Gareth McAuley insists West Brom wanted better

Player of the season Gareth McAuley today admitted West Brom are “kicking themselves” despite a record-breaking season at the Hawthorns.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City - The Hawthorns

The Baggies achieved a best-ever Premier League points tally of 49 and a highest finish of eighth place.

But centre-back McAuley admitted he and his team-mates remain annoyed they fell short of their pre-season target of 50 points.

The Northern Ireland international said: "We got to 40 points ages ago. It seems like an eternity.

“We just couldn’t get to 50, unfortunately, so I think when the dust settles in a couple of weeks’ time we will be kicking ourselves because we threw points and games away really.

“When you look back over the season we could have been well over 50.”

And McAuley admitted Albion’s stuttering form in the second half of the campaign is a frustration after they rose to eighth in the top-flight table in November.

He said: “Finishing in the top eight is a great achievement but there is a little bit of frustration.

"In the second half of the season, we haven’t been as good and we could maybe have finished a bit higher if we had kept it going.

“We just hit a period where we had a few injuries and a few key players out of the team. That carried on for a long period.

“When we got them back we picked up a bit of rhythm and picked up a few more points,.

"If we can keep people fit and playing, hopefully we can carry on our form throughout next season.”

Meanwhile, Baggies sources have dismissed reports they are in talks with Belgium midfielder Jonathan Legear, who plays for Terek Grozny in Russia.

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Comments for: "Gareth McAuley insists West Brom wanted better"


Gareth - I agree with everything you say.

amsterdam baggie

mboy,what a straight intelligent post ,well done,or has your keyboard packed up?

We Only Need One Half!

Hopefully S.C. wont get an award till May next season when he picks up the Manager of the Year Award, rather than Manager of the Month for November!

That award is cursed, cursed I tell you!

amsterdam baggie

agree entirely with gmac after our great start i also expected a bit more,but at thely start i would have been well pleasd with 49 pts and 8th,9double over the scousers was sweet what can we hope for next season,same again would do me just fine,with maybe a cup run would be nice,we can,t hope for much more,we don,t have a sheik or a oligarch behind us ,just j.p. who is doing a great job with a much smaller budget than the silver spoons of the league,there combined wage bill could probly feed all of africa,be careful Cyrill fawling on your conk at your age not good,stick to halves lad

Kev in Mallorca


We all know how you and the rest feel but it was still a great season where we showed progress in all departments so all I got to say is thanks to all team and staff at WBAFC for putting an even bigger permanent smile on my face.


The Wiggit

Our fortunes took their ultimate dip after the January Odimwingie saga. All would have quietened down had it not been for

the concerted campaign of negativity by a certain Radio WM evening sport programme presenter who encouraged the booing of one of our top scorers. He took every opportunity to keep the pot boiling to the point where I was beginning to believe it was deliberate mischievousness, he being a follower of our near neighbours in gold and black. It gave Steve Clarke little option but to restrict P. O's appearances, to our detriment!

I wonder if the boo boys realise what a disservice they did to the club by their actions or are they happy with their own selfish motives?


The Wiggit

Let me begin with saying that I have never booed one of our players or condone the actions of those that do.

And I agree entirely reference Paul Franks, but to suggest his campaign affected SC`s selection or lack thereof regarding Odemwingie is flawed, in my humble opinion.

Let`s be honest here, Odemwingie`s actions were tantamount to running someone over, then reversing back over them to make sure the job was done right.

He was offered several olive branches by the club, all of which he appeared to accept, only to chuck them on the fire a couple of days later. Had he not done this the fans would have forgiven him quickly.

Steve Clarke openly admitted in an interview, that he was at the end of the line with Odemwingie.

As I stated in my first paragraph, I do not condone booing, but it was inevitable in PO`s case.

He insulted the club we love, 3 times just for good measure, his position at the club is totally untenable.

The responsibility for lack of appearances since Christmas, is not Paul Franks. It is not fans. It is Peter Odemwingie himself.

glenn hussey

a disservice the fans did? are you for real?

let me go on social networks, slag off your family and then 2 weeks later invite me round for tea as if nothings happened!!

same situation...he ran the club down, didn't get what he wanted and then we supposed to pander to him?

as soon as he,s gone the better


Jack ♣ Hat.

The Wiggit,

Totally agree mate, time and time again I mentioned Franksy (WM) sneaking shots in below the belt. He was rapid and deliberate with his barbs. Well mate, it didn't do much to help his beloved wo1-Ves did it.


The Real Bully Hoo.


Try Tom Ross. He makes no bones about the fact that he's a dyed in the wool Blues fan but gives all the Midlands clubs a fair shout, even Villa and Wolves. If anything he bends over backwards to be fair.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Good shout, Next season mate, next season. Tom Ross it is.


CantelloRocket 78


as you say, there were injuries to a few key players that knocked us back, but then the team attempted to pull itself forward again, and did their best in the 'trying' circumstances.

I'm sure you'd like all the fans to understand this, and to give you full, positive support in the future.

Good man........

Jack ♣ Hat.


I have previously stated that our season started with such a seriously small squad, well it was for the Premiership, it got so chronic we had to bedut a sixteen year old. Some of those were there for first year experience only. We have been running on fumes since X-mas, also the lads have carried the load manfully and still managed to give us fans a memorable season. Culminating with an unforgettable game against the current champions. All I can say to all of you lads is thanks a million, we know what we are. Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.



Gareth, you are a top man

A sceptic might say, never mind this talk of kicking ourselves for not exceeding the 50pts mark, just finish in 8th place in the table next season.

Did anyone see Jamie Carragher's last game post game interview, he was knackered. He was congratulated and then asked two or three questions regards the game, he never really answered the questions at point, all that was on his mind was the fact that he had stopped the opposition from scoring a goal, he repeated this, it was parramount to him that Liverpool did not concede a goal.

This attitude is driven home and cemented in his way of thinking, you won't here this said to often in post match interviews.

Attitude & Consistency


Something exciting about the players not being satisfied this our best ever prem season - bodes well for next season !!!

Boing Baggie

few injuries, few key players out the team ( for spitting and silly tantrums) and loads of own goals, so kev progress in all departments l/b r/b c/d yeah rite go back to donkey farming rocket can follow you around with his shovel eeyore eeyore

Kev in Mallorca

? Baggie

Position, points,Best financial position ever,medical facilities, training facilities,youth academy, improved pitch and stadium,arguably the strongest squad ever, supplied the England manager and the top man to run things, acquired a first class coach and the icing on the cake, put one of the final nails in yowa teams coffin ie 1-5 and help to say goodbye to Mad Mick which started the following hilarious pantomime!!!!!!

Division 4 here we come again

Well well, if it isn't Nick Bottom

CantelloRocket 78

Boing Baggiewolfboy-

silly, silly boy, you sound like a teenager havin' a stroppy tantrum, tut tut.......:-)

Now if you really want me and Kev to work with Donkeys, based on last season, we could always get a job lookin' after your lot down the ol' mol, eh?

Viva, Jez Moxey!!!!!


Yeah were still progressing along nicely thank you! but i would like a larger squad next season, because i don't want to see us collapse or stagnate like we did since xmas, So Mr J.P. can you please dip your hand into your pocket a little bit deeper this coming pre season with a new centre back to partner big Mac + Dawson must be in the squad, a left and right back, another dynamo in the middle to help out mulumbu, a terror on the wing or two, LUKAKU back if poss if not how about this fella from Anderlecht Mbokani, + another striker to replace odemgreedy! yep about seven new squad members will just about do it! But can we get sign them quickly please..

Kev in Mallorca


So we'll put you down as the leader of the "I want it and I want it NOW!!"

brigade then?

CantelloRocket 78


so you quickly want us to get Mbokani, plus six other quality players who will push us into the 'elite' 6 or 7 clubs?

it shouldn't be too difficult -

on the basis that Liverpool spent over 40 million on players to finish one place above us last season, I guess 50 million - plus massive salaries - laid out in the next 2 or 3 weeks should just about manage it.

The cheque's in the post.........