Norwich 4 West Brom 0 - match report

Albion suffered a second-half horror show at Norwich as the Canaries ran riot at Carrow Road.

Ben Foster’s clanger and Gareth McAuley’s own goal gifted the hosts a comfortable win after Robert Snodgrass opened the scoring in the first half.

McAuley has now scored own goals for Norwich while playing for Ipswich, Leicester and Albion.

Jonny Howson added a brilliant fourth for the Canaries in the final minute as they guaranteed their Premier League status next season.

It left Albion on the back of three straight defeats and they sit eighth ahead of next Sunday’s final game against champions Manchester United.

Foster, Steven Reid, Goran Popov, Shane Long and McAuley all returned following the 1-0 defeat to Manchester City.

Chris Brunt was on the bench after a knee injury while Norwich recalled goalkeeper John Ruddy after six months out with a torn thigh.

Norwich, who knew a win would secure survival after Villa’s defeat to Chelsea yesterday, started with pace and purpose but didn’t seriously threaten Albion.

The hosts dominated possession but lacked the quality final ball to open Albion up and despite their bluster.

The Canaries finally tested Foster on 24 minutes when Anthony Pilkington spun in the area and the keeper palmed his effort away with Olsson ushering out for a corner.

The corner was only half cleared though and from the next attack City took the lead.

Holt’s deep cross was headed down by Ryan Bennett for Wes Hoolahan and despite Foster saving at the Irishman’s feet Snodgrass steered the rebound into the roof of the net.

It raised the Carrow Road roof as Albion started to struggle with Norwich’s intensity, despite looking assured in possession.

The Baggies looked to kill the Norwich heat when they had the ball and Lukaku was menacing when he roamed wide.

But Norwich almost grabbed a second when Foster tipped over Hoolahan’s brilliant drive five minutes before the break.

Brunt and Billy Jones replaced the ineffective Markus Rosenberg and Reid at the interval but Norwich continued to press and Foster cleared from Snodgrass’ feet after Pilkington’s knock down.

Olsson was then booked for chopping down Holt before Snodgrass broke only to see his shot charged down on 56 minutes.

Norwich pressed and Albion escaped when Foster spilled Bradley Johnson’s cross into the packed area.

But there was no let-off when Foster and Olsson dropped a clanger to gift Norwich a second on 61 minutes.

Holt swapped passes with Hoolahan to arrow in on goal but with Olsson covering there seemed little danger.

But Foster raced out and only sliced his clearance backwards to allow Holt to tap into an empty net.

And two minutes later Norwich made it 3-0 when McAuley headed Snodgrass’ free kick into his own net under pressure from Bennett.

Albion at least stuttered into life and Lukaku and Jones tested Ruddy with cursory efforts before Long’s low effort was gathered with 15 minutes left.

Norwich were still hunting goals though and Foster denied Pilkington with a fine low save with six minutes remaining.

And the hosts wrapped it up in stunning style when the impressive Howson added a fourth, curling in from 20-yards in the final minute.

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Comments for: "Norwich 4 West Brom 0 - match report"


Pathetic. I keep saying it He must go or just you wait and see what will happen next season.

It's time for action Mr P.

Walthamstow Albion

Albion will be building from eighth in the Prem.

Wo1ve5 will be building from the depths of the dark, dank and boundless lower leagues.


Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

CantelloRocket 78


It's always painful to lose a game, or hit a bad run, so I can sympathise with other Baggies fans, but at least we have the knowledge that the club's strong infrastructure's capable of cushioning these reversals of fortune.

We rarely make changes during the January window ( unless they're urgently needed ) because the Albion hierarchy prefer to review the whole campaign each summer, then put their concerted efforts into preparations for the following season.

A quick browse through the early posts here shows the clear presence of our somewhat resentful neighbours, attempting 'disguised' criticisms-

which reminds me of the famous Winston Churchill anecdote, when politician Bessie Braddock apparently criticised him for being drunk, to which he replied that she was ugly, but he would shortly be sober, whilst she'd remain ugly.

The Baggies will have strong foundations to build on after next weekend, but Steve Morgan's project at Molineux is little more than a pile of rubble, and will very likely remain 'ugly' for quite some time to come.........

Walthamstow Albion

bang on the button CR78.


Good anecdote but the lady in question was Nancy Astor

CantelloRocket 78


sorry mate, I wasn't there, I think Bessie claimed it was her so she could get publicity for her new range of frozen roast potatos and Yorkshire puds.....:-)


Get your £ on Clarke to be 1st manager sacked next season, run of results relegation form

Walthamstow Albion

guess the D1ng5 know a thing or two about 'panic-sacking'.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way


4 wins in 18 not good enough and is RELAGATION FORM, stop kidding yourself, SE season tkt holder not that it makes a difference E17

The Real Bully Hoo.

Lesson here, don't make spelling mistakes with the caps lock on, it makes them look worse than they really are.


What is an SE season ticket?

Walthamstow Albion

and how many wins in the first half of the season - or doesn't that count as facts destroy your case. Balance needed here.

Yes, poor run of form. Players going through the motions etc. Holidays booked. Season over in Feb.

The other week Albion destroyed an in-form Southampton playing the sort of attacking footballing we played at the start of the season. This secured the 48points, our Prem record, targets met, bonus in players' pockets etc.

Albion then matched Man City - recent performances that suggest SC had the team set up, fired-up, hungry and working for HIM.

SC has a 22-23 player squad. Limited number-wise, hence, we need all players fit and 'wanting' to play. Albion are a match for most - refer to Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea, Seals and the rest we left wanting.

SC has had to cope with a hell of a lot of 'player-disruptions' since December. Who knows whats been going on behind closed doors - the PO situation has been a total derailer.

Clarke will be judged next season after he has had a say on incoming players and built his team.

We're not D1ng5. We won't be vandalising Clarke's car over night. No need to smash-up the Shrine's dugout.

I'm in the SME End BTW - don't get your season ticket point?

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Cyril Randle

I'll start with 'a' :

apathetic, abysmal, appalling, awful, now 'b'

er, maybe not, the mods wouldn't dare print it.

Wulfies, we are coming to get you next season, IF you get promoted !

The tank Baggie

What a load of pathetic comments on here - these comments are beginning with 'a' apalling, absysmal,etc from so-called supporters who are b for 'brainless'. Just get over it, it was one bad day. We are EIGHTH in the Premiership - one below Liverpool who spent £48 million on players this year.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Great post although that doesn't sound like the real Cyril Randle you're talking to.

Cyril Randle

Thomas, you obviously didn't watch it or many of the games since Christmas. It was boring, bad, belittling, barmy, bonkers, bedevilled and brainless, (oh you said that). I couldn't give a damn how much Liddypol spent to finish one place above us, but I do give a damn when MY team can't do any of the ordinary things properly. If you can make excuses for that display, then YOU are the brainless one. Now back in your tank engine, there's a good lad.

Walthamstow Albion

Derek Kevan...the voice of good reason. Well said.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Where have you been since xmas tank

Smethwick Rasta

since xmas...chilling and having a party. RELAX MAN!

what the Wo1ve5 bin a doing?

...sweating, squeaky bum, staring wide-eyed like scared bunnies into the oncoming, fast-paced, blinding-n-fixed Div3-headlights...waiting, just's coming...and here it is...for the dead-certain, unavoidable car crash that shunts 'em spinning head-over-heels, squealing, very very helpless 'save us, wim a big club ay we' into the yawning muddy and deep Div3 DITCH.

Got the car reg: 'WWFC DIV3'

hope this helps.

Back to me hammock and that other dream... about Regis, Laurie and the Fridge...everything irie.

Josh H

I am starting to get slightly concerned to be honest, i really think their are some bad eggs in the dressing room and a complete lack of passion. I would like to start seeing more consistancy in Clarkes team selection, as i think some individuals are just struggling to find thier best form. Some fresh blood is desperatly needed in the summer as we lack creativity, conceding far too many goals as well, which is something i thought we had moved past since Roys time. Bring on the summer!

chumpionship here we come

Down the bookies Monday 2013/2014 season relegated without doubt

Walthamstow Albion

yep - division 4 here the D1ng5 come for the second time - history maker ay we.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Loggerheads Baggie

Its a pity our season is falling apart- I didn't expect us to win today as Norwich survival depended on them getting a result- but I didnt expect us to cave in like that- I really do wonder if the manager can keep us in the top half next season- it will be interesting to see how we respond when the worlds media descends on the Hawthorns next Sunday

I hope next season we can start the season as positively as we did this season- but I am concerned that we are shipping too many goals-I think it's unlikely we will beat teams like Liverpool and the Toffees as easily as we did this time when we flew out of the blocks back in August and September- not conceding goals!

It's been a poor second half and whilst I am very pleased with our position in the table I fear that we have lost momentum and we need an injection f new blood if we are to get48 points next year

Halifax Baggie

Sounds like they wanted it more then we did. Hopefully we will spend some money in the summer. What makes the result harder to bear is that we have turned better teams over away from home this season, but thats why our expectations are higher against the likes of Norwich and Wigan. Lets not forget we are still in the top half of the best Division in the World.


We should have got players in the last transfer window.


I have been boring my Wolves colleagues at work since Xmas saying we will get relegated next season unless we get lucky and find a decent goalscorer next season and shore up our defence. After our great start 15 points out of a possible 51 in 2013 is disgraceful and individual performances get worse each week. I have not seen an Albion team in the last 10 years start so sluggishly and the manager repeatedly having to make changes to scrape a result. Suggests to me that the team selection and tactics are wrong to start with.


Do you think Mr P reads the E&S, he appears to be a FT man. Anyway he doesn't need to read our comments to know all is not well in the camp.We must trust him to get it right again. Just hope next week isn't total humiliation.

Perhaps we could just concede defeat beforehand and enjoy the party!

Seriously, the situation is serious. The easy way is that SC is headhunted can't think of any club being that desperate............mmmmm come to think of it there is a team not a million miles away looking for a new Head Coach !


I hope he goes back to chelsea as morinho's assistant good riddance.


Still a great season, watched the game on the internet could not believe we could play as bad. The players certainly let themselves down in this game.


Goddo if a season was just six months long we would be in europe! in the second six months we would have gone down! so great season NO


solihull we will finish 8th or 9th with our limited resources where can we realistically expect to finsh in the Premiership? Following years in the wilderness, Bobby Gould etc isn't it great to be established in the Premier League and watch Villa, Wolves and Blues suffer. Great Season!

Oswestry Baggie

I know that I will be shot down in flames for this but Clarke has to go. The man is completely out of his depth, tactically inept and unable to motivate a team which lets face it on paper should be able to see off a team with a worst post Christmas record than us. I am sitting in a bar in Norwich as I am writing this, completely in shock. I wouldn't trust this man with a petty cash tin let alone what could be on of the most defining transfer funds that our club has ever had.

mike (coseley) Baggie Fan,

what a very disappointing day for us West Brom fans, to receive a thrashing of 4-0 without any effort questions needed to be asked regarding our players and Steve Clarke and what we can look forward to next season unless they strengthen the side next season then I am afraid we will be struggling and what on earth has happened to our defense Olson seems to have had quite a few bad games lately all this needs to be sorted soon because we can not go on like this with the last three games giving us no points at all and I expect next week against Man Untd will be no different., otherwise this is relegation form

CantelloRocket 78

Well the result didn't carry much importance for us today, so SC started with a very attacking 4-3-3, it was either gonna be a success like Southampton, or go the other way, that was the gamble-

with Norwich in need of a win and absolutely fired up, and us fallin' flat, it day work out, c'est la vie.

No matter, tomorrow's another day - way back in '77 we took a 7-0 beating at Ipswich, by the following year we were one of the top clubs in the country-

we've still got our highest ever prem. finish, a cash windfall, and all summer to prepare for next season.

No time for the faint-hearted, we've toiled long, time to stay strong, we're where we belong.........


cantello it was important to me and all the other baggie supporters and it was important to get the 50 points also! that is what S.C. stated did he not? there is importance in every game ;-)

The Real Bully Hoo.

Of course every game is important and I'm sure Rocket hurts every bit as much as you and I do. The thing is it's football and you can't legislate for our most reliable players Ben Foster missing a kick or Gareth McAuley heading an own goal.

You can't blame Steve Clarke for players having an off day, it happens with most clubs from time to time. What we can do is to drive Steve Clarke away from the club and if we do this who would you replace him with Chris Hughton? Because over the last 1 game his record knocks spots off Steve Clarke.

To win games in this league we need to perform at 95% in every game. That is never going to happen and when you have one team below par and the other team playing above themselves you get a result like yesterday.

Give Steve Clarke a chance to establish his own team and then criticise him because if we keep sacking managers their is only one place we'll end up. Ask baggieboy.

CantelloRocket 78


I said the 'result' didn't carry much importance in that we can only move a maximum of one place in the middle of the table-

SC said before the game that he would like to reach 50 points, because you always set a fresh target, so he took a gamble with an attacking line-up to try for 3 points, but Norwich hit us hard from the start, and exposed our weaker midfield, so the gamble didn't work.

If he'd played more defensively, he'd have been criticised for not being positive enough, so the guy tried what worked at Southampton, but this time it failed.

You take it on the chin and move on.

Walthamstow Albion

exactly CR78, c'est la vie.

We're on the beach, sun-loungers out and orders being made at the bar. It shouldn't be, but it is.

Targets achieved. Oh, to be a footballer on £40k pw. Consistent and reliable players now lacklustre and error prone.

SC to get his players in next season. No panic.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Clint's Parrot

I suggest you stick to chasing imaginary dingles, because when you attempt to talk football your a failure.

You say 'gamble', please explain.

Jack as mentioned on more than one occassion for Albion to play 4-3-3 and so put the opposing team on the back foot, you call it a gamble.

You then reminisce on a past result that as absolutely no bearing what so ever, followed by information that we already know.

I will scrutinize your future posts with interest, just to see how often you talk about the 'game' of football, and not sidetrack onto the meaning of life.

I toiled our bathroom once.

CantelloRocket 78

Clint's bird-

By the way, when was it you 'tiled' your bathroom-

Could it of been back in '68?

As for you 'scrutinising' and 'vetting' my posts, you sound more like 1984 than the classic year of '68-

Still wanna be The Headmaster??

Stato's Boring Brother


As a Wolves fan, I appreciate your attitude towards your team and willingness to take the good with the bad. Too many people are too quick to jump up and start moaning when things don't go too well and once the rot sets in, there's no telling where it will end (League 1 in our case before anyone else points it out).

All these stats about 4 wins in 18 or 15 points out of 51 look a bit bad taken out of context, but just how many of the defeats came when you were missing Mulumbu when he was out in Africa? Take a key play out of your line up and your results are bound to suffer.

For the supporters like you, I hope you pee on Fergies parade next week and I would love it to spoil what is bound to be planned as a Man U love-in on MoTD.

kenny hibbitt scorcher 78

totally agree statto and cr 78, not many sensible posters on these days. utw

CantelloRocket 78


thanks for that, much appreciated.

I've chatted to a few other Wolves fans like yourself, and it's refreshing to communicate in a mature, friendly manner. I rarely post on the Wolves site, but when a handful of your guys come here with resentful jibes, I challenge 'em, then they go crazy because I'm interfering with their trouble-making!!

When I came over to express sympathy after Man.City relegated you, all I got was 'sniped' at, so I didn't bother again.

Look, you be positive, and I'll be positive, and we'll both take the stick from those who don't exactly help the cause.

I was watching BCD's as a young lad, so let's get 'em back, but only if you climb up here to join us,eh....? :)

The Real Bully Hoo.


To a fair minded Wulfie, all the best.

Frank Carson

Your Posts > c'est la vie

Same old

First paragraph does'nt say a lot for SC's reading of the opposition or his tactical awareness. You then reminisce on a game played 35 years ago, i do remember that game, why you have mentioned it baffles me. You then move into repeat mode, explaining, what all us Baggies fans know anyway. Further up the listing you introduce Churchill into one of your posts, and remind us all of one of his humorous anecdotes, i question whether you should be on this site. Very rare you talk football, you normally enlighten us with other subject matter, your certainly an education.

It's the way i tell em

CantelloRocket 78


so then, exactly how DO you 'tell 'em'......?

As Frank Carson? or Clint's Bird? or 'PlayMistyForMe'? or 'I Said'? or 'Memories'? -

or.........'68.......other names??

You spend all your time chasing me around the site, inventing posts, analysing and taking apart everything I say, and you have the gaul to ask if I should be on this site?????

You my friend are displaying amazing arrogance and hypocrisy, and it's up to the moderators to decide if they'll allow my posts, and it's up to other people to decide whether or not they wish to read my comments-

now I suggest you go away and reflect on your behaviour, because I believe you're a man of senior years-


( moderators- please allow me to submit this post because I have a right to defend my actions! )



Gall not gaul


Tim Vine


Hate to correct you but Rocket is referring to the little Frenchman Frank Carson asks for advice.

CantelloRocket 78

Jeff et Teem,

mai oui, mon ami.

Bonjour.......( as Del Trotter would say...... ).


CantelloRocket 78

What on earth are you going on about, what is with all the question marks, and who is the man of senior years. Why bring me into your rant.

''Moderators-please allow me''.

I, like a fair few other Baggie followers on here are not entirely happy with the way you respond to their posts. Something is eating away at you when you revert to making posts like this one.



Mange tout Rodders!!

Dick Finder General

There's one!


I can't believe the turn around this season. I know if someone had offered 48 points and 8th / 9th place we would all have snapped it up. But after the amazing start i just feel i want this season over now.

Such a shame it's come to this.

Walthamstow Albion

Steve, JP, RG et al...OK, season over and it has shown (unfortunately) during recent weeks. Shame really. Still a great 2012 and ahem 2013.

Time to earn your corn.

Let's look forward to next season, bringing in new recruits, getting rid of the waster(s) and the subversive that threatened to destabilise the club [no need to give more oxygen of publicity to the selfish, self-centered and social media savvy (or profoundly-stupid in this case)] and achieving - or bettering - the heights and success of this year.

I sense no panic.

Albion have evolved: calmer and wiser having become more skilled and knowledgeable from extensive contact with - and in participation of - a Premier league that's so affluent, so greedy, so vulgar and so damn consuming of the working-man's pocket, while retaining an unpretentious and unassuming air befitting our proud Black Country roots. We achieved. Our targets met while keeping match and season tickets affordable. Our regional out-reach broader and more inclusive.

We know what we are!

Our status is higher. Our standing stronger. Our dear local rivals either defeated and slung towards the lower-league abyss or left straddling the gaping crater with their brows beaded in sweat.

We are more than a match for any team in this land, well, when we want to be.

Steve has piled up credits in spades. Over to you Steve.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way


Didn't realise that the football season finished at West Brom at Xmas.

With the attitude of Mr Motivator (SC) we have no chance. He mentioned recently that the club had never been safe by February before. This is not the point! What he should be saying is that we must press on and finish as high as possible. No wonder the players have been on holiday since New Years Day.

Anyway glad to see his half time tactical switch paid off for Norwich today.


Another bad result, getting weary now'. Been saying for weeks we'll struggle next season and people say I'm wrong perhaps they'll start to see what I'm seeing. I agree with earlier comments I'd get rid of Clarke now I just don't think the guy is up to managing and he appears unable to control the dressing room if rumours are true. Not good.

Walthamstow Albion

...but that's the difference between WBA and the Wo1ve5 - we don't sack on a whim and we don't hound out.

SC has got Albion to eighth in the Prem. He will be judged next season after he has the opportunity to get his players in and build his team.

I agree there's a bad egg or two in the dressing room but there's a room-full of moldy apples squatting and rotting at the D1ngle5.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Lye Baggie

Mr Clarke please go back to Chelsea you obviously can't motivate this team their performances since Xmas have been awfull and if you stay we will certainly be relegated next season

Ronnie Allen

Thanks Lye. Fair point tho. But before you jump to conclusions lets go and watch our Wolves team play the fairground first XI in Darlaston next Wednesday.

Good luck with your new job as Senior Investment Analyst Manager at Bank of Japan (Wolverhampton Monopoly Division). I know the stress you are under. Perhaps we can meet for a bag of scratchings one day in the Mander.

See the "Peter Odemwingie set to leave Albion" blog for my reports.


Phil Osopher

Loggerheads Baggie,

Fair comment mate. I see SC expects PO to leave the Hawthorns? Talk about stating the obvious. He'll be going with him, if he lets these unacceptable performances carry on. After the performance at Man. City, I thought we were back on track. I hope this isn't a one season wonder SC, because, pound to a penny JP won't wear this for more than 10 games next season.



Steve are you acting like you don't know what you are doing, or do you really not know? you stated a while back that you wanted us to get to the 50 point mark! then you turn around and say that you have the right to experiment with the team! for me thats not being positive, Taking our two strikers off v Wigan on 70 minutes, What's that all about steve? knowing that odemwingie has been a pain since the last widow you bring him on in the last 5 minutes or so, why not bring on the young kid? Bringing rosenberg on in a good few games didn't help matters at all, We have gone back to the bad old days with our defending, it seems like you cant sort it out like roy did! i think Dawson should have been playing instead of olsson who i think can go to one of the four teams he think is good enough to sign for,Because he is rubbish and has cost us a lot of points with his absenteeism or dithering! we have to get rid of the DEAD wood and that dead wood is olsson, dorrans, brunt, rosenberg, fortune, reid, and tamas, odemwingie as you know is a gonna anyway, Steve Clarke make your mind up what you want! ( talking about point tally or experimenting ) and be positive go for the win at all times, be strong with the players ( discipline ) and J.P. open that piggy bank, Unhappy and concerned for next season Baggie


Cant believe all the negativity , OK there's a few dingles about but the season was over for us a few games ago SC said he's trying different things in preparation for next season, not worried at all .

The Real Bully Hoo.


Good to see that there's a few like you and Tank that aren't auditioning for the parts of Italian passengers in the next Airplane movie.

As you say there are plenty of undercover Wulfies on here but there are also some of our own behaving like them.

Amazing that you get posts saying 'SC needs to try different things' yet when he does he gets flack if it doesn't come off.

Bagboy Mark

Well we won't be finishing eighth next season that's for sure.


Total waste of my time and money. Awful performance from all.

Will be there next week though....


This team is unable to control/trap a ball, pass a ball, and always get knocked off a ball, always dithering with a ball,and cant defend a ball, why Steve?

baggie ed

What an embarrassing display, not one player could come out of this with any credit. We kept giving the ball away, were sluggish in possession and all too easily dispossessed. Norwich were supposed to be nervous because they needed to win to guarantee survival, we made them look like world beaters.


By the way if Steve Clarke expects odemwingie to leave, Then why oh why does he bring the dummy on Nr the end?he could of sent the young lad on.

Forever Albion

I think we are all disappointed but 8th or 9th in the Prem with 48 points is a very good season in reality. All this clamour for Steve Clarke's head is ridiculous. However, what does puzzle me is "Why did we not just put Odemwingie on Gardening Leave"? Our problems have stemmed since his 2nd Twitter outburst, it seems as if the Team Spirit has gone with him around. It is well known some senior players have had there say & the bitterness which exists between them & Odemwingie cannot be good for the team & the performances. Has Clarke been told from above to keep him involved? I am sure if the truth is known he would rather have jettisoned him. The summer will be interesting because we really do need to strengthen but can you see JP spending over the next few months? More performances like today & we are down but take Odemwingie out of the equation and perhaps things will not be so bad.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Good measured post. I'm sure the fans reaction to Odemwingie has affected the team spirit and the sooner he's gone the better. I'm not saying the fans should love him or accept him but he would have been gone in the summer whatever happened and the booing has been counter-productive to results and performances.

Like you I can only guess that keeping him around the squad was to retain some of his cash value and perhaps with an eye on us needing him if we had an injury crisis but keeping him away would have been a better option. I'm sure he'll be nowhere near the ground next week and hope not to see him again except on old film of happier days.

Walthamstow Albion

FE, think you've hit the nail on the proverbial head mate.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way


We've been rubbish since November28th - a full 2 months before Odemwingie's situation. Explain that please?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yes I can't argue that the results have been up and down so what is your theory on what's wrong and more important what is your solution.

Saying sack the manager isn't good enough unless you can name somebody that would take the job with a fair chance of improving things.

Neither is saying spend more money unless you understand the finances and can give some idea of how you would spend what's available.

You also say two months before. That's only true if QPR started tapping up PO just before the window closed. More than likely the approach would have been much earlier as papers were 'leaking' QPR's interest in PO and JO long before the window even opened and this may well have caused dressing room problems.

Steve Clarke isn't playing at being a manager on his PC he's doing it for real.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I've answered your question but no sign of you answering mine.


Not my job to find a solution - I'll leave that to the professionals at the club!

The Real Bully Hoo.

So you just come on here for a good moan then.

Thought so.

gene o usa baggie

Very poor performance today, no passion,sloppy on the ball, got the tactics all wrong,HOWEVER, highest finish in Prem, not about to wallow along i

n league 1, not scouring the scrapheap searching for manager. Big result next week & we can start the summer party


We shall have to wait and see what delights we are presented with over the summer. The forthcoming transfer window is one where we cant just do enough and hope all will be ok. My hunch is that there will be minimal financial investment and it will be a long hard winter.


That , my friends, was a team going through the motions. We will be fine. Keep the faith.

Walthamstow Albion

yep, going through the motions Priory.

Time to get yourself up the road to the Park Inn, Woodsetton for a Holdens or two. Let's see what occurs over summer at the Albion. No panic.

Did you ever sample the Holden's Bomber Brown brew? Always plenty of Albion in the Park Inn when I've popped in.

Baggies and Holdens...the Black Country way


I think that i'll go through the motions at work tonight, see if i get paid

Tim Vine

Night shift at the sewage works?

Cyril Randle

I have to say, I loffed heartily at that gag.

Walthamstow Albion

understand SB, it shouldn't happen, but it does.

Albion won't be the first team to 'power-down' late season...and Albion won't be the last.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way


Just got back from Norwich it was disgraceful. Clarkes constant tinkering with the team is taking its toll. I am beginning to think that our early season success was down to the RH legacy rather than any input from Steve Clarke. Too many players on the beach and collectively and individually they were terrible. Not one of them should get payed this week. As others have said the situation over that last 20 games is serious and I don't necessarily think SC will be here at the start of next season. JP is sharpening the axe I can hear it!


After the great travelling support turned out to see that I think we all want our bloody money back !!


the problem i have is that SC is a tinkerman a trait hes learned from mourinho and that will be his downfall im afraid


The final insult to the fans Mr Clarke was to put Oderwingie on after a terrible display What were you trying to proove?

Agreed, thought Colonel Saunders has left the building

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way


forgot you name Walthamstow Albion

Walthamstow Albion

had a few pints last night snowy!

to confirm, 'Clown Colonel' has left the building so mickey is correct.


Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way


What a load of rubbish!! relegation form since christmas. Roy had the basic set, we seem to have forgotten the basics. Get back to basics which roy had installed into the tea. Olsen needs to be dropped and dawson given ago, be brave SC and do it. PO has been missed we need pace and width on the wings no width today. JP open the cheque book!

Clint's Parrot

No urgency, no cutting edge, i reckon whatever system SC had adapted we would still have come 2nd. His post match interview was bang on he did'nt have to say anymore.

I would just like to remind people about early season results, not our results but Liverpools results, posts on here were rife, relishing in the downfall of L F C and everything else associated with the club, compare the points difference now.

I did believe that in SC, perhaps we had found the man who could deliver the level of consistancy required to live with Everton or Liverpool.

I can live with the Wigan and Man City displays and results, but no way can i condone the Albion players displays against Norwich.

My conclusion is that for whatever reason this set up at the Hawthorns is no different to what i have witnessed over the past many decades. The Baggies will enthral us and deplore us, for now they aint going nowhere, that next so called 'level' will only be acheived if the players are brainwashed with the word 'consistency'.

Oh to be a Baggie ;-(((


I'm not panicking. We have nothing left to play for and the players know it. I don't agree with that but since we were guaranteed safety they all gave up. Ps seems to be a lot of Dingles commenting on the Albion on here today. Can't see many of us commenting on Wo1ve5 next season, I know nowt about lower league fizzy pop opposition!

Kev in Mallorca

Get rid of McAuley and Foster, Get Carson and Miete back and install Solbakken to play the correct formation that all our budding managers above know we should play!!

Walthamstow Albion

exactly Kev.

Albion's spine: Foster - McAuley - Yacob-Mulumbu - Long.

SC, RG, JP to strengthen the forward and wide areas next season - ...ahh... that's where it possibly go wrong: GET Colonel Saunders, TC or Stale Bacon on the line NOW:


'ALBION riddled with Meltdown MOLineuX syndrome'

'ALBION Desperate; NO Leadership; NO Plan in place'

'ALBION falling to LOWER LEAGUE anonymity as fast as a rotten, unwanted and rancid ORANGE.'

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

r sherwood

I feel sorry for the supporters that spent money to travel to Norwich to watch a team

that a lot of people have said have been onholiday since christmas .

Like a lot of other i dont think Clarke is the man for the job , always a no 2 .

But if we sack him who do we get , no top 10 manager will move to a team unless

they have a good transfer budget .

As good as Olsson and McAuley have been for us i think they are to slow with young

forwards running at them .

Come on Mr Peace sort it out , problem is you have lost Ashworth .

bavarian kev

Well, had the feeling the lads have been on the beach ever since we hit 40 points,dont know what all this talk about relegation is,must be a wolverhampton thing. Sacking Clark what a knee jerk reaction,blokes a genius, 8th place finish in the league in his first managerial season is in the words of David Coleman quite remarkable! As for all the bad apples talk in the camp i think the manager has done well with his handling of the situations on and off the field and proved himself to be more than capable. The experiments in the last few matches have shown him the depth of the squad as regard where we need to strenghten and who we need to let go or replace. Its clear the forward line is a major concern for next season but also our centre halves Tamas is not good enough,Olson will he or wont he go and macauley is getting on. Midfield is strong though and hope the club have the sense to give zolly a contract. He has been sorely missed since his injury.Hopefully we can finish on a high against man u and smash that 50 points barrier,that would put a smile on my face until the start of the new season. Forever Albion in the deepest heart of bayern munich land.! boing boing!

Wall Heath Baggie

Truly awful at Norwich and i can find no positives from that performance . Yes we will finish 8th or 9th and before the season we would have been made up with that and perhaps if the wins we have achieved had been more spread the fan base would have been happy. However since the turn of the year the results have been very poor and unless we arrest this slide then next season could well be a long and frosty one. I was not overly happy with Clarke's appointment and for me the jury is still out to the point if Everton wanted him then i would not be overly bothered if he went .

The Odemwingie saga has not helped and the sooner this toxic influence is jettisoned the better for everybody at WBAFC.

I would also pin point the decline in form of Jonas Olsson and if he does not want to play for us then get rid. The omission of Dawson yesterday was mystifying .

The coming Summer will be a crucial one , Peace is going to have to find his cheque book although if Indiana Jones is available i have no idea.

One thing i do know is that squad needs the addition of at least Six new players with at least three of them being strikers , the likes of Rosenberg and Fortune must go if we are not to have a season of struggle.

With Ashworth gone it will all be very interesting.


Playing three strikers away from home was bound to come unstuck sometime. Two bad defensive errors did not

help but still wrong tactics.

The Real Bully Hoo.

No hiding the fact that we had a terrible day. That said should we follow our country cousins example and sack the manager because we lose 5-1 at home?

Interesting point Rocket makes about the 7-0 Ipswich game and I'm sure those old enough to remember will give a little shudder. Johnny Giles picked the same team the following week, saying 'sort it out' and we won. Later that season we beat Ipswich 4-0 at home with virtually the same two sets of players on the pitch. These things happen especially when one teams future depends on it. That doesn't excuse the performance but puts it in perspective.

I know most of the 'Sack Steve Clarke' posts are not Albion fans but if any are, is that the same Steve Clarke everybody was lauding after the Southampton game? I also remember similar posts regarding Roy when we lost games yet in the mist of time he now appears perfect.

I'm probably older than most on here and 30 or 40 years ago would have reacted in a similar way but what experience teaches you is don't get too carried away when we win or too down we we don't. We are a cash poor club fighting to survive in a league of rich clubs and we will finish 8th or 9th. Look at Man City being outplayed by Wigan in a game that was important to both teams. The progress is slow but steady, when was the last season we went backwards?


How can the manager take his team away from home and play 433, surrender the midfield to the opposition and put more pressure on the defence? We are now seeing pre Hodgson defending.

I think the jury is still out on SC. If this continues into next season he will be gone after 10 games.

What is this rubbish I keep hearing about not having anything to play for ?

The fans are still there and season tickets have been paid for the19 home games.

Is there any chance we can all buy tickets up to the end of the year and then stop going to the matches.?

Mr Peace be very alert at the start of next season . We do not want to be back in the Championship.


I've sobered up now after a day of drinking starting at 10am on the train there. The build up to the game was a right laugh and both sets of supporters were in the party mood, it's just a shame that our team didn't have a game plan. No wing play, NO communication in defence, sloppy passes in the middle etc.....

I just get the impression we have given up as were in 8th position and that's all that counts. I heard an interview with SC early morning and he was relaxed about the whole game, this annoyed me personally. You can bet your bottom dollar Sir Alex Ferguson would demand a win at all costs whatever the circumstances.

Albion til I die!

John B

This performance from the players was not acceptable. They owed it to the travelling supporters and the other relegation teams to at least try to win. Think we will now finish 9th which is a good season but look at our record in 2013. P17 W 4 D3 L10. 15 points. This is relegation form in anybodies book. Need to sort this out for the start of next season or its going to be a long hard winter.


I fully expected last night on MOTD to see carrow road covered in sand with our lads in deck chairs wearing sombreros.

If the season started at Christmas we would be in big trouble and SC would be facing the sack. However we are 8th and we should not panic, It will be a big season coming up for SC as he try's to put his stamp on the club and we need to be patient with him and trust his judgement.

He has made many mistakes this season and hopefully he has learnt from them but he is a bright coach and like i said he now needs his own players and be judged on that

not a dingle

Our expert pundits are out in force today ,I mean you Rocket, Walthomstow and Kev in Mallorca. What ever you do you must not criticize the baggies you will deemed a dingle

Walthamstow Albion

problem pal?

Public forum, speak up...

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

The Real Bully Hoo.

It's not a case of not criticising them, it's about not coming out with knee jerk reactions and as soon as anything goes wrong looking for somebody to blame. Take a step back and think about it, we don't know what's going on behind the scenes at the club.

There was a game yesterday where a manager resigned after 26 years. He enjoyed a modicum of success but after a couple of years in the job some fans were howling for his head because he'd won nothing. Ask yourself, would you have been one of those fans? I wonder how they feel now?

If you are what your name claims then you will surely admit that there are a lot of what you call Dingles on here. That means that some of our own moaners get caught up in friendly fire. There's an old saying though 'those that live by the sword may die by the sword.

Kev in Mallorca


Criticize all you want if that's what makes you happy but please allow those who choose a different way of looking at the whole picture to express their opinions.

I'd like you to tell me where you get the evidence of me accusing posters of being Dingles and while you at it could you have the decency to tell us your real name instead of hiding behind the curtains?

CantelloRocket 78




You must be right, because, look! - 'nobody's' backing you up again.

So how many years have you guys been persecuted by somebody typing a few words on a laptop whilst drinkin' a cup of tea?

Time to check me yooman rights, ay........?

Now ya mum's bringin' milk and biscuits for her little lad.......

Get a life.


Just back from a weeks holiday so didn't see the last two games however I find the negativity on here incredible.

Can people just stop moaning and look at the league table yes the second halfs not been great but if we had all been offered 8th /9th at the start of the season we would have taken it and sacking the manager please get real.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Welcome back. Apparently the sky's falling in and we're on the brink of being relegated.... next season. Seriously though we've lost a few games and this means that when Odemwingie goes and if Lukaku goes we can't sign replacements and therefore won't be able to score any goals. The answer is staring us in the face, sack the manager and go on a spending spree using money we don't have. We don't want any more bargains but need to show we're a big club by paying top dollar.

We're doomed.

Sorry the sarcasm gremlins have taken over my head again, I'll be okay when we win a game.


Really Bully Hoo



You should have gone to Norwich mate and then you would understand all the comments. I wouldn't say I am in a sack SC frame of mind and as you say 8th/9th is a great result over a season. But, that was a completely unprofessional performance on Sunday. Felt sorry for our fans, great support and party atmosphere but let down by the team/manager. I don't mind losing if I can see the players are at least putting in some effort. They just gave the impression they didn't care which is unforgivable.



As i said i was away and accept that we have a right to moan about performances but still think overall we have to be happy with our season

Kev in Mallorca

Mornin' Andy

With the risk of being labeled a "expert pundit" do you think that our recent drop in form coincides with SC changes to a more attacking mind set?

I don't think for a minute he reads these pages but his more defensive set up has been heavily criticized by those fans who shall we say have a slightly more pessimistic outlook, but don't get me wrong they are perfectly entitled to their opinion as Walthamstow points out "it's a public forum, speak up"


Walthamstow Albion

Kev, good point you make about the changes in set up. No doubt there are several reasons for the dip in form, including the impact of the PO crap.

Are we alone in dropping form?

West Brom 8th - 1 win in 8

Swansea 9th - 1 win in 9

West Ham 10th - 1 win in 7

Stoke 11th - 2 in 10

Fulham 15th - 0 wins in 7

Bathams fly the Baggies flag

(the above line is for you Ted - I know you're monitoring: enjoy)



The stats say it all and make interesting reading as i have said to me its the overall picture thats the most important

Wall Heath Baggie

It's a public forum as long as you do not mention downturns in form , spending money on players and you must not under any accounts dare to dream or have any modicum of ambition because we must at all times be humble West Brom.

I guess this blog with yesterdays means that i will not be Simon Templar ??

Farewell for now.

ps Kev the above is not aimed at you in particular but at the site in general.

Kev in Mallorca

Good afternoon Simon

Hope you are well and raring to meet and celebrate our successful season at "drinks at The Vine" before and after on Sunday.

Your halo has slipped a little with your remarks above but I'm sure the recently found angelic Max will return soon and it's not a case of mentioning a downturn but to couple it with sack the manager,sell Olsson, McAuley's to slow,Rosenburg's useless without him really having a consistent run in the team and other knee jerk reactions, that's what I find ridiculous.

It's also funny that you never hear any of "our gang" complaining that we feel victimized cause others don't agree with us.

Adeu see you on Sunday

PS. I've asked Suki to chop all them bushes down!

Flabba Gast ed

Wall Heath Baggie

I am totally discomknockerated and speechless.

i never



interesting point.

Could it be SC accepting that we are safe has chosen the time to be a little experimental with one eye already on next season planning his summer ins and outs for the squad.

I always will appreciate that as fans we do want to see effort and an attempt to win every game as paying customers that our right.

However still find the moaners over the top when you look at the overall picture but at the end of the day i suppose we are all entitled to our opinion