West Brom could sign a free agent as cover

Boss Steve Clarke today revealed West Brom could raid the ‘free agent’ transfer market as he waits on Youssouf Mulumbu's fitness.


The key midfielder missed yesterday’s 1-0 loss to Tottenham after returning from Africa Cup of Nations duty with a knee problem.

And, with Goran Popov suspended for three matches, Clarke admitted he could look to sign out-of-contract players to bolster his squad and refused to rule out a move for ex-Villa man Nigel Reo-Coker.

“There are a number of free agents on the market now,” said Clarke.

“I saw were were linked with him (Reo-Coker) and now we’ve lost another member of the squad – Popov can’t play until March 9 – it is something I might have to consider.

“Not specifically Nigel, but maybe we have to look at little bit at that market just to see if we need to boost the squad a little bit.”

The transfer window closed last week but players not registered with a club at the end of the window are free to sign at any time.

Mulumbu faces tests but Clarke admitted he is unsure when the DR Congo international will be fit to return.

“He missed the last game before he went to the African Cup of Nations because of an injury,” said Clarke.

““He went, played three games, and has come back and still has a problem with his knee.

“I’ve got to be honest, I’m not sure if it is a short-term or a long-term injury

“We’ve got a little break now, until a week Monday, so we’re hopeful.”

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Comments for: "West Brom could sign a free agent as cover"

Shirley Baggie

I cannot believe the mess we have landed ourselves in during January.

A lot of credit has been heaped on Ashworth and Peace over the last couple of years, and rightly so, they have pulled off some masterstrokes but i think we have got it badly wrong this time.

I know we don't do much business in January and i can fully understand the reasons for that, it isn't a good time to be buying players. But surely after the start we had this season we have never been in such a good position to attract players and strengthen as a club. Add that to the fact we lost so many in January to either loans or injuries i just cannot believe we didn't do anything. By my reckoning, not including Daniels or Odemwingie, we have a 19 man squad. That is woefully short of what it required.

Also, there has been a lot written about how we plan for signings 1 window in advance. So why did we leave it until deadline day to try and sign Chris Baird only to see it fall through and leave us with no one?

Hopefully we can get through to the end of the season in reasonable shape although i do fear it is going to be a struggle now with players (such as morrison) looking really tired and out of form.

I think this summer will be a real cross roads for us as a club. If we have a poor second half to the season, finish around 15th, i can see us losing some more players (olsson and mulumbu come to mind). If we can somehow finish strong and stay in the top half, then hopefully we can push on again as we have done in the last few years.

Which ever one it is, i think we are in for an interesting 6 months!

Brunt`s left peg

SB my friend im sorry mate but the Chris Baird sage was just a red herring, do you really think he was going to take a pay cut to come to us,as i have said many times before if Jeremy will not back us when we are in the top 4 when will he.


On January 1st, if you asked me 'If there was going to be one club in the premiership who would not sign a player? I would say West Bromwich Albion and guess what!!!!'

We are now scouring the market for players that no other clubs want!

An absolute disgrace with 2 long term injuries,three players out on loan,a rebel and a spitter.

On top of that 1.25million bagged for Wood and a undisclosed fee for Mantom.

For all you Jeremy lovers who think he cant do any wrong and by the way he is a superb businessman, his ambition for our football club is nil.

This smacks of January 2006, only this time we have enough points to survive.

We get ourselves into a position to push on with a solid financial background and we are looking at Bosmans outside the transfer window.



That 'Spitter' as you call him is a fine player who had a moment of madness. Are you suggesting this means we need to replace him? The long-term injury to Thorne came too late in the window for us to viably replace him and the loan players can be recalled if needs be.

As for comments about Peace - see our league position as proof of ambition. What is it our fans want? We have shown consistent improvement since he took over on and off the pitch without major investment in each window. We don't spend beyond our means because we are in the privileged position of not having to. January has always been a time where we do little business if we can afford to - the only major window where we invested was the 2005 one with Kevin Campbell and the like coming in. Comparing this window to 2006 is laughable - you do remember the state of the squad then do you not? The manager in charge? The fractured playing squad?

Back then if you'd have offered the fans the chance to be 9th, have an established Premier League squad and a few injuries, they'd have snapped your hand off.

Hell, if you offered Wolves fans the same they'd no doubt follow suit.


Whats new?we are in deep do-do.Thank the lord we have points early on,@cause we ain't going to get many more........prove me wrong Albion,and please Mr Clarke get a bit of back bone and sort this s*t out.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Why have a go at Jeremy Peace?. I'll tell you what, he tries to be fair across our spectrum of our club. We need a new Halfords lane stand, every fan give back the £50 he knocked off season tickets as that will help with the new Tony Brown statue that we want and don't forget the annual free away day coaches that are laid on by your club. Okay we need new players to come in but why in the January window when we are virtually safe and for extorbitant fees and wages. One or two setbacks and some fans can't take it. Blow me I think that if you were Dingles or Vile you would be suicidal.

Get your heads out of your hands, bring back our lethal top scorer and get on with the job ahead. Come on you baggies and show some of these so called fans what we are about. Gripe over but still seething.


East stand

what a silly boy playing 3games in Africa cup when he was injured when he left the club.

Brummie roader Ryan

I wouldn't mind signing Reo Coker , good back up for Mulumbu and Yacob once a 9 million pound man, he also has premier league experience. BUT Iv heard he has a bit of an attitude??

Some money to be spent in the summer please!

Penny pinching won't work forever


He has an attitude, struthe,do we really need any more people with attitude.

Adam h

Reo coker is a good player tbh mate. Like you say good cover. Attitude wise I'm sure he'll know what he is walking in to and I'm sure he'll want to make a point he still worthy of a place in the big league.

Brunt`s left peg

Looks like i was right again, bet your starting to believe in me now are you not.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Brunt`s left peg,

Tell you what I do believe, the Low Hill City canal basin is there waiting for for you. You are cracking up.


Armchair Fan

I was at the match Saturday and am very happy with the way our team played up until the sending off. I'm also pleased with supporting a 9th placed club in the Premier League who are soon to come out of their sticky patch and surprise a few people with some interesting results over coming weeks. I used to quite like reading people's views on this site, compelled to provide some input myself on the odd occasion.... but I feel it seems to have lost like minded people with balanced view points... having been dominated by other club's fans trying to provoke a response by pretending to be Albion fans, or very short sighted individuals with a real lack of understanding of what it takes to support a football club. Either way, I'm fed up of it all and will just continue to support my team in a positive manner without looking on these pages for some interesting perspectives outside of my own..... as the lack of them is really getting me down. I'll keep an eye out for your blogs still Warren - but they seem few and far between. We're all entitled to a viewpoint, especially those that pay their money to watch their team.... just try and keep some perspective!

TJS baggie

Agree with most of the sentiment above. Why we didn't see this coming or didn't look at options in the window worries me. Lack of ambition true, perhaps Newcastles season has scared JP playing Thursdays and Sundays. When we could have spent money on bringing in the next level up of defense ( billy Jones is not good enough) and midfield ( true wide players required) and forwards ( PO will go soon and fortune is not a goal scorer) we seem to have stuck. Yes people argue January is a panic buyers market but it is also the time when we could have invested to get a top 8 finish but no we have just decided to stick with the team we have. First eleven ok but this squad is thread bare and with Gera, Thorne out and PO frozen out Dorrans unhappy on life and popov spitting feathers we have a real challenge to get these 6 points let alone look to Europe. All because we have not planned for success. Or is it because JP doesn't trust the new man Richard Garlick yet ? Either way were stuck in the rut of medeocrity which as others said the best players like the fans want to leave behind for better. We didn't invest so we fall behind simple as.

tonybrowns moustache

SB, STREETLY, jth and armchair, I agree and disagree on your points but at the end of the day they are your sensible thoughts, the Jeremy peace bit, yep I understand we didn't need to buy any one, and the gestures of 50 quid off etc, but to do well in this league at some point u must strengthen to succeed, by that I mean to just stay in the division this season was not really an issue, we proved that in the previous 2, but why not push on, I don't mean spend silly money but strengthen, we had a fantastic opportunity, a great spring board, to do this, but maybe have missed it this season , we was 3 ponts off 7th!!! we must have ambition, I would hate it if we just wanted to finish 10 every season, as a fan every time I watch the albion I want them to win, just win and win those who say sc has no plan b, could it be that JP has told him sorry old chap but work with what you've got, which he is, and has done a good job, so far, so for me every day is a learning day, if we can improve , just do it without making a fuss calmly and quietly.

people mention Blues , Villa, and wolves I don't know why, I don't really care what theyre doing, u might a swell mention queen of the south, Hereford utd and man utd, my only concern is albion nothing more and nothing less, boing boing

Bromham Baggie

Re photo: why are a couple of players wearing sports bras over their kit? Is it some kind of humiliation punishment? What will Popov be wearing? I dread to think.

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