West Brom striker Peter Odemwingie sacks agents

West Brom striker Peter Odemwingie today confirmed he has sacked his agents in the wake of his chaotic attempts to join Queens Park Rangers in January.

Soccer - Peter Odemwingie Filer

The Baggies striker revealed on Twitter that he has switched representatives.

And the Express & Star understands the Nigeria international has now teamed up with high-profile football agent Rob Segal after ditching his previous team.

Odemwingie tweeted: “I have sacked my agents. They at my gate begging 4 permission to negotiate a comeback. Told them to seek permission from authorities hahaha.”

West Brom head coach Steve Clarke advised Odemwingie publicly to switch agents after his public attempts to force a move to Loftus Road led to a war of words between the player and the Baggies.

Odemwingie had been represented by a team of agents who had been with him since early in his career but the Baggies claimed he was ‘badly advised’ during the transfer window.

Meanwhile, teenage West Brom defender Bradley Garmston today joined League One Colchester on a 28-day youth loan.

The Burntwood-based left-back, who has played for Ireland’s Under-19s, has linked up with the Us until March 13.

Garmston, aged 19, who was educated in Lichfield, has been a regular for the Baggies’ Under-21s team this season.

His spell will include matches against Sheffield United, Tranmere, Yeovil, Stevenage, Crewe and Coventry.

He said: "This move has come as a bit of a surprise to me. But it is fantastic that the gaffer, Joe Dunne, has shown some faith in me. I know that he has come down to watch some of my games.”

Garmston, who turned 19 last month, is the son of 56-year-old Lannaman, who won Commonwealth Games gold as a sprinter.

Garmston himself was second in his age group two years ago at the England Schools National Athletics Championships 200m.

His mother also won a bronze at the Moscow Olympics in 1980 as part of Britain’s 4x100m relay team, two years after gold in the individual 100m at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada.

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Comments for: "West Brom striker Peter Odemwingie sacks agents"







Youssouf Mulumbu WHAT A PLAYER!! anythin is possible with this bloke in your team

got a good feeling these last 12 games could be very exciting!!!!



Brummie roader Ryan

Good on him they sounded like greedy so and so's they only wanted him to go to QPR so they could get their slice of cash agents greed is poisoning the game


This bloke gets to be a bigger prat every week.

Ok, so you have sacked your agents but to tweet the rubbish stated above is a totally unprofessional act once again to save face and blame everybody else but yourself.

Peter, if you had got your desired move, would you have sacked them then?

To tweet all your personal business, you are acting like a kid at school not a 31 year old professional.

For christ sake grow up and stop boring us with your nonsense.

Peter Bateman

He actually tweeted that his agent had told him to stop on his evening of twitter rage but that he was going to carry on tweeting anyway. Looks like he was ignoring his agents and doing his own thing anyway.


Spot on Streetly, I must say I've never understood the hype about social networking (eg. Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Warwick Baggie

It's probably a sensible first step in reconciliation with the club and fans, if that's the route he wants to go down. I think he will find baggies fans very divided on whether they would like a reconciliation though. Never the less this could just be an attempt to appease the fans until the summer when he moves on.

Personally, I'd like us to sell him in the summer and put the funds towards attemptinfg to get Scott Sinclair. We may not be able to match Man City for wages, but hopefully the offer of first team football can lure him to the hawthorns.

Bromham Baggie

Nice to read good news coming from the Hawthorns.

Dave Statham

Well done Peter. Best decision you have made since joining the Baggies.

Boing Boing!

CantelloRocket 78

Pete, I've stood by you in the past ( and ALL the players ), but you 'tweeted' that you've previously ignored your agents, and you do 'what you want to do'-

You made it clear you still want to leave, and I believe you want these new agents to get you a deal in the summer.

So I suggest you now ditch the arrogance, take responsibility for your actions, and focus on committed performances for the Baggies until the end of the season.

Then you can go, and we can get back to other business-

it just goes on and on and on, let's all start moving forward.........


Good riddance to them as well. PO has done the right thing there, after all this sillyness. It also fires a warning shot to future agents who intend to fleece or cheat clubs out of thier players whilst still under contracts that they insisted on in the first place. This group of individuals will find it very hard to manuvour any more of their clients into the premier league and definitly not to the Albion. This league is renowned for paying the biggest wages and fees in mid table than any other in the world and these clowns have just shot themselves in the foot as far as that is concerned. Finally greed has paid the price, now for Man U, Chelsea, Man C, Liverpool, QPR, etc to pay for thier greed. We'd be out of this decade long recession in no time.

Boing Boing

We Only Need One Half!

Well its a step in the right direction, but, too little, too late???

Jack ♣ Hat.

One Half,

Just thinking mate, here we have a guy who has been brought up in a country without the benefit of free speech. He comes to a country where he can say what he likes (Near enough). Like a kid with a new toy he goes on twitter, no need for me to say the rest.


Do Lallytap

If I remember right in this whole sorry saga, Odemwingie said in his Tweet that his agent was furiously ADVISING him NOT TO tweet such comments.

Scapegoat ??


About time every transfer window as been the same with the clowns you call agents working for you

Seething Sid

He should sack himself. He's a disgrace to the club and I don't ever want to see him in an Albion shirt ever again. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Hawthorns.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Looks like saft Sid is back.


Cotswold Baggie

Sid, if he scores the winner against the black cats I'm sure you will be jumping up and down like the rest of us. Forgive and forget is my advice. He'll be gone in the summer so let him earn his wages while he's here.


Bunch of clowns, the lot of them. But let's move on from this saga. Get your head down, Peter, and play your way to a desired transfer in the summer.

Jack ♣ Hat.


These parasite agents should be kicked out by all players and let their union look after their welfare. Word is filtering through that agents are threatening managers with heavies, so are these agents now Mafioso type boys belonging to a Mafia type syndicate who are putting out another side shoot to go with their fixing matches sideline?.

We are scratching the surface at the moment but there must be plenty of frightened footballers out there; will this lead to these undesirable taking money from football attached vendors inside and outside the grounds. These possibilities could be real and far reaching. Look how many pro boxers in the past who have ended up with nothing after earning thousands of pounds in their illustrious careers.

Just my thoughts, but I see a bad moon rising.


P.S. Be warned.

The View From Baggy♥Bottom


Sadly I fear that you are right, there are some very dangerous influences in football today. Where ther's money there's corruption and predators waiting to feed on the greed of those who's heads can be turned.Gambling, match fixing, drugs, doping and blackmail are just the tip of the iceberg. Our "beautiful game" is sleepwalking into a nightmare.

PO has a wife and newborn child, so lets hope that his agents are just agents and can be sacked. No matter how foolish or greedy he has been, he doesn't deserve to live in fear from his "agents", or anyone else, including us!!

Boing Boing.

Jack ♣ Hat.

The View From Baggy♥Bottom,

Spot on mate.



No doubts there are mafiosi structures of various sorts near and in such a huge money enterprise as football.

Yurich, in Russia

Jack ♣ Hat.


Does make you wonder why top players need such "heady" wages, far beyond what they need for a comfortable life, after all they are not invalids when their playing days have finished mate. Mohamed Ali said he paid millions into his religion, myself I have always had my doubts. Badness has many roads.



Well done PO you apparently have been badly advised, I feel some very easy money coming to Mr Segal at the end of the year. The real shame of it is that last year you were saying you would only leave us for a top 4 club, last time I checked QPR were no where near a top 4, maybe you meant top four richest Chairman, sadly education doesnt always buy common sense, I wish you all the best as you on your day could grace a top 4 club so dont sell yourself short

Jack ♣ Hat.

I stated at the outset that Osaze was being misled, Good that he has changed his greedy agents who set him up for a fall. Now show us you mean what you say Osaze.



Hi jack hope your well ?!!

Yes you did point out that he was being misled but he is thirty one not five or six the man is a fool concerning your reply to a previous message ( with cyryl ) if you read my post I got no problem with him playing he's our best striker but I hope the crowd let him know what they think and as I said yes I would boo but only once as I'm not a fan off booing but sorry po deserves it all anyway

Jack ♣ Hat.


I'm still taking my tablets mate, thanks for asking. I agree with your sentiments, but why let one boo sink you to his low, you are better than that mate. Like I say boo one and the whole lot feel the hostility, we no need to emulate the Mike Tyson driven lot down the road rather (Cantello reminded me) follow the fine attitude of our own Richie Woodhall. Anyway, whatever you do remember you're a BAGGY. All the best.


P.S. After all we don't know what pressures his agents might have put him under.


Another small step forwards perhaps but why air it so childishly in public on Twitter? He's not the most mature kid in the playpen is he?


just same rubbish peter,but managers are just as bad,remember brendon rogers telling his swansea players to sign new contracts,then he went to liverpool..if our manager got albion into top four would he turn down chelsea?,football is all about money now,no loyalty in the game anymore.


Sorry don't buy it, I strongly doubt it was the agent who forced him to drive to Loftus Road. Although the agent probably did put things in his head about a big money move, He (Odemwingie) is still an adult who can make his own mind up. He could have said NO.

As for this twitter lark, I'd just deactivate my account if I were him. He's digging a bigger hole by the day. My wife uses it and it looks like a virtual kids playground. Total waste of time and my internet allowance! (which I pay for)

Robin Brittain

I'm with you and are certain he knew what he was doing agent or no agent. What did amaze me was that he is apparently due a £300,000 bonus from the Albion half of which he offered to write off if he was allowed to move to QPR so it makes you wonder what he was being offered by the London club, must have meen megabucks.

According to Talk Sport QPR paid all of the £12M for Christian Samba up front and this does not include Samba's signing on fee.

It will be interesting to see what will happen when they are relegated.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Robin B,

QPR will end up like Portsmouth. Look at their future, hanging by a thread, what a predicament to be in. Redkrapp should hang his head in shame for what he did to that club mate. Then they will have to clear their decks by giving away their unbelievably expensive additions. Watch this space --------.



Bang on JTH. QPR will lose the lot and this will be before they can devlop Loftus Road. In less than 3 years they will be losing a local derby to Leyton Orient and get deducted 10 points for going into administartion. Tony Fernandez will be pumping his billions into an Italian or Spanish side (and good riddance) and fat old Harry will be commencing his new task of running another club with thick wealthy owners into the ground. Next stop Wolves then ay? All thiswill happen, again, but all the pundits and 'experts' will still be pushing the mantras 'you can't stay in the league without spending big' and 'Baggies to finally run out of luck/steam this season and to be relegated'. Meanwhile we will be ignored for doing things the right way.

Boing Boing

Jack ♣ Hat.


Mate, I've never had the inclination to join twitter as I am a private type person. One can easily give away personal information that seems harmless at the time but undesirables can collect this like doing a survey, then build up a picture of your character to use as they see fit. No mate it isn't for me I'm afraid. Sorry if I've bored you to tears by going off beam.



HAHA not at all Jack, I agree entirley. I get these fliiping emails and text messages with all sorts of offers and it really puzzles me how? I'm fairly private with my life and can only remember singing up for a property search engine as we are looking to buy. From that one can only gather that my details have been touted around on a script around the WWW. Not happy!


Found your scapegoat then Pete? It'll take more than this to forgive him for his behaviour. If his agent told him to jump off a bridge blah blah blah..........

Brierley Stripes

I forgave Peter Last night while I was watching Orange Crush 2 on DVD

Jack ♣ Hat.

Brierley Stripes,

Nice one mate. Maybe other fans should watch it.



Now to get decent transfer Peter is bound to give very good performance whenever he would appear on the field.

Yurich, in Russia

Robin Brittain

Do you want him back Yurich. We will swop him for a few barrels of oil.


I meant IF we will ever see him on the pitch, some gents here do not deny such an opportunity.

Can't believe fuel terminated in town (joke).

Yurich, in Russia


Peter, please draw a line under this sorry mess. You have embarrased everyone involved with The Baggies including yourself,so lets get on with trying to win some more games now. You will undoubtedly be leaving in the summer, so get your head down and show any potential suitors what you are made of by scoring a few goals for the team that dragged you from your hell that was Russian football. Oh, and i would like to advise you...GET OFF TWITTER!!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Now folks I'm not one to put feathers in my hat as you know L☺Ls, but:

Ya Daddy

Jack the hat Cheers, i enjoyed it too. I dont mind replying to people like yourself who have a valid point and can put it across with intelligence. Its the others that dont even get a response. Thanks very much.


'The Class of 68'

SC knows the strength .....

..... Accommodate him (amicable) and hope he will produce the goods until the seasons end. For me it is all about what Albion can bank regards any future transfer fee.


Cyril Randle

Twitter is spelled wrongly anyway. P.O. ought to help his missus change baby's nappies, it still don't stink as much !

The View From Baggy♥Bottom

I don't think that any of us really believe that it was all down to his agents. As the old saying goes; Fool me once, shame on you.Fool me twice, shame on me. Peter just needs to shut up and get on with his job until the summer when he can leave on our terms. If he scores a few goals along the way, fine, but his chances of becoming an Albion legend are dead in the water.

What was that song called? Oh yeah, Tainted Love.


Give the man his dues, remembering of course he has had a hectic family life the past couple of months, as much as I lambasted him for his attempts he has shown some of his old wisdom we had known to come and adore. Hopefully a step in the right direction for him.

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