Swansea keen to lure West Brom loan star Romelu Lukaku

Swansea were today preparing to step up their interest in Romelu Lukaku as West Bromwich Albion boss Steve Clarke insisted he will not promise first-team football to any new strikers.


The Baggies could be forced to reshape their forward line completely next season with a host of Premier League rivals, including the Swans, expressing an interest in Lukaku.

And Clarke insists he is planning to rotate his forwards again, having swapped around Lukaku, Shane Long and Peter Odemwingie to good effect during the club’s flying start to the season.

“I don’t make promises to players,” said Clarke. “When I speak to any player face to face I just give an honest opinion and I expect them to give an honest opinion back.

“That’s the way I’ve conducted myself all season.

“If you can rotate strikers it’s good to. If you look back at the start of the season, I was rotating forward players regularly and we always had energy and invention up front. If you do that with strikers you win matches.

“I’ve tried to do it all season but obviously it’s more difficult when you get into the dark days of the winter, when we didn’t do so well.

“We always try to keep the attacking players fresh if we can, because then they can make an impact on the game.

“I think it’s beneficial for a forward player if he can go into a game fresh, and with a lot of energy to impose himself on the game.”

Sources in Wales claim Swansea are preparing to firm up their interest in taking Lukaku on loan from Chelsea next season in the hope that Europa League football can tempt him to the Liberty Stadium.

They believe Chelsea and Lukaku’s advisors will push him towards a club in Europe as he looks to broaden his football education. But Lukaku is believed to favour either a return to Stamford Bridge with regular games or a second season at The Hawthorns, where he has scored 14 goals and become a popular figure with fans and team-mates.

Odemwingie seems certain to leave in the summer with Marc-Antoine Fortune out of contract and Swede Markus Rosenberg’s future uncertain.

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Comments for: "Swansea keen to lure West Brom loan star Romelu Lukaku"

Rich Pickings

Well if he wants to come back to us who are we to stop him!

Futures Bright


I cannot think of ANY reason why Rom would want to pick Swansea over Albion! We are a bigger and better run club with state of the art facilities, he has expressed his liking for us and if he is going anywhere I would think it would be back to his parent club Chelsea! I believe we have first option on his services as part of the deal with Chelsea! This is probably a lazy piece of journalism in response to him saying he would like to play in Europe! But tell me which premier league player would not? I hope and pray that some day journalists will print only facts, and not what they want to happen or assume!


I can think of plenty of reasons why he'd go there over us. European football is a massive draw to begin with. They have equally as good facilities, an arguably better manager, similar budget and will most likely finish above us in the table. There is very little loyalty in football these days.

Llyr Thomas

Better run club? We made a £15 million profit last year. And the big factor here is the fact we'll be playing in Europe next season, and he wants European football. And as things stand we might even finish above you in the league. Also, we play far more attractive football.

Jack Uzzi

Finish above us? based on the fact you've been behind us all season and you finished behind us last season, startling assumption.

" But Lukaku is believed to favour either a return to Stamford Bridge with regular games or a second season at The Hawthorns"

what part of that suggested to you he wants European Football and a move to Swansea?

Lets be honest just because there will be three welsh teams in the Prem next season, your lot, Cardiff, and Gareth Bale, when the Bluebirds come up you wont even be the best welsh club in the Prem

Carlton Cole

Jack Uzzi, you obviously haven't paid much attention to the premier league table this year. In the earlier stages of the campaign Swansea were above West Brom, and at some point in January/February Swansea were above you then, too. Swansea will also finish above West Brom this season providing they beat Fulham at the Liberty, and that West Brom either draws or loses against United at the Hawthorns. The fact that you believe Lukaku doesn't want European football based on a presumption this article made is also laughable. The fact you think that the "Bluebirds" (nice colours, Cardiff) speaks about your knowledge of football. Please don't comment on a topic you know very little about.

Jack Uzzi

Carlton, if, if, if, if your auntie was a man she'd be your uncle! whats your point?

If Swansea lose more games than CardIFF next season, you will finish below them,

You see the problem with if's.

Can you point out which weeks ending Swansea were above Albion this year?

I can recall 4 out of a whole season, but they were always only on GD, and last year, I don't think so, in fact come Xmas we had 8 pts on you

You see, I do know what I'm talking about, and then you Abertawe lot wonder why the boys from Cardiff are far more popular, gees.


What a load of rubbish, you will not find a better run club in the entire country than Swansea City Football club, owned in part by the fans. You also underestimate the size of your own football club and in terms of playing assets both clubs are on more or less equal terms. Also we do have state of the art facilities with a new training complex. And one of the most sought after managers in the European Game. Lukaku will not only gain valuable experience at Swansea City, in Europe. He will also learn from one of the greatest players that has ever graced a football pitch. Learn to play an expansive and dynamic brand of football, akin to the ethos at Chelsea. Have players around him in some respects better players in Michu, Chico and Hernandez, Routledge and Dyer. Be at a club where fans really appreciate their football. Not saying that fans at the Hawthornes don't. Be at a club that is growing in stature. And some have said that we wont be the best club in the EPL, Cardiff will. What a load of rubbish, £80+ million in debt, a chairman looking to sell on the club. Not the no 1 team in Wales by a country mile. Whilst many of your fans will be upset if Lukaku chooses Swansea over WBA, it will be because he feels he has more of a chance to progress his career and in all honesty in order for him to get a more rounded footballing education, that will be away from the hawthorns.

Jack Uzzi

Like I just told Carlton, you wonder why the Cardiff boys are far more popular!

The Craggy Shepherd



........DOWN DOWN

I can't knock Swansea's achievements, and from what i've viewed on the box their style of play is pleasing to the eye. Enjoy your visit to the Premiership because there is no doubt, you will find your rightful level once again, within the Football League ;-)).

History Speaks For Itself

Don Keyjacket

Let us hope if Lukaku does go out on loan again,that he chooses somewhere he is familiar with namely West Bromwich Albion.

Not so long ago,he stated he would like to come back.

Fingers crossed.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Romelu must go and mull over his BAGGIES experience and weigh up all the pros and cons. Saying Chelsea loan him out again, we will hope he looks favourably at us. Europe isn't everything, especially if a club exits early.

The important thing is, we get his position sorted early season.



Swansea and the Europe scenario is for me a nonsense.

Surely Chelsea know all about the glowing displays and reports of Lukaku this season, the players frame of mind, the players around him, the coach, everything is in Albions favour to my mind. OK we are 'dwarfed' by some of the clubs in contention for his services, but i believe Steve Clarke is our quiet trump card.


"the players around him" - well I'm sure that swansea has better players around the strikers like michu, de guzman and pablo hernandez all would be putting in the dangerous balls.

"the coach" - this one made me laugh because all i can say is i rather have micheal laudrup teaching me a few things and tricks because he's only one of the most greatest football players ever lived!

"Swansea and the Europe scenario is for me a nonsense" - Why is it a nonsense because most players want to play in europe so there for we would be a more attractive club to go?

Division 4 here we come again

Wales Wales

Bloody great fish



I never thought of it like that, oh well ;-))

Jack Uzzi

"he's only one of the most greatest football players ever lived"

Yes because its will known great footballers always become great managers, don't they.


they will want him to go to a club where he can help them, that means to score goals against the top 6.. that's us simple


Chelsea (and Lukaku) want him to gain experience, not simply go to the best club. There are two things to weigh up:

Advantages of staying at a team with which he has built up a good understanding, knows the coaching staff, will not need to re-settle.


Playing in the Europa League.

Comparisons between profits, managers, and whether one team finishes above the other are pointless and unnecessary. If he comes back, it'll be because he's happy and settled here which will allow him to kick on with getting better as a footballer. If he goes to Swansea, it'll be for the European football. I think he'll end up sta


How many games will Swansea play in Europe next season !!

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