces!!

And how can you you 'bully' someone that you can't see, don't know where or who they are, don't even have to be on here, and don't have a name?

Ha ha ha, thick ain't the word.......:-)


you can always tell when rocket is rattled as he invites you for a drink at the local knocking shop, one day i shall take him up on his offer, if nobody beats me to it.

Join the back of a very long queue rattler ;-)

CantelloRocket 78


of course I'll have a beer with you, but it'll have to be in 6 years time, on your 18th Birthday.

( p.s.- 'rattled' is when you're so miserable at your own club's decline, you spend every day on a rival site, trying to cause trouble, but just end up being loffed at.......:-)


Evening there,

it's normal, when introducing yourself to anyone, to give them your name. It's a sign of good manners if nothing else and helps conversation flow....."made up names" are not made up but modern day versions of "handles" from the CB / short wave radio days.....in the internet age i'm sure they have a snazzy name but...you get my drift. It's just good manners to name your self so we all know who to talk too....or not if the case may be




You're totally right regarding putting a username etc..I understand that. But i have seen new posters come on here to give an opinion and try to join in.

However the clique on here refuse to let anyone new join in. If you come out with something even slightly negative you are ripped to pieces and have your user name changed to "somethingdingle" of "wolfsomething".

It's a shame because some of these pages / stories are great to have a discussion about but new posters are being hounded out before they even start.

CantelloRocket 78

The man with no name-

AndyH is a relative newcomer on this site, and recently he was coming to join some of us for a drink before he picked up an unfortunate injury.

He uses his name, comes across as being friendly, polite and positive, and gets on really well with some of us 'long-termers'.

I think I know who you are, and if you wish to continue creeping around anonymously, attempting to stir up trouble, then you'll just have to wallow in your own misery, no one's interested.


great scouting system and all that other stuff but yet again he jp will not spend money as u are all fooled in thinking he will spend money ,if we dont start off well he will change coach again and fool us all by not spending money and concentrate on getting new man in and no players as normal its a pattern hes got . On a positive note cant wait to get new players in .

The Real Bully Hoo.

Perhaps it's because of where you live but I think your confusing us with a club not a million miles away. That's pretty much word for word what they do.

We've sacked one manager in the last seven years.

We Only Need One Half!

Found it!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiWUljKM0JI at 8 mins 30

Great Sporting Moments No169, Ron Atkinson Buys A Cigar.


He's alright, saw him playing Scotland (if he's the guy I'm thinking of) and he looked good. He scored but it was against Scotland. Good record on paper and not too old. The attitude he's taking could be a worry, shades of PO about it, depends on whether there is truth in the way he says PSV have handled him.

Otherwise I'm quite pleased with the reports of the players we are tracking. I was nervous about next year but the rumblings I hear with regards to players we're chasing are inspiring me to feel hopeful. I will blame it all on being raised on fanfare signings that turned out to be dreadful (Mike Phelan will always make me angry when he turns up). We always do best with the odd signings of good natured rejects, misfits and Pot Noodle characters.

We Only Need One Half!

If they all had a heart like Big "Pot Noodle" Dave, I'd be happy!


Evening there,

whats wrong with Scotland!! produces some great players that have graced our club....and also serves as a warning for importing cheap foreign players at the expense of local / English / British Talent. To be fair mate, as a Scotsman the football back home (even in the top league) can be a little.....hum drum maybe but.....it's still home and gave us GD - JM in the current side and many others in our great history....

getting all worked up here...may have to cook a haggis...

regards mate


The Real Bully Hoo.

Morning Andy and och aye the noo.

What's wrong with Scotland?

That's an interesting point because I think it reflects in England.

You'll know that there are two problems. 1. Scotland has a fairly small population. 2. This is compounded by the fact that for many years now the Glasgow clubs have hoovered up the glory hunter element of that population. That means you've had two clubs that can win everything and in turn that makes it difficult for St Johnstone for example to attract young supporters because who wants to support a team that can only ever compete to be also rans?

Now look at the EPL. Not quite that bad yet as we have three teams that can win the league and it's still possible for others to win the cups. But it's getting worse and if Chelsea and City get their managerial appointments right I think Man Ure will be fighting it out for third place this season.

If the PL let this carry on, clubs like ours will struggle to hold onto their fanbase. While oldies like me have it in our blood and this has been passed on to their children, the youngsters growing up will lose interest as they have done in Scotland because as many on here have pointed out, 'at least in the Championship you're playing to win something.' I might not live to see it but it will happen. Unless the men in suits at the PL stop sitting on their hands and do what they're paid for. We won't hold our breath ay.


Afternoon mate,

Scotlands population is a little less than 5 million......still bigger than Croatia and they finished third in the 1998 world cup (i think). You are right about Celtic and Rangers though, to a point anyway, as the casual footbal fan in Scotland will gravitate to them. But in towns / city's like Aberdeen - Dundee and Edinburgh the fans are as fanatical as the old firm but have smaller budgets and have to look for local talent and / or cheap imports to supplement the club. Sir Alec broke the old firm when at Aberdeen but i have to ask if it will ever happen again. The "EPL" will go the same way as FFP rules bite. BIg clubs will hoover up the casual fan and the better players and we are left playing for top 6 at best or just staying in the leauge. If the men in suits are not carefull then the sight of Forest winning the leauge and 2 european cups will never happen again - even Villa winning the big prizes will become a memory and as for clubs like us and, indeed south staffs town, the only way we'll win the big one is if a group of local lads form the academy all come through together (please god!!) or on Football manager on my laptop!! I turned 39 whilst on holiday and i would like to believe / hope that by the time my 5 year old son turns 39 he'll have seen us win something major....sorry to go all glass half empty mood....as i think our next evolution step is to win a cup...

regards mate


Cyril Randle

Worr aer Bullies tryin' t' say is thee cossent 'ave a top unless theest gorra a borrom. Oose gunna ode the top uns up if thee hassent ?

There's a very good article in today's Sun about this very topic. How deep do one's roots go ? Mine are deep because of background. I have a nephew lives in an Oxford village kids born there, yet they travel all the way to The Hawthorns because it's where their Dad goes. We all need to 'belong' to some tribe or other regardless of multi-cultural diversification. Otherwise explain why Villa still get big crowds because the surrounding area of Villa Park has few fans.

They do, as many of ours do, come great distances to be where their roots once were.

How long will this last ? Now there's a topic to discuss.

We Only Need One Half!

I tell you whats wrong with Scotland, it produced my 3rd fiancé, a Fifer, brrrrrrr, still sends shivers down my spine thinking about it.


Afternoon mate,

as the only Jock on here, that I know about anyway, I can only apologise for your experience. However, if you want to see / visit a perfect part of Scotland I can heartily recommend the fishing village of St. Abbs in the borders. Great diving - great people - the views are spectacular and the beach just down the way (coldingham bay) is fantastic and the hotel on the beach does great beginner surf lessons....google it and have a look.



The Real Bully Hoo.


They grow lovely bananas though.


I wasn't for a minute questioning the fervour of the average Dundee, Livingston or QOS fan. I was comparing it with the way we're going in this country, the hard core fans will follow their club whatever happens (I give genuine credit to the Wolves hard core here.) The thing is that as you acknowledge, the hard core fans will become a dying breed and that will lead to the rich clubs becoming more dominant. Very worrying.

We Only Need One Half!

Hi Andy, well it wasn't a total loss, she was from Kirkcaldy (used to be the linoleum capital of the world you know!) where one Willie Johnston had a pub, which was nice!


Sounds promising, may be some truth in this story and he looks a decent player who would fit into SC's favoured 4-2-3-1 formation.

Hope the story of him falling out with his club is not as bad as this reads - we don't need another PO in the dressing room.



This does not seem to be a another PO waiting to happen. He has simply told the club he wishes to run his contract down as many players do, there is no indication from him that he wont play for them for one more season.indeed it would appear the club has got the hump and are trying to bully him into signing a new contract by threatening to play him in the reserves.

The Real Bully Hoo.


If people are looking for a comparison then forget PO. This lad is in the same position as Zoltan Gera when he left us. He did it the right way and went with the club's as well as most of the fans blessing.

All you can ask these days is that a player gives his all and honours his contract and it appears that is what he's trying to do. As you say it's the club that's in the wrong and this points to the fact that JP usually gets it right morally as well as financially.


Already posted this in a reply above but thought I'd put it in as a fresh comment:

Read up on the issue regarding his contract with PSV. He has said he will honour it and then leave on a free when it expires but the club and manager are going to banish him to the reserves for not signing a new one as PSV have a policy of not allowing players to leave on Bosman frees....for once it's the club and not the player not adhering to a contract.


It cor be yow cos yow day open with i aye been on lately cos of all the negativity , there again having read it again it might be cos as always yowm talkin Parc.


Seems like he would be a great signing, it's nice to see that we bring good quality players to our club, I've been watching videos of this guy and he seems legit, If we can get him for about £3 mil (or even less) I would be really happy, shows we have a good scoutng network as well with the fact we've been keeping tabs on him for so long, the fact that he shares the same agent as jonas and markus is also enlightening as they could persuade him to come along to the pride of the midlands :) looking forward to next season, can't wait :)



Just a thought maybe we should try and offload PO to PSV as part of the deal Now that is a marriage made in hell


If this report is true, I wouldn't worry about him turning out to be another Odemwingie. No! nobody will mess with JP. Truth is had Odemwingie known what JP's reaction would be he would have played things very differently. Still we all have to pay to learn. Stupid Boy!

Kev in Mallorca


You're welcome any time to turn up for a beer.I'll be flying back for the first home game,maybe before,shall we make it a date?

We Only Need One Half!

You've got about as much chance of that happening as Wolves have of finishing above Albion next season!


Evening all,

after reading the article and most of the above comments.....if this guy can sign for us / wants to sign for us and can make us a better team or squad....who blooming cares how much he costs!! JP will never , and should never, pay over the odds for a player and pay him wages that we cannot afford as that way is disaster. If by way of good fortune, the price comes down and we get a relative bargin...result!! If the price is a few million but he plays well and improves the team and we get results....result. I do not understand the few "JP on the cheep again" people.....we could have spent £5m on O'Hara (the prem player no less!!.....ha ha ) and massive wages and got no where as a result. if, as it appears, the club are pushing him out as he won't sigh another contract (train with reserves etc..) if it leads to us signing a quality player.....result and doubles all round!!!



amsterdam baggie

no no no,another odemrichboy holding his club to ransom,seen him a lot over here in the tulips,average ,very average,kev when will you be in the dam?


Re-read the article and then read my comment further up. It's the club holding him to ransom not the other way around.

Jeez do any of you bother to actually take in what you read or just jump to your own conclusions?

Kev in Mallorca

Probably 20th till 23rd, will confirm later.


Dads Army

Who shall we bully today mr chairman.

Corporal Jones

They definitely don't like it up 'em Mr Mainwaring. Not like the fuzzy wuzzy's, now they had some backbone, they didn't keep crying about being bullied like little girls did they Mr Mainwaring?

CantelloRocket 78

It just gets better-

Shane Long becomes the Irish Republic Captain-

now Jimmy Morrison is to become Scotland's Captain.

The Baggies - an embarrassment of riches........:-)


Afternoon mate,

and i could not be happier with that choice of skipper. Always have liked Mozza ( i called him a Scotish Chris Waddle once and i stand by that description). A quality player and top man!!



CantelloRocket 78


alright mate?

I've travelled to quite a few places ( off to Barcelona soon ), been into Wales many times, the Irish Republic more than once-

but never been up to Scotland!!

Me Missus sometimes travels to Edinburgh for work duties, so I plan to join her when I next get the opportunity -

and I still want to meet Willie Johnston, a hero of mine.

So I hope I get a warm welcome when I do arrive!!


Afternoon there mate,

thanks for the comments above - I do try and be positive about the Albion because we've all been there when there was little if anything to be positive about. So the times we are having now, well we should enjoy them because they may not last for ever (hope they do though!!)

As for the man with no name - I have no idea who he / she is and i'd like to think that they are a nice person that just has a certain gripe for some reason (though for the life of me I can't think why) The point it was trying to make was that it just comes across as a little rude not to introduce your self when having a "chat" - whether it's on a blog or in the flesh. By choosing not to have a name....it set's him / her apart from the group as a whole from the start and I thought that on these threads we'd all have view points about our club - have a bit of banter knowing that we were all on here because of our love of the club etc agree to disagree at times but arrive and part as part of the extended Albion family....I mean I still think it was a pen against Newcastle but i'll not hold it against people who disagree with me....

Just wish the man / women with no name would just have one so we'd know who they are.

Oh, the broken toes are healing.....itch like a whatsit but i'm going back to the martial arts class tomorrow night....although I think i'll take it easy for a while.




I don't want to pour scorn on any potential signing as I trust our scouting network, but a little food for thought:

Toivonen's record for Sweden- 6 goals in 32 games;

Rosenberg's record for Sweden- 6 goals in 33 games.

Uncannily similar. Is he immeasurably better than what we already have? One thing's for certain, we're unlikely to unearth another Lukaku.


He also has 59 goals in 125 appearances for PSV. He plays mainly as second striker / attacking midfielder so I think he would be the replacement for Gera rather than Lukaku

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Warren.

I've done no research to back this up buy I suspect that all but the very best performers score far less at international level.

Even Messi averages almost a goal a game for Barca but far less than a goal every other game for Argentina.

The Real Bully Hoo.

21 today.

21 today.

21 Kenny threads on here.

Will he be here this time next year?

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, can you believe that thread comparing us with them lot just because it so hard to spend all your Prem parachute money in the 3rd (lets face it they will be the first to try)

No, if they had compared them with Walsall (no disrespect to the Saddlers) I could see that.

No wonder they still think them mossive when the local paper compares them to a Premier League Team, where as everyone else outside of WV1 knows different!

Mystic Baggy

Morning Lads....

I thought Warrens comments were well founded with regards to the goal to game equation between OLA & Markus, however it looks like OLA has the edge from a league perspective. Only time will tell I guess, thats if we "TAKE A CHANCE ON HIM" get it.....Swedish!.....errr never mind.

AndyH......Great comments around newbies like me adding comments...power to ya fella :)

Another 8th place like last season would do wonders for my health...not having to keep looking over our shoulders.

TBH.....We are not the club to go for MARQUE signings.....lets keeps unearthing those hidden gems!


Kev in Mallorca

Mboy and his friend George abd while we're at The Rattler

The absence of your replies is deafening!!!!!!!!!!!! Que another cheap shot while quickly scurrying away into your holes.


Cor yow leave Mboy aloone , its like picking on a wounded dog. Find forgiveness and love in your heart .Thats three hail marys and extra feed for ya donkeys as penance. Tranquillooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Kev in Mallorca


I've bin waitin' for somebody to say I'm gettin' on their nerves but it ay me who started it and not for the first time either.

Mboy started throwing these accusations again last wik and then scurried back behind George when challenged, then threw one in at the start of this thread so I'm just proving that he doesn't understand the meaning of a public forum.


PS. I can see why yo mutha love ya now, might even be a golden halo!

Kev in Mallorca


In your response above you say the agenda of "The Committee" is to respond to posters they dislike/disagree with and in your mind you are included in this category, but how can we dislike you when we have never met? You have repeated turn down our invitations and base your accusations on the fact that we have a drink together before the match??

If I remember correctly AstleistheKing and Warren were drinking in the Vine for the Manure game I suggest you ask them if I mentioned your name or discussed tactics of "The Committee" .

As for the other criterion of membership "disagreeing with another fans post" I think your estimation above of the size of our membership is totally inaccurate.

Before I go may I be so bold as to offer you a little advice to help you alleviate your agitation, when joining in on the E&S web sites, Try treating them as PUBLIC FORUMS and you'll see them in a completely different light.

Kev in Mallorca


So from your reply to Cantello what you're saying is your reasoning for labeling fans in "the committee" is that they know each other personally and their views come secondary?

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