West Brom boss Steve Clarke calls for an end to Peter Odemwingie feud

Steve Clarke today told Albion’s players to forget any feuds with Peter Odemwingie as news emerged of a row between the striker and Steven Reid.

odemwingie clarke

The Baggies boss insisted his squad will accept Odemwingie back after the club struck a peace deal with the want-away forward to end a fortnight-long war of words over his actions in the transfer window.

Clarke believes his players can put aside any disputes with the 31-year-old Nigeria international despite leaked details of a verbal confrontation with defender Reid.

“Not everybody likes everybody else in football,” said Clarke.

“Teddy Sheringham and Andy Cole didn’t like each other or speak to each other very much, but professionally you wouldn’t have known that.

“In any dressing room or any group you will have people who like each other and people who don’t.

“As long as they have professional respect for each other, things can work. Dressing rooms can be strange places. They’ve got their own way of dealing with issues.

“I think the dressing room will be fine. We’ve got good characters here and I don’t see it as a big issue.”

Clarke refused to confirm the argument between Odemwingie and Reid but the incident is believed to have happened on Thursday at the club’s training ground over Reid’s interview regarding Odemwingie.

“If there has been a row between Steven and Peter, I’m sure it was an honest row,” said Clarke.

After several days of talks, the Baggies announced yesterday that Odemwingie had accepted his fine and was available for selection.

In a club statement, Odemwingie said: “I understand how my actions have been viewed and want to apologise to the club and our supporters for any distress I have caused.

“I want to reassure everyone at the club and our fans that I will continue to give my all whenever I am selected.”

Chairman Jeremy Peace said: “Peter has apologised for his conduct to me personally and the club and our supporters as a whole.

“He has accepted his punishment and promised to comply with all club regulations moving forward.”

Clarke, meanwhile, ruled out loan moves for either Odemwingie or Jerome Thomas and rubbished stories of a deal to sign Scotland goalkeeper Allan McGregor.

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Comments for: "West Brom boss Steve Clarke calls for an end to Peter Odemwingie feud"


Lets just draw a line under it shall we and get back to winning ways, starting monday. Please.

Do Lallytap

Who on earth is feeding the press all of this.

For heavens sake move on and start playing the football we were playing at the start of the season.

Whoever is at the club leaking all of this to the press needs dealing with with as much force as Odem was dealt with.

We all have our views on Odem but let Odem have the chance to make amends on the pitch, let his football do the talking instead of his brainless mouth

CantelloRocket 78

Personally, I'd just be happy with an end to P.O. stories.

I'd be amazed if all his team mates were 'content' with the 'shenanigans' of late, but if Pete's not being transferred or loaned out, then we have to work out a compromise for the remainder of this season, and get on with it.

If there's any future bust-ups, deal with it, but for now let's just get back to the football.


Storm in a tea cup. They kick lumps out of each other every day in training - but they get on with things.

I have no doubt Reid is too professional to let this affect his game or damage the team on the pitch - and Peter will just get his head down and show what he can do.

In some wierd way this could actually work out for us cos it might just wake a few players up.

Cyril Randle

Reading a National this morning, this 'row' was a highlight. The comments column was filled with some having sympathy for P.O. and slagging off the club, but nearly all from London, USA, etc., where knowledge of the saga would be biased or very flimsy. Never can I remember a player causing such upset in our club.

Together we must ignore the 'fallout' , support who ever is chosen, hope we replace him at our leisure and then forget he ever existed. All done with GENTLE DECORUM ! Show we are better than this.


Lets just move on from this, more important is we need to stop this terrible run we are on. I for one don't care what he does as long he puts the ball in the net to get us the result we desperately need. If he got a hatrick on Monday night we would all be singing his name. Everyone deserves a second chance don't they. COYB!!!!!

Kev B

It appears to me that Steve Clarke has completely lost control of our club due to one pathetic individual.Steve has got to stamp his authority throughout the club now,as it is turning into a complete shambles and embarrassment.

Kev in Mallorca

Are you a member of your local Amateur Dramatics Society if not I think you should put yourself forward for the lead role?

Wall Heath Baggie

He would stand no chance if you auditioned mate. Especially if they see

your pink flag flying routine with them daft teeth in ya gob.

CantelloRocket 78

Mornin' Max,

I have to pull you up about that 'amateur dramatics' and 'daft teeth in ya gob' jibe-

when all's said and done, Luis Suarez is STILL a decent footballer........

(well someone's got to lightened up a Monday morning.....:)

Kev in Mallorca

I wear the teeth to control me tongue.

See ya next wik.



Afternoon all,

last week i felt savage about the whole sorry episode - tried to post but it was'nt published ( probably a good thing really) - and now that the dust is settling a little......maybe we all need to draw a line and move on. Peter is still with us - probably for the rest of the season - and if he wants a big move now has to prove himself to other clubs all over again both on the filed on off it. He also has to prove himslef to his team mates and as in any work place some will forgive easily, some not so. And then there is us....who chanted and sang his name with vigour and gusto every match......the fans. If he scores the goals that get us winning again and finish strong to the season then i guess we'll forgive and move on. Personally i'd put him in the squad for monday night.....best to start the process as quick as possible and a couple of goals up at anfield would really help. Glad hes' still with us, better with him than without him so lets just move on now.

Mind you, this got me thinking about all the strikers we had in those wilderness years under Bobby Gould etc........how glad would we have been for a player like Peter then??




please let us forgive him,i believe strongly in him and i want us all to believe that,there is never perfection in humanity.After all these stories,i belief is going to deliever for the club.

Baggies for Life

I agree with Andy H, get Wingie playing again ASAP the longer this goes on the more Peter could become detached from the players and fans in my opinion. As for those fans who said he should never wear the shirt again then think of it this way, if he is simply going to sit on the bench or in the stands and still be paid tens of thousands each week then surely we should have cashed in and sold him to boost our own coffers and relieve ourselves of the wage bill, to not play him is commercial madness! Yes it's inevitable that some players will vent theirs frustrations but lets take the positives out of this and see this as a good thing as they are simply showing their passion for our club which is fine in my book. Lets get back to winning ways starting Monday night


lets get on with it? okay lets then, and lets start playing for 90+ mins giving 100% trying to win the bloomin game, that means throwing your body in were its hurts, passing the ball to players with the same colours

Cyril Randle

I try never to gloat about a team losing, football often bites yer bum when you feel safe, but I was waiting for the QPR result yesterday and took a certain amount of pleasure when I saw it. I haven't yet had time to read Arry's comments on the match, but will savour them later. His new defence seems to be working though, only 4-1 down when it could have been 6. That 'monster' he bought probably frightened HIS players !

tonybrowns moustache

I want to get this off my chest, but probably wont even get posted , but if it does read,

Inside man - a reliable source of information, has said if albion can finish 10th for the next 50 years hes happy, would you pay to go up and in the knowledge that if we finish 10th it will be fine, what with no ambition.

December we was 4th so with a January transfer window coming , mr peace and DA , what on earth were you thinking we are fourth , dough, shall we spend 2 or 3 million, not like portsmouth , or a few others and spend 12 million no need, just a striker and a defender, on the cheap , that's how we do it, im just gutted that we had a great spring board to stay up there but the hierarchy didn't see it coming,

Cyrille regis is on the other page sayin get intouch with a mentor, etc read it, the man talks sense, our fall from grace has been astonishing to say the least, im gutted.

I really hope that PO starts tomorrow and bangs in a winner, ok hes done wrong , he knows it, so step up to the mark po, you signed the contract , now honour it, cant justify you on big wages sat in the reserves, I just hope we move on from here with a win at anfield, so COME ON YOU BAGGIES ,

tony browns moustache

Cyrille top man, I agree , left to rot in the reserves on 30 grand , no chance , I think PO has been bit in the bum, it was all to do with his greedy agent mf s, ollsson he daint want to stay , he thought last summer a big club would have come in for him , but didn't, so he signed a new deal,.

let them go in the summer , no one but no one is bigger than the name of the club it self, ive been around the world and people see the top and go oh wba , I remember astle, regis , robson etc only because of the name WEST BROMWICH ALBION. nothing more nothing less

CantelloRocket 78

Blp (Fed up Wolf)-

yer must've saved yer pocket money up to get 37 quid-

just think, next season that's enough to buy ya tickets for Crawley, Carlisle, Stevenage and Crewe!!

Ha ha ha ha ha.........


I repeat...GET RID!!