West Brom are boosted in Wilfried Bony race

West Brom target Wilfried Bony today admitted he would relish a move to the Premier League.


The 24-year-old Ivory Coast international revealed England is his preferred destination in the summer.

West Brom are one of a number of Premier League clubs to enquire about the Vitesse Arnhem forward, although the Dutch club’s asking price could put him out of the Baggies’ reach.

Bony is the top scorer in the Dutch Eredivisie with 31 goals this season and Chelsea and Liverpool have been linked with him, along with West Ham and the Baggies.

He said: "The transfer market has not started yet so there’s nothing concrete.

“There is a lot of talk about me in the newspapers but I’m still focused on the last two games of the season with Vitesse and at the end of the season we will see.

“I’ve heard the rumours but there’s nothing concrete. I’m very interested in the Premier League and the atmosphere in England, it’s a wonderful league and we will see what happens.

“The Premier League is the top league in Europe, but the Bundesliga is also good. France, Italy and Spain, they’re good too but England would be perfect.”

However, Bony has admitted he would ideally favour a move to a club in the Champions League.

He said: "It would be great for me. It’s the only competition I haven’t played in yet.”

West Brom have expressed an interest in Bony but they accept a summer auction for his services could push him out of their price range. The Baggies’ frontline looks set for an overhaul in the summer.

Record Premier League goalscorer Peter Odemwingie is among those expected to leave the club following his highly-publicised fall-out with officials over his January transfer request.

Marc-Antoine Fortune is out of contract and is yet to be offered a new deal by the Baggies, while Chelsea have yet to decide whether Romelu Lukaku will be loaned out next season.

Sweden international Markus Rosenberg’s future is in doubt after he failed to make an impact following his free transfer move from Werder Bremen last summer.

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Comments for: "West Brom are boosted in Wilfried Bony race"

Jack ♣ Hat.

Whatever changes come about will be rectified by our trustworthy Chairman, Board, Technical & Sporting Director and Head Coach.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.



Well said Jack, in Albion we trust.


Ok then - why would the changes need to be "rectified"?

Jack ♣ Hat.


Why have you have not attached your reply to the other posts on this subject?. Why do you need to go over ground already covered?.

" WE WILL LOSE PLAYERS SO THE SITUATION HAS TO BE PUT RIGHT (RECTIFIED)". Ratified is a matter of due course. Sorry for shouting, your shot. Garden,Teddy bear, springs to mind.


Ken Tookey

m-oh boy, because as Buddy Holly once sang ''im changing all those changes that I made when I met you'', why do you think?

Jack ♣ Hat.


Our little skirmish is over and now forgotten. I know you are a staunch BAGGY fan, All the best mate.


Frank Carson

Sounds Good > work your magic Richard.

Give Lukaku's phone number to Bony, that should entice him ;o))))

One of our brothers living in Holland recently commented on Bony, he said in no uncertain terms, don't drag your feet Albion, get him if you can.

Up the Baggies


Offer Fortune a 1 year deal please!

Off piste a little but who's going to Carrow Road? I've got my tickets! taking a Chelsea Season ticket holder with me too to show him what a proper support is like.

In other words Cardiff will sign him


Why keep printing this story if (1) "the Dutch club’s asking price could put him out of the Baggies’ reach" and (2) "Bony has admitted he would ideally favour a move to a club in the Champions League" ???


I think you mean "ratified". I hope that they don't have to "rectify" any decisions that are made!!!

Jack ♣ Hat.


I wish people would name whom they reply to, so I am guessing.

I mean what I say if you don't mind. Thank you.


Jack ♣ Hat.


rectify: (To put right) the squad by bringing in new players. Why should it be ratified (approved formally, to confirm)?. Glad to help.


The View From Baggy♥Bottom


Nice one.

Jack ♣ Hat.

The View From Baggy♥Bottom,

Mate, I'm Struggling with this one.


Anna Fender

Some one ought to tell Odem he can have that dream move he craved so badly to Q.P.R......now. Call me crazy, but some how, I don't think he will be rushing down there this time.


I was thinking just that, let's see if it's out of his "professional desire" as he put it that he still want's to join them.


I wonder if old wrinkle face himself Harry redcrap was sounding it out when he said he wishes he would off made more effort to sign him. So I wouldn't be so sure if I were you he can't really stay with us even though I would not put it past him if he can't get the money else where

Brummie roader Ryan

Hmmm, seems a bit out of our reach, a "known" striker looking for champions league football.

We will sign some foreign players under the premier league radar like Mulumbu,Yacob, Odemwingie Ollson, ect.

We have got to be sure though we can't take to much of a gamble every time, just look at Rosenberg and a few others flops picked up cheaply.

just been thinking of a team of flops or under achievers from the last few years.


Mattock/ Shorey

Ryan Donk

Shelton Martis

Jarod Hodgkiss

Andy Slory

Sherjil Mcdonald

Borja Valero

Richard Chaplow

Giles Barnes

Bartos Slusarski ( 800k for 1 sub appearance)

Luke Moore

Scott Carson, Leon Barnett, Darren Carter, Phill Gilchrist, Pele, Zuiverloon, Martin Fulop, Craig Beattie, Ronnie Wallwork

Imagine that being our premier league squad?!!!

Anyone else to add to that list ?


Phil Gilcrist was part of a an albion defence that recorded 28 cleansheets in one season with darren moore clement and hoult. Wouldn't say he was a flop. Valero is now being touted by Aresenal and Spurs and has Spain caps. We recognized his talent before anyonelse did, just didn't work out as he was part of a pretty poor team at the time.

Defo agree on Gilchrist. Did a good job for us. Was just what was needed at the time. Did great with Moore and Siggy.

Brummie roader Ryan

Sorry wasn't gilchrist, can't remember the blokes name now

pye green baggie

disagree with a couple .Gilchrist was solid for us during the first promotion and Chaplow wasn t that bad .

Cotswold Baggie

Fabien de Fray Bentos!

Yeah, the late de freitas, but IT'S remember his home debut. We sang 'Are you Cyril in disguise',.....he wasn't!






dont buy any more australians!!

still ahve nightmares about these !

Steve Balogh

Does that list include





These guys left their mark in British football!!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Most of them are fairly ancient history now and were signed at a time when cheap and cheerful was the way it had to be. The reason that we can now attract better players is because JP has watched the purse strings. Some people are never happy.


Afternoon mate,

all those players were of their time, Gilchrist was good for us - carters goal aginst arsenal will live always make me smile and Wallwork worked his way into our affections and even had a "specail chant"....shame how he ended up but there but for the grace of god i suppose. Was'nt giles barnes the next nig thing when at Derby?? Mind you, some on the list do give me a little shiver when compared to where we are now.....but those of us of an age that lived through Paul Williams and Adraun Foster.....we'd have taken Criag Bettie and Luke Moore at that time



Bromham Baggie

If he left Vitesse to sign for us, would that be a triumph?


Yes it would, and i think it would HERALD a new chapter of our success story. COYB

The Real Bully Hoo.

Well done BJ, I didn't get that one.

If we offer top dollar he might as long as Athletico Toledo don't come in.

I'll get me coat.

Dan Saul Knight

He would certainly arrive here to much acclaim

Get me poncho whilst your in the cloakroom.


If albion really want to move forward next season spending a little more than usual is the only way. I'm not saying spend £20mil on 2 players, but just maybe pay £8mil for a striker if hes goin to have the sort of impact like lukaku has had & maybe try doing a swap deal with odemwingie going the other way. Then bring on the freebees haha!!

Boing boing


Although I agree with your theory on swapping chickenwing, out hand will be forced in to a cut price sale as he is damaged goods to us. So we should hope to expect £2m if we are lucky.

Jack ♣ Hat.


...or we could give away £7m players like wo1-Ves have got to when they are relegated this Saturday, problem is, we don't have any.

wo1-Ves last dregs of parachute money have already been used up, while our £60m + has yet to arrive.



Cotswold Baggie

Great, another player out for a month when the African Cup of Nations is on.

Look at how we dipped in form last time.

Rather push the boat out and sign Rom.


You're living in a dream world if you think we have any chance of buying Lukaku permanently!

Cotswold Baggie

Hey barhambaggie, I've been living the dream all season mate!! Nice compared to the nightmares of recent seasons. Last time I felt this good I was at Wembley 68 on my dad's shoulders!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Posted on the Andy Gray Blog:


I had to put up with a potato-less meal at the Newbridge. Just like the wo1-Ves, their supplier failed to deliver. The "Bombardier" beers went some-way towards cheering me up.


P.S. Bet this doesn't make a show on their site. Another two of my posts on there have gone A.W.O.L. yet again. I have a feeling I'm not Welcome over there on the dark side. Their regrets.


Davo from Wordsley

Ryan (above) going back a bit further than you, I can name Paul Williams, Julian Darby, Jason van Blerk, Stacy North, Graham Harbey, Paul Crichton, Les Palmer, Colin West,

ooh there's an unlikely bunch that would grace the Premiership.......... not



and even further .... David Mills , £500K, probably equiv of a £10million siging these days!


HI mate,

Graham Harbey........i'd almost forgot him.....almost. I think he was the first albion player that i just looked at and did'nt know what to think...mind you at that time we were all just hopreing for better things around the corner..



Netherton Baggie

Bromham & Baggyjon

With reference to your slant on Triumphs I find it quite STAGgering.We must be of the same vintage to come up with these.

Up The Baggies.

Dan Saul Knight

TRBH, get Nethertons jacket whilst you there too!

Surprised no ones done the first man in the world to have a car was Moses, because it says in the Bible "he came down the mountain in his Triumph"


Railtrack have decided to start sponsoring Wolverhampton Wanderers. Railtrack think they are a suitable team because of their regular points failures.


Wolves have had to turn down a sponsorship offer from Spillers dog foods. Said it wouldn't be quite right having Winalot on their shirts.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Corker mate, ♥ it, L☺Ls.


northeast baggie

Tony Rees was an excellent one touch footballer lol


Tony Rees. Now he was entertainment! That's what its all about :-)

New Broseley Baggie

Not nice talking ill of the dead.

I always thought it was amazing we got 1 million for Carlton Palmer.IMO he was awful.

The View From Baggy♥Bottom

If last summer is anything to go by, we are in for a long closed season of conjecture and speculation.

Last summer we were desperate to keep a certain Mr.Odemwingie, who would be the key to our survival given the loss of the irreplaceable manager Roy Hodgson. Some comments at the time suggested a lack of ambition and a meaness at the heart of the club. Sid kept telling us that our chairman was too tight and that his beloved club were doomed. And, he was right as it turned out, HIS club was doomed!! Stale As Old Bacon saw to that.

We ended up with a head coach called Steve Nodody from Nowhere and we all put a brave face on it and prayed that somebody at the club knew what they were doing. It seems that somebody at the club did know what they were doing after all.

I don't suppose we will get this guy Bony, but it's good that we are showing some ambition so early. Personally, I've never heard of him before, but already I'm gutted that he will probably sign for somebody else ahead of Albion. It's just the way it is when you're a baggy,( or Baggie if you prefer ).

Speaking from experience, it's not likely to get much better than it is now and my advice to the moaners is to enjoy every moment while it lasts. Another season like this one will do me fine next year and perhaps a really good cup run thrown in for good measure. A cup win would be great for the younger fans. It's been far too long since the last one.

Boing Boing, COYB.


My uncle was sitting in the Halfords one night, the guy next to him says '

'That Stacey North, I wouldn't like him if he was me own brother''

Ooh, the long throws, and the one great pass every match, sandwiched by one hundred passes to the opposition.

Harbey scored a great goal once, even Stuart Bowen scored a belter and he was worse than me.

And we moan about Borja Valero, we've been blessed these last ten years


seems Dan Ashworth wasn`t all he was cracked up to be, dont mention Billy Jones everybody already knew about him.


I met a fairy today who granted me one wish. “I want to live forever,” I said.

“Sorry,” said the fairy, “I’m not allowed to grant wishes like that.”

“Fine,” I said, “I want to die when Wolves get back into the Premier League.”

“You crafty ****!” said the fairy."

Jack ♣ Hat.

John Deehan springs to mind, but the daddy of them all was Bobby Gould from wo1-Ves in a straight swap for Danny Hegan, both as a player and Manager.



Ceasefire in Syria as UN send in Kevin Doyle – No shots reported so far.