James Morrison: West Brom can make Europe

West Brom midfielder James Morrison today insisted the club can make Europe – but admitted it would stretch the Baggies’ squad.


Steve Clarke’s men kept themselves in the Europa League race with victory over Swansea on Saturday, although yesterday’s FA Cup semi-final draw means they must now finish fifth in the Premier League to qualify.

Morrison is refusing to write off their chances, but he believes they would need reinforcements if they made it.

“We would need to get some players in,” said the Scotland international. “We saw what we were like in December and January when we couldn’t pick a win up with players out.

“But I’ve played in Europe before with Middlesbrough and it was great. We got all the way to the (UEFA Cup) final. It was great, travelling to different countries and facing different opposition.

“It can hamper your season sometimes, which you can see if you look at the teams in there now. But personally I would like to play in it and hopefully the club would as well.”

The Baggies’ 2-1 win against the Swans kept them eighth in the Premier League, within four points of fifth-placed Arsenal, who must still visit the Hawthorns.

But Liverpool and Everton sit between the two sides in sixth and seventh with the semi-final draw delivering a blow to all of the clubs chasing European spots through the league.

Wigan were drawn to face Blackburn or Millwall in the semi-finals, meaning one of that trio will qualify for the Europa League by reaching the final and the place will not go to the sixth-place league finishers.

Morrison said: “We want to take each game as it comes and see where we end up.

“The lads put a fantastic effort in against an amazing football side on Saturday. It was hard work out there.”

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Comments for: "James Morrison: West Brom can make Europe"


WHY NOT? liverpool are 6th at the moment and so and both games this season we have won. also scored 5 and conceeded 0 so why not!

43 points what else are we meant to go for.

boing boing!!

We Only Need One Half!

Hold that thought everyone! have posted new Mirror League on new thread (was going to put it on here, but its closed)

Stoney Lane

Good to read such optimism. SEPARATE SUBJECT: Is anyone else getting as mad as hell about our Match of the Day coverage on the BBC which - at best - is patronising? Before the Sunderland showing, we were described as 'a mid table team.' On Saturday, before Swansea, it was 'in no danger of relegation.' The highlights were perfunctory and unbalanced in both games. We didn't see Morrison's superb shot just before half time; we were not shown the disallowed goal from Lukaku against Sunderland. But it goes back for several years, to the missing opening credits both last year and this. We were not included at all at the start of this season and only after an official protest was the Gera goal v Liverpool added after about four weeks. I am finding the MofDay presentation dated and predictable. There is little credit given to clubs which balance the books and try and make the most of life at the top using old-fashioned scouting systems, youth policy and building decent facilities for players and customers. But if you're QPR, spend a king's ransom, pay players £50-£70k a week - sometimes more - it's treated as some sort of minor miracle that they win a couple of matches. The BBC is paid to do a job by us, the licence fee taxpayer, and I feel WBA has been very badly served for several seasons.


I think you will get 100% agreement with your observations, the editing is poor and the comments from Lawrenson and McTavish are at times derisory but most of the time just plain lazy. The programme need a complete overhaul with fresh pundits and a more reflective editing of the matches.

Adam h

Stoney Lane

I couldn't agree more, QPR win a couple of games and apart from champions league sides, are all motd talk about. We have got to be the most underated in the league by a country mile.

Fact Is it's only because redknapp is their manager that they generate so much interest.

CantelloRocket 78


I don't bother much with MOTD these days, it's always been biased and I find Gary Lineker's got less personality than a bag of crisps.

Sky sports have this 'Sunday Supplement' with four national football journalists each week, but they spend 90 per cent of their time on 'top' clubs.

I flicked it on for a couple of minutes this week, and they were completely absorbed in 'arry and QPR, top billing for the bottom club!!

Last year, they did briefly mention the BCD, but the 'Sun' journalist did say they tend to forget where the Black Country is-

how about halfway between Manchester and London....?

It meks ya sick.......

Adam h


They have match choice on sky sports on Saturday evening and we always seem to have Trevor Franciss as second comentator and he constantly undermines our team. I even recall him once mentioning in one or our games that he had a striker called Dele Adebola when he was blues manager and that he always scored against us! I wouldn't mind but he said it with such satisfaction!

Maybe introduce commentator choice???

We Only Need One Half!

Stoney, your pushing an open door with me mate, and I have commented as much many times on here. They couldn't even be bothered commenting on our game last night on MUMOTD2, I will be glad when Murray's gone. Even if we were top for the bulk of the season they would probably want to focus on how we were safe that year!!!

On the plus side, I'm not entirely unsure it doesn't work to our advantage sometimes, lil ol Albion, pay no mind, than wallop, av it!

I'm not sure how many towns there are in England and Wales, must be thousands when you think of an atlas index, yet how many have a team in the Prem top ten?

If I was a city, or even one of these made up new ones, and I was getting humiliated each season by that little old aka Sandwell Town, that would upset me, upset me a lot.

Revel in our quaintness, a small town team kicking big city butts, bring it on! Pound for pound, the undisputed best team in the country.


WONOH, well said mate. However, if we make Europe the pundits will have to sit up and take notice.


Dead right Stoney it really is bl88dy patronising to the extreme.

Cyril Randle

Stoneylane. Excellent post. Do what I do when they upset me. Write to them and tell them who pays their wages. They can be 'touchy' though about criticism, preferring praise much more.

I was dealing with DVLA a few months back. The men tried to help but couldn't, so I got a boss, a woman. She pointed out that THEY had paid for my eye test and I could not have another even if I paid. I pointed out WE had paid for my eye test and it was time for her to read their own rules. I could pay for an independent test. She was not impressed, but, guess what, it all went well after.

Gee it a goo aer kid.

Baggieboy Roy.

Stoney Lane - I agree with EVERYTHING that you say. I was at the game on Saturday and also like you watched Match of the day on BBC. I am like you fed up with the LACK of CREDIT given to the BAGGIES. The coverage was a disgrace and I have decided NOT TO WATCH MATCH OF THE DAY AGAIN!

I wonder if we would get better coverage if we were based in either London or Manchester??????

COYB, lets show the BBC what we CAN DO!!!

Mike Freeman

Your dead right. I have said the same for years. I know we can all wear rose tinted glasses, but it's down to the laziness of the commentators and producers. They only know about the so called top teams or when something is obvious, like the start if the season. If you remember the comments from the pundits they were all positive and glowing. The mid season dip (only due to missing our two defensive midfielders.....and Fosters absence) put us out of their minds.

I have yet to hear one MOD pundit give an in depth analysis of that period. So don't put it down to conspiracy BUT lazy ex players paid too much for poor quality work. Put ANY fan there and they would do better across all teams! I have a friend that's a Spurs supporter and he knows all about why we dipped.....

Come on BBC get rid of the deadwood and have a fairer formula for how you edit and order your games!

We Only Need One Half!

Baggieboy Roy, I understand you not wanting to watch it again, but don't you find its like a car crash? no matter how much you don't want to look, you just cant help it sometimes!

Mike, on the subject of rose tinted, I had a text a few weeks back, I'm fairly certain we have got "fans of the week" coming up on Soccer AM this month.


It would be truly fantastic to see, and would be a first for me in my lifetime, but I would be concerned about the squad waring thin, we have many games left yet but let's see, but if we do qualify hopefully the exit door isn't too busy this year and the entrance is flourishing, or we could be caught short, we only have to look at BCFC.

Brummie roader Ryan

Bang on Mozza we would need a bigger squad if we made Europe we look lost when 2 or 3 key players are out, also if we want to make it more players need to take the weight off Lukaku's back .

If we play at our best for can do it!

Boing boing


Didn't Middlesbrough get relegated that season?

High expectations, confidence and belief is obviously very high within the squad at the moment, which to me as a fan is great to hear. But I can't help but realistically think that a top 10 finish with our relatively thread bare squad is a huge achievement yet again.

3-4 more wins is a good aim IMO, which will surpass our current point record and hopefully break comfortably in to a top 10 finish. Be it 7th to 10th spot.

Hopefully next season we can kick on and get one or two more quality players to challenge for a starting spot in the team, as we are reaching that stage where we need that competition in every position. The defence in particular looks good in that aspect.

Anyway it's all good news!


I've heard a whisper from the "dark side" that they are also chasing Europe, yes Moxey has promised them all a long weekend in Benidorm if they escape relegation!!

Brummie roader Ryan

Stoney lane I agree

Sick of match of the day and the drivel Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson come out with they never give us any praise all they seem to care about are Man U, Many City, Arsenal, Liverpool Totenham and QPR because of Redknapp.

They just sit there all smug thinking they know it all.

About time they got some new pundits who says it as it is and gives other teams some credit it all seems a bit too cosey and "routine"

Also the highlights of the Swansea game were no longer than 6 mins!


6 mins with only 4 games to show....

Oh please


It must be all that managerial experience (not) that got Lawro & Hansen the job!

Boing! Boing!


Its good to make Europe one way or another. If we can put together a decent run to close out the season we can claim a spot. Five or Six more wins will put us squarely in the mix. A Seven- win- out- of- Nine scenario will lock up a spot in Europe for the Baggies.

So James Morrison is spot on. We could be playing European football next season instead of Championship football that pundits and bookmakers predicted at the start of the season. And yes the squad has to be bigger and more inclusive with the youngsters getting a fair shot at making the squad sheet.

The problem for these Baggies will be man management and rotation. If the struggle of the mid season has told us anything about this team, it is just how easily the team can fall apart when certain key personnel are missing in the lineup.

If the Baggies make Europe and have the FA Cup, League Cup and the Premier League to contend with next season, then you cannot rely on the same personnel, the same game plan and same playing style for all the competitions.

You must prioritize with the Premier League at the top of that list.

Then again of what use is qualifying for Europe only to get knocked out early or perform well in Europe and be on the ropes in domestic competitions? You have to strike a balance but more importantly you have to plan for all contingencies, you have to work hard in practice and you have to execute on the field of play.

Remember Practice Does Not Make Perfect Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

James Morrison, you know what they say, be careful what you ask because you just might get it and in this case I hope you like it. Keep up the good work!!!!


if you take a look at sky sports on saturdays this week they spoke about swansea the away team and i dont think they spoke about us

1954 baggie

whats in it for the club? apart for fans who can afford away trips, don't believe

there's any financial gain. Furthermore look what its done to Newcastle, and Stoke.

Just think if were without Lukaku we won't do half as well,we'll struggle in PL unless we can find a like replacement, believe we are seeing the max we can achieve, unless Abravomich has a brother.


To late im afraid Mozza, Bonny tyler beaten us to it.

CantelloRocket 78


it's spelt 'Bonnie'- you should be able to spell names by now, after all you use a different one every week, eh?

Anyway, your lot at Wolves will be playing in Europe next season-

Brentford, Crawley, Crewe-

they'm places in Europe ay they?

Ha ha ha ha ha..........

Potto Baggie

Astle - think the Boro went down with us 3 years later.

Q Can anyone remember who got a brace v Boro for Seville in the 2005-6 EUFA Cup Final?

A Enzo Maresca!

Agree about all the MoTD comments - tired format; needs new blood but I quite like Lineker as anchor man. Whilst an ex Vile I would like to see Stan Collymore given a Queens pardon after his extra curricular car park activities and on the show.....

Sad to hear Tony Gubba has gone up to the big footie stadium in the sky today

I would like another European adventure - I remember being pelted with coins at Red Star in 79; marvellous..


Kev in Mallorca


I think we had an easier time in Valencia being pelted with satsumas.


Julie Pardoe

Stoney Lane.

I agree. Never get any credit no matter how well we have played. I also am getting fed up with being treated as nobody's. We deserve to be where we are in the table and have got their on how well the team has played this season. Those on MofD only interested in either the top 5 or the bottom three. After the Swansea match all they discussed was the wrong decison for the goal which was disallowed - thanks for the credit we got for playing well!!!!!! Pathetic they need to look out of the box.


Said it recently and will do once again, happy to enjoy a steady progression and look to Europe in a year or two,

50+ points and top ten finish will do me.

Jack ♣ Hat.

If we get into Europe we will be okay, Jeremy Peace has not let us down yet and I have no reason why he would at that time. The two bit football show can't give us more time. When the big boys lose a match it is all weeping and wailing and the gnashing of teeth from "Punbits" and they really need hours to explain a nose dive by one of their holy cows. I'm happy that we fly under their radar. You see, we know what we are, so do the Dingles. Onward and upward wit the BAGGIES.



I personally don't want Europe for our club. There is no money to be made playing in the Europa league. We do not have a squad big enough and it will only harm our league form. If we get in Europe it will cost the club a lot if money. No thanks!

harrogate baggie

Don't care wot they say , we are W.B.A..... Nuff said and ps, we are here to stay!!!!. stoke next. boing boing.


Do we give a damn really about lawro and what that scot has to say or think? They don't like us and thats fine by me, they are nevergoing to fall in love with the Baggies now or in the future, Football First is much better anyway


Sorry Mozza bonny tyler beaten us to it.

We Only Need One Half!

baggieboy, where ya bin? that's some stutter!

spanish ray

Cloud cuckoo land comes to mind.

The View From Baggy♥Bottom

Spanish Fly

We'll dream of Besiktas. You can dream of Bescot.

Boing Boing!!!

CantelloRocket 78

Ray the ding-

Don't worry, we already know-

'Cloud cuckoo land' is ALWAYS in the mind of wolves fans, it's a mystical place where everybody thinks they'm mossive.....

Ha ha ha ha ha........

The View From Baggy♥Bottom

The footballing Gods seem to be looking after us fairly well at the moment, what with getting Lukaku on loan, finding a good replacement for the irreplacable Roy, doing the double over Liverpool and even getting one or two dodgy decisions on the pitch going in our favour for once. So, if the Gods decide that we can finish on more than 50 points, in the top 6-9 in the Premier League and still not qualify for The Europa Cup, who's to say they are not still looking after our long term interests.

I've always said we should be trying to qualify for the Europa Cup and that still holds true, but trying to qualify is one thing, actually qualifying is something totally different. Unless something drasticly changes over the summer, our resources would be very stretched if we had to cope with a season long, drawn out European campagne. I would like to see us in a position where we strengthen the squad to the extent that we could cope, but in reality I don't suppose we will see a sudden shift in policy.

I don't understand why some people who comment on here still don't trust the board who have done such a fantastic job with limited resources. We have come a million miles with small carefull steps but if we start to run now, we might yet trip up.

Leave it to the Gods to decide, I think they're Baggies!!!

Boing Boing!!!

Bromham Baggie

TVFB-B - the icon in the middle of your name would look even better if you could turn it upside down. :)


BaggyBott. Anyone who criticises the set up at Albion has to be a Wulfie mate. The real Wulfies are envious, bearing in mind they DO have a sugar daddy. The others are just plain spiteful, a sad, sad attribute.

The View From Baggy♥Bottom


The reply button's not working but I wanted to agree entirely with your thoughts about "Mismatch of the Day".

Boing Boing!!!

Bromham Baggie

I enjoyed the floodlit games of the Cup Winners Cup and the Fairs Cities Cup (qualified through the Milk Cup) Having seen clubs like Newcastle and Stoke struggle in the league because of European commitment I'm a bit undecided about playing in Europe nowadays. However, when I think of clubs like Blackborough Wanderers, perhaps we should play for glory when we can. Somehow, ongoing PL survival seems such a mean-spirited ambition.

Bromham Baggie

Re MotD. It's not just the BBC. Most of the Daily Paper websites are talking about Liverpool's late push for a Champions League spot. West Brom (and to their due, Swansea) have merely secured their Prem League future for a season.

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