West Brom move into their new £1.3m base

West Brom’s academy today officially moved to its new £1.3million base directly opposite the Hawthorns.


The Baggies’ youth set-up moved into the site in Halfords Lane after more than six months of renovation work.

The club have converted the former Tom Silk Building, which housed the Albion Foundation until last year, into dressing rooms and classrooms.

And an area of car park between the new academy building and the Baggies’ indoor pitch has been turned into a state-of-the-art artificial outdoor surface to be used by the club's talented youngsters.

The work in Halfords Lane is part of an overall project worth £2.5million to upgrade academy facilities, with money also being spent on pitches at the Great Barr training ground.

And West Brom have committed £3million a year from now on to fund player development after being awarded category one status – the highest ranking – in the Premier League’s new Elite Player Performance Plan.

Sporting and technical director Richard Garlick said: “The new facilities are part of the club’s wider investment in the academy.

“We are endeavouring to create the best environment in which to develop and nurture young talent.

“When the Premier League saw our plans for the redevelopment of the Halfords Lane site, they described it as ‘the creation of a footballing hub’ – and we believe that is exactly what we have achieved.”

The new building will house the Baggies’ 20 academy staff and will be used by more than 200 players aged between six and 18, whose academic education takes place at the neighbouring Sandwell Academy School.

Baggies academy Manager Mark Harrison said: “We now have fantastic purpose-built facilities located on one site.

"We also have Sandwell Academy School, where our players enjoy a full-time programme, right on the doorstep.

"The world-renowned football club academies talk about creating a family feel. We have got a really good family culture at the club already.

"Now we have a central hub where we can endorse and develop even further the work we do."

The new building also houses medical rooms, offices and parents’ meeting rooms while the Albion Foundation has relocated to a new base close to the Hawthorns.

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Comments for: "West Brom move into their new £1.3m base"



Walthamstow Albion

Fantastic work by Albion. The Albion Foundation does excellent work in the community with youngsters, charity activities, people with disabilities and women teams, plus the Academy produces some exciting talent - Thorne, Roofe, Izzy etc. They can stay, learn, develop and get opportunities or like Sawyers go to Liverpool and be rarely seen.

Good to see local youths getting the chance to learn and develop at such a very high standard.

Proud to be a Baggie.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Walthamstow Albion

'Sawyers' meant Jerome Sinclair.


I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way...........

The money now being dished out in the PL is mind blowing, mostly going into players pockets in most cases. Seeing investment like this is good to see, as a club we have struggled to bring through youth players, but with real investment and facilities that can entice the very best in the area i hope we can see more coming through.


It's good this, isn't it!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Our Academy grows yet again, it will impress quality youngsters and encourage them to join our club. Above all it means our great ground stays on the same site. Fantastic news. Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.



More tangible progress. Well done all concerned...

Up The Baggies!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Beats having a brand new "White Elephant" stand like a BIG club down the road.




How right you are, but there's enough been said about that, most of it probably not posted on here by the E&S scrutineers. However, one day and very soon, we'll have to have a bigger ground cause everyone will want to cone and see our starlets that we've produced over the road. Now that seems like a proper plan, that involves no elephants White or otherwise!

Well done again JP and the gang.

Aye it grrrrrrrreat bein a baggie!!


If that massive Club otherwise known as the Wolves stay up Morgan is going to erect a statue of Jez Moxey in the Town Centre, in honor of the miracle he's performed in keeping them in the Championship.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Just to add, the three degrees nine feet high statue will be a sight for sore eyes. Enjoyed my night out with Cyrille and Brendon at the Courthouse in Dudley, what a night to remember.


The Black Pearl

This is how to build your club, not with hasty sackings and white elephant stands.

baggie bob

Another quality investment in the club and its future. Are you watching wolves how a proper club should be run.

Phil Osopher

Well done WBA.

Again, looking at the bigger picture, and towards the future where we can hopefully nurture young new talent as opposed to urealistically trying to compete in this money crazy transfer world that we live in.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Phil Osopher,

This is a gigantic stride into the future mate, All Baggies are proud of this proclamation.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


Walthamstow Albion

'Sawyers' meant Jerome Sinclair


Every fan that's had a pop at Jeremy Peace should read and absorb this article, that includes our visiting spies.

Walthamstow Albion

Well said Shropshire. If anything, Peace will be leaving a legacy that few in not only Albion's but in most Premiership (or old Div 1) clubs' histories will leave or have left..

Albion Foundation, Academy, high-level training facilities, top medical set-up, ground development, reach-out to local youngsters and community work - all first class.

Got to love Dr Evil's transfer dealings too.

Just gotta get JP to get the Bathams and Holdens in the ground!

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

SC Baggie

Under JP this clubs grows bigger and better by the day.

The Real Bully Hoo.

All paid for by funds raised by the club.

No Sugar Daddies.

No Council bail outs.

Well done Jeremy Peace.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Just had a quick look on the dark side. Strange days indeed.

Dean Saunders says "we must stay calm." Fans berate him and laugh at him. Nothing new there.

New strip unveiled. Fans argue about what they dislike about it the most. Nothing new there.

Mick McCarthy has a knock at Wolves for getting rid of him. Fans declare almost unanimous undying love for Mad/Merlin Mick Nothing new there, at least since they sacked him.

The best bit though is the E&S celebrating Wolves winning the Sherpa Van Trophy without a hint of irony that it's on the eve of Wolves qualifying to enter the JP Trophy next season.

Makes our petty squabbles on this side seem a bit boring.


As an Albion fan, I'd say that it's great news for WBAFC. Meanwhile, schools, youth clubs, and recreation centres in sandwell and pretty much everywhere else in the country are falling apart. I think that says something about where our priorities as a society lie.... Entertain the masses with the romping adventures of a private elite, and they won't complain about the neglect of public facilities or the failure of their own aspirations.

'The Class of 68'

Blimey ..... The future does look bright .....

..... It all makes excellent reading, nothing better for me than seeing the youth progress through the ranks and into the first team, but we have a fine history of producing home grown players.

I do admire the way Arsenal develop their youth, hopefully we can emulate them.



Great news however the last Albion team to win something only had a scrap of grass to train on down the road! The great last team of Astle, Bomber and Hope won things by sheer ability. A nice plastic indoor pitch won't win us nowt.

CantelloRocket 78


the team from the '60s definitely had plenty of ability, and a tough mental attitude, but as Wall Heath Baggie ( Max ) pointed out to me some time ago, to compete at top flight level in the 21st century players have to be very fit athletes, with a good knowledge and tactical awareness, plus the ability to cover every blade of grass for 90 minutes-

after opening a superb academy, with 'state of the art' facilities, and a professional set-up, saying 'a nice plastic pitch won't win us nowt' is a bit insulting to the people who've worked on this, don't you think.........?


It's on grass that it matters, that's all. These days players are far too pampered and led by the nose. Hope it helps us win something. Anything!

Jack ♣ Hat.


Pampered and led by the nose!, so are the winners of the "Gold Cup" and "Grand National" mate.



The Real Bully Hoo.

Back then everybody else only had a strip of grass as well. The playing field was a bit more level than today.


Priorybaggie to introduce comparisons with teams of yesteryear is a no no, never mind plastic surfices even the 'real grass' has seen biological changes specificly for the modern sporting field of play.

I, no doubt like yourself witnessed the building of that great late 60's team, but there has been a thousand and one changes surrounding the game since then. There is no sudstitute for 'natural ability', the individual either has it or he does'nt, and i have no doubt an expert would tell us fitness levels are 30% plus up today on what they were then.

Would the glorious Spitfire live with a Harrier Jump Jet ?

J Saville

Give the kids what they need.A firm push forwards into the future.

Kakk de la

Fantastic.Wow. Blimey.

Andy Hunts Lego Set

Good news, but still find it a concern that if an exceptional player comes through that they can be easily poached by the big guns for peanuts. Hopefully with little left to play for Clarke can hopefully give some game time to a couple of the youngsters before the season finishes!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Just out of interest, "with little left to play for."

We're 8th at the moment, if we drop to 10th or 11th because we play the kids and drop points, would you be happy because others on here would be calling for his head.

The Real Bully Hoo.



I'm not saying I don't agree about giving the kids a chance, just playing Devil's Advocate in asking the question.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Andy Hunts Lego Set,

Good point mate, Some safeguard should be put in place by the F.A. as to when they mature a good up to date price, plus add on's must be paid as and when by the "Rustling" club.



Evening all,

quality....just quality!! so proud of our club, building the right way and investing in the future. Just imagine if you'd built a big shiny new stand and the seats started to break when first sat upon.......oh hang on a moment, think i read that story somewhere..



tony browns moustache

Dear old school, Thomas telford, those were the days

CantelloRocket 78

I'm currently in London, but Tuesday teatime I went into Halfords Lane ( after visiting family around the corner ), then witnessed a procession of coaches leaving the Academy - I thought 'have we just had a visit from Royalty?'-

well let's face it, the place is now fit for Royalty!!!

I can safely say that, after supporting the Baggies for almost half a century, this is the best and most professional set-up I've ever witnessed at the club, and don't it mek ya proud!!!

Just a little food for thought-

there have been people on here recently saying 'what will we do next season, we won't have any strikers left at the club......'

Well tell me, does this look like the kind of football club that'll be happy havin' shirts hangin' up in the dressing room next term with no one to fill 'em..........?


It just makes you even more proud to be a baggie. Simple as. I know it's not something not really reported on but do all clubs do these things cause things like this does really make the future bright !!!! Navy blue and white anyone boing boing

Cyril Randle

I hope I'm still around to see the West Stand form a tunnel to meet this new investment. There'd be something quite magic about that.

PS: For a true definition of the term 'Forward Planning' just read 'The Hawthorns'.

PPS: Of course we'll need some defenders too Lol

The Real Bully Hoo.


You've no excuse now for not being around, they've turned the tannoy down.

Cyril Randle

Are you sure about that Bully ? Take last week, (well I don't want it), I heard clearly all the Newcastle players names for their team. Then ours were a mess of overloaded distortion in an attempt to get maximum volume. Got nowt to do with me having but one ear that works. Distortion is caused by overdriving the amplifier inputs, clipping the waveform and thus turning the signal into one resembling a square wave. The speakers are then asked to progress from fully out to fully in, in zero time. Cor be dun aer kid. Everyone where I sit hates the racket they make. Anyway, thanks for bringing the topic up so I could let fly. In 1944 we didn't have a Tannoy system, (do they still exist, Tannoy ?) and were one of the last to install one. The bloke with a chalkboard used to run round the perimeter with the changes to the team at 2.55pm. Then at half time, a strong armed saft sod used to walk on his hands from the centre spot to the goalmouth. We cheered of course. We were 'appy in those days when we had nuthin.

Cyril Randle

Bully, I did reply but it didn't make it.

The Real Bully Hoo.


It seems to be a lottery on which posts get through but it's very frustrating to spend time writing a post only for it to disappear or to try to replicate it and then find that the original has turned up later than another you posted earlier.

mike (coseley) Baggie Fan,

Congratulations West Bromwich Albion well done, this is certainly the way to go and a move in the right direction we must have some of the finest facilities in the country and it is pleasing to hear that our club is moving forward with the times which must benefit the club overhaul to make our progress to the best. Well done JP and all members of the board its good to see we are climbing to road to success.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Can't wait for this site to be festooned with photographs of our new addition. Ditto The E&S paper.


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