Claudio Yacob happy to be West Brom's unsung hero

Claudio Yacob today insisted he is happy to be Albion’s unsung hero as the Baggies aim for another record-breaking Premier League season.


The Hawthorns favourite is pleased to let high-profile team-mates take the limelight as the Baggies target another top-half finish.

Argentina international Yacob has become a popular figure with supporters since moving to England last summer on a free transfer from Racing Club in Buenos Aires.

And the midfielder, who has cut an impressive figure in a defensive role, said: “I don’t catch the attention like players such as (Romelu) Lukaku and (Shane) Long.

“I don’t score goals because that’s not my role – but I think my function is very important to help the team achieve their overall goal. Scoring is the aim of the match but it’s not the most important thing.

“I’m over the moon that I’m well thought of and I feel I want to give it back to the supporters as much as I can.

“I’m very happy and I like the song the fans have made up for me.”

Albion’s hopes of reaching Europe faded when the FA Cup semi-final draw meant only a fifth-place finish would take them into the Europa League.

But they remain in course to beat last season’s best ever Premier League finish of 10th and their highest Premier League points total of 47.

“The players’ and the coach’s mentality is not just to relax now,” said Yacob.

“We want to fight for something better.”

And Yacob, who has two full international caps, revealed he is becoming more comfortable in the Albion squad after spending the season learning to speak English.

The 25-year-old said: “The better my English gets the closer I get to the players.

“I can now have short conversations.

“It’s very important I can mingle with the players and feel more comfortable.

“I like talking to the younger players because I realise how important it is for them to talk to me.

“It also gives me the chance to practice my English because they will be very patient.

“I’m very happy with all the players because they look after me.

“They include me as much as they can – everyone is very kind.”

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Comments for: "Claudio Yacob happy to be West Brom's unsung hero"

The Real Bully Hoo.

Once Kev's song takes off he won't be unsong.

All we need is Claudio Yacob!!!!!

Kev in Mallorca

Kev's, Sy's And Trbhoo's song, spooky again????? we were posting the same thought at the same time, I bera not be turning into Trbhoo else Max will throw me Angle Cake back at me.


Kev in Mallorca

All I've got to say, to the tune of Queen's Radio GA GA, is

Now's your time

You have the power

To wear the strips

Your finest hour

CLAUDIOOOO Clap clap,clap

All we need is Clap,Clap

Claudio Yacob Clap,Clap

Claudio Yacob Clap,Clap

Claudio Yacob Clap,Clap

All we need is Clap,Clap

Claudio Yacob Clap,Clap

Claudio Yacob Clap,Clap

Claudio Yacob Clap Clap

-----And Repeat--------

Song sheets will be available, completely free of charge,at the Arsenal match.



don't bother

Kev in Mallorca


So that's one less song sheet then, thank's for telling me in advance I hate wasting money!




oh come on.- not even a small smile??...we've sung worse over the years....and just the thought of us all hand clapping queen style might lead to a new fancey dress theme for the end of the season....wonder if there is a world record for how many queen impersonaters in a footall ground??



The Real Bully Hoo.

A right King Edward.

The View From Baggy♥Bottom

Unsung hero he may be but I think we all know how important he is to the team. We struggled when he was out injured because he is a genuine class player who is not easilly replaced. He obviously likes us as much as we like him and he seems to be a typical, hard working, honest, Albion type of player. Lets hope we can keep him for many years to come, as that would mean that we continue to develop into a club worthy of respect and recognition in The Premier League.

Our small steps towards sustainable Premiership status will bring us ever greater rewards in the future, but no doubt over the summer, we will have the usual calls for big signings and moans about our "tight fisted" chairman. Well, if tight fistedness can bring us more players like Claudio, I say, long may it continue.

Boing Boing!!!


You are my favourite player Claudio. I love watching the way you pinch the ball off opposing players and your distribution is first class.. I hope you stay with us and next year we can go for a Champions league spot...COYB


Just goes to show money can't buy you everything. What an immense player he is, just hope the big boys don't come knocking on our door. In saying that we are the big boys.

boy from the REAL black country

Thing is, if massive clubs like Wolves, Barcelona, etc... come sniffing it will hard for him to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime plying his trade in the Nou Camp or Molineux. He could possibly be winning a League 1 championship medal next season, whats he gonna win staying with us?

CantelloRocket 78

Boy from the REAL deal,

ahhh! I saw what you did there, 'massive' clubs like Wolves and Barcelona-

y'om pullin' our leg, Barcelona ay that big, am thay.......? :-)

( I'll never forget me favourite line EVER from 'wimabigclubweam' concerning wolves-

'yow doh appreshiate the magnetchewed of our biggnuss...'

What a killer quote.......:-)



Costello. I think the quote was written so that you purported "Black" country cousin's, or more appropriate "COUNTRY COUSIN'S could understand it. Ow r Ow r.

jolfie b@ggie

This blokes been a brilliant signing! Those years of being a soft touch defensively have disapeared and a lot of the credit should go to players like Yacob and G Mac who havent cost us a penny transfer fee wise! keep it up boys! COYB

Baggieboy Roy

Claudio Yacob what a fantastic player he is! We MUST keep him, I suggest that it would be a good idea to offer him the reward of a long contract for all his efforts this season, this would keep him at the Hawthorns. Albion play much better when he is in the team he is a class act! Didn't we miss him when he was injured?

Can anyone tell me the words to the song and the tune that they sing about him I have not heard it yet? My Grandson who is a season ticket holder loves all the Albion songs and he will love to hear a new one, maybe they will sing it at the next home game?

COYB! Boing! Boing!!

CantelloRocket 78

Well when Albion looked like they were about to sign Claudio, I found video footage of him playing in Argentina, I then predicted he'd be a 'special' player for us.

The only difference is that games over there appear to be a bit 'gung-ho', often end to end stuff, so he was making driving runs through the centre, a la Bryan Robson, but over here he's used much more defensively, to break up the opposition attacks.Still a quality player.

'the better my English gets.....'-

well he can now say 'over the moon', so he's getting the hang of it...........:)


just one thing to say Yacob..........."CLASS"

have you read this Peter ??

Boing Boing


The fans love you Claudio.We hope you spend many years wearing our famous striped shirt.The futures bright,it's blue and white.Boing Boing.


another ALBION star and good egg by the sound of it ODIOUSWHINGER please take note


He's magic you know, you'll never get past Claudio!

Buy of the season.. Can be our midfield focal point for years to come. Obvious captain once his English improves


Jack ♣ Hat.

Claudio is our "Ball Snatcher", which is as important a job as scoring a goal, putting in a super cross, heading away a dangerous high ball, going past a player, plus. Long may he do our ball winning. Chant: Yacob-Yacob rob-rob-rob, repeat.

Snowed in with no football, umph.

Well thumbs, here we go. L☺Ls.


Halesowen baggie

Best player I've seen at the Albion for a long time


What even better than Stacey Caldicot?

CantelloRocket 78

As we're talking about a 'quality' Baggies player, and it's a 'game-free' weekend, maybe we could amuse ourselves a little bit-

About this time 5 years ago, Jarrod asked the guys on here to give us their all-time best, or favourite Albion team, based on the players they've seen in the famous blue and white striped shirts over the years.It's interesting, because one or two included Jonathan Greening and Robert Koren amongst their all-time greats!!

Anyway, I could probably put 25 players in mine, but you have to leave some out, so based on the impact they've had on me, mine would possibly be ( 4-4-2 )-

Ben Foster; Doug Fraser, John Wile, Ally Robertson, Derek Statham; Laurie Cunningham, Bryan Robson, Len Cantello ( obviously ), Willie Johnstone; 'Bomber' Brown, 'King' Jeff Astle.

It's only for fun, but I'd love to see 'em all together in their prime!!

Saunders Foot

My uncle Ray was better than John Wile, IMO.....

CantelloRocket 78

Saunders ALMOST at the Foot of the table-

it's just as well your opinion means diddly-squat to us then, eh?

( for starters, you've named yerself after two failed managers, once a loser, always...........)

saunders foot

yeah,and you named yerself after somebody who didnt like albion

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yeah course he was, now run along and play there's a good lad.

Saunders Foot

Actually its you who needs to run along and play, Rockets named him as a great in a post underneath. I never saw him, but the blokes who used to come in his shop said 'every pass was a peach '. I expect you knew that though, bein as you know everything else.....

The Real Bully Hoo.

Here's an imaginary tanner to buy some imaginary sweets in your uncle's shop.


HOO. Are you the REAL HOO. In English it is spelt WHO. Who is right me or HOO.???

Jack ♣ Hat.

Saunders Foot,

I never saw your uncle ray play, who did he play for and on what planet?, was it the same one you are on?. L☺L.


Jacks mate.

What planet are you on then Jack??

Cloud us cuckoo us land???

The Real Bully Hoo.


I suppose being similar ages it's not surprising I agree with most of your picks. The only one I'd change would be Bobby Hope in for Len. It's also a close call with Cyrille, Jonas, Chippy Clark, Don Howe and believe it or not Andy Johnson but they all just fail to edge out the competition

CantelloRocket 78


As I say, it's a personal thing, so over 40-50 years it's hard to pick a clear first XI, there's bound to be a few difficult choices.

Chippy Clark was very underrated, always dangerous and a prolific goalscorer, Bobby Hope made the team 'tick', and Cyrille was very, very difficult to leave out.Don Howe left the season before I began watching, so did JtH's favourite, Derek Kevan.As for Andy Johnson, I've never seen anyone else run around the pitch at 100mph for 90 minutes.

I'd need at least eleven subs., and I'd wanna play 'em all.....

ray devey

clive chippy clark what a player many happy times but what about john kaye and big stan jones derek the tank kevan and many more great players

CantelloRocket 78


it is just a fun thing, but each of us can remember different players from different eras, it's our own personal favourites from those we've had the pleasure to watch.

I started going as a young lad in 1964, so I missed the 'greats' like Derek Kevan, Ronnie Allen, Ray Barlow, Bobby Robson, etc., but some of the other guys on here will remember them with great affection, I'm sure.


Obviously I can't go back as far as you Rocket (No offence intended on the age), but In addition I would probably add Super Bob and Enzo Maresca in the squad if I may? oh a for 3rd choice keeper Alan Miller.


Reminds me of Martin Jol when he first joined us - good on the ball, good technically and hard as nails...... What a fantastic piece of scouting to find him and incredible that we got him on a free.

As someone else has already said - lets get him locked into a long contract (if he isn't already) !!!

Robin Brittain

Martin Jol was signed as a replacement for Bryan Robson and for a time we did not miss Robbo because Jol was that good. Unfortunately he picked up a serious injury at St Andrews [ a lot of players did at that time ] and he was never the same after it.

When you contrast the difference in attitude between Claudio and PO you can appreciate that not all players are motivated by money. Claudio is obviously well paid but he earns every penny. Just a pleasure to watch. I wonder if there are any available Argentinian strikers.


Afternoon all,

A totally class player who has only cost us his wages......arrived in a new country, has to learn a new language whilst adapting to a new team and leauge....and still put in some monster performances!! Admire both his dersire and talent as a player. And i think we all appreciate the way our club works hard behind the scenes to identify players like this in all positions.....players who cost little but give us alot.



The Real Bully Hoo.


That's the million dollar question now, can RG pick up DA's mantle as seamlessly as we all hope. The scouting network is hopefully still in place so the main thing Richard needs to do is vet the background and personality of potential signings.

Much has been made of PO's attitude of late but he's the first "bad apple" we've had for years and even then you could say that at least he earned the right by being the missing link that established us as a PL club. McAuley, Reid, Lukaku, Yacob you can run through the rest of the squad and they all have a desire and commitment to the team as well as themselves.

When the shirts hang together in the dressing room the sky is the limit.

turkish baggie

Although from afar it seems Claudio really is something for us to continue building with. To say after 3/4 of a season he reminds people of Jol and Brian Robson, he must be one hell of a player?

The primary goal of any team is to have its backbone solid and good! Foster, Olsen, Mulumbu, Yacob! This backbone will see us in good stead!

Danish Baggie

How does the song go ?


Claudio Yacob

super player, the role he plays for west brom (any team) is my favourite role within the team. sitting in front of the back four breaking down opposition attacks and moving the ball on. one of my all time favourite prem players was claude makélélé, he perfected this role, a master at his profession. i do believe there is more to come from yacob.

CantelloRocket 78

Completely changing the subject again-

I've just seen the front page of the 'Sunday People', and Victoria Beckham's announced to the entire nation that, with deep regret ( because she knows how upset we'll all be ), she plans to retire from singing.

Meanwhile, husband David has given her his support by announcing he'll also make a sacrifice, by no longer entering the annual 'Grand Mastermind of the Universe' competition.

I think my whole world just fell apart, because tears are fillin' me eyes, and I seem to keep fallin' off me chair.........

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