Gareth McAuley: West Brom have bounced back

West Bromwich Albion rock Gareth McAuley today claimed the “feel-good factor” was back at The Hawthorns after a chaotic winter.

Soccer - FA Cup - Third Round Replay - West Bromwich Albion v Queens Park Rangers - The Hawthorns

The Northern Ireland defender reckons the Baggies’ return to winning ways has drawn a line under a traumatic month for the club.

Albion ended an eight-game winless run with victory at Liverpool just three days after striker Peter Odemwingie struck a peace deal with the Baggies following a disruptive January where the striker was linked with Queens Park Rangers.

Goran Popov was also forced to apologise after being sent off for spitting while Albion boss Steve Clarke had to cope with a host of injuries.

And centre-back McAuley said: “We needed to get the feel-good factor going again.

“There’s been a lot of things being talked about and we wanted to get a result and start talking about football again.

“We needed to move on and draw a line under everything.

“We have 12 games to go until the end of the season and we need to win as many of those as we can.

“We’ve got the lads back on the park again. We’ve got players fit and hopefully we can go out and pick up some results now.”

Monday’s game saw boss Clarke reunited his first-choice trio of Youssouf Mulumbu, Claudio Yacob and James Morrison in the centre of the Baggies’ midfield.

And McAuley believes they are key to the remainder of the season with the 33-year-old still confident Albion can beat last season’s 10th-place finish and the haul of 47 points.

“We know they’re important players for us and we missed them when they weren’t in the team,” said McAuley.

“Getting them back together was important but we were focused and determined.

“We knew a win would put us above Liverpool and it was all about getting a result.

“It’s still the same targets we’ve had from the beginning of the season, which were to finish higher than we did last year and with more points than we did last year. That’s the focus. We’ve got 12 games left and we need to win as many of those as we can.”

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Comments for: "Gareth McAuley: West Brom have bounced back"

The View From Baggy♥Bottom

Not exactly news but it's true enough that the feelgood factor has been lifted since the great result at Liverpool. I think we are near to having our best team back on the park.Lets hope they can all stay out of the treatment room for the rest of the season.

Boing Boing.

Earl Rhodes

This Is Sue's great sport fhe West Brom bouncing Back is thrilling her


Don't know why anyone worried I cannot remember the last time January was any different


One swallow doesn't make a Summer.


Mboy your right it dosen`t, but its a start, at liverpool we did seem to have the the fight back in the team, so hopefuly we can kick on from here.

Cyril Randle

Mboy, try one good swallow of 50--50 Vodka and orange juice. You'll feel great

CantelloRocket 78

Eleven league wins by mid-February does make it a blummin' warm winter........


This man has been immense in every aspect since signing for us. Hopefully he has another 3 years left in him.


Theres no reason why we cant finish above 10th, 12 games left 6 of them are winnable against teams just below us, 55/56 points should see us finish in top 8, anything else a bonus,big ask i know as we have only won 11 of 26 and we not really draw specialist are we.


astle i couldn't agree more , i posted this week probably the best value signing we've had


And he's happy playing for us which is a bonus.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Looking forward to the next string of games, this side will get sharper every game. We have two rocks in the centre of defence, two ball-winners just in front and no-one can jump on Brunt's back. The whole Cabooble is on the up. The only thing that can upset the apple-cart is us fans. So, do we stand for or against?.


The View From Baggy♥Bottom

J♣H, re previous thread.

I was stood between George Washington and O.J.Simpson at the time. Take your pick!! Though, to be honest, I suppose that claim makes me a liar.☺☺☺☺

My brain hurts.

Boing Boing.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Rest a while mate, then tell me about the view from Baggy ♥ Bottom on a nice day.



We only had a blip, not sure what the panic was about, now we are back on track and proving what a good side we really are.

I've said time and time again that I always had faith we would turn it around.

Kev in Mallorca

The panic was caused by thick idiots, as it always is year after year after year etc,etccccccccccccccc.


Kev in Mallorca

Again and I ain't guna give up!

To the tune of Glad All Over by The Dave Clark Five

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Look Ladies, Gents and Kids this took me ages to type this out so the very least yow can do is try to learn it and give it a goo at the Sunderland game?



Sue Loves this I wonder why ??

CantelloRocket 78

Grey Earl-

Re: 'Wolves Sue',

I also wonder why she likes reading this site, these days it's full of mindless wolves 'trolls' posting complete rubbish.......

Jack ♣ Hat.


We won't be seeing w-sue on here for a while as her new hero is Mike Tyson. L☺Ls,


tonybrowms moustache

to build on this season in the summer will be a priority, lukaku might be off to Chelsea, PO will be gone , so will JP strengthen, ????????? or will it be the magic of loans and free transfers, either way it would be good to know,... er just as a fan

Jack ♣ Hat.

tonybrowms moustache,

I shouldn't worry mate, listen, how do you think Jeremy Peace has done over the time he has held the reins?. There, you have the answer.


CantelloRocket 78

Did anyone listen to SC interviewed after the Liverpool game?

He said we started the season very well, then we lost several key players through injury (which co-incided with a run of poor results), and now that we have almost everyone back, we're looking more like that early season team again.

Obvious? - yep.

Simple? - yep.

Especially as we're not in a position to afford a spare Foster, Olsson, Mulumbu, Yacob, Shane Long etc., waiting on the bench each week.

Yet recently, opinions claim that Steve doesn't know what he's doing, that he tampers too much ( in trying to replace 7-8 missing players ), that there's major problems in the dressing room, that the company cat's lost his ability to catch mice.......

Obviously, when things are difficult, more than one factor can come into play, but thankfully the Head Coach and most senior players have kept faith in their ability, and tried to 'hold it together'-

difficult when there's booing and so much negativity amongst certain fans.

If Steve can maintain the position he's currently achieved for the club this season, then he'll give us our higher ever premiership finish-

and the record books will show it's been a pretty impressive campaign-

but the world might end in June, so we cor stop worryin', can we...........?

Paris Baggie

I remember when we signed McAuley, and I was a bit underwhelmed. Very glad to be proved totally wrong, not for the first time. I don't think I've seen him have a bad game. If we do get a few more years out of him at his current level, he will be one of our best central defenders in modern times.

We Only Need One Half!

Not wanting to tempt providence, I recall a certain Sportscaster called Alan Partridge was forever claiming to have bounced back, and even wrote a book about it, and look how that ended up for him! :-0

p.s. I have heard Deano's book, "How I will get Wolves into the Play Offs" from a mere 6 games ago, is to be pulped. He's now believed to be working on "How I got Wolves out of the Relegation Zone", however, the publishers keep pushing the date back, just in case.

"Needless to say, I had the last laugh" ;-)