Yassine El Ghanassy leaves West Brom on loan

West Brom winger Yassine El Ghanassy has joined Dutch top-flight side Heerenveen on loan until the end of the season.

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The 22-year-old moved to the Hawthorns on a season-long loan from Belgian side Gent last summer but has been limited to three appearances in the cups.

The Baggies have been given permission by El Ghanassy’s parent club to loan him on to Heerenveen, although they retain their option to make the Belgium international’s move permanent.

West Brom sporting & technical director Richard Garlick said: "Due to the team’s progress this season, Yassine has found first-team chances hard to come by.

“We feel it is in everyone’s best interests to allow Yassine to go out on loan and get some games under his belt.”


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Comments for: "Yassine El Ghanassy leaves West Brom on loan"

Do Lallytap

For Heavens Sake !!

This Garlick bloke seems to be a bit thick, is he the bloke who let Wood go to Leicester for such little ?

Y.E.G should be playing, I have seen him play a few times and he really is something special but for some reason Clarke won't budge on him.

Who is running this club and do they have a clue ??


I have to agree that this lad is really quick, I had likened him to the great Willy Johnston. I have also seen him play and I thought that he may be given a chance as we need more width in our attack. Perhaps we are are clearing the decks for a lone signing ourselves?

We have to trust in our management team! COYB!!

The Grassy Knoll

When have you seen him play??

I don't believe you.

All of your posts seem so slanted, I suspect some lupine involvement.


Wood was with the club for 6 years, our coaches ultimately decided he wasn't going to make the grade in the Premier League. We got a relatively small fee for Chris as his contract is up this summer - happens a lot in football, I think you may have missed that. As for El Ghanassy, I trust our Head Coach's decision on him and if he feels he isn't ready yet then that is the right decision. Who do you drop for an inexperienced winger when we have a fine midfield as it is? We will make the deal permanent in the summer and he will come into the fold next season.

As for the remark about Garlick, seriously?


YEL looks tasty when he has the ball - the BIG problem that he has is that he hasn't a clue what to do when he hasn't got the ball.

IF you've seen him play then you'll clearly know that. He is a complete liability at the moment at this level.

You simply cannot carry players like that in the Premiership - half decent opposition players would eat our defence for breakfast with the space left by him and the little support YEL would be providing them.

THAT is why Clarke won't budgeon him. Or any of our other coaches. I know for a fact that they are really disappointed with his progress this season.

Your comment makes me wonder sometimes who really are the thick ones around here...

kev in mallorca

Not as thick as yo!


YEL is a great prospect - but we need more experience right now so giving him some match time makes sense. Also a loan seems a good move with JT back flying.

Do lally - 3 top managers at Albion and none of them picked Wood..... I trust RDM, RH and SC far more than some dingle who is hoping to sign Marlon King.

Ta tar !!

Kiwi Baggie

YES he does need match time, so why not with WBA

JT may be back but for how long until he gets another injury

If Marco Van Basten thinks he is good enough for Heerenveen surley we could have given him a bit of game time, last 20min or something

as for Wood, sometimes managers just won't put their head on the block and take a gamble playing a kid.

Wood has scored for every team and that includes New Zealand in the world cup, he is a goal scorer

But I suppose they know a lot more than i do and they see the training sessions week in week out

I just would have liked to have seen Yassine and Wood given a chance

Brunt`s left peg

Happy my friend, JT flying? i take it you was not at goodison park last night, he as had a good 45 mins all season, and that was for Leeds.


Do Lallytap;

What a ridiculous comment. Chris Wood scoring goals against mediocre Championship clubs does not mean he would of replicated in the much tougher Premier League.

As for YEG, ive done some scouting work on him for a Championship club and he isnt good enough. Alot of skill but apart from that, offers very little.

Not playing as he isnt good enough.

Richard Garlick will be more of a success than Dan Ashworth (signings & academy wise) mark my words.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Steve and Richard have obviously talked over the El Ghanassy situation and come to the conclusion he needs regular action for the rest of this season. Now the question is, who is coming in to swell our squad numbers?. Watch this space.



Better him getting game time than waiting for a sub role. Yes, a great prospect, but far from the finished article. Totally agree with Happie_baggie; coaches have a far better measure of how individuals play and their potential compared to supporters.


Probably for the best. According to a few that i know at the club, YEG has talent on the ball, but his overall game is not good enough. He needs to work on the defensive side of his game if he is to have a chance at WBA. Similar to Scott Allan, very skillfull but need to improve their overall game.

Do Lally - If Wood was scoring 5 goals a season in the premier league, i would have said we were mad, but the lad is simply not good enough when you look at the rest of the strikers we have!! Would you pick him above Long, Lukaku or MA Fortune?

He's a top Championship player, but is not yet up to Premier League football


Good luck to YEG. I hope he gets a few games under his belt and we put a bid in for him. We keep hearing about how good he's going to be and if he's a better prospect than Wood then he must be amazing.

On another note, I'd like to use this space to say a fond farewell to one of the greatest Albion legends of our time, Big Dave. I am sorry to hear that he is leaving but I wish him always the best. He has been a rock for the baggies and always seems to have our best interests at heart. A true legend and a great man. Good luck Darren.

Boing Boing


when you are that arrogant, you can never be wrong.eh wonoh


It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't want to come back anyway what's the point if you ain't goin to get a chance. To be honest I think we're starting to play long ball football every time lukaku plays all we seem to do is lump it up the wing. when we were winning games we were playing nice football. We all know lukaku is Farely good but that ain't how we play


Boogie & brierley - never seen in the same room together. zzzzzzzzzz


what the hell are the board playing at letting ghannassy go out on loan

Inside Man

Wood & YEG struggle off the ball, they didnt learn quick enough. We got a good price with good add ons for Wood and still retain an option on YEG. Far from thick I feel its quite astute

'The Class of 68'

Is this news ?

Or have i lost the plot.

We take a player on loan, show him round the Black Country Museum and then 'we' send him out on loan. He must think we're a strange lot.

No doubt someone can explain.

Bit confused COYB ©


Its quite simple - we have him on loan with an agreement to sign him. He isn't ready for our first team so we send him on loan so that when he becomes our player he is ready for the squad.

Whats confusing ??

'The Class of 68'

Happy_baggie ..... fair play .....

''With an agreement to sign him''