Goran Popov faces hefty fine at West Brom

West Brom favourite Goran Popov faces a hefty club fine after boss Steve Clarke admitted he was “disgusted” by the spitting that saw the defender sent off.


The Macedonia international issued a bizarre apology – via shamed striker Peter Odemwingie’s Twitter account – after being dismissed for spitting at Tottenham defender Kyle Walker in yesterday’s 1-0 defeat.

And centre-back Jonas Olsson was also forced to say sorry after he swore and spat towards home fans during an ill-tempered second-half exchange. The Sweden international could also face a club fine for his reaction.

The latest controversies came at the end of a fraught week at The Hawthorns that saw Odemwingie locked in a war of words with the club over his attempts to force a move to QPR.

Popov was sent off in the 48th minute with the Baggies eventually losing to Gareth Bale’s 67th-minute strike after impressing in the first half.

Clarke, who confirmed Popov would be disciplined, said: “The game changed with the sending off. I’m absolutely disgusted with Goran’s behaviour.


“One of the group has let the players down. There’s no excuse for that. There’s no place for it in life, never mind on a football pitch.”

Popov then opted to apologise via Odemwingie, who was told to stay away from the game following his own dramatic week but tweeted to his 151,000 followers: “Just had Popov the Albion man on phone.

“He is not on twitter but asked me to pass a msg to Albion fans that he is sorry for the red. Goran Popov: sorry for letting the team and the fans down. All players worked very hard and his mistake cost the team 3 points.”

Meanwhile, Clarke said he had not seen a second-half incident when Olsson responded to criticism from a section of fans by gesturing, spitting and swearing.

But the Swede later replied to fans who tweeted him. One reply read: “Frustrating night. No excuse though,” while another said: “That was not very nice. Sorry for that.”

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Comments for: "Goran Popov faces hefty fine at West Brom"

Adam h

We are doomed. Can't remember the last time I heard something possitive coming from our camp.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Adam h,

Iagree wo1-Ves are doomed.


Adam h

Ah right jack the hat I've seen you post and talk dribble on here before. You honestly do think your the only WBA fan in existance. Fact is mate I am a loyal WBA fan and have been since birth. When I said were doomed it was complete Tongue in cheek. Not everyone who passes coment that you have a problem with is a dingle. Jog on and for heavens sake get a life. Or a job.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Adam h,

Clot, where did I mention you were a Dingle?. Take your tongue out of your cheek as it doesn't do your looks any favours. I know you are a BAGGY. Oh! I'm a little too old and infirm to get a job, my bouncing days are long gone. All the best and stop talking c--p it doesn't suit you.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Adam h,

Right mate.



dont worry about it olsson they are on your case. we have a blame culture! If they was good enough they would not been siitting on their bums but playing next to you you tried hard enough with 11!! back off any one else your not happy with ie selling woods, mantom, enzo


Could you do a version in English too? Thanks

We Only Need One Half!

kula, interesting point a caller made on the WM phone in after the game. Some one who saw the Olsson incident said, "a supporter near me said something derogatory to Olsson, and then he flicked the V's, I am disgusted with Olsson, it shows a lack of respect"

Yeah, wheres the respect due to Olsson?

That's the same mentality your here from prisoners banged up for mugging granny's and then complaining about "their" Human Rights being breached because they don't get their Beano and Dandy on a Tuesday any more!

Respects a two way street you know!

Brummie roader Ryan

All can be forgiven they are just as frustrated as the fans.

Odemwingie and Popov will be wanting to prove a point when they return please don't boo!


Having gone along with all S.C's mutterings over the last few months since he's been with us, my opinion of the man is dwindling.I know all about the injuries and the Odemwingie affair,now we have senior players giving the "v" sign and spitting towards his own supporters,namely Olsson and Popov.Thank god we had a stash of points early on,else we would now be staring down the barrel of a relegation battle.Has S.C got a plan b or c it doesn't look it. The January transfer period went by with only the Odemwingie debacle and nothing else.At the begining of the season S.C said that he thought the squad was well covered in all areas.Well guess what it isn't.I fear we will end up in about 13-14 place this season. and no better,i hope i'm wrong but it's a big worry.It all seems to much like RDM's season when he had no plan "b" at all.Plus Blackpool went sliding down from about 4th to relegation.Will Peace give S.C the time? don't know.

Jack ♣ Hat.


You have got it in one, you don't know. Steve Clarke is a fine Head Coach who has been with us for a few months in this role which happens to be his debut one and we have some clot fans who are now willing to throw a rope around his neck. Haven't we, or don't you know.



This get out order now they need to grow up can we start play football get bk to Win ways

Jack ♣ Hat.


Welcome and thanks for the truth.



Clarke is right its a disgusting thing to do, really disappointed in Popov, he let the club down and any player of any team set a bad example to all when they behave that way, I hope him and Olsson have learned from it, I thought until that moment we had a real chance to get a point or more, I bet Lukaku was miffed at having to go off, when he and Long were edging ever closer to a goal.

Brunt`s left peg

As i said last week my friends Goran is not as good as we first thought, he was awful at everton and run ragged again yesterday by Lennon, i dont want to see him in Albion shirt again.

Brummie roader Ryan

Any defender will struggle against Lennon and his pace he is probably the quickest winger in the league you plonker

Jack ♣ Hat.


Brunt`s left peg isn't quite with it mate, These Championship Dog-Heads don't know much about top notch players.


We Only Need One Half!

He's still smarting over Terry Connor leaping over them.

Gabbys Elbow

Not sure you watch the same games as us BLP - he had a good first half, and to be honest, there isn't a fullback in the league that can play Lennon or Bale - he did fine!

Still our best left back by a mile!


I Hope Steve Clarke is not blaming Popov for the facvt that we lost yesterday. I would hate to think that he is using this incident to paper over the cracks. The fact of the matter is we were a shambles before we went down to 10 men.

Yes, what Popov did was out of order, but lets ask questions of Brunt, Morrison & Dorrans who were also very poor.

In fact, for me, Brunt and Morrison have been poor for a long time, but have to play due to our injuries and lack of depth.

This makes is even more puzzling why our activity in the Transfer Market last Thursday was very quiet.


you thought brunt was poor, did you go watch on sky as brunt was easily our best player, he also was the only player at everton to try and get the team moving, why some fans want to play the blame game with brunt annoys me , always wants the ball never hides and does care for the club and will be until we don't want him . unlike some others who would move the slightest chance they get.

and to put things into perspective moggy , longs touch was poor all game but i bet he was your man of the match .

CantelloRocket 78


I meant to mention-

Last week, some of us said we wouldn't bother with 'Brunt's left peg' again because we knew he was a wolves fan-

YOU then posted on here to say 'WONOH, Happy Baggie, Cantello, you might call me a dingle.....

well as far as I know, I'd never spoken to you before, so you seem to be mixing yourself up with BLP.

I know you often come on here when he does, you say similar things to him, and your punctuation's the same as his, but to get yourself confused with him?????

I suggest you check which name you're using before submitting future posts......

( dumb ain't the word........)


Boogie.... It's one thing wanting the ball, but then when you do nothing with it, the point of it is what exactly?

No good running round all day and doing nothing constructive. If all we need is Runners, then let's go buy Mo Farrah.

Look at Brun't passing, tries to do the Beckham-esq 30-40 yarders all the while rather than playing the simple balls, shirks tackles a la Sunday, hardly contributes with goals.

He aint the player he was when we first brought him. Sorry, but Prem class he aint for me


Its a time for cool heads. Odemwingie has let us all down, Popov has let us all down. With the knowledge that Gera, Thorne and Odemwingie are out, and others such as Jacob and Reid also in and out with injuries, the club has also let us down by not signing at least one replacement. But we have the talent to push on. the disappointing thing for me on the field is the continued long ball to Lukaku and Long. We are currently the long ball merchants of the division, its ineffective and boring. When we try to play we create chances but the constant long ball is driving me nuts. Hopefully we'll get back to normal when Mulumbu's back and Morrison can push forward. If we want to put the ball forward fast, I'd suggest Fortune is a better option for bringing others into play. Still theres half the Prem that would swap places with us in a heartbeat so lets take the hurt and channel the energy positively. Its the only way out.


Fortune is the one player who can hold the ball and bring others into play, when he gets games we looked sound,i don't know what he's done,for him not to get a start.

'The Class of 68'

Spinach sticks in ya teeth .....

..... The best word to describe Popov, is surely 'shameless', caught on camera, that is what people will remember him for.

Popov, Peter 'straightjacket' Odemwingie, Olsson gesticulates to his own fans and a down and out looking Manager, witnessed by tens of thousands of football fans.

What an advertisement for WBA FC.

Pinch me ..... COYB ©


Pretty awful isn't it,don't know what our club is coming to.

We Only Need One Half!

err.....being an established Premier League Club? I thought that was the whole point?

Or perhaps Ive missed something???


There is no excuse for what Popov did it was disgusting but I thought he had actually spit in Walkers face which in itself is a vile thing to do, however the thing that upset me more than that as I sit in the Smethwick was Olsson sticking his two fingers up at the fans and spitting in our direction, I was absolutely gob smacked, who does he think he is?? He has gone right down in my estimation, what a complete moron, it's not the first time he has behaved like this toward his own fans either.

1954 baggie

Agree with most comments but please remember Lennon is a problem for most

sides. Analysing match we should have gone in with one or two goal advantage

It was 47 mns before Foster was tested, and 2nd half Spurs dominated but the

positives to take from this match our defenders gave Foster great protection.

Hopefully we can go to Anfield not fearing the worst. Thought Dorrans had his

best game so far. Felt SC should have left Lukaku on and took Long off who

looked rusty. If we had kept eleven on think we could have won against a team

aiming for top four spot. Villa won at Anfield so why not us!

Inside Man

8 points better off this season than any other premier league campaign we've had. We have had a number of injuries and missing players since November and this is SC first season as a head coach. He will learn from this experience same as the players. Even if we finiah 13th or 14th that is still a very good season for us. Lets hope wecan get a few players back and have a finish to the season like weve done the past 2 years. Disappointing yes but it could be a lot worse lets just enjoy being comfortable in mid table for once

Jack ♣ Hat.

Inside Man,

We will stay up and collect our bumper pay check. That will be job done but some will moan about not bringing in players now, who would have asked for extortionate wages, and cost the earth.

When the time is right at the seasons end, Jeremy Peace will assess the situation and act accordingly, as per usual.


Kev in Mallorca

Don't come on here talking sense!!!!


Cyril Randle

I.M. I think we can all see the problems we have right now and most are sympathetic towards Clarke in his search for a change in fortune.

Certainly the jeering and occasional booing add nothing to our predicament, but it IS a crisis, no one can deny that. Can you, or anyone see where the next points are coming from ? I cannot. We are playing well defensively overall but still not keeping clean sheets. The forwards, what few we have left, don't look at all menacing. The smell from P.O. fallout will fade eventually but absolutely no one came out of that saga with any credit. This is my 69th year supporting through thick and thin, but it rates very thin right now. Not just results. I was bored to death on Sunday. I've said it's like a Victor Sylvester dance, slow, slow, quick-quick, slow but the WOMAN'S steps.......BACKWARDS mostly.

Inside Man

It is a tough period, same as the last two seasons in December and January. Sunderland at home is where I see our next points ckming from. Every team has poor runs of form. We havnt won since Boxing Day yet we are still 4 points clear of 10th, what does that say about the rest of the league. It isn't a crisis, Villa & Wolves are in a crisis. Albion of late 80s early 90s were in Crisis. I would say our most succesful season in the premier league to date. is hardly a crisis

Kev in Mallorca

I sharn't tell yo agen!!!!


Jack ♣ Hat.


I will look at the bigger picture at the seasons end mate. Then pass judgement. All the best.


Cyril Randle

If we pick up Jack, no one will be happier than me.

Be honest though, even with 11 men the best we could hope for was 1 point. Up front we were awful, the midfield was as patchy as I've seen it. At the back we were strong until the red card.

Like it or not, Steve Clarke is under extreme pressure brought about by P.O. having a fit of lunacy and believing a Cockney con-artist barrow-boy named 'Arry. I still think we are in crisis. I will be delighted and apologise if I'm wrong. Can't say fairer than that !

Gornal Baggie

Well said Inside Man at last someone who is talking sense. After all it could be worse, you could be sitting in the custard bowl watching that crap week in week out and heading for the premier..... the Blue Square Premier.

We Only Need One Half!

Mate, I think your wasting your breath. I agree with you, although I will be disappointed if we don't better last seasons points tally or position, I understand that to even stay in this league this year with the new Sky money coming in is crucial and most important objective, and ergo, has to be seen as job done.

Look on the bright side, for all their bluster and bravado, when it comes down to it, when they look at the two league tables, prospects, team, and infrastructure, you just know those wulfies hang their heads in their hands, and sob, uncontrollably, and if they aren't they should be!

What also can they do when faced with stark reality!


I think we are likley to finish around 10th / 11th this season - same as we have the last 2 seasons.

The difference is in the last 2 season we "climed" to those positions, this season it can be said we have "dropped" to that position and many fans don't seem able to accept this.

If you look honestly at the league I reckon we are a genuine best 10th team in the league - we can't (yet) compete with Liverpool, Everton etc... and teams like Swansea and West Ham are both having much better seasons than they expected - will they do it again next year ?? Who knows.

On Sunday we lost to a genuine best 4th team in the league by 1 goal with 10 men - we matched them with 11 men and yet still people are moaning (i realise many are dingles but not all).

We know what we are - best team in the midlands - and I'm goona enjoy it cos its a long time coming .

We Only Need One Half!

Happy, interesting you mention Swansea, now Grahams gone, as pretty has their passing is in midfield, whats going to happen if Michu gets injured?

Anyone else giving Bradford a chance in the Cup? fairy tale run they've had I fully expect Roy Race to transfer in from Melchester Rovers just before the final!

Come on you Bantams!


I'm sorry but the whole Popov thing has been totally blown out of proportion, I know it was a terrible thing to do but walker was walking away he didnt spit in his face at all he had his back to him, so if Popov had of turned his head to the left it would of been ok????

Sorry but seen far worse stuff happen on the pitch I agree with a yellow but think the red was alittle too harsh!

The spirit in the team is already at an all time low with odem's attitude in the week then our injuries then this and Ollson....

Clarke needs to tackle this before it gets out of hand why we didnt get some people on loan in the transfer window is beyond me......

Gabbys Elbow

Tell me guys, why are you not on the case of our vice captain - spitting, swearing and gesticulating at your own fans is disgraceful behaviour - Goran is guilty as charged, and will pay the price, but id still have him straight back in the team. However, what Olsson was doing needs addressing as well. Id be fining him for playing up, at least 1 weeks wages!

I think this is the real test of SC's management skill's, as these incidents and our injury list could destroy the great work we did early doors - hopefully he will get a grip of everything and calm things down?

While he's sorting out the players, maybe he could have a shave on match days as well??

Thought we played really well in t he first half, apart from hoofing it long a few times when we could have given it to the midfield - Brunt played much better (he actually looked interested for a change), and it was abundantly clear how much we've missed Yacob.

Still no need to panic!

Brunt`s left peg

Gabby my friend i totaly agree with with you, looks like he as got away with it, i wonder how he would react if he had the same amount of stick as Markus, Jeremy is letting this club go down the nick and i have wrote and told him so.

Brunt`s left peg

Must say my friends i thought the spurs fans were funny, i also thought they were right as i believe `Peter would have scored that`.

kev R B

Our bubble as burst,other teams have got Clarkes useless tatics worked out and the players have no disipline. IF you add to that,all the better players want to leave,massive problems are bubbling under the surface at Sandwell. Get a grip Clarke or get on your bike.

We Only Need One Half!

"Our bubble" and "Sandwell"

what a wally :-) now that's comedy!

Jack ♣ Hat.

One Half,

That is another one who has got to change his nom de guerre mate. What a reprobate.



Agreed, we need to keep everything in context and stick together. One comment made that I must agree with is the constant 'long ball over the top' we are not Wimbledon...where has the passing gone???

Lone voice

I watched it live, and I've watched the replays. I don't think Popov spat AT Walker. I think he cleared his mouth (as many players in every game do) whilst looking in Walker's direction (from about 15 feet away) , sort of staring him down after the 'tussle' they'd just had. I think because ALL spitting is disgusting that it’s very hard for anyone to defend him; but I still don't think what Popov did was the kind of incident the law makers had in mind when making it a straight red.

Until the sending off I thought we could've got something from the game. Long looked out of form , and on another day might have scored, and same goes for Lukaku. To only lose 1-0 with 10 men to one of the best teams in the land, doesn't give great cause for alarm.

We Only Need One Half!

Blimey, sanity has returned, Lone voice, I wonder what the wulfies posing as Baggies thought of their fans gobbing, and hitting, intentionally mind, on a pensioner who had saved their club, and now their pleading with to return?

Now that's disgusting, and more than slightly pathetic!


There is no doubting what popov has done is disgusting but a sincere apology and a club fine will be enough punishment for me I'm more worried about our lack off football we just seem to lump it up the field now to lukaku but the ball does not stick to him at all fortune should be the one for that role. Where's all the passing gone. To make it worse we got one wide player in the squad jt and now it looks like he's leaving. Been our best player last few times he played. Mr Clark you need to read some off these pages cause I can see you being the next thing to be booed or removed from the building cause it seems to me your trying to change the way we play and I'm not feeling it to be honest


RE: Olsson and the 2 finger salute. Anyone remember when we were 5 down at home to Liverpool in the 80s? We got a penalty in the last 10 mins. The BRE were booing our own. Statham steps up blasts the ball into the crowd and waves. And he was a legend....!

Mr C Lotrimazole

Interesting to compare Albions current situation to that of Blackpools back in 2010-2011 season,there are similarities.I feel that because of a unprecedented start to the season that some fans have become rather deluded and as a result this current dip in form has created some nervous characters from within the ranks.European football for Albion may work on a games console but not in the real world.Fear not there are at least two teams who play worse football than us and ultimately if it comes to a relegation scrap we will have Olsson,Popov and Odemwhinie (fine fellows to a man) to fight our corner.

We Only Need One Half!

How is it interesting exactly? as far has I recall, Blackpool and Hull who keep getting compared to us were both in their first Prem League seasons, not their (count em and dream wulfies) 7th and counting!

moscow albion

Too many moaners on here. It's just the normal Albion rollercoaster ride - up one minute, down the next.

spanish ray

Ban him from football for the rest of the season then send him home.Dirty get.



How`s the weather on the moral high ground ?

Popov`s misdemeanour pales into insignificance compared to Karl Henry`s potential leg breaker (again) V Leicester City.

What were your views on that tackle ? dirty get or just misunderstood ?

We Only Need One Half!

Fair enough, presumably when Ruud Gullit did what he did to Voller, twice, you would have had him immediately shot, because it is so on a par isn't it!



it was Frank Rykard doing the gobbing that day!

Jack ♣ Hat.

spanish ray,

I remember Henry using Barton like a football. I suppose you agree with his actions?. Get on with your after match recreation and throw some half-enders at a grannies coach.


tonybrowns moustache

Stop moaning and groaning, like little kids, ollson did this , popov did that, brunt was crap against Fulham, dorrans wants to leave, odemwingie should rot in the reserves (on 30 grand a week, I don't think so.) Sc has no plan b, well lets see,

hhhhmmm I recall, we hit the bar against Fulham and the post, unlucky, same against villa unlucky, lacked 8 mins against reading, a freak, hit the bar against everton, 2 dodgy penalties cos of that diving Spaniard, Clarke has no plan B , so popov is off, what can I do , apart from send on a defender , midfielder, and take one of the stikers off , or should I take 2 defenders and put on remaining strikers, well what do you think, We bossed the first half and we was comfortable, so what plan b was needed, enlighten me some one or is a plan b needed because we have had some wretched luck, Clarke aint no magician, but is a good coach.

Olssons done it before , hes showed a bit of passion, and was popovs spit a really good flob in walkers face, clatenberg is on tender hooks and is paranoid, because of Chelsea incident, if that was rooney he wouldn't have gone.

if wed won yesterday wed be seventh, but we didn't.

so the next few games the team can focus and push. Give em a break, come on you baggies boing boing


Rose tinted spectacles are always the best to wear. In the main , though, I think you're right.

Jack ♣ Hat.

tonybrowns moustache,

We have come nowhere near being trounce by opposition during the down turn mate and that is not wearing those tinted glasses b, or can you prove different?. The West will rise again.


Perth Baggies

Anyone else notice our slide down the table and staff problems began when Dan Ashworth decided to leave?

Kev in Mallorca

NAH! It's the Pole's fault.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Perth, Kev,

What is all this guesswork?. Every one knows the fault is Carson's.



Mmmm Mr Ashworth! Don't know him personally but know of him? He can be a right **** when he wants to be?


Dont believe that. Remember as well, it's not all been a ray of sunshine with DA. We have signed a few turkeys as well.


No, it has been since Brunty came back :(((

fickle fans

wonoh, can't you make a comment without mentioning the dingles?

ditto jth/cr78.

someone even said, it could be worse you could be sitting in the custard bowl watching that crap week in week out!

as opposed to watching the crap at wba week in week out?

at least wwfc have got an excuse, namely that they are rubbish. whats wba's excuse?

CantelloRocket 78


I very rarely post on the wolves site-

the main reason I talk about wolves fans and 'dingles' is that a few come on the Baggies site EVERY day, throwing jibes and trying to disrupt things when we're attempting to have more intelligent conversations.

I have noticed that YOU often have digs at us 'over there', even when it's absolutely nothing to do with the story-

kettle, pot, black, an' all that.........?

We Only Need One Half!

Why, getting on your nerves? whilst a single dingle thinks they can take the Terry, sorry Mick, I mean widdle, whilst supporting a club not fit to be in our league, sorry next league, oh blimey the one after it, I shall continue.

Jack ♣ Hat.

fickle fans,

We mention wo1-Ves also because they are currently the big joke Hoofball club of England as are their fans who keep pretending they are a big club. Hope the truth doesn't hurt too much. Got to have a L☺Ls as we look forward to another season in the Premier League.

Cheerio again by the looks of things at the foot of the Championship.


Kev r wba

Think we will look alot better with malumbu back along side yacob also dorrans maybe good enough to keep you in the division but if we are looking at top ten im afraid he aint good enough. Also why is it when we play long we get the ball down and play but when lakaku plays it sometimes goes to just a thump? One thing i hate to see long ball!!!

Also think we missed pete last game like a dingle misses the prem league!!

Fortune also gives us somthing different and holds the ball up the best anyone can at the club which helps morrison also brunt to get up and support to much of a gap between strikers and midfeild

Just my opinion boing boing!!!!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Kev r wba,

See where you are coming from mate, I also wish Lukaku would bend his runs some as he gets caught just off side too many times, a slight bend in his attacking run would give him leeway and he would maintain the speed he has built up. Then watch him go.


Mr C Lotrimazole

I believe it was Frank Rjkaard who spat at Rudi Voller and not Ruud Gullit hope this helps,probably best you spend the "second half" learning a bit about football......probably best you don't continue to post erroneous information.

We Only Need One Half!

We are talking 23 years ago. As for learning a bit about football, this coming from someone who believes Hull and Blackpool have had 7 seasons in the Prem, probably best you spend the "second half" learning a bit about football......probably best you don't continue to post erroneous information, better still you could start to follow real football at the Baggies, unless your actually looking forward to away days at Burton next season. Oh well, another Albion to give you nightmares.

Hit them books buddy!

p.s. before you try and be clever and say Burton Albion are in the 4th tier, they are in a play off places, don't worry you'll be playing them soon enough, one way, or another!


could be worse look at aston vanilla what a sad team they are losing 8 - o 4-0 week in week out they are a joke cannot defend going down love it boing boing

kev R B

I think silly Jack and his hat live in a different world than the rest of us. Dont give up hope jack, one day a cure will be found.