West Brom won't sell Peter Odemwingie on the cheap, says boss

Steve Clarke today insisted West Bromwich Albion will not sell Peter Odemwingie on the cheap and warned potential summer transfer vultures “we are not a charity”.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Stoke City v West Bromwich Albion - Britannia Stadium

The Baggies boss claimed Albion will demand “market value” for the 31-year-old despite the striker’s fall-out with the club leaving his position looking untenable.

QPR offered more than £4m for the want-away Nigeria international in January with the deal eventually collapsing on deadline day.

And Clarke said today: “He has signed a contract. I think his goal record for West Brom is something like one in three. Whoever wants him has to pay the market value.”

Asked whether the asking price would be similar to January, Clarke said: “Yes. We are not a charity.”

Albion will seek to offload Odemwingie this summer but the Baggies boss reckons he will be able to keep his other top stars and does not believe he will need to sell to fund new signings.

“By and large the players we have here are happy  with the way the club is trying to improve year on year,” said Clarke.

“It’s a good place to be and I like to think they enjoy working with me.

“If someone from the top echelons of the league comes searching for your players it can be more difficult but until that day happens it is speculation.

“The club is in good financial health so I don’t think we would have to sell to buy.”

And Clarke backed the Baggies’ careful transfer policy, despite admitting “frustrations” with the gradual progress.

“There are frustrations to me because I want to spend £100m and go and get this player and that player,” said Clarke.

“So when I go home at night I will have that frustration and I have to calm myself down and say ‘You know what you came into, do the job you were brought here to do’.

“I realise what the plan is here at Albion, that’s why I came and I’m not trying to change that.”

“All I’m saying is that it’s normal for me to have some frustrations.

“Frustrations can always get on top of you but I’m quite good at shrugging them off and realising what the plan of the club is.”

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Comments for: "West Brom won't sell Peter Odemwingie on the cheap, says boss "

John B

You are going to need £100m to keep this team up next season. If we can get £4m for P.O it will be sale of the century. Who is going to buy this stupid player

Stu Pidasso

100mill, strewth, we could buy Wolverhampton and get 90 million change for that! mind you the mol would make a lovely park and ride, and the way our club is growing year on year were going to need one very soon.

Don't you worry about us, we defiantly wont do a Wolves, we learn lessons from idiots on how not to run a club, so we will take your advice under advisement, but thanks for the concern.

Now shhhhh sloop John B, or we wont let you become one of our potential feeder clubs.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Great name.

Shouldn't that be £99.999,990 change, although I haven't taken into account that it's dropped in value since Mr Morgan bought it.

Bromham Baggie

I wanted to buy a Bentley Continental yesterday, but decided I'd have to wait a bit longer. Life's difficult, isn't it, Steve.

Cyril Randle

Reassuring stuff for us to hear and not before time. I can't imagine JP blotting his copybook with a poor sale and we've all wanted to kick the bum of our jobs to get our own way at times. Reality usually dictates otherwise.

Reminds me, I haven't renewed my season ticket yet !


I can see what he's saying as the potential this club has is big and realistic too. Just a few big money signings will really help stabilise a fairly good but small squad. Especially when you get through the mid winter and the injuries have kicked in.

Albion til I die!

Who's up for a beer at the Vine before the game? I will probably get there for 1pm.

Yep I am


Brilliant, will look for you then!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Brilliant reply.

On the other point. We might be looking at a few big money signings but if we are, would it be good tactics to broadcast that fact.

I will reveal myself to you then :-)))))

CantelloRocket 78


alright Mate,

currently in Yorkshire on a social visit, met several people over the last few days who are now good friends - see you Sunday, along with the other great guys from this site whom I'm now honored to know.

In a crazy world with no shortage of crazy people it's nice to know some of us have a grasp on reality-

and that includes being a happy bunch suppin' Bathams and looking forward to a game between two 'top half' premiership clubs in a packed stadium at God's chosen venue-

well, 'The Lord IS our Shepherd', and The Hawthorns stands high above all other grounds in this country.........;-)

See ya.

'reveal yourself'? who are you then,Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne?must be Bruce,definitely batty.

Utterly Butterly

Mike, yeah course you will, bringing the wife and two kids>


CantelloRocket 78


Yep, Suki's been extending The Vine, he's added a special room for one or two of our regular 'visitors' on this site-

it's fully equipped with Tommy Cooper's box of 'quick change' costumes, a curtain to hide behind, a plate of very large 'porkie pies', and both a nurse and psychiatric Doctor at hand.

The room's not quite complete, it's still one brick short........


Are ROCKET mate, am getting the 10am train to Moore st so will get on the Bathams this time as Stella knocked me about last time.

see ya later mush


Hindsight is a wonderful thing, i`m sure if the Albion heirarchy possesed this gift, PO would now be a QPR player, on one hand JP has the admiration of fans all over the country for his stance of not allowing the club to be bullied.

On the other hand, a petulant monster has been created, causing nothing but trouble and ill feeling among himself the players and the fans, a malignant cancer that needs cutting out.

Every club in the world has watched this saga unfold, and there may be clubs willing to take the risk on what appears to be a quite unstable individual, but at £4M i think any potential takers will be considerably minimised.

My own opinion, let him go for anything we can get, or just let him go. No good can come of him still being around next term.

Brummie roader Ryan

Come on be real and stop being greedy, who will want to pay 4-5 million for a soon to be 32 year old hit and miss player with an attitude problem.

Realistic transfer targets:

Tomas Kalas (Chelsea, Loan)

Danny Simpson (Newcastle, free)

Jack Rodwell (Man city, loan)

Scott Sinclair (Man city,loan)

Tom Ince (Blackpool)

Bakary Sako (Wolves dare I say i )

James McCarthy (Wigan)

Callum Mcmanaman (Wigan)

Vydra (Watford)

Chalabah (Watford) Seems like a cracking young midfield player.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Why not just give him away and give Green Shield Stamps as well.

Danny Simpson? Potentially a bigger trouble maker than Odemwingie.

I've never seen Kalas play.

Rodwell plays about three games a season between injuries.

Sako is he good enough?

McCarthy and McMannaman being watched by the big boys.

Chalabah and Vydra don't belong to Watford, they're both loans.

I like Tom Ince though although Liverpool have been looking at him.

Stanley Ipkiss

Dun Know, Wolves found a sucker to pay 12.5 for a player who by the skin of his teeth narrowly avoided getting relegated with his third different club, i.e.Fletcher, and they don't come any more hit and miss than him, oh somebody stop me!

boy from the REAL black country

I've still not got over Watford paying £3m for Ellington when i thought we wouldn't be able to give him away!!

So anythings possible really, theres always someone willing to take a punt and PO does have a proven Prem track record. A promoted club would be interested in him i'm sure.

Well done to JP for the way he's handled this situation from the start, he's sent out a clear message WBA will not be held to ransom by anyone. He now needs to keep his nerve (and he usually does..) and be patient as we await the day we finally see the back of this cretin and the problems and bad feelings he has caused, no doubt with a few quid in the bank as abonus if JP gets his way again...

One things for sure - any future players thinking of trying to engineer a move away form the club will remember the Odemwingie saga and think twice or at the very least conduct their business in a appropriate manner.

Davo from Wordsley

Just get rid, can't wait to see the end of what has to be the most disruptive player we've ever had

Brummie roader Ryan

Agreed mate


I think it's a little more personal with JP on this one, it looks like he would rather pay out than let Whinger get his own way.


Frustrations, pain in the Bot more like regards Odemwingie.

To true, hang on in there for the going rate, goal scoring record approx 1 in 3 games, we might well come out of this Odemwingie affair very nicely thankyou. According to reports Hull City are interested, i hope so.


Zingelbert Bembledack

Mike, shall I post the poem you sent me yesterday? oh go on then,

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I'm schizophrenic,

And so am I.






Dan Saul Knight

Wages? we've had them back in fines haven't we, canny bloke that JP.

But why it bothers a wulf like you Mike, I don't know????


Dan he aint been fined mate.



are you forgetting that premier league clubs can only loan 1 of another PL club?

Brummie roader Ryan

Sorry didn't realize that


brr good job you can only have 1 if you could have 11 jp would have .


It's no secret we wanted Hoilett as part of the QPR deal - wonder if JP is looking at him now (hope so)


Final word on PO - remember Dio kamara banging on for a move away ??

He made it very public that he wanted to go - JP got £8 million for him (cheers Roy) - so don't expect JP to panic and sell cheap.

WKWWA !!!!

Jack ♣ Hat.


Come back when you know what you are on about. That is Divi3 talk.


Jack ♣ Hat.

I see where Steve is coming from and firmly expect changes in the close season.

Odemwingie is a fine striker when playing off the shoulder of the last defender as he has shown that many times. Although he is thirty two years old, remember the goals he scores could keep a side in the Premier League, so he would earn that club £60m+. £5-7m would be peanuts in comparison, even if he is only with them for one season. Saying he dropped into the Championship, he would get a club promoted. Now tell me why our club should give him away?. First come first served.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Excellent post Jack. He's a proven PL goal scorer and they're not easy to find at that price. Besides which most managers are egomaniacs and will believe they can handle him.

Cyril Randle

Jack and TRBH...both got a Bully's eye !


How does BONY n KONE sound? Well its possible if we spend a bit of that inheritance dough thats going to be dropping into the clubs pockets! Trouble is though the first thing J.P. will buy is trousers with deeper pockets.


sounds good to me m8,perm any two from

bonny/kone/mattaias surazez also at anderlecht

Bromham Baggie

That's mean-spirited and vindictive...................and also a little bit tempting.


4mil in Jan. almost zilch now. How can anyone think any club would want to invest in a sherman like Odeous whinger has become.


Cant believe G-mac got 2 and half yr contract he is to slow as it is he gets turned inside out by pacey players, should have been 12 months max .


if we get anywhere near 4 mill for the petulant one i will bare my bum in burtons shop window,he's soiled goods and no club will pay that to take a chance on him

jezza needs to back steve with a marquee striker signing though,otherwise we will struggle next season

BO Baggie

Get £8.75 for him and the club can purchase 3 houses in West Brom's poshest area.. Let squatters live there for a few years to increase there value.

Cyril Randle

BOBaggie. £3million each for 3 houses in my home town and where I lived for about 44 of my total...where the heck would they be ? Even for 20 houses I'd be pushed to think where. I might just manage that.

Johnnythrostle. Now that is a risk I wouldn't bet on because if Hull want to stay up then he's worth £4 million. They'll love him for about 18 months, then he'll want away again, (probably to Wolves).


No 1 that's a typical Dingle comment,all about money

Well as you lot are such a big club,with better players,bigger ground(even though it's got no corners)

After all your high profile spending on quality players where has it exactly got you

We're stable,better run and have someone in charge that know's what he's doing from the top to the bottom

Now digest and tad along


Afternoon all,

i know SC wants market value but i'll be surpirsed if we get over 3M for him to be honest, just because he's in the last year of his contract. And with whats gone on i would imagine many managers would stear clear unless they have the beliefthat they could manage him.....as TRBH says "massive egos". I can see him ending up somewhere like Sunderland or Hull - a club that needs goals and one that will need a recognised prem goal scorer. To replace him (with or without Lukaku) Kone at wigan is pretty decent....but i'd guess that the club has a list and will tell us in the fullness of time.....were is inside man??