West Brom braced for new bid with Odemwingie "deeply hurt"

Albion were today braced for a fresh bid from QPR for Peter Odemwingie after turning down a transfer request from the striker.

Soccer : Barclays Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Manchster City

Odemwingie issued an angry statement accusing the Baggies of lacking respect after they rejected his request, designed to force a move to Loftus Road.

But West Brom insist they still have no plans to sell the 31-year-old, whose written transfer request was leaked to the media within a hour of it being submitted and rejected immediately.

Albion, who rejected a £2m bid from big-spending Rs boss Harry Redknapp last week, confirmed the news but Odemwingie, who earns more than £35,000 per week at the Hawthorns, then issued a lengthy statement.

The Nigeria international said: "I'm deeply hurt and in some ways offended by the lack of reciprocal common respect from the management of West Bromwich Albion.

"During my time at the club I believe I have delivered performances, effort and goals.

"I never complained when I found out that the club failed to inform me of enquiries that might have interested me and my family in the past.

"Everyone knows how much effort and commitment I always give when I play for the club. The fans have been great with me and I will always respect them.

“At this stage of my career, this opportunity may not come around again. A new challenge, a new opportunity, and a chance to play under the stewardship of one of the most respected managers in the game.”

QPR had not contacted the Baggies again since their initial bids for both Odemwingie and defender Jonas Olsson were rejected.

But Rangers are thought to be preparing a new offer for Odemwingie with the January transfer window set to close on Thursday.

New Baggies sporting and technical director Richard Garlic said: “Peter is hugely popular with our supporters and it is disappointing that he has decided to hand in a transfer request.

“It was immediately turned down and has done nothing to change our stance during January.

“Peter is under contract until the summer of 2014 and we have no need or desire to sell our core players.

“We want to keep the squad intact to enable us to build on an encouraging first six months of the season.”

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Comments for: "West Brom braced for new bid with Odemwingie "deeply hurt""


No point keeping him if he don't wanna be here, thanks for all you've done, we move on.......we look forward to another season of top flight entertainment while you can go get another hat-trick against the dingles................................................

the futures bright its NAVY BLUE n WHITE......................................................................

jordan baldock

just get rid !!!!!!!!!!!! no one is bigger than the club

We Only Need One Half!

"whose written transfer request was leaked to the media within a hour of it being submitted and rejected immediately"

wonder who would have leaked that then?

Steve Clarke.

I believe it was Jack. Although it might be a Chinese whisper.


Peter, you are at a club who has finished 11th and 10th the past two seasons, and who now sit 8th at the halfway point of this season. You are at a club who sold Curtis Davies for £10 million, Nathan Ellington for £4 million, Jason Koumas for £5 million, Jonathan Greening for £5 million, Diomansy Kamara for £6 million and so on. You do not dictate whether you leave our club and neither will a pathetic bid from QPR - either they pay the going rate for a striker with 30 goals in 2.5 Premier League seasons or you will next be seen in the reserves. West Brom do not need the money and nor do we need you - but we won't be pushed to sell by a legend turned mercenary nor Old 'Arry and his tapping up antics. Pay up or shut up.


exactly, i hope he reads that , great post

well said ,class talk well done,

Brummie roader Ryan

Well said!


Well said. Who the hell does he think he is?


Well said mate.....mercenary if ever I seen 1,why would you want the 'oppurtunity' to talk to bottom of the table QPR......get rid!

Jack ♣ Hat.


Brilliantly put mate.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Wonder if his head has gone again, sounds like it is a reoccurring problem?. Here's me thinking he had been cured.


glenn hussey

dear steve clark

it has come to our attention that #24 (sorry, i cant bring myself to say his name) has handed in a transfer request and a strongly worded statement. up to now you have been very diplomatic when questioned on the subject, but surely you must be frustrated when Long and Lukaku work tirelessly yet #24 walks in the dressing room just as clean as he,d done 90 minutes earlier.

i could go on to list several other points but it wouldnt be worth while as he wants to leave.

all i ask is that #24 NEVER wears our shirt again and in return i will start a collection for the ungrateful mercenary for a single train fare to london

we know what we are

Glenn Hussey


Glenn, i'm with you on the fact if he wants out then get him out. But you can't say he doesnt do anything for us!! 30 goals in 80 games? Hat-trick at the dingles? Ok at times hes lazy ill give you that. But his first season was class, without him we'd have gone down because of his goals. Even as recent as last weekend against the villa, his work & determination got us the 1st goal, then the 2nd was just poaching! I think you need to look at what ozases done for us & then think who for 1.5mil could come in & do what hes done?


Glenn Hussey ----- You are spot on mate. I agree with everything you have said, I just can not understand where number 24 is coming from? Get as much as you can for him JP and perhaps we can use the cash to buy a decent loyal striker. I wish I could turn the clock back and sign the most loyal player that has ever played at West Brom Tony Brown!!

Mate when they made him the broke the mould!

How times have changed! Onwards and up, COYB.

Club foot Brunt

Here you have it the club show him no respect and he gives his all,whos he talking about Mulumbu

Cyril Randle

Clubinch: Son of a silly person !


Deeply hurt is he? what a joker! Just as with the Nigerian team he proves himself yet again to be a disruptive player. Get rid!

Hawthorns Baggieman

Let him go Baggies.The team is bigger than one player.Odemwingie is obviously no longer committed to our cause

and is simply trying to extract the most amount of money he can obtain from what is left of his playing career.Why else

would he want to leave a club that is in the top half of the table for one that is fighting to avoid relegation.He should have

been allowed to join Qatar in the summer,at least we might have had a spot for Chris Wood in our team,a bright rising

star with a bigger and better future than the fading Odemwingie.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Hawthorns Baggieman,

Chris Wood came off the bench today and scored the goal to earn Leicester a cup replay. Just making a point as you will already know the score mate.



Effort ? sometimes.

Love for the club ? you asked for a transfer.

Tell that blinky, bobble headed prat to offer us a decent sum of money and then get lost, we dont want mercenaries at our club.


how many games is that then pete , because i can only remember a few this season and they was only 2nd half performances .

i remember your no shows and half hearted performances this season and that is why you was on the bench.

and to come out and say you want to play under one of the most respected managers is the same claptrap as your comments as last week, it also shows lack of reciprocal common disrespect for steve clarke as well.

good player, but never a legend

and before all you dingles come on loving it , you won't be when he bangs in another hat-trick against you next season, oh sorry he won't be there will he , he's to good for championship.

'The Class of 68'

What will be will be .....

..... Our Shrine, The Magical Hawthorns, is making noises, let Peter Odemwingie go.

In respect of our late Great Loyal Players.


Mr Greedy

Dear Baggie Fans

I love you all but I want to work with lord Harry.

In other words I want a big pay day and I have no ambition whatsoever.

Mr Greedy aka Osaze aka Mr Lazy

Get rid of him now !

Brunt`s left peg

Glenn, No matter what you think Peter is still the best striker at the club and i believe if he plays he will give is all, i also believe ih he does go to qpr he will keep them up.


well,to come out with a statement i love my club,i have westbromwich albion in my heart, this is a club for me .....then puts this statement out,im afraid odemmunnie,has now lost all respect for me,.too many have come to wba and then think they are better than they are, badge kissing means nothing.

so he wants a new challenge?being in the top 8 a slim chance of getting a euro spot something new in the great days in wba history,is not good enough?he wants to go back to fighting relegation?new challenge odemmunnie realy?

mmmmm i think il watch this space.so odemmunnie you want the chance

to play with the best manager in the league?is he is harry rednapp the best in the premier league?if thats the case,whats he doing at qpr?why did we loose roy?

to england?oh yes thats why ,hes as bent as a 9bob note,he cannot lie strait in bed,makes ronnie biggs look innocent, maybe thats why,.

anyway odemmunnie,you have made clear how much love you have for the albion and the fans, i wish you luck you are gonna need it because the reality is my freind is ..you are going to a cub that is in free fall,who have to win at least,10 of the remaining games to have a chance of staying up,.

oh and those above you have got to loose.

then when the ground falls from under ya feet you find ya self

on 60 grand pw,i kensington apartment,nice bmw,.

goin to blackpool wolves maybe blues ,ect

ya going to be the highest payed player in the championship,

oh your wonderful manager,will be out the door along with a big payoff not my fault im off with me 1millon spent all i can not my fault i aint got a team here,

then a new manager walks in the board sys we need to get rid reduce the wage bill ,and they say im sorry odemmunnie,but we cannot afford to to keep you

plus you dont fit in with my plan for qpr,.

oh dear so you will have given up a club going places,to play for the best manager in the league for 13 games .

only to end up back in the champoinship,..

yes mr odemmunnie you have realy had a new challenge and got what every player dreams be in the prem, enjoy it odemmunnie,

bigger and better players have tryed to hold jp to a ransom and the club ,

and where are they now?let him go ,use the money ,go get bent on loan

till end of the season sorted.thanks for nothing odemmunnie

Brunt`s left peg

WBA78, Enjoyed your post my friend up untill you mentioned Darren Bent, did he not do at sunderland what Peter is now doing to Albion,and is he not doing the same to Aston Villa.


Oh dear Shane Long will be next in the summer.I think the loan ranger from Chelsea in Lukaku is doing the baggies more harm them good by keeping players out the team and unsettling them.West Brom are improving another clubs player and at the same time unsettling their own players.

Brunt`s left peg

Enoch my friend im not sure if your saying it tongue in cheek but i actualy think you have a very good point.

Cyril Randle

Aynuk, bay yow in enuff trubble at yower plerce ? If Deano doesn't get a change of luck soon you will be playing The Saddlers next season and I would not 'Banks' on winning that either !

'The Class of 68'

Enoch .....

..... Player loan deals are a part of the modern game.

When a player signs a contract, does he accept the terms and conditions ?

The name of the game is to cement a place in the first team, this is the ultimate goal for any player.



Perhaps now he will achieve his ambition to play for a big club.

We Only Need One Half!

Your boring mate, but since you bring it up, is that what the mass exodus from the Wulfies was all about? and not one of them going to a team above us, by your logic you must think we are huge!

hill topbaggie

Oh dear Peter, i think you may have misjudged this one a little. Your agent may have benefitted from a conversation with a Mr Koumas. However, for me, although you have been a good player with us, (goo0d, not great), you need to get real. Harry has got to you, either via his dog or his off shore account, and your head has been turned, but 2 million, nah i dont think so.

You really need to hope something gets sorted mate, because i can see abright future for you in the reserves and you may just have kicked your last premiership ball, and unfortunately, the guy who has turned your head wont give a fig about your predicament when it goes wrong. #sillyboy#

Jack ♣ Hat.


If that statement is true:

Your statement is riddled with lies and you know it. I'd go as far as to say you are as big a liar than the manager you wish to join. your false words are used to speed up your get-away. Can't believe you have stooped so low as to blame the club that rescued you from the Russian hell that had you in it's grasp. Now it is up to you to talk Redcrap into a £15m transfer price to equate with other players he has bought, if not, no go.

All the best with your efforts.


New Broseley Baggie

In the summer we turned down a bid of approx 5 million for PO.Why on earth would we accept 2 million from Q.P.R. now?It's also now even more stupid that for reasons unkown,Wood was allowed to leave so cheaply.

Dawson has now gone out on loan,Mulumbu to the ANC,Jara on loan,Wood sold,Mantom released,Gera out for the season,Dorrans will be allowed to go,and ive probably missed out 1 or 2 leaving.SC says no one is coming in in Jan,as per JP's policy.Now,if PO does leave, how are we going to fill the bench soon?We are in a great position,with a great chance to push on a little and maybe get into Europe.We need to stop the "fire" sale and get a couple of reinforcements in.

tony browns moustache

he's hurt about signing a new contract, he wants to go, let him, also let him buy out the rest of his contract , cheerio pete , boing boing

baggie birder

if hes not 100% committed to the Albion time for him to go.in a way you cant blame him for doubling his wage at his time of life.trust JP to maximize the fee bye bye Peter thanks for the memories no longer needed


As He seems so desparate to leave for"his new Challenge" i suggest we now cash in and get as much as we can and invest in someone who wants to play for the club.

Thanks for your time and efforts Pete its time to move on for the good of the club.

Phil Bateman

Time to go says Peter! Time to go to say's the fans... Rescued by the Baggies from Russia where racist fans turned on him. Supported by the Baggies faithful and soon became a favourite, now we are amazed at his antics. Time to go Peter but only at the right price. Jeremy if you don't get the price - let him play with the 'stiffs' until you do get the right price! Champagne player, and a Champagne Charlie sadly.

Jimmy Wolves 1 Albion 5

Swapping guaranteed premier football for a team who are going to Championship. Tells you all you need to know about the man and his ambitions. Without the club and fans making him a hero he'd still be rotting in Russia!

As far as Redknapp goes its always funny how he never knows who leaks these transfer stories at his various clubs with the only common denominator being him! There's a good reason he didn't get England job and it ain't cause he can't read or write.

Phil Osopher

As predicted, on my last blog.

Life goes on with or without Mr. "I want out" Odemwingie. It takes me a year to earn what he gets a week?

If he goes to QPR, it will take me two years to earn what he gets a week!! LOL

Up the Baggies.

Inside Man

The statement he made is a little stupid, but I don't blame him wanting to leave. He is old, only 3 or 4 yrs left, if he wants 1 more payday then fine. He has already done more than enough for us with the important goals & assists he has had. If he goes QPR then I hope he cements his name in Albions history byhelping to relegate Villa! What Albion will work out is how much is Odemwingie worth and how much would we lose if he left and we dropped down a few places losing money that way. I have heard however that we are making enquiries about Becchio from Leeds

can't see the Wood ??

Becchino has scored less goals than Chris Wood so I take it that he will cost less than we got for Wood.

And he will be on less wages than Wood if he is signed

No chance...Big Mistake selling Wood

unless you know otherwise......please tell us

Inside Man

Dont think people should get to hung up on Chris wood. Possibly a good player, but lets wait and see many players havr scored at Championship level but not at Premier level.

CantelloRocket 78

Inside Man,

you said last week that P.O. would probably stay at the Baggies unless QPR 'upped' their bid, and the player tried to 'force' the move through-

well he's certainly been trying to, but obviously in all the wrong ways!

I said on here a long time ago that I've watched P.O. closely on the pitch, and his body language swings wildly from confident and focused, to looking like a child lost in a shopping mall- the guy does have some instability in his head, which is a pity because he's often looked relaxed and intelligent during interviews, but he must now expect a strong backlash for his equally strong outburst.

If he does now leave (thanks to 'arry's shameful unsettling tactics), then Becchio is interesting-

experience in Argentina and Spain, including a spell at Barcelona, where he trained with Messi and co.

The next few days will be interesting!!

Cyril Randle

At a risk of driving you away again Inside Man, let me say:

Your comments about P.O. I agree with EXCEPT the bit about 'cementing his name in history by relegating Villa'. That sir, is spiteful and uncalled for. Their supporters are of our extended clan. When we play them I want us to win every time. But SPORTINGLY. I was delighted for them when they won the European Cup. It meant it hadn't gone to London or the North West. WE LIKE LOCAL DERBIES ! Got it ?

We Only Need One Half!

Becchio is interesting shout, but wasn't part of the argument for letting Wood go was he wasn't Prem level? what's Becchio achieved that is so much better? he's has a similar goal tally to Wood, but other than that all I can see is age, ergo experience, but with age you have the inevitable knocks and bruise. Personally, two similar goal scoring machines, I would pick the up and coming talent over the fading one every time (St Kevin of Phillips aside!)

No, I cant see why we would want to swap Wood for him.

'The Class of 68'

Inside Man .....

..... 'Age' ? some players can hack it some can't, Drogba would slot into most current Prem teams, and gurantee a return.

The word cement should be applied to WBA FC making us a permanent club within the Premier League, and not being concerned about Aston Villa.

With regard to Odemwingies 'worth' as opposed to our end of season placing, do you think you might be putting him on a pedestal ?


yam yam army

get real you lot , he wants to move to a bigger and better club who are at the bottom of the prem , its not rocket science is it !!

you state that you've sold all those players for loads of money , if i was you i'd be asking where is it as you could do with it to help you finish in the top ten .

yeah you have had a good season and no one can deny that but where is the money for you to push on and maybe upwards .....?

We Only Need One Half!

yam yam, judging by your use of the word "you" and "you've" your not an Albion fan, more likely a Wulfie or a Villian, which ever, how on earth to you feel qualified to come on our pages, trying to stir it, and giving us advice!

It must be really nice in your topsy turvy reality!


What a plonker

Roger V

On the one hand a player should honour the contract that he was happy to sign and continue the benefits of and on the other hand at 31 and certainly in the latter stages of his career a bumper contract on very big money obviously has it's attractions and #24 has his price like everyone else. With Peter I guess it's around double of what he's currently getting.

I think Peter should be allowed to go to QPR for at least £5M. Will he be happy in the Championship earning circa £70K a week? Well that's the question which will show if he plays for the love of the game or the money first.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Roger V,

Maybe you are right, we don't want the cost of sorting out his head again.



well what a change of a player in a space of 5 days, he scores against the Villa and kisses the club badge and even held a interview with live tv cameras saying he loves the club, then the bomb shell he wants to join Ary because hes a better manager.

Well im sure we can find some one better than you who tackles back and plays for 90mins instead of the little shifts you put in.

Bye Peter Wingie our club is bigger than you



WBA show lack of respect? Think Peter has that the wrong way around. He's contracted to WBA until 2014 so why should they tell him someone has put in a request. He has shown he's got no respect for WBA or our supporters and is just after a bigger pay packet. Let him go and get relegated and be the biggest earner in the championship.


Peter, why aren't you in South Afrtica at the moment? No one should question your goal scoring to games ratio for the Albion or the fact you're a rough diamond, but equally there has to be serious doubts about your self appraisal and the judgement calls you make. Albion took a risk buying you and you certainly paid dividends, but you've also shown how self-centred you are both on and off the pitch. Each transfer window we have the same farce - if you want to go, I hope you get your wish, but remember, the grass isn't always greener. Ask Defoe want kind of 'man manager' Redknapp is.

Cyril Randle

I seem to remember the Russian team he played for booed him on some pretext or other. I can live with the idea he wants even more money every week, but QPR indeed ? And 'Arry, "one of the most respected managers in the game". Respected by whom ? He speaks with a heavy London accent which makes him somewhat rare in London today, but the Press can always get a headline out of him. Cunning he may be, intelligent he is not. Does P.O. really think 'Arry will outwit Jeremy Peace ?

My own approach would be, give us £5 million and he's yours. Immediately.

He won't keep them up almost surely and he'll find his contract with a small clause that reduces his pay considerably if they are relegated. If I may distort an old song:

"Let him go, let him tarry, Let him sink or let him swim, He doesn't care for we and we don't care for him, He can go and find another, that I hope he will enjoy , We shall replace him with, A far finer boy ! Tarra a bit and P.O. P. O.

We Only Need One Half!

Seeing Stoke wont budge on 6 million they think Kenwyne Jones is worth, I think 5 million would be a reasonable price.

How much Danny Graham?

Brunt`s left peg

Wonoh my friend 6 million for Kenwyne Jones? the bloke is awful at best, but talking of Stoke city how about a cheeky bid for Michael Kightly we need a wide player and he scores goals.

We Only Need One Half!

BLP, don't shoot the messenger, Swans want him to replace Graham, Stoke insisting he's worth 6 mill.

Check it out, its all on line.

Lincoln Baggie

Peter how many players have left Albion over the years and bettered themselves.It is actuaiily one that was Bryan Robson all the rest have gone and faded away I sugest you do the same as them goodbye Peter never to be heard of again ,Ps goog luck in the championship next season!!!


Wasnt it 5 days ago Mr O. Was saying he was happy to stay at west brom? He talks of a fresh challenge and the chance to work with one of the most respected managers!?! So what was Roy Hodgson then...sorry pete mate, but give us some credit we know its about the money at least be honest i'm sure we'll cope without you

Boing boing

Jack ♣ Hat.


He is being misled by other parties (Guess who) but it is his prerogative to choose and he will pay the consequences. One player will never ruin what the rest strive for mate.



Hope he is not going to qpr hoping for a cup run

Baggie Bill

Having just read this statment in which he sez he believe's he's Delivered performences effort & goals in his time eya...well ay that wot yow'm gerrin £35 grand a wik fowa?? as fowa a new challenge, well if playin fowa 'appy 'arry in the championship is wot he wont's then sell the greedy nerk. Well sed Hawthorn Baggieman.

R Sherwood

I say and no doubt many others , if he wants out let him go

he as not seemed interested most of the season and as some

one as already said , he only turned it on against the Villa

as the TV cameras were at the ground and no doubt wanted to impress


If we keep him he will not be interested to play , he should take a look

at Dorrans who wants to move for family reasons and he is running his

heart out for the club ,he is one player i would like to keep ,but you

can understand his position , he is not looking to move for money .


Well lets hope he is watching Sky Sports and listening to how his "new" team are doing against MK Dons. Empty stadium apart from 3,000 Dons fans saw QPR get a consolation goal , only 4-1 down now.

I already wanted QPR to get relegated , I now really hope they go down and he can enjoy visits to tranmere, dingleland, burnley et al.


I'm very disappointed at this news. Peter has no true nationality being snubbed by Nigeria for inexperienced players and racially abused in his other homeland. He has been continuously moved on and underappreciated throughout his career until he turns up at the Albion who save him from a truly awful situation at Locamotive. We nurture his talent and give him an opportunity to play in the premier league and this season maybe even europe if the boys pull thier finger out. Unfortunately it seems that none of this matters to Peter who is desperate to sign for a sinking ship and play out his career in the Championship for a wreck of a club who will try and fire sale him as soon as Harry jumps ship as he will when QPR go down.

We should have kept hold of Wood who is now banging the goals in left right and centre and played El Ghanassey (what has happened to him). We should keep hold of Peter because this type of behaviour should not be tolerated by the Albion as it sets a bad precedent. We paid £3m for him as far as I'm concerned that has already been paid back to the club now just let his contract run out even if he refuses to play. If he doesn't show for us no one will take him on from the Prem in another year and half because in footballing terms he will be at the ed of his career. They are only offering a one year contract to him so he should give his all for the Albion instead of moaning or offload him to a club in Europe for a cut down price to show the Redknap's of this world that thier underhandded and pathetic underminng tactics get them nowhere in the end. Ashamed that one of my favourite players has acted in such a shameful, ignorant and childish manner. I feel truly let down by you Peter, I hope you feel appopriately ashamed.

Boing Boing

The Tividal Irregular

Fair play to you Peter, this is a massive step forward. I for one can't think of a single player at relegation-threatened QPR who didn't go there for footballing reasons rather than the money. The chance of playing alongside Sean Derry and the ghost of Joey Barton week-in, week-out, and being managed by the most two-faced mercenary manager in football must be a massive pull and I salute you.

Bath Baggie

He has not had the best of seasons and IMO remains rather selfish on the pitch not integrating in team play. At 31 yrs of age he may have seen better days as he does appear to have become injury prone.


'The fans have been great with me and I will always respect them.' unquote.

There is a new English phrase - 'Doing an Odem'.

It means saying anything that comes into your head regardless of truth.

Bath Baggie

He has not performed this season IMO, possibly due to injuries and at 31 he may have become injury prone. One cannot deny his pace and goal scoring ability but he is rather selfish and does let the team down at own times by not releasing the ball. Playing wide means he must defend as well and he lacks in that respect leaving the full back vunerable, certainly when Mulumbu and Yacob are not available.

The time is right to sell him and hopefully make money as Harry tends to pay over the odds. As a previous comment made we have sold players for good money and they haven't always suceeded.

Letting Chris Wood go was a mistake, a good young player with strength and potentially a goal poacher. We should not keep releasing the young players to keep players such as Odemwinigie and particularly Fortune. Don't lose Dawson, Olson may go in the summer and McAuley as good a season has he has had his nearing Premiership retirement age.


Just reading that article and he mentions an opportunity and a new challenge.

An Opportunity to play in the Championship? or a challenge to stay in the Premiership?

I understand that you need to make hay whilst the sun shines, but QPR!>? they're a truly awful team. MK Dons just played them off the pitch. Dissapointed Pete very dissapointed!

Albion til I die!


Should sell him now and get him away from the team. Lukaku and Long far better players.

Give him 70k a week and relegation we get 5m+.

Should of kept Chris Wood and cashed in sooner West Brom forever Odemwingie the past.


get rid. I dont want to see him play for us again.


in reference to this obviously troubled individual after his tirade on twitter....... as they say on talksport "His Heads Gone!!"

i have always defended him, but the recent stuff of badge thumping, i love the fans, the club, the macdonalds over the road, uncle tom cobbly et al, he's just lost it. very sad, but i suppose the ridiculous amounts of money these people earn causes this delusion. the word legend is sometimes applied to these individuals...compared to "the bomber", "the king" "the black pearl", "smokin joe", "super bob", "the tank" and "meggo" this man is not on the same book, let alone page. rant over, let him train with the kids, we'll still get our money back in the summer.

My Bloods Blue and White

People have very short memories, especially a certain Mr Peter Odemwingie. Who was it who brought him out of his hell in Russia? You are a good player granted but what can I say to Mr O? - don't believe your own hype. A player who has scored 30 goals in 2.5 premier seasons (many thanks SPT) is worth a damn sight more than the paltry £2 million even at his age. Got to be woth £8 mil if the need is there, but then do we need a spoilt brat who's spat his dummy out because those bad people at West Brom won't let him have his own way?



Ok, why not put in a cheeky little bid for Weimann or Benteke, just to raise a few spirits?


Shame - I really rate this guy but he's clearly one of those who thinks he's bigger than his club AND his country and for that reason I think the Albion need to let him move on. Clearly going for the money so spare us the excuses Pete.

Good to know we've got a guy like Jeremy at the helm who will, i'm sure, do what is best for the club.

We know what we are!

David Hughes

Mr Clarke, Odenwinge obviously has no interest in wearing our precious shirt anymore and would rather join Arry and his tax avoiding dog with a Monaco bank account. Quite clearly he is only in it for the money,mood riddance I say.

KC in NJ

PO is an asset that belongs to WBAFC. Whether he wants to stay or go is irrelevant. We must -- and generally do -- sell our assets for what we believe they are worth, and not a penny less.

I don't care how "deeply hurt" Odemwingie is, we cannot afford to sell a prolific forward for a fraction of what he is worth, especially when there is not enough time left in the transfer window to replace him with somebody of equal ability and experience.


I'll be surprised if this makes it on with the mods just lately. The mods could always reply to this telling me why my last how ever many replies ain't made it on here. Anyway if it was upto me I'd sell him as long as it was for four mill lost all respect for the man or should that be mercenary he's s joke along with any one who agrees with him al the snake sees is pound signs not real fans who spend hundreds of pounds putting his name on there family shirts and season tickets. My point is its always him his head would be turned by McDonald's get rid off him now or let him rot in the reserves so none of the other players think there bigger than the club

bavarian kev

if he wants to go,let him,every transfer window he wants away,make qpr pay top dollar and he can play in the championship against the villa next season! No individual pampered player is bigger than the Baggies. Money grabbing so and so, you could have been a baggies legend but for a few dollars,more. how much more caash do you really need? Pathetic!


Twas ever thus, even in the days before agents. My first hero, the late Derek Kevan, left after 10 years when we were half way up the old first division to join Chelsea who I think were in division 2. The genius Bobby Hope reportedly asked for a transfer the day after we won the cup. The Albion fan, Lee Hughes joined Coventry of all clubs. These players are workers after a good pay out and we are kidding ourselves if we expect any loyalty. The days of Bomber and even that bloke we sold to the Dingles have long gone. Let`s just remember his hat trick last February and move on.

Cyril Randle

Baggiepaul, there were other factors at play with Kevan and Hope. Trawl through your old papers or programmes mate. Those were the days of a fixed wage if I remember rightly, although under the table bungs were common. Also, I believe Bobby Hope is now a scout still with the club so maybe the disillusionment was a bad boss or executive. Both stay heroes in my book. Even King Jeff ended up with his own window cleaning business, which I'm sure he did with that smile still on his face. Ray Barlow had a newspaper tobacconist's shop.

All very creditable and standard for then from honest players. They deserved better though. A nicer bloke than Tony Brown you couldn't meet, scored tons of goals, yet he isn't rich. Somewhere between then and now is where players should be.

Jack ♣ Hat.


QPR 2-4 MKD third division. You will see where you would get if you joined the clot that manages their footballers. Sure you don't want a rethink?.


Brunt`s left peg

Jack my friend they made 9 changes.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Brunt`s left peg

He made nine changes (Not they), that's right, the guy who manages QPR players, Arry Redcrap. I thought my post was plain enough.



If we can get 3 or 4 million we should snatch their hands off,i think most fans can see he doesnt pull his weight,but he gets away with it because he scores the odd winner.

He does not compare to Shane Long,who gives 100% every game he plays.

Goodbye P£t£r


This bloke is really getting on my nerves now!!,,

Quinton Rob

Thank goodness the reason he wants to leave isn't because of the money.


Had enough of this subject now. If PO is going to rant at the fans who chanted his name everyweek for the past couple of years then he can do one, i personally loved him at albion but now he might as well go play for the dingles!! Well with any luck he'll be playing against them next year, so go get your 70k a week & rot on the bench in the championship. #qprgoingdown #POgrabber

Jack ♣ Hat.


Lets cut to the chase and be truthful, who wrote your detrimental response to West Bromwich Albion after they in their right, turned down your transfer request?. You must agree from where you came from before being "Rescued", the words "Reciprocal, common, respect." would not be in your vocabulary, now would they?. So being truthful and honest otherwise you will be found out to be a liar and a lowlife. Who really did write it (The response). 1/ Your agent, 2/ Mr. Redknapp or 3/ Some other from QPR?.

Now thinking on the words you produced where is your reciprocal common respect for West Bromwich Albion and the contract YOU so eagerly signed and included a large increase in money?. Sounds to me you are treading on your own toes. Any chance of using the duster and coming clean?. Here is hoping you are man enough to do the honourable thing.


steve maclad Baggie

ok Pete thanks for some of what you've done, if your not committed then do one!

Take the cash with QPR and 'Arry the spiv' enjoy the Chumpionship next year and slide in to obscurity.

No one heard of you before you came to the Baggies and no one will miss you when you've gone.


steggles legend

Let him go now ........ before he poisons the whole dressing room ,BUT don't sell him to barrow boy Harry,send him abroad and as far away from West Bromwich as possible ,the whole situation and Odemgreedys handling of it smacks of tapping up .....................................GET RID NOW !!!!!!

Nick Cyprus

The answer is simple, do not sell him, do not acknowledge him but allow him to show exactly what he is, a childish, moronic and immature spoiled brat. The club MUST make a stand and allow him to rot in the reserves for the next 18 months, and at that time allow him to leave on a free to Rochdale or some 4th division side from Uzbekistan, I am sure he'll enjoy that. This individual is so narrow minded, he was expecting support from the supporters, but what he didn't consider is the fact that 99% of Albion fans have a selfless perspective, loyalty and honour, unlike himself. We will not stand back and let a jumped up, over-rated idiot think he can rule the roost and get exactly what he wants. If he was 21, I'd come to expect this sort of behavior, but he's a 31 year old mature professional (allegedly). I will make a bold statement and suggest that at 19 years old, Lukauku is more of a man that this pathetic human being will ever wish to be! Now Peter, you reap what you sow....ENJOY!


After tearing down all footballing relationships in your life you are destined to become a controversial figure Peter. You really have upset the fans. You had an opportunity to belong somewhere. You had an opportunity to become a club legend and we treat our legends very well at our club, but unfortunately you have chosen to be incredibly greedy and try to hold our club to ransom.

There is no forgiving what you have done and your persistent abuse of our club will hopefully gain you an immediate fine and a sale to any club outside the Prem for as little as it takes.

You see we don't care about money here we just require people to honour thier contracts and show a little respect. You say that we show you no RESPECT! We are one of the oldest clubs in the world who have made you our highest ever earner. The club have recued you from a racially abusive situation at Moscow. Is that what you call being disRESPECTful? We co-founded the league you play in (the first in the world), we were at that first table. We have played the game since 1878. We helped pathe the way for black players in the 70s to play the game at the highest level without abuse and those players are being shown the RESPECT they deserve with a statue in the town centre. We are an old and proud club and generally our players of the past have shown us nothing but respect. Hows about you stop being such a petulant child and show some respect yourself.

Boing Boing


His comments about wanting to play for one of the most respected managers in trhe Premier League ? Respected by who ?

Everyone knows that he has a policy of doing all his transfer business via comments to Sky Sports reporters through the window of his car. If you look at the ENgland appointment, the F.A. knew exactly what he is, hence the reason for Roy getting the job instead of him. The press love him because he gives them easy column inches. Remember what he did to Portsmouth and Southampton - that is the measure of the man.

As for Number 24, well if money means thats much to you then I say on you go - jog on. You'll end up the same as Kuzsak, Gera. Curtis Davies etc - a legend in your own mind. You can ve a very talented player, but you do not know how to play in a team.

Makes you wonder if all the stuff about Locomotiv had substance.


Peter is reported to earn more than 35K a week and he still wants more when he played in Russia what was he earning then???????, I wonder if he had to rely on benefits would he still fell the same then I have only one thought about him now he is one greedy B******

Netherton Baggie

The club may as well let him join the West London 'giants' now,as it's clear he's finished at The Hawthorns.

It's clear he's used to getting his own way in life,he probably had a tantrum if things didn't go his way as a kid.

Wonder what sort of reception he'll get if he appears at Goodison.

Richard Brennan

Though the twitter stuff is a garbled rant to say the least; I do have a problem with the claim of 'no respect'.

Where is your respect Peter for the fans who paid serious real money in the real world to have your name on their kids shirts?

Best you go, damage has been done but thanks regardless for some decent moments over the past few years

amsterdam baggie

peter has served us well,he has no loaylty to albion,he is a journey man,who at 31 can do bettermoney wise at another club,he only wants to secure himself and his familey,you want to tar and feather him for that,get real boys,shame to see him go,but what the hell ,we will still be here in the prem.were not going to collapse without p.o.

amsterdam baggie

please please please steve clark do not go near sebastiene coates from liverpool just saw him against oldham,make leon barnett look like carvallioih


JP - don't be manipulated by 'good old Arry'!! and his geezers...PO stays put until we decide otherwise and we don't lift a finger to give Rangers any help to stay in the prem.


If he wants to go let him buy his way out of his contract. He seemed pleased enough to come to us from Zenit St Petersburg. We know that loyalty counts for nothing these days. He could always be on 'Arrys next iury;


Dear Steve,

Please do not let Peter play any more games for us. He is not worthy of wearing the shirt. I'm sure he'll be playing Championship football next season with 'arry. I for one don't want him upsetting the squad.

Dear Peter,

When you write your comments please don't 'make it up as you go along'. This club does not need you or the greed that goes along with you. You earn more in a week than I do in a year. You are leaving a club that is 8th in the Premiership for a club that is destined for the Championship. Ah well, at least you may be able to score a few more goals at that level as you certainly struggle in the Prem.



He talks about respect, the club showed him respect by giving him a new contract when he wanted to leave last time, where is his respect for that contrcat, the club and the fans. If you are under contract you should not be interested in going somewhere else until that is near an end, also he says he wanted to work under one of the most respected managers in the game. He already has and that manager got the england job over dodgy harry, also why does harry think it is ok to tap up other teams players, he's done it with wingie and also on tv he stated he went over to see REMY several times whilst he was playing for his old club, spent quite a few hours with him and told him how much he liked him and wanted him, surely an admission of tapping up another clubs player, but because it harry nothing is done. Farewell Peter even though the moneys more, the grass is never greener, ask Diomansy kamara, Curtis Davis and Jason Koumas etc....


I've been a very vocal supporter of Odemwingie on these pages, but when a player starts saying things like that about my club it's time to go. I'm tempted to say make him rot in the reserves but what good will that do?

Peace just needs to make sure we get adequately compensated. He'll just be another mercenary at QPR and Redknapp will realise soon enough.

Jack ♣ Hat.

How about a swap with QPR, Odemwingie for Jamie Mackie plus £2m make-weight on the QPR side of the balance and a further £1m because of the Redcrap involvement?.


Kev in Mallorca

Have a look at the Dingle's match report site and look at the headline for the advert at the top of the page? "Wolves at the races"



Did you hear Redknapp in the post match interview after QPR were beaten by MK Dons - he said he gave his players a game cos "someone" told him they were good players..... he just can't accept any blame for anything - his whole reputation is built on getting on with the media. His only success is a very long career was with a team who were relegated for years of cheating.

There is a reason why no big clus are interested in him and the only decent team he managed (Spurs) were bottom of the league when he joined and sacked him after 2 seasons.

Brunt`s left peg

I see we have turned down an improved offer for Peter! expect a few more rants today!

Steve Poole Baggie

I am pretty sure if I had said this about my employer, I would already have been looking for a new job. Terrible attitude and if anyone questions how the business of football and the rights of footballers still belongs in the real world, this proves that it does not.

Peter, I would have more respect for you if you just came out and said I want more money - don't we all. At the stage of your career I could understand your thinking. But please do not insult us with this wanting a new challenge. The club and PO have been good for each other since he joined, he has scored some goals and we have taken him from a Russian hell to make him a household name. But you have a very high opinion of your own ability and your twitter comments are deeply offending to my club. It is a shame but I think that it is time for you to move on. But it is such a shame that this sort of attitude will result in him getting his way. To the younger kids that adore him, what sort of behavious of a role model is this???

Halesowen Baggie

He's a hypocrite, a mercenary and worst of all he's made Steve Clarke look silly (see Steve's comments below following a "clear the air meeting" with Odemwingie around the 18th January..

"However, Clarke said: “I had a good chat with him about his situation and all Peter wanted to do was talk about the game with Villa.

“There is no indication that he is even thinking about the bid. Everybody’s been told that nobody is going out."

Respect - he doesn't understand the meaning of the word and the contempt he's shown for us supporters is unbelievable.

I'd leave him to rot anywhere but our club where he's capable of undermining the spirit we have in the dressing room. He's everything in football that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

He's undoubtedly a very talented player - when he wants to be, the Villa game being a perfect example but, more often than not, he's well short of giving 100% which is unlike the rest of our squad and the management team.

'The Class of 68'

Halesowen Baggie .....

..... SPOT ON


netherton Baggie

Get rid of him now I say, he's obviously used to getting his own way in life.

Wonder what sort of reception he'll get if he appears at Everton,mind you he would probably refuse to get on the team coach