West Brom boss Steve Clarke hits back at Peter Odemwingie

Angry West Bromwich Albion boss Steve Clarke today accused Peter Odemwingie of stealing the limelight from the Baggies’ stellar Premier League season.

Peter Odemwingie
Former West Bromwich Albion player Peter Odemwingie

The Hawthorns chief spoke for the first time since Odemwingie’s latest Twitter rant and told the Nigeria international to direct any criticism ‘to his face’.

And Clarke admitted his fury that the ongoing Odemwingie saga has deflected attention from his team’s season, which looks set to end in the Baggies’ best Premier League finish.

“The biggest problem for me is that we spend so much time talking about Peter Odemwingie and all it does is deflect away from everything that the squad has achieved this season,” said Clarke during a tense press conference.

“It’s been a great season for Albion and that’s what we should be talking about – not Peter Odemwingie.

“I want to talk about the rest of the players and not one player.”

Odemwingie is in the Baggies squad for tomorrow’s Premier League trip to West Ham, but Clarke hinted he would prefer to leave the 31-year-old at home.

Odemwingie took to Twitter again last week to criticise the club over a lack of first-team action, accuse team-mates of talking behind his back and tell a critical fan he wanted to be sacked.

He was fined two weeks’ wages in January following a similar outburst and a drive to QPR on transfer deadline day and faces a similar punishment this time around.

“At the moment, because of the size of the squad I’ve got, he has to be part of the squad,” said Clarke.

Clarke, who looks set to be without midfielder James Morrison tomorrow because of a hamstring problem, called a halt to Odemwingie questions, but only after responding to the player’s criticism of team selection.

“If he’s got something to say to me he should come and say it to my face,” said Clarke.

“He has to come to me. He’s the one that has the grievance, not me.

“I am absolutely bored with the whole episode.”

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Comments for: "West Brom boss Steve Clarke hits back at Peter Odemwingie"


“I am absolutely bored with the whole episode.” and so say all of us............................................................

the futures bright its NAVY BLUE n WHITE

chris wilkins

Im a albion fan till i die ........Odemwingie we dont want you at our club anymore go go go go you are a waste of space.......your not a messi your messed up ......boing boing down the road.....

The Real Bully Hoo.

Groundhog Day??????????


bang on steve clarke ,as you say "if he's got a grievance he should come tell me to my face and not revert to twitter"

well look at the photo above he looks like a slime ball and a coward

we got 2 choices 1 he rots in the reserves and 2 as he's recently tweeted he thinks he's the best player at the club and should be starting , well play him and let us watch him make a fool of himself in front of the world , which he will if his performances this season are anything to go by.

sky have just announced that ben foster as got the best stat in europe for saves inside the box


I am also fed up with Odemwingie, I do not care about him anymore, the sooner he goes the better. I can only say to Steve Clarke Albion fans appreciate what he and the other players have achieved and I can assure him that this baggies fan is 'over the moon' Pride of the Midlands!


get rid

full stop

please west brom magement help osaze out of this situation


Osaze should help himself and keep his frankly egocentric thoughts to himself. Osaze typifies an ugly side of the modern day footballer, self-opininated and deluded an by overblown self importance.

We need him to stay until the close season so The Albion can get good money for him. Then he`ll be gone and very soon forgotten.


every picture tells a story, agree with toyotal just get rid of him, not as if we need him now is it.

john hayes

leave him behind all us baggie fans will be happy to see the back of this ungratefull wanna , be good riddance to bad rubbish he has done nothing but bad to get his wish of leaving this club ,wants to be sacked give him his wish and put a circulare to all the premiership clubs to tell them how he has really behaved the true story not the sugar coated one that we all hear and no decent club in their own mind would touch him with a barge pole and if they do then they get everything they deserve.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Unfortunately they would. Whatever you think of him he's a very good player and if we get rid of him somebody will pick him up as a bargain. Apart from that as a free agent he would be able to demand a large bonus for his back pocket. Is that what you want?


Your as bored as most of us are Steve, I was supportive of PO's return, but now I'm thinking leave him out and put Izzy Brown on the bench, a young guy with desire, and develop his future.

qpr carpark

this guy is an idiot, get rid of him. happy easter to everyone


The quality of spelling and grammar on here is just shocking.Try going to school.

The Real Bully Hoo.

In proper English, 'Try going to school.' is not a complete sentence and is therefore incorrect. You won't find that in your spellchecker but ask teacher after the holidays.

Cyril Randle

The gift of words is not given to everyone Mr. Spellchecker. One of my best friends died very recently. He had TWO Oxford degrees in Language/Literature and Philosophy, but he would be first to admit that looking at a screw head and holding a screwdriver was life's biggest puzzle. I suggest you carefully climb down off that horse, it's a big one !

Carly G

"Give that man a ceeegarrr!" Hee Hee Heeeeee! I'm feeling that post Brother Cyril


Cyrile, having personally got a degree in Philosophy from Durham I can certainly empathise with your friends' difficulties! Some of the greatest minds in history have been completely inept practically!

As for 'Steven Spellchecker', as TRBH pointed out, your own sentence is grammatically incorrect. Some people on here don't possess the linguistic-prowess of Shakespeare but then they don't need to; this is a football forum and whether someone has veered away from being grammatically sound or not is irrelevant.

I suggest SS you concentrate on revising for any exams you have after the Easter break.

Edi Axman

Perhaps change it from a full stop to a comma and use it as a connective. Oooops sorry I have forgotten to switch of my school teacher mode.......


Spelling? Who cares.


Bore off you lifeless fool. Its a feed for comments realting to football. It clearly shows you have nothing else better to do in your life, it you were as intelligent as you seem to think you are, I very much doubt you would be correcting people's grammar on a local football forum.

Sad sad person.......


I suppose it's either watching Wolves play, watching paint dry,

or checking all the posts for spelling and grammer.

I wonder who you support ??


After the QPR debacle, I chose not to boo PO, and also not to applaud when his name was read out, if selected. At that point he was still an asset to the club, could score goals and could turn matches. Since the latest bout of behaviour I wonder why the Russian supporters really wanted him out! Was it down to racism? Maybe he was a total pain over there because, since then, his home Country has had difficulties with him too, and now the club and supporters that offered him a lifeline are experiencing likewise! Does he really think he will be welcomed into another club, possibly excluding The Great Harry Redknapp's money go-round? Plus they are likely to go down, then Harry will go elsewhere leaving PO to complain about being in lower league football! We have shown the football world and media that we have acted in a totally professional manner regarding PO, and JP has received excellent press reports thus letting his counterparts at other clubs know what this striker is all about. He is no longer wanted! Sack him and hold hid=s registration until end of next season and see if QPR need a controller for their car park!


I am a Nigerian and must admit his comments are becoming so so annoying.We dont need him in our national team either.


Guy has an obvious problem, fans turned on him in Russia, fans turned on him in Nigeria, makes you wonder if there is any other skeletons hiding we dont know about, you obviously have a self destruction button, which no matter were you go it will keep going off, one of the definitions of an idiot is making the same errors over and over again and you seem to be doing that, remember these fans who are some of the finest in the world once worshipped you, you are not bigger than the club, no player is, each player mereley borrows the shirt until they move on or retire, its how they choose to be remembered that counts, ask Regis ask Statham ask Batson ask Taylor ask Hughes(other legends also exist) then ask any fan about them and they will tell you, then ask how you will be remembered, crying shame (appologies to Mr Spellchecker)

peter ward

Dear peter did you honestly think when you changed your agent everything would be ok , You seem to think you are the best striker our club has ever seen , Sorry to dissapoint you but 15 goals in your first season was ok but how many have you got since ,Even when you was playing 90 minutes you could not hit a barn door and your work rate is pathetic , I will leave you with one final note , Do not bite the hand that feeds you , Boing Boing , Bye, Bye

Gornal Baggie

I say make the greedy sod suffer, sell him to the Dingles that will teach him.


we dont want him, we have enough idiots of our own.


What a smug face.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Above photograph:

The eyes have it, sheer, unadulterated, unbalanced, hatred. Heads gone.


Cyril Randle

Odemwingie saw himself in a mirror at an early age. So began one of life's most adoring love stories. Even a top class shrink would see this as too big a challenge.

I do feel sorry for his partner, (wife ?) and new baby though. They should have had a life of luxury because of his talents. I hope for their sakes he has money banked for the future as I'm fairly sure his career is as good as over. It can be good to be ordinary, you don't love yourself too much, your friends love and tolerate you, your enemies can't whip up the enthusiasm to hate you much either. And they all say nice things about you at your funeral ! Lol.

Bedraj Ram

Next week at the Arsenal match, if Odemwingie plays or comes on as a sub, I am going to stand up and BOO him!