Isaiah Brown's next goal is West Brom debut

West Brom teenager Isaiah Brown today set his sights on a first-team debut after admitting his call-up for the trip to Chelsea reduced his mother to tears.

Football - Barclays U21 Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Former Albion midfielder Isaiah Brown moved to Chelsea in the summer.

The 16-year-old was included in the squad at Stamford Bridge on Saturday and would have become the Premier League’s youngest player had he played.

Now, despite being an unused substitute, the home-grown Albion midfielder has admitted he has a taste for the first-team scene.

“I just want to get some more first-team experience and hopefully make my debut soon,” he said.

“The gaffer showed a lot of faith in me. I trained with the first team a few times and he said I’d done well, so that is a good thing.

“I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully I can get called up more and show the gaffer what I can do.

“My mum was over the moon. She shed a few tears when I told her, and my friends have been buzzing about it.

“I got butterflies when I saw my shirt hanging up. It was something special.

“Getting a first-team shirt and a squad number is what every boy dreams of.

“The experience was amazing.”

“All the boys helped me fit in well and it was amazing to go to a stadium like Stamford Bridge.”

Brown, who was born in Peterborough but joined the Albion academy at the age of 13, is unlikely to figure in the squad to face Swansea on Saturday with Goran Popov back from suspension, Romelu Lukaku available again and captain Chris Brunt hoping to shake off an ankle injury.

But his profile has already rocketed after he learned of his inclusion in the Chelsea squad via social media.

“I found out through Twitter,” he said. “People were tweeting me saying ‘well done, you’re in the squad’ and I hadn’t heard anything.

“Steve Clarke then called me in and said I was involved.

“My Twitter followers have gone up massively!”

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Comments for: "Isaiah Brown's next goal is West Brom debut"

Adam h

Sounds like a real down to earth young man.

Haven't seen him play apart from a few bits online but I have heard he is a real prospect.

Maybe I'm been a little over optimistic but a possible replacement for dorrans when he leaves???

I'm under the impression he plays same sort of possitions as J-Mo (sorry couldn't help myself) so maybe could provide younger competition/cover for that position?

Jack ♣ Hat.

Adam h,

I see Adam, J-mo!, get in there boy, another starter for ten.



Hi mate,

at least we'd know who started J-mo!!!

Seriously though i really hope the lad does well - he comes across as a decent lad. I read in a paper at the weekend a little story about him helping to load / unload the kit onto the coach at the weekend. How many young players would do that - speaks volumes does that to me.

Good luck to the "stealth bomber" ( got to quote you mate!)

now who did start GMac.....please own up...




Shame you didn`t come on at chelsea but nice to see you warming up, just keep on doing what your doing and your turn will come, must say it sent a few giggles round the upper tier of the shed when your name was sang.

We Only Need One Half!

Hey baggieboy, I think Ive found something them wulfies can compete with us Premier League Clubs with at last, it took a lot of searching mind!

Needless to say our club came out best, again!

Team Prog Pie Pint Total

Arsenal £3.00 £3.10 £3.50 £9.60

Chelsea £3.00 £3.60 £3.50 £10.10

Everton £3.00 £2.80 £3.50 £9.30

Fulham £3.50 £3.90 £4.20 £11.60

Li'pool £3.00 £3.20 £3.60 £9.80

Man Cy £3.00 £3.50 £3.40 £9.90

Man U £3.00 £3.10 £3.30 £9.40

Nc'stle £2.50 £2.80 £4.00 £9.30

Norwich £4.50 £2.50 £3.50 £9.80

Villa £3.00 £3.50 £3.50 £10.50

QPR £3.00 £2.90 £3.80 £9.70

Reading £3.00 £3.20 £3.90 £10.10

S' ton £3.00 £3.20 £3.60 £9.80

Stoke £3.50 £2.70 £3.70 £9.90

S' land £3.00 £2.90 £3.60 £9.50

S 'sea £3.00 £3.00 £3.45 £9.45

Spurs £3.00 £3.70 £4.00 £10.70

Albion £3.00 £2.40 £3.10 £8.50

W Ham £3.50 £3.00 £4.00 £10.50

Wigan £3.00 £2.30 £3.20 £8.50

Average £3.13 £3.06 £3.62 £9.80

Wolves £3.00 £3.00 £3.70 £9.70

Jez has got a 6.5 million loss to recover, so don't you go being too mean to them now.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.- Henry Ford


and you call me sad

We Only Need One Half!

yes, but that was before you were my friend }-)

baggie in blues territory


sorry to trash your figures but a pint in the millenium corner was £3.80 and a pie £2.90 when i was there for the sunderland game. j

obviously jez and jeremy are made from the same stuff, it is just jeremy is much much better at it

Jack ♣ Hat.

baggie in blues territory,

Now you have found out what goes up as it goes down. Darwin wouldn't have got his head around that one mate. L☺Ls.


We Only Need One Half!

BIBT, I couldnt say mate, you see a Senior Steward serves me in my seat at half time, and I just bung him whatever, I don't even have to leave my seat and queue with the hoi polloi.

That's all true by the way.

p.s. you forgot, JPs got a Premiership Club to maintain.

Jack ♣ Hat.


....... was sang, I thought his name had always been Brown!. L☺Ls.


CantelloRocket 78

'wolf' boy-

I meant to say-

'Psalm23', who strangely enough used to post exactly the same way as you do on here (he disappeared when you showed up), was on the Millwall Wolves match report saying 'that'll shut the tescos up'-

what a strange thing for an Albion fan to say?-

unless it was an 'undercover' wolves fan who got his names mixed up-

if so, what a plonker!!

Any thoughts.........?

Cyril Randle

Izzy, keep your feet on the ground and your in the clouds. Tell your Mom that one day, given normal luck, you'll make her, and yourself, VERY rich ! Oh, and famous. Keep very fit, football is a wonderful, dangerous game.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Weer ar cum frum Iz / Izzy uz short f Lizzy wot in taern uz short for Ilizibuth, ay et mar maet?. Just cus thet kid uz got big aire doh mean anuthin, doh et?.


Brummie roader Ryan

One for the future! Hope he makes it!

How is Scott Allan doing? Haven't heard of him since his loan at Pompey he's suppose to have lot's of potential and I heard he is a Young James Morrison? He is 21 older than I thought if he doesn't make it soon then I fear he is never gonna make it.

If anyone could let me know how the other young players are doing that would be great.

Boing boing


He's performing well apparently - the club still rate him highly by all accounts and I'd say he and Thorne are fantastic prospects; we will start to see the likes of Allan, Berahino and Brown more in the coming season I expect.

We Only Need One Half!

BRB, just ask Do Lally, he watches our youth team games, and has the gen on all our up and coming stars, so he told us last week, apparently, although when I asked him how, where and when he watched them, he declined to say??

According to Warren, when I was bemoaning the loss of Wood (that sentence is so wrong! no sniggering) he told me, and has said on these pages since, that Berahino will be a big, big star.

Well, that's possibly two of the new Three Degrees in place, bright future and exciting times ahead, hopefully???

Keep telling you, its all gravy!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Well done Isaiah (Stealth Bomber), keep that shirt and get it signed by the team. Learn with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Take good advice from the staff and players. N.B. Mind how you use Social media sites if you HAVE to use them. Glad your mum is over the moon with your progress and all the best.



Goodluck mate, hope you can break though!

Kev in Mallorca


Sounds like your career is well on track and if you need any more inspiration hope you caught the Laurie Cunningham documentary last night, it brought a tear to my eye.



It got me about 20 minutes from the end, as I knew what was coming!!


Didn't watch the last fifteen minutes for exactly that reason! :(

Jack ♣ Hat.


Give me your Lotto numbers please.



Afternoon all,

it was a really good documentry - and as it's world book day i took my copy a samba in the smethick end into my form at school and a copy of the "on the fifth day of christmas" DVD -it was a tenious link but the first 20 mins of the day (registration) just went by in a flash...bit like Laurie himself rounding many full backs.




On the Jonas Ollson thread, I did reply to you but it disappeared. I will try again.

I saw you after the game in The Vine after the Sunderland game, and unfortunately, you weren't in a fit state to communicate with anyone. As for before the game, I saw you and your mates (and a pie???), but didn't realise there was any message for me personally.

Kev in Mallorca


I must admit I was a little over the top after the game but I was capable of communicating,well sort of, I remember speaking to One 'arf , Cantello and I crossed the road all by myself, anyway I was on 'oliday.

The pie was only a bit of fun with Mad Max and I thought you may have appreciated the writing in pink icing.

I don't know why you don't come out of the bushes your tekin' longer then Victor Meldrew to come out, we don't bite and whatever we say on here will always be seen in a different light in the pub face to face.

I'm coming back for the Arsenal game and it's my birthday and I'd like to buy you a pint,Max might pay for it but we can pretend it's from me.


E1 Baggie

Izzy, Izzy Brown!

We are the Future

Am I misremembering or was this lad introduced at half time a few years back? Someone came on the pitch with the announcer saying we had beaten Chelsea and United to get him and he was going to be a big part of West Bromwich Albion in the years to come. Whether it was him or not it looks like you could apply the sound bite to him.

bOiNg BoInG


Yes it was him, grey suit. My lad was at the Academy, he has just left in fact and Izzy was bought in by the team of academy scouts as a genuine prospect, there were higher profile clubs showing genuine interest in him and we beat them all to him.

They dont waste money on players of his age (13 when he signed) if they do not really rate them. I think they have this one right! I have seen him train for the past three years and he is at a level way above anybody else of his age.

A good prospect, but one that we may struggle to hold on to.

We are the Future

Thanks for the reply, been asking everyone and no sod could remember!

Sounds like we've got a cracker, although I haven't seen him play other than YouTube unfortunately.

Good luck to your son wherever he's playing now

bOiNg BoIng

Steve Poole Baggie

Kev, have to agree with your point on Laurie. For any baggies fan it was a wonderful viewing. For me agruably the best Albion player I have ever seen. Interesting to see ex fellow players saying that he was the Ronaldo of the current time. He was a brilliant player and the word legend is used far to easily in today's world but Laurie Cunningham was a real legend and would be an inspiration to someone like Isaiah. At his best, what would he be worth today????

Come on you baggies!!!

Kev in Mallorca

Steve, I'm sure if JP were handling the sale today we would get the maximum and I think Real Madrid got a bargain at the time after being alerted to his talent after his performance in Spain against Valencia which I was lucky enough to witness.


PS. Was it you who was thinking about coming to live in Palma Nova last year?

I live in Trianon 1 on heart attack hill

CantelloRocket 78

'I got butterflies when I saw my ( Albion ) shirt hanging up.It was something special'-

I feel exactly the same way when getting dressed on match day, and open the wardrobe.......;)

Seriously, good luck Isaiah, here's to a long and successful career, hopefully whilst wearing that Baggies shirt........


Got the Laurie Cunningham story on sky plus for tonight - but what a player he was..... he looked so thin when he arrived but he floated past defenders and no one could knock him off the ball. His link up with Cyrille was a partnership that often gets overlooked but those 2 were brilliant together.

I was at the game against valencia when he ran them ragged and pretty much earned his move to madrid - just a real class player. As for his value today...... i would place him above Gareth Bale so lets start the bidding there.


I know Laurie went to R.M to "better" himself and all that jazz,but i always wonder what if,he had stayed with us a little longer.I mean,he was only with us for a short time really.He was doing all the tricks even,all those yrs ago,stepping over the ball one way and then the other.The way he used to knock the ball past defenders and then beat all for pace and grace.Pure class. During the doco it seemed some the contributors were close to tears,i know i shed a few,i make no secret of that,Remembering hoe when he was in full flight his head never moved,like a panther.

Lone wolf

Youre not by yourself son.......My old mom would cry too if ever i turned out for the Albion!

Kev in Mallorca

All Alone

What's 'appened, weaa yo bin? If I day no any betta I say the Dingles musta won or sumat?


Jack ♣ Hat.

Odd Fellow,

So would your whole family, and Jezz would be crying from his "Pies" at the thought of losing out to an "Early Bird". L☺L.


The View From Baggy♥Bottom


We all would, mate.

Nice to hear from you though!

Boing Boing!!!

CantelloRocket 78


I was wondering why you hadn't been here for months, but then I realised the link-

Wolves won a game, ay?

So next time you'll be back at the end of April, right.........?

We Only Need One Half!

Is that the REAL Lone Wolf?



amsterdam baggie

i remember the year before we sightned cunningham going to leyton orientt and was quite shocked to hear our supporters berating him the whole match with foul racist chanting hope none of you boys are on here,


i got the sky + the laurie program to look forward to , he was some player and would have graced the premier league .

if i remember rightly he caught our eye playing for leyton orient in an f.a cup tie at the hawthorns ,my dad was raving about him and we signed him the year later . those years as 16- 20 year old will always be special to me .

i always argue that ronnie allen built the team and fat ron destroyed it 3 years on, i will never forgive him for that. and before you lot shoot me down look at the team ron inherited and the he left us , still grinds on me know.

izzy watch the laurie story and learn because life is short and and a footballers careers even shorter , but leave us and your family with memories like laurie has