West Brom 2 Sunderland 1 - match report

Romelu Lukaku scored two more goals as Albion claimed a deserved win against Sunderland to reach the 40-point mark.

The Baggies’ on-loan leading scorer capped a fine display with his 11th and 12th goals of the season to give his side a second successive win.

The Chelsea teenager netted a penalty before half-time and a bizarre second goal with 15 minutes to go.

But Albion had to withstand some late pressure from the Black Cats, who pulled a goal back with 10 minutes remaining through Stephane Sessegnon.

The game also saw rebel striker Peter Odemwingie make his first appearance since his January fall-out with the club, joining the game as a late substitute to loud boos from many fans.

The first 25 minutes were largely uneventful but the game exploded into life just before the half-hour.

First Liam Ridgewell found space on the left and crossed for Lukaku, who sent a header wide.

And the visitors went even closer when former Wolves man Steven Fletcher hit the base of Ben Foster’s right-hand post with a shot on the turn from the edge of the box.

Adam Johnson charged down Steven Reid’s clearance and, when the ball dropped to Danny Graham, the Sunderland striker had his shot saved by Foster.

Moments later Lukaku combined well with James Morrison on the right and the Scotland international delivered an inviting cross that narrowly evaded the onrushing Shane Long.

Albion then took control and should have been ahead when Ridgewell delivered another excellent cross after an overlapping run and found an unmarked Youssouf Mulumbu, who headed wide when he should have scored.

There was controversy on 30 minutes when referee Roger East disallowed a Lukaku ‘goal’ after he seized on a prodded pass by Morrison and beat Simon Mignolet.

The crowd celebrated but the official had already blown for a foul on Morrison.

However, he made amends moments later when he awarded Albion a crucial penalty.

Ridgewell was again the instigator as his cross was handled by former team-mate Craig Gardner, with Lukaku driving a low shot past Belgium international colleague Mignolet.

And it could have got better for the Baggies just before the break when Morrison crossed for Shane Long, who headed wide.

Sunderland made a bright start to the second half and could have equalised early on when a Seb Larsson corner found Sessegnon beyond the far post.

But he saw his shot cleared off the line by Mulumbu.

The Baggies then regained their advantage and Lukaku twice had shots beaten away by Mignolet.

Albion applied more pressure but had to wait until the 75th minute to double their lead.

Lukaku burst away from John O’Shea out wide on the halfway line and Titus Bramble’s attempted backpass was too short for MIgnolet.

The keeper beat Lukaku to the ball but his clearance hit Lukaku and flew like an arrow into the net.

But it was 2-1 moments later as the Baggies failed to clear their lines and Sessegnon curled a shot past Foster.

In the closing stages Odemwingie replaced Lukaku, with the two-goal hero receiving a standing ovation while his replacement got loud boos and abuse from a large number of fans.

But with his first touch the Nigerian cut inside and fired a cross-shot just wide.

Foster had to make a timely save from Vaughan in the closing moments as the Baggies held on to win.

By Steve Madeley

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Comments for: "West Brom 2 Sunderland 1 - match report"

'The Class of 68'

Well done you Baggie boys .....

...... Good result against a battling team, Sunderland were no pushover.


kev r wba 7th now everton lost!

AND thats how ya do it dingles!!

watch and learn one day you will get back to back wins in the big league

but for now league 1 dog meat!

oh and


Brummie roader Ryan

Good win! Lukaku is a machine no way will Chelsea allow him to come back next season he has the attributes to be a world class player.

40 points in 7th place now only 2 points behind Everton!

Was disappointed with the boos for Odemwingie you are not real fans shame on you, you You are probably the same fans who don't sing i'm not saying cheer Peter but don't boo for gods sake it will effect the rest of the team.

One very happy baggie

Boing boing

Jack ♣ Hat.


Look mate, Chelsea have entrusted Steve with the job of Developing Lukaku for a big future and while he is playing first team football with us has a more than good chance of going to Brazil for the world cup. Now, do you believe Chelsea will jeopardise his future and the confidence a world cup place would for him besides what he is getting with performances like yesterdays?. Not forgetting he is only nineteen years old. Tell me.

I was pleased with Osaze's "Welcome back party" it didn't seem too bad on computer and he played well given the time he was out there. Certainly didn't let it affect him did he.


Cyril Randle

BRRyan. Nothing is THAT black and white Ryan. I don't sing at matches, never have, but I've never booed an Albion player either. Does that make me less of a fan ? I think not, just different from you !

23 hours before K.O. i had a cataract removed. Nothing unusual these days in that but maybe a sensible man would have stayed home out of the cold. I've never shown any sense whatsoever supporting Albion and it's far too late now. Might I also suggest that Jack is as keen as anyone but for reasons known to himself, he is restricted to the radio and computer. Does that make him any less a supporter ? NO !

Booing is probably more about manners than intensity of support.

carly g

Thats right Cyril!! Manners cannot be brought they are inherited!

Cyril Randle

Carly, I was going to say 'taught', but you may well be right. The old 'Nature or Nurture' argument.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Our lot went to Stamford Bridge when we knocked out Chelsea in the F.A. cup mate. We entered some pub close to the ground before the match where all the Chelsea fans were singing, not to be out done I started to sing "Jeff Astle, Jeff Astle". You could have heard a pin drop, my mates said Jack, your big mouth has got us big trouble. This one fan built like a brick Bog came over and said "Be Quiet let them have their day", I replied " Our day too pal and we have travelled further". With that they all burst into laughter, and that my friend is the biggest block of ice I have broken, even to this day.

I used to sing (If one could call it that) at every opportunity, but I realise it takes all sorts to be a supporter. These days through illness I have become a fanatic. But still get to the Hawthorns to see the old ground and to (So different to the one I went to at first, isn't the minds eye a wonderful thing?.) get my bits and bobs.


Brummie roader Ryan

Cyril Randle I think you have got the wrong end of the stick if you don't sing but have never booed then there is no problem is there? I should have said "fickle" fans instead of "true" fans All i'm saying is don't boo as it will effect the team and i'v never said Jack the Hat is not a true supporter iv never met him but seems like a nice bloke reading these boards, I have only been to about 8 games myself this season due to financial reasons if I could afford to go to every game home and away I would I love the Albion.

Hope you don't take it the wrong way boing boing

Cyril Randle

BRR, we are all going to express ourselves in the way that suits us when the bugle calls us to action mate. A bloke who watches one match a year must have his reasons. Others do all the home matches and loads of away too. I was one of that lot. But I had good health, a good job and could afford it. My only other real hobby was looking at ladies and as long as I didn't touch, the missus didn't flatten me. And no, I haven't taken your comments the wrong way. Keep 'em coming !


Super result, safe on 40 points at last. Now lets push on and get more points than we accumilated last season and who knows where we will finish in the league.

Lukaku was outstanding and unplayable and the whole team put a shift in. PO was unlucky cutting in to shoot with an early first touch, he will just have to take the flack on the chin and knuckle down like we all know he can do. We need Shane Long to find his scoring boots again as we will lose Lukaku against Chelski.

Happy Baggie indeed.

Boing Boing and enjoy watching MOD especially the Vile result.

Adam h

Good 3 points today.

Lukaku is the next big thing in football.

To all the supporters who booed odemwingie - shame on you. The man is leaving at the end of the season and I for one certainly agree what he did was disgraceful and a slap in our face, and I can't wait to see the back of him despite his talents. However when a match is been played and despite weather or not you like the player, you do not boo. If you don't like the man then fine don't cheer but what is the point in booing when we have a match to play?

We Only Need One Half!

Adam, you've hit the nail on the head with that post.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Adam h,

Yeh mate, the booing did affect the team, look how long it took them to settle and get into their stride. Could have been two goals down in that time then no way back. Then they say we are BAGGIES, they were disrespectful to the team, after saying Osaze was disrespectful to them. Couldn't make it up could you.

That lot down the road call their players all sorts and run them down, then say they are not good enough to wear the shirt. Gorra loff ay ya if et wor soo pathetic.



Hi Adam h. As an Albion season ticket holder I attended the Sunderland game with my Grandson who is only 9 years of age. We both totally agree with what you say, Lukaku was superb! What a player, he has EVERYTHING and caused Sunderland so many problems he is a credit to the game and is still only 19 years old. If only we could keep him next season! Come on JP see what you can do!

As for the booing when Peter Odemwingie came on, I wish the people who did this would think how this can effect the player and the team. We were only winning by the odd goal and there was only a few minuets to go to the end of the match which we needed to win to get to the magic 40 point mark. I was worried that Sunderland may get a late goal so that is why we as Albion supporters we should be cheering our players to help them push on and win instead of booing and giving the opposition encouragment. So come you so called supporters think before you boo please! COYB.


Loud boo's my a@*$,most of them from the Sunderland fan's.

Typical dingle rag trying to stir it again, you lot make me sick.

Boing! Boing! SOTW, SOTV.

Jack ♣ Hat.


No wonder I couldn't hear the boos on computer, now I savvy mate.



Another double achieved, and safety almost a guarentee. what dya say Max? you happy now mate?

I really want Lukaku to get past 15 goals, and it looks likely now. A few tough fixtures on the way so 6 points gives us a buffer.

well done you baggies, It's made my week!


lets hear the brunt knockers know, who behind the unplayable lukaku, was terrific again.


Thought we started slow today for first 20 mins after that we battled our way to. Deserved win.

For me lukakus second goal epitomised the entire team performance today in that we didn't give up on anything today.

Now we have reached the sacred 40 points I hope that we can go on to our best ever position and points haul in the PL so this team and management can get the plaudits that this season they so richly deserve.

boy from the REAL black country

Great result today and a very pleasing performance. Played some really good stuff at times and created quite a few good chances. At last we're starting to look like the side we were early season. Thought Brunt had his best game in ages and can consider himself unlucky not to win MoM award but you couldn't take it away from Lukaku!

I decided before the game, personally, not to go in for the booing of Odemwingie as it offers nothing but negativity to the team and see my attendance as support for the team. That said i certainly wouldn't criticize those that did boo him, it was justified and he can't have any complaint after the way he's acted, but i couldn't bring myself to cheer and clap him either as some did, seems some will forgive absolutely anything!

Lukaku won't be available next week against Chelski, and Long looked like he came off carrying a knock? I would like to see MAF playing the lone striker role in a presumed 4-5-1 should Long not make it. Reckon MAF is at his best here than pushed out wide and playing Rosenberg doesn't fill me with much confidence.

Dark blue

Odemwingie got loud boos and abuse? I assume you attended the match? Yes there were boos from some supporters, maybe a few hundred, but his name was even sung in the Brummie rd end. Most supporters did neither at the game like myself. Most of us would not boo an Albion player (and a decent one at that) it's a minority that booed so don't make it sound worse than it was. I thought most of the crowd got behind him during his 10 minutes which was the sensible thing to do. We don't want to sink down to his level and I don't think most of us did! (although there are always a few who can't help it)

We Only Need One Half!

Dark Blue, no there was loud booing, because MUMOTD said so, honest, in fact to quote them "the boo's rang around the ground" its true, its true I tell you, the media said so!

Yeah right, how biased does this programme get, they made as bigger deal has they could of Odem coming on, then failed to show he almost scored after only being on the pitch for a minute!

And whilst we are on the subject of MUMOTD, Hanson, what are you on? I m not the biggest fan of this ball to hand business for a penalty, as in a lot of cases, the speed of the ball and the short distance it travels I cant see has the defender can do much, short of having limbs amputated, but, for Hanson to claim Gardner's jumping with arms flailing at 90 degrees is the SAME as McAuleys tucked into his side and vertical to his body is just plain ridiculous.

If this rule persists, I wonder how much longer it will be before players when getting a free kick just outside the box will forgo a shot at goal in favour of deliberately targeting the arms of a player in the two man walls for a guaranteed penalty? Its got to happen.

I see MON is in various papers this morning moaning that they the ref got it wrong for the McAuley decision, but I have yet to find a paper where he moans about the ref getting our disallowed goal wrong (something else MUMOTD strangely omitted to show?) and denying Lukaku a well deserved hat trick, the "1st" goal should have stood, has a experienced ref worth his salt would have played the advantage from Morrisons foul.

Still MON's got enough problems as it is, 12 million quid for Fletcher? (or the invisible man has he should be known after yesterdays display), nice one Moxey, you certainly saw him coming there!

p.s. wheres the saft Mackem gone to? thought he'd be on here telling us they should really have won again, we are about the same level, and we will both finish mid table?

Boing Boing!

Mel the Mackem

Your brummie mods have blocked my original comment. I was a bit late posting as I was on nights and had to wait until Sunday morning to watch it on tele.

Bad ref again yesterday but also help by our poor defending (again) as Gardner should have put it over the stand.

If it was a penalty against us (when Gardner ried to get his hand out of the way) it was a definite penalty against you as you can clearly see the defenders arm come out (last man before the goal line as well so should have been a sending off).

You seem to be getting the 50/50 decsions this season, maybe part of the compo from the FA for poaching Hodgson.

Take out bad defending (yes our fault) and bad reffing we could have had 6 points, leave in the bad defending and a draw in each match would have been fair.

Still time to for us catch you if we can put a few results together and you have another 3 months without a win.

ps other than the goals & applause for Lukaku (hope we can loan him next season) the lads tell me the next loadest noise was you lot booing your own player

booing booing ;)

We Only Need One Half!

That's a interesting theory you proffer, tell me, based on the fact we are better this season than last, and you are worse, and last season you finished 3 places behind us, how exactly did you arrive at the conclusion you can catch us? I'm intrigued.

p.s. why on earth would Lukaku swap a team flirting with Europe (7 points off) for one flirting with disaster (5 points off) ??

p.p.s. I seem to remember Sunderland booing Danny Graham, before he had had a chance to put a Mackems shirt on, now that's booing booing ;)

A.I.T.K. I know its a dingle, I am just proving that even when they adopt a club to try and have ago they still cant hold a cogent argument, how sad's that?


Well, at least you are not bitter........


You haven't beat us for a while now Mel. Can't all be down to reffing decisions. Those grapes must be quite tart. Shame you spent so much money on so much rubbish. You can't beat a team with Sessignon alone. Most of the booing was from the Mackems anyway. You can't comment on the atmosphere of a ground when you wern't even there and besides, your lot are famous for booing. look forward to battering you next season as well.

Boing Boing

Jack ♣ Hat.

Mel the Mackem,

I have come to this conclusion.

You are not connected to the Mackems, ALBION or the Dingles.


Bromham Baggie

That's a pretty decent effort at a wind-up. I especially smiled at the "if you have another 3 months without a win." What's the Sunderland site that I can post on, to reciprocate? (if I can be bothered)


For Gods sake what you on mate!

Did you go to the game or did you watch MOD!

You could be going down with the Villa!

Coven baggy

At last I was beginning to think I was the only one who was troubled by Hanson's bias. Well said sir.


Enjoyable game after the first 20 minutes and we deserved the win. Chris Brunt had his best game for a while, but the key for us is the pairing of Yacob and Mulumbu in the middle of the park. Let's hope that we can continue to kick on until the end of the season.


A good three points but still amazes me that there were fans moaning about the manner of the result after the game. Get a grip people, after the run we've had since Christmas just accept the 3 points and move on.

As for the booing of Mr Odemwingie, he may have got booed by a "large number of fans" but I still think they were in the minority if a vocal one. At the end of the day, no matter what he did he is still an Albion player and important for the push for the end of the season. I don't like what he did any more than the rest but it's more important that we support the whole team.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Forty point safety level reached, now for minimum fifty point level. First half was mainly tentative and telegraphed play from ALBION. The referee had an itchy whistle for the disallowed Romelu "Goal", he should have let the game run for a couple of seconds for advantage time. Robbed ALBION of a goal and Romelu of a hat trick. The penalty decision in our favour was a good call as their defender jumped up with his aeroplane arms streched out in front of Ridgewell, so you see the referee didn't level the disallowed goal as joke writer Madeley states. By the way his match updates are pathetically thin on the ground every game, others get through without problems. Back to the match, then we clicked, passing became deliberate, fast and accurate. One incident got at me, we had three players on their wide right player, they all retreated into the box before a tentative tackle came in. Why the heck couldn't one of them step forward and make him play the ball whilst he was outside the box, for heavens sake. Got that off my chest. Myself, I didn't think the Osaze booing was quite so bad as stated and he certainly got on with business a usual. Safety is now reached and I'm dead chuffed,

Now come on the rest of the incompetent West Midland clubs or do you want our area to die?. Shift your Butts.


Cyril Randle

Relying mainly on one ear, I cannot always guarantee direction of sound, but those around me in the East Stand insisted that the boos mainly came from Sunderland fans. They were not THAT loud either with clapping applause over-riding the boos anyway. Had his shot gone in that crept past the post, I doubt there would have been booing from either set of supporters. It was a good win.

We Only Need One Half!

Hi Cyril, how the op go bud? I hope you do have more than one ear, or how else you going to hang you glasses on your face! ;-)

Cyril Randle

G'mornin' Wonoh. It went well I think. The focus seems good although I'm still looking through a slightly steamy window with it. Probably yampy going to the match but I just attoo.

Back in the 60s I was going deaf, measles at 4 yrs old can do that. Then I had an ear op. in 1969, middle stapes changed for plastic or stainless wire and I couldn't stand the noise of flushing the toilet. Never got the other done. Don't know why.

Now the left ear is just to make me look pretty and it's no use there either ! Good germ wor it ?

We Only Need One Half!

Cyril, trouble with your eyesight? hard of hearing? Cyril do you not realise, the worlds now your oyster, you could be a Premiership ref, or a MUMOTD pundit, or even a talent scout for the wulfies, you satisfy the criteria!

Glad it went well mate.

Bromham Baggie

So it had nothing to do with white water rafting? Totally agree with all of WONOH's statements.

bavarian kev

Another barnstorming performance from lukaku. I do however fear for our goal tally when he returns to chelsea.Hopeful garlick will be sniffing out a replacement for next season.But his drive,determination and explosive talent will be hard to replace.It would be great to hold on to him for a second season but i cant see chelsea being so generous again. Still enjoying it for as long as it lasts.

Aussie Baggie

No need to go searching Europe for replacements, the Baggies just need to open the purse strings and place a bid with Chelsea for Lukaku. The boy loves it at the Hawthorns and he is the total match winning forward that we cannot 'afford' to lose!

We Only Need One Half!

Aussie, its nice to have a dream mate, but the fact Chelsea paid around 20 mill for him, he is well out our price range, even at half the price, for the foreseeable future.

Do not despair though, I am sure they are beavering away behind the scenes, as always, to find us a class striker when he does sadly leave, they are out there, look at Michu, 2 million, trick is finding the buggers!

Tough luck Bradford, thought your fans were magnificent, even when it was obviously a lost cause. Fair play.


Romelu Lukaku is doubtlessly the hero, produced a real gem out of second goal. He becomes a star quickly, outside the pitch as well, and literally terrorizing defenders on it. James Morrison had tireless pace, also Chris Brunt and Claudio, Youssuf proved his absolute nesessity again, Shane received a good portion of leg hits, healthy he be, all the lads were encouraged and made proper workrate. Congrats to all, win and perspectives ahead.

Yurich, in Russia



Can you have a word with the other Russian fellow (the one who owns Chelsea - Mr Abramovich) and see if we can have Lukaku on loan for next season too?


Morning all another win for the baggies yesterday great result even though they made it hard for them selves again by conceding a late goal. God how cold was it yesterday. Well there is no comments on here at the moment but I'm sure po will be a big talking point as it has been all week. Yes I booed him twice once when he ran down and tried to clap the brummy road whilst warming up then I had a mixed reaction cause I booed him when he came on but then clapped him. As far as I'm concerned I won't boo him again I've made my point and now ill be moving on. It was strange really cause it seemed about fifty fifty on who booed and clapped but the clappers lasted longest. Glad they brought him on cause love him or loath him this should draw a line under it. Hopefully now dolally and psalm won't get called dingles for there views and Cyril won't tell people to stay away from HIS club we can all leave comments that we believe to be true and support the club we love coyb

Cyril Randle

Brierley. Show me where or when I have ever told anyone to stay away from OUR club. You just make it up as you go along. Please don't ever do jury duty.

Mel the Mackem

Here we go again, just like at the Stadium of Light the brummies win thanks to a dodgy penalty (if that was a handball so was the one at the other end) and another gift goal. 6 points that should have come our way with decent refs and proper defending or 2 points each if you just look at the refs as I admit its our fault with the defending and you blokes still had to score them.

CantelloRocket 78

Melineux the miserable-

as we approach Easter, I've a little 'ditty' you can sing with yer mates-

( apologies for stealing Xmas )-

'on the twelfth day of EASTER, my true love sent to me-

Twelve winless matches,

Eleven rubbish players,

Ten shots at Barnsley,

Nine hit the floodlights,

Eight games for four points,

Seven quid museum,

Six to book me tickets,


Four clueless Coaches,

Three pies and pints,

Two M and M's,

and Division One before the first of May........'

Now share it with those other 'Mackems' at Molineux........:)

Mel the Mackem

The truth obviously hurts.

ps What has Wolves got to do with Sunderland?

CantelloRocket 78

Mel the ding.-

'what HAVE wolves got to do with Sunderland?'

Well Sunderland are a premiership club.

And they play decent football.

And they don't have childish, jealous fans.

So the answer is very little...........


Mel far too many lemons in your drink so sour

We Only Need One Half!

"The truth obviously hurts" umm, is it me, or have I heard a certain other poster use that exact same phrase lately?

come out, come out who ever you are!

Cyril Randle

CR78 As we used to say in Great Bridge, "Cowin' brilliant"

CantelloRocket 78


thanks, hope the operation went well, eyesight is without doubt extremely precious, and like many things, it's often taken for granted by most of us.


CantelloRocket 78. Love it, Loveit, Love it!!

Well said mate!! Boing, Boing!!!!

We Only Need One Half!

Mel there you are, even if we take you point about a different ref, which I don't because the two incidents were completely different, you would have still lost, because a decent ref would have allowed Lukaku's first goal.

Still believe you will finish around the same place as us in the league?

p.s. how you still think you should have won 5-4 at yours instead of losing 2-4 is beyond me!

At our place, without bad ref and defending it would have been 2-1 to us.

We gave you the first goal, the ref gave you the second and you only got the fourth because we were going all out to try and salvage a draw at the end.

I haven't seen the "disallowed goal" as it wasn't on match of the day but I'm told that the defenders stopped as soon as the whistle went. It was such a key point that it wasn't mentioned in the Sunday Times or the Sunday People either.

We Only Need One Half!

The goal that should have stood, I never blamed your defenders once, given it was a matter of 1-2 seconds between the foul and the ball being in the back of the net, I too has a defender would claim I had stopped for the whistle. I am surprised none of your Sunderland friends saw it has a key point along with the Times and the People and MUMOTD. Umm have a look at the Telegraph, or Eurosport.com, or sbnation.com or how about fifa.com, or, probably the best one, your own local sky live text cast at tyneandwear.sky.com

which stated

"West Brom deserve that after a spell of pressure and a harshly disallowed goal"

But none of your mates saw it, strange that, Cyril, I think Ive found some more candidates for that job!


Mel I seem to remember the same sour grapes comments after we beat you in the last match.

Look at the penalties again, the penalty against you your defender clearly extended his arms out clearly stoping a cross, for the one in our box GM clearly has his arms by his side he physically could nt move them that's why one was a clear penalty the other wasn't

however thought your boys gave us a good game and can't see relegation being an issue for you

Mel the Mackem

Sorry, what started off as a moan about the tone of the reporting after the last game did turn into a bit of a beer fueled rant. I did attempt to post a calmer comment later but the boards were closed.

We could argue all day about your penalty because I saw it as Gardner using his arms to generate height when he jumped and then doing his best to get his arm out the way but your chap clearly stuck his elbow out and only got away with it due to the ref's poor positioning.

Cyril Randle

Mel, if you only saw M.o'D. highlights, please don't risk your reputation as a football man. They were appalling. Unbalanced, huge lumps missing, obviously a rushed-job afterthought by the BBC suddenly realising there were two other games they'd forgotten about. We pay a huge licence fee for that tripe ! (Well I did for many years).

Jack ♣ Hat.

Mel the Mackem,

Gardner wants to stop jumping like a fairy then. When goalkeepers were said the same of when they brought the one knee (The knee comes up after the initial jump) up when they jumped to catch a ball. Knees up and aeroplane wings (The arms swing up not out) are not natural stances try them out for yourself, they are an after thought and just don't work. So who are you trying to kid?, yourself. The out flung arm/s are used to infringe. the goalkeepers leg is brought up to infringe and protect. Nothing to do with fair play.


Black Country and Bathams Beer

Melanie, what on earth are you on?

thanks for the 6 points this season - see you next season (if MoN doesn't take you down)


Is anyone bothered what you did

Reg Smith

Look, fans were entitled to boo Odemwinge, it was the first opportunity to vent our feelings in front of him. But that's it now, he'll get everyones support now going forward. Come on you Baggies.


Got to agree with Boogie. Brunty had a stormer, kudos to the lad who was getting stick a few weeks ago, he just keep quiet, got on with his job and his performances have improved week on week.

Medway Baggie

I watched Sky Sports News and listened to Paul Walsh's comments. I watched MOTD and was surprised, but I don't know why, that things like the dissallowed goal wasn't shown. Then Hansan saying that the penalty shout against us should have been given. Mental flash back to Paul Walsh's comment about the decisions. Ours, the defenders arms were raised and so was a correct decision, theirs, our defenders arms by his side, so decision correct again. Started to get seriously wound up by the BBC pundits. Had to restrain myself from posting last night as I don't think it would have gotten past the moderators.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Deep down I am glad that most pundits write us off as it keeps us under the radar, but sometimes I would like to get some praise for what we are doing and have achieved.

Anyway. well done guys for reaching target one, now onto the next target of fifty points.


Medway Baggie

Good tip give up on Motd they never have a good word to say watch sky at 10 15 on match choice you get a lot more than the three minutes the BBQ give us


Talking of the Media. Nice to see Everton and Liverpool still chasing that Champions League spot. And were comfortable in mid table.

We Only Need One Half!

nice one centurion! :0

CantelloRocket 78

On many occasions, I've spotted those words 'be careful what you wish for....'-

well leading up to yesterday's game, I told a few people I had a strong gut feelin' that Albion would win 2-0, so havin' reached that scoreline late in the game, I said to the guy next to me 'I'm not sure if I want it to stay like this, because I'll be kickin' meself for not havin' a bet on it'-

a minute later Sunderland scored........not the first time I've had a thought that then materialised-

'with great power comes great responsibility'............:-)

Seriously, 3 points, 40 in total, 7th in the Prem., several pints of Bathams, one sizzlin' tikka-

I've had worse days........

Super bob

Rocket, didn't get the chance to reply to you being in London this coming week. If you want to hook for a beer then let me know on lee.platt@hotmail.co.uk

Will be in Holland until Wednesday working but if yams around after drop us an email.

CantelloRocket 78

Super Bob,

Cheers, probably won't see you this week, but will be in touch.

Whilst in Holland, say hello to Richard Sneekes, will ya?

kenny hibbitt scorcher 78

another great win for wba, well done. roll on summer.


Great win, massive performance from Lukaku and I thought Brunt was superb as well! The incident with Odenwingie was bound to happen because supporters have differing perspectives - I agree with Dark Blue. Please don't get me started on the MOTD muppets ....


Another good result and another fantastic display from Lukaku again. He really is a talent and I'm pretty sure Chelsea will want him back next season unless we are very lucky indeed but I'd love to see him stay. A player I probably want to see the back of in PO got some boo's according to the press but I think that the boos were only from a few fans and most fans clapped him on. I know that most other supporters from other clubs are intent on booing him for his antics. Although this is strangly heart warming (as it means that other fans respect our stance in the matter) it also puts us in a bad light and I hope those who did boo have got it out of thier system because I don't recall our fan base being renowned for booing in the past and I realy hope it's not a sign of times a changin.

I remember watching Middlesborough fans booing thier lot a few seasons back and thinking 'well at least your in the Premiership'. Now when I watch the FLS you can hardly see the fans as they are scattered so sparsley around that massive stadium they could be reinacting a map of the night sky. They are fighting to get into the play offs and thier poor support were booing when they conceeded the second goal. What player wants to perform for a fan base like that? Put the booing to bed and if someone near you boos politely point out to them that even though we all feel like that, it puts our club in a bad light and gives the media a chance to have a go at our truly remarkable club who continue ,to defy the odds.

Albion (including PO) well done, booers go back to the Mol and boo them down to League one.

Boing Boing


Great result lads and to be honest we should not even be mentioning getting to the 40 point target as that is not an acheivement anymore for the baggies, we are much better than that!!


Good point that. We should aim higher, and now we can!

Up the baggies!


Great result, rather than praise the obvious shining lights of the game, I would like to say well done Liam, he's not going to make it easy for Steve to choose between him and Popov in the near future.

Do Lallytap

Nice result against a team that struggle away from home and are hovering around the relegation area so lets not get carried away here.

Lukaku was like a work 'oss and the power he has was unbelievable.

Brunty had a better game

Morrison wasn't to be seen.

Long huffed & puffed but didn't look fit, in fact I think he is carrying a bit of weight.

Reidy good game

Mcauley was fantastic, Olsson so-so.

Ridgwell, I still have reservations about, at times he may as well not be there

Mulumbu & Yacob, nice to see the engine is back.

Fortune came on and gave us the width the last few mins

Odem unfortunately came on much to the derision of quite a few fans but at least thats out the way now.

Foster....That man is fantastic and he kept us in the game and to be honest where we were sitting in the Brummie it looked like that early cross Sunderland did actually crossed the line but MOTD didn't bother to show it, nor a lot of Lukakus runs.

In a way I am glad Odem came on, Clarke did EXACTLY what I said he would do and bring him on with a few mins to go and Odem got what he deserved with the boos but as I sad, thats out the way now.

Won't mention the ref !

All in all a good game against a poor side but it tastes sweeter knowing the Dingles are where they are !


Brummie roader Ryan

Agree with almost everything except Long being overweight, he is probable on of our thinner players to be honest.

Got a question, is Long as good as what everyone says?

Yes he is a grafter but he is clueless with the ball at his feet an most of his goals are rebounds or tap ins.

Can't see him replacing Lukaku's goals next season but i'm sure Clark and Garlick have someone up their sleeve


Evening all,

been thinking about the game all day - great result - Lakaku....just class really and if we can keep him next season as well then i will be happy. We may have been slow to start but deserved the 3 points - MON can moan as much as he likes about the mackems non penalty. When the lads needed to dig in and fight for the points they did and some of the play was superb!

I was'nt going to comment on the booing but....can we let it go now please? In the long run it won't help. To those that did boo - you have made your point as is your right to do so but if Peter does leave at the end of the season lets have a parting of the ways in a nice fashion. And it did seem to me that the mackems were booing more than our support anyway......mind you if i were from sunderland and had to watch their team everyweek i'd boo!! Strange place really is Sunderland - a bit like wolverhampton....only worse!!

Next weekend at Chelski we will need all our players firing on all cylinders and supported by one and all as it will be / is a tough place to go. And if we win maybe we can get another chelski manager the sack!!!! So lets just get beind the lads as we always do!



Wall Heath Baggie

The Magical 40 points reached and we a'int reached March yet , yes Astle i am delighted and no more sleepless nights . Lukaku terrorised em and Brunt had a fine game.


Thanks for the picture Mate but trying to explain why Kev is dressed as a Vicar to my Missus was heavy going.


How you have the temerity to tell me to grow up is really beyond the pale. You booed Odemwingie 'to make a point ' and then clapped him , well that really put him in his place , do you think he really cares what you think when he is on 35 k a week ???. I bet he was quaking . How very ' grown up ' you are we really are very lucky to have you at the Albion, NOT.

We Only Need One Half!

Max, saw your photo with your tarte (I think that's the French for pie?), stunning! ;-)

Kev in West Brom

Max can you explain it to me as well?


We Only Need One Half!

Andy, when we do part with Peter, it will be like that famous line from Casablanca about Paris,

"We'll always have Molineux"


Morning mate,

True mate....true.



Wall Heath Baggie


Nevermind all that , where the hell is the ' Mirror League ' ??? dereliction of duty

if ever i saw it.

We Only Need One Half!

Max, In the words of Jaimie Carragher (is anyone more scouse than Carragher?) calm down, calm down, I went early last year with 10 games to go (think it was 8 year before?) but it will be back soon!

Do Lallytap

Did you see Clarke on MOTD ?

Well it looks like he took my advice a couple of games ago to smarten himself up !

On Saturday he was clean shaven, haircut and looked the bizz and it isn't any co-incidence that since he smartened up before the Liverpool game his team have smartened up,

When we were playing awful he looked dreadful, a mess and I was called a Dingle because I simply pointed it out and I was shouted down when I said he should lead by example and smarten himself up.

No doubt I will be called a stupid Dingle again when I point out, quite correctly that he has took my advice and he now don't look like a smelly tramp and his team ARE playing BETTER !!

Come on, you all know I am right....ADMIT IT !!

Boing Boing

We Only Need One Half!

Do Lally, I don't agree with everything you put, well lets be honest most you put, but I will concede SC has indeed smartened his self up of late, and the results have improved, but whether there's a connection bud, tenuous, very tenuous?


DL. You may have a point. Or it could be that Yacob & Mulumbu are back. 50 / 50 I guess.....?

We Only Need One Half!

mancbaggie, I knew there was something bothering me,

Games with Yacob and Mulumbu 29pts from 45pts

without both, 11pts from 36pts.

if you extrapolate that over the season so far, had we had Mulumbu and Yacob for every game we would now be on 52 (.11) points and sitting very nicely in third, 3 (.89) points behind Man City in 2nd.

Over a whole season would have put us on 73 (.34) which last season would have seen us finishing in third, 3 (.34) points in front of (eventual 3rd place) finishers Arsenal who finished on 70pts.

In conclusion then Do Lally, looks like Mancs theory of Mulumbu plus Yacob over SC's shave is a tad more feasible!

p.s. Max, can I lie down now, me brain hurts?

Wall Heath Baggie

Totally bonkers.

Do Lallytap

Wall Heath Baggie,

You know I am right, you just won't admit it !!

I DID say that once the manager smartens up then the team would smarten up...come on admit it...you know you want to but just can't bring yourself to do it !

And who would have thought it against Liverpool when he DID actually smarten himself up we actually played well and got a result....when he was scruffy we didn't get the results, he was down, stressed and out of control but now it's a different story

Do Lally talks sense, you know I do !


"Well it looks like he took my advice a couple of games ago to smarten himself up"

Yep, every day he waits to see what you have to say before making any major decision.....