Shane Long relaxed on West Brom talks

West Brom striker Shane Long today claimed he is ready to fill the void if Romelu Lukaku leaves the Hawthorns – and insisted he is relaxed about his contract talks.

Soccer - International Friendly - England v Republic of Ireland - Wembley Stadium

The Republic of Ireland international “fully intends” to stay as negotiations over a contract extension continue.

And the 26-year-old pledged to “step up to the plate” if the Baggies fail to secure 17-goal top scorer Lukaku on loan for a second season.

Lukaku’s future is uncertain while Peter Odemwingie seems set to leave this summer and fellow forward Markus Rosenberg has struggled so far in the Premier League.

Long, who captained Ireland last night in their 4-0 win against Georgia, said: “Will Romelu be back? I don’t know. We could be low on a few strikers next year.

"He scored 17 goals and it’s going to be hard to replace. Maybe it’s my time to step up to the plate.”

Long insisted he is not worried about his contract talks with the Baggies dragging on and is happy to wait for a new deal.

He has a year remaining on his current agreement plus an option for a further season and has been in talks for months over an extension, without a breakthrough.

He said: “I’m very happy there. I fully intend to stay but we will talk about contract situations and see what happens.

“The new manager has come in this year and he has built a team that’s competitive in the Premier League.

“There are a few lads up in the air about contracts and it will be interesting to see what happens over the summer.

“I have a year and an option, so probably two. I have still got two years left at West Brom, and that’s what I am focusing on at the moment.”

For much of last season, Long had to share striking duties with Lukaku as boss Steve Clarke Clarke preferred to play with a lone striker.

He ended the campaign with eight goals in the Premier League and 11 in all competitions.

Long said: “I was doing well during a lot of season and the manager said to me at the end of the season he was very happy with how I had done.

“It was just with the build-up of games, he chose to rest me for one game and Romelu came in and scored.

“We understood our roles. We shared the load up front. More than likely, we went with one striker and it was either me or him.”

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Comments for: "Shane Long relaxed on West Brom talks"

We Only Need One Half!

Apparently had a blinding game last night for Ireland, Cox scored too!

Just read Transfer Rumours, could some one please explain how Lukaku going to Sunderland would be a progressive move for the boy?

We matched them for points in our first season back, they finished behind us last season, and barely survived this season finishing as they did in 17th.

At least Swansea who we have also bested these past two seasons can offer him Europa League as a possible deal breaker.

If it was written like this "It could be double trouble for the Red Devils as Premier League rivals West Bromwich Albion have entered the race for......., it would be laughable? never going to happen? thing is, we finished closer to United than Sunderland did to us!

Sunderland, I just dont see that as progression.

And 4 million for Mulumbu? yeah right, because that means we could replace him with a player of equal ability such as........???

I'm sure these rumours are only put out to get my blood pressure up!

Sue W

Yes WONOH but this is the E & D reporting... I notice that Kenny Jacket has arrived 'low key' but there isn't another Midlands club link until you scroll down. Lord only knows if they'd provided his arrival with a fanfare. And whilst I'm having a whinge; I am sick to death of my Walsall Express & Star having page after page of dingle rubbish. I shall cancel it soon if it continues.



Long did have a good game, I was watching it in The Vine (call it pre-season tandoori withdrawal symptoms). He looked back to his best, hopefully that's an indication his injury problems are clearing up. I actually think that if we're playing with a lone striker, we function better with a fit, on-form Long. He definitely needs competition though.

I like your Manchester United analogy, according to the bookies last time I checked, we're about 6th favourites for relegation, with the likes of Southampton having longer odds. How does that work??? In a way it might help us, if the national media attribute our 'success' to just Lukaku, then more fool them.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Warren.

Couldn't believe it when I saw the odds on our relegation. Do they ever learn? I know there are no guarantees and we could even go down but surely 11th, 10th and 8th place finishes in consecutive seasons counts for something. Can you imagine West Ham's odds if this was their record?

I tend to agree with you though, it may be doing us a favour. Let them keep kicking us out of the door and we'll keep coming back for more.



The old London odds, I imagine you can get shorter odds on QPR winning next year's Premier League than you can us.

I read an expert's prediction page on a website prior to the start of last season in which almost all of their resident 'experts' predicted we'd finish 15th or lower, several suggested 20th and Clarke to be sacked by Christmas.

I can sort of understand their scepticism, like you say, we may have a shocker of a season just as we may have last year. It's more the lack of constructive reasoning behind it, how have the likes of Fulham, Stoke, Sunderland and Southampton suddenly usurped us? Is it the vast transfer dealings of each since the season's ended?? It really is bizarre, I can only think it's losing Lukaku, which again comes back to how he's viewed in the eyes of the national media, which is exaggerated by the predicament of his parent club......who are from London.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think you're right. Apparently our good season was totally down to Lukaku, even our great start when he hardly played. I'd love WONOH to do one of his studies of how many points we won with him on the pitch and how many when he wasn't.

He came to us with raw talent but lacked a lot of know how and credit the lad for his sheer dedication but the media have given us no credit at all for his improvement.

Kev in Mallorca

One 'arf

Tranquilo son! you know the Dingle news talks as much sense as Mad Moxey,he of "the special one".


We Only Need One Half!

Sue W, I know where your coming from, Gawd help us if they ever actually achieved summat, can you imagine how many articles there would be then?

Warren, word up, the form Hart is in at the minute (lets face it he kept us in the game first half against Brazil) and yet Shane still managed to get one past him in the prior game. Good to see two current Baggie players on the pitch as well in the England game. Futures still looking bright for lil ol Albion, you bunch of pundits!

Kev, I refer the right honorable Gentleman to the answer I gave Sue some sentences ago!

I'm a big fan of Long. I have total respect for any player that plays for us who i can see is trying and giving their all.

However i am a little worried if we go into next season relying on him as our main goal threat. After watching him last night for Ireland he really needs to work on his finishing. Especially one on ones as he seems to freeze and sort of just poke the ball.

As i said though i'm a big fan and would love him to stay longer with us.

The Real Bully Hoo.

We achieved our best results with Shane on his own up front.


The Rebublic seem to be trying to make sure we get him back in tip top condition by not overplaying him don't they?

Walthamstow Albion

Ow bin TRBH,

Long did the work for three up front. Give him PO's salary ay!

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Walt.

I'm fine thanks. Looking forward to signing the gems for next season as we all go 'who?'

Walthamstow Albion

in the main, it's a system that works - let's hope DA handed over his list of possible 'gems'.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Jack ♣ Hat.

(....... let's hope DA handed over his list ......)


I believe you mean Richard Garlick, mar mate.


Walthamstow Albion

Jack...DA to have handed over his list to RG before England came calling mon.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Jack ♣ Hat.

Walthamstow Albion,

Now I'm with it, thanks mate.


Club of Pain

Jackett OUT, Jackett IN

Club in a spin

Laurel and Hardy where do we begin

Managers sacked-up

Never get the back-up

Philosophy is huffball and our whole crew act-up

They're taking us down!


So rip up the seats and thump around

Thump around, Thump around,




We’re the cream of the plop, our second double-drop

FatRon says ‘mossive’ he’s an E&S prop

Merlin 'instigator'

Colonel 'relagator'

Practice being boss on Football Manager-Sega

We’ll bring the posts down and graffiti the ground

So rip up the dugout and thump around

Thump around, Thump around,





one more airing...

The Real Bully Hoo.

I don't know who you are but let's have more like this, much more please.

Club of Pain

you do know TRBH - hope all's good with E&S posters

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Cyril Randle

That surely has a '0' missing for Mulumbu ? £40million we'd have to think about a sale, but £4m is just downright rude. Shane Long must stay too. He is improving all the time but needs more protection from referees. As for Lukaku, he's got a sensible approach to life and must see that the place he knows has to be preferred to new systems, (other than Chelsea that is where he will finally settle). His target should be 20 goals with us rather than using his shorts to polish a bench at Chelsea.

We Only Need One Half!

Who knows Cyril, Martin O Neill may put in a reappearance at some point, well, he valued Fletcher the Albatross at 12 million, got to be 40 million based on that ;-)

Boing Baggie

actualy wonoh Fletcher was scoring plenty goals untill he got injured, well worth 12 mil IMO.

We Only Need One Half!

Well, if you consider 11 goals in 28 games when your the only striker and start every game a lot, perhaps,

But you are forgetting, MON bought him for 12 mill on the strength of the 22 goals he got in 64 games at Wolves, and that he had been the main striker at two clubs that had both been relegated.

Ergo, based on that, Odem, with 30 goals from 87 appearances, many of which were of the bench, never the solo striker by any stretch of the imagination, never been relegated, would be worth at least 30% more, making him a 16 mill player.

Yet in the real world, on this planet that the majority of us inhabit, we reckon he's worth 3.5 -4.5 mill.

Its a strange land that MON one (along with its inhabitants)

The Real Bully Hoo.

Many of those goals scored when PO was pushed out wide as well WONOH.

Very strange that anybody called BoingBaggie should continuously attack our own players yet jump to the defence of an ex-Wolves player.

Do I smell fish? Could Jonah detect the slight scent of amergris?


Hey boing, you looking forward to Crawley away?

Ha ha ha....

Tim Vine

Major power in World football to make an announcement

Wolverhampton Wanderers sack Dean Saunders

A manager with a similar size club in the world of football announces he is to part company with his club

Real Madrid confirm that their manager is to leave

The world holds its breath

Jez Moxey announces he has appointed Wolves 'Special One'

The clamouring throngs of the worlds press gather at the Compton Training Ground

Jez Moxey unveils Jose Mour oops Kenny Jackett

CantelloRocket 78


Kenny is indeed the 'special one' - at the last count I saw 14 separate threads focusing on the great man.

I'm just waiting now for the official announcement-

' Jackett appointed by Hinge and Bracket........ ' :-)

Walthamstow Albion

'Jez Moxey announces he has appointed Wolves 'Special One''

'Bullay - D1ng5 NEW HEAD COACH'

'Head Coach' - following Albion's lead again ay.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Stars In Stripes


Will that man ever learn? You'd think he'd have learned his lesson by now with his "We won't do an Albion" faux-pas and pay a little more thought to his comments, but lo and behold he comes out with this absolute classic. It could quite easily be another one to come back and bite him on his more than ample backside.

We Only Need One Half!

Oi, Stars in Stripes, you leave that Moxey alone, I think he is lovely, and doing a wonderful job, and I will be really upset if he were to ever leave!

p.s. on the subject of poster boys, I'm thinking of commissioning a calender for Baggie fans if there's enough interest, provisionally its looking like this.

Jan Morgan

Feb The Glorious 12th circled in blue and white

March Stale

April A montage of the Managers the fans wanted, Curbs, Bruce, Coyle, RDM, Sir Alex, Mourinho, Guardiola

May Gornal Wolf and his flag, again, obviously!

June South Bank Ground Demolition Crew

July T.C,

August Johnson (ran Moxey close for the Dec spot)

Sept Wolves end of season party, venue TBC, Wing Wah's cancelled original booking as they have a minimum of 4 people per table booking policy. Moxeys looking for another three to make up numbers.

October The White Elephant Stand

Nov Deano

Dec Moxey in a big red santas outfit cus he's the gift that just keeps giving.

Will make a cracking cover for a dartboard to.

Walthamstow Albion

like it.

Jan - Laurel & Hardy

April - missing RAFA (when Merlin left)

Dec - Bullay: now The Tetternal Tatter in his Taverna wistfully thinking of Tipton

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

The Real Bully Hoo.


What a great idea.

I'll have one but only if you can get a picture of BoingBaggie and Mboy peeping out from either side of a bush at the Vine. Not sure where you'll fit it in though, might have to be on the cover.

How about speech bubbles, like Jez saying, 'we won't do an Albion.' Morgan saying 'you'll never walk alone.' And Johnson in that famous picture addressing his own fans, 'you're my besht mates you are.'

Then there's that old favourite the 'You've let us down again,' picture.

I'm sure others will have their own ideas as well, so come on you Baggies, let's hear them.

Walthamstow Albion

TRBH, pic of Moxy with Jackett with the cringeworthy 'Special One' and 'usurp' comment -

Dings I know shook their heads at that one.


Baggies and Bathams...the Black country way

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, that's my next project, Chairman Moxey's Little Gold and Black Book of Humorous Quotes Volume 1, I am also negotiating with K Tel, Pickwick, and Ronco for the audio rights version to be called Top of the Flops, Now That's What I Call Funny!

Side 1

1) I Started A Joke - Roy and the Boys a.k.a. Molineux Massacre Crew Remix

2) Don't Dream Its Over - Deano Saunders

3) Who's Sorry Now - Michael McCarthy

4) When We Were Fab - 1954 Supporters Club

5) 20th Century Boys - 2013 Supporters Club

6) There I Was Digging A Hole - Terry Connor

7) "Any Dream Will Do" - The Early Birds

8) When You Say Nothing at All" - Steve Morgan

9) Would I Lie To You?" - Da Mangement

10) Deeply Dippy" - Fan From Boyz To Men

11) Don't Cry for Me Owen Coyle - The Poll

12) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - Gornal Wolf

Side 2

1) Send In The Clowns - Kenny Jackett

2) (I Can't Help) Falling in Love With You" - Roger Johnson Appreciation Society

3) Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Jez Moxey

4) I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself - Wulf Troll Union Blues

5) He Ain't Heavy He's Just SEB - Karl Henri

6) Cry Me a River - Creme de la Prem

7) Don't Look Back in Anger - The Protesters

8) Wannabe" - South Bank

9) Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit Of Albion In Your Life)

- Baggie Bird

10) Not So Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow & Black Bikinis - Phat Ol Munters

11) Are You Lonesome Tonight? - White Elephant

12) "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" - Longterm and the Four Casters

Available from all good Charity Store Bargain Buckets real soon.



Shane sounds forthright and somewhat upfront, a level headed sought of guy.

He as just produced two very good international displays, and there is no doubt he can be an handful for the finest Premiership centre backs.

For me he can still add to his overall game and i do believe SC is working on this, consequently Albion must find another top striker, either to work along side or to alternate with Shane.

Not having an alternative in the shape of Odemwingie and Lukaku would be our undoing.



Evening all,

Long had a really good game against England and looked really sharp....pity the season was not starting this weekend as he'd be flying! With a good preseason behind him I have no doubt he'll be fine and score the goals we need....although another striker is a must (obvious I know).

As for the Mulumbu £4M....(when can we comment on the transfer rumours page again??)....if he's worth £4M...then he's worth in todays market £20M / £30M easily. A box to box player who can tackle and pass well.....and anyway he has a long contract so any team would have to be ready for JP to knock any offer out of the park. Now that the circus has once again rolled into Chelski....dare we hope for Lukaku again?? We are a better bet than Sunderland and Swansea and he'll not want a return to the bench.....I live in hope




hey isn't it great that the captain of EIRE plays at the baggies , boing boing


I think Shane long is a good player he does need to work on his finishing though he seems to do the hard work then fluffs the goal some how. The thing I like the most though us how hard he tries. He never stops running and is lightening quick. As for the other story mullumbu for four mill you got to at least treble that me thinks befor you get close to his value. He's a dynamo in midfield and a big part off our team

Jack ♣ Hat.

Started this morning on a hell drive to Villa Park as my best mate is a seal. I had the daunting task of going in the club shop for his seventieth birthday present. Got sent round the back as my vehicle is festooned with ALBION stickers, oh! and they were getting the place ready for some sort of Gig. The girl in the shop said I wasn't a Villa fan as she could sniff out an intruder as soon as they walk into the place. After explaining I was indeed a BAGGY, she said proudly, ALBION don't do Gigs, do they, "Nooo" I retorted "We don't have to stoop that low". My retort made her chuckle and bade me safe journey but retracted it when I told her I was heading for the Hawthorns. We had a good laugh about that remark and parted on friendly terms. Hope my pal likes his new pint glass and dog tags.

Arrived at the Hawthorns and had a look at the names on the new pathway, I was impressed by the amount of names on it. this young thing spoke to me and I replied jokingly that I wouldn't know many, not being from the area, it worked out she lived in the next village to me. Blimey, it's a small world.

Bought a red away shirt (Reduced to £14:99 great bargain), a "Go West" T-shirt and two wrist bands. I said to the girl who served me how I liked the new pathway and she explained how I had just missed blind Dave, he had just ordered his brick for the next phase. I was disappointed that I had missed the chance of saying hello to him. From the Hawthorns I went to Telford. My Missus has something to put up with as I can no longer drive, bless her.


The Real Bully Hoo.


Hope it wasn't a surprise present.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Nah mate, past that stage at my age. He will be surprised I have bought him any sort of present though.




On Shane Long - I just remember how he was early in the season - he was unplayable at Chelsea and if he can get his fitness back to that level he will be brilliant again next year..... lets just hope he finally gets to rest those hamstrings soon.

Tonybrownsmoustache - yes having the Capt' of the republic in our team is a great honour - takes me back to the Johnny Giles era - and we didn't do too badly then either !!!


Over on the dark side I have just counted FIFTEEN different stories about Kenny Jackett...... overkill very reminiscent of when they signed Roger Johnson - lets all just hope KJ can be half as successful as Roger.

We Only Need One Half!

Happy, coming soon, to a paper near you, a souvenir 6 page pull out and keep full colour supplement, give us a blow by blow account of how they won the toss!

CantelloRocket 78

I guess it's fairly quiet with many players still on holiday-

although it seems the rumours are re-surfacing about El Hamdaoui-

a bit unsure about this at present, on the plus side he's previously played a few games in the prem., and his goal rate in Holland was impressive, it seems he out-scored Luis Suarez in one season.

On the flip side, he struggled last season at Fiorentina, and previously had a public bust up with his Manager at Ajax-

are you thinking what I'm thinking.........? Noooooooo........

Wall Heath Baggie

Cor disagree and yow con throw Di Santo and Bentley into the no no list an all. Bostin weather aye it.

CantelloRocket 78


alright mate?

I guess the 'powers that be' have already drawn up a shortlist of potential signings, it's currently guesswork for us lot to chat about.

One thing that's often been quoted from official Baggies personnel is that we only want to sign players who are as good or better than the one's we've already got, so it'll be interesting to see who we're really targeting.

As for the weather, I'm just taking a break from work in the garden-

I'm slappin' preservative on the shed and fence to prolong their 'usable lifespan'-

if there's any left, I'm puttin' a coat on Gera, Reid and G-Mac as well..........:-)

See ya soon.

The Real Bully Hoo.


If you check on YouTube there's actually film of him calling Frank De Boer a pig, Arriving at the Pescara car park on transfer deadline day and Twittering that Fiorentina aren't paying him enough to pay his Guinness bill.

Willy of smethwick

whb thought you wasn`t posting again untill the new season or as the chairman summoned you.