Albion's Ben Foster urges: silence critics

Albion goalkeeper Ben Foster today sent out a derby-day battle-cry and challenged the high-flying Baggies to silence their doubters by beating Villa.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Fulham v West Bromwich Albion - Craven Cottage

Steve Clarke’s side are due to host their neighbours at The Hawthorns at 5.30pm looking to end a five-match winless run.

And, despite a drop in form since they climbed to third in the table in November, Foster has assured Albion fans the players are determined to end the season in style.

“We started off so well and got so many points on the board early-doors that everyone in the league has probably written us off as pushovers for the rest of the season,” admitted Foster.

“They think we’re probably safe so we won’t give 110 per cent like we have been.

“But I assure everyone that’s not the case. We’re doing exactly the same things on the training field as we had been doing, and even in the games recently we’ve been so unlucky.

“We should have had a lot more points than we’ve got.

“We’ve had a lot of injuries but the players who have come in have done a good job so I don’t think there is any worry about dropping standards.

“We’ve proven people wrong all season. Everybody has been saying we can’t keep it up and we just keep going.

“Even when we got to third in the league after the Sunderland game, nobody was getting excited or shouting about how well we were doing. Even now, when we’ve lost three or four on the bounce, we will do exactly the same thing.”

Albion have 33 points and sit seventh in the table ahead of today’s matches, leaving them within touching distance of Premier League safety for another season.

But Foster insisted the experienced figures in the Baggies squad will drive the team on.

“I don’t think we need any extra motivation,” he said.

“We are not the sort of players just to make sure we are safe.

“When they recruit players here, they do it not just on footballing ability, but how you are as a person.

“I go into every training session wanting to win the five-a-sides! If you are happy to lose you are not right for West Brom.”

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Comments for: "Albion's Ben Foster urges: silence critics"


Ben says that "we should have a lot more points than we have got." I agree!

CantelloRocket 78


Ben also said we've had a lot of injuries, and we've been very unlucky in recent games, both factors of which must've surely contributed to us dropping points.

So I hope you also take these comments on board, and express some sympathy to the difficulties Steve and the players are having?


I disagree that we've been unlucky recently. Indeed we were very lucky that the ref missed the stonewall penalty that we should have conceded against QPR away.

We Only Need One Half!

What about the Stoke game? there goal should never have stood because of what happened directly prior to it between Jones and Olsson, which happened in front of you you said, but you didn't see anything untoward?

Why are you constantly focussing on what does the club down? its almost like you are getting some twisted pleasure from it?


The Stoke game was a poor performance, whatever the result.

We Only Need One Half!

Maybe, but Stoke didn't deserve all 3 points either, neither did Newcastle, its not like we were played of the park by either of them, you could even make an argument for Arsenal (needed two penalties, we all know how arbitrary they can be, just ask Sir Alex) and Man Utd ( an o.g. and a multi million pound super sub required)

We Only Need One Half!

He also says "silence critics", you still going to meet me at The Vine after the game?


As I've already said to your mate (or alter ego Cantello) I will not be meeting up with you at the Vine as it would spoil a beautiful relationship. Also, why would your other mate Kevin call me a "chicken" for not meeting up? This would suggest that I'm "frightened" of something. What would I be frightened of - is this a veiled threat?

We Only Need One Half!

Not at all, but if you are going to offer an opinion on here, or even be condescending, why do you not have the strength of your convictions to argue them in person? especially if in the local anyway, so not putting yourself out at all?

That just comes across has one of these school buy bully's you read about from time to time who hide in the anonymity of the web, not a reasoned adult.

Don't become like the majority of wulfies, a keyboard kommando, don't demean yourself.

Cyril Randle

Read between the lines, Ben and the players are as worried as we are and are really asking for 'togetherness' from the supporters. It's no good having scapegoats

or little dolls to stick pins in. Lay off individual players and if you can't be positive, say NOWT !

SC Baggie

sorry Cyril but that sounds like being like the...ostrich and burying your head in the sand.... say what has to be said. That's what being truthful is.

'The Class of 68'

''Even now, when we’ve lost three or four on the bounce, we will do exactly the same thing.” >>>>>> now you worry me Ben.

answer all the doubters today ..... COYB

Jack ♣ Hat.

Lets get back to making sure of and forging our own luck. Us fans expect a few mistakes but at the moment they seem so costly. Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


Jacks strange comments

"Us fans" From a bloke that only watches on a computer. Come on!!!!


Everyone from the club has been talking like this for the last month or so, it's wearing a bit thin now. Let's go out and and do it today with a fully committed performance. And let's play for 90 minutes, no more late goals against!

emma dale 2 pointsh

2 points from the last 27 available ..........luton airport? nah mate, its berkshire, west london, and now its second bottom

CantelloRocket 78

Emma Roid-

So wolves haven't won in 6 games, and they have one shot (off target) in 90 minutes against a bottom 3 championship team-

division one, here come 'weemabigclub'.........:)

'The Class of 68'

Point gained .....

..... Baggie's slow out the blocks first half, Villa on the break proved to be a handful, and for me were deservedly ahead. Different second half with the Baggies attacking the Brummie Road End. Second half belonged to the Baggies, a certain urgency was obvious to see.

Lethargic first half performance from the Baggies, this needs to be addressed.

I have to say, Ridgewell is not fo me, he is not my style of left back, sorry Liam.

I would like to have herd SC's half time dressing room 'chat'

Jack ♣ Hat.

Villa came off the blocks like a team possessed while Albion led by Odemwingie showed their never say die attitude. The bigger picture, a barnstorming local derby at fortress Hawthorns, lets face it no local derby is a "Gimme" (Unless we are playing wo1-Ves of course and they are off the map, struggling in the nether regions). Playing Osaze off Lukaku is where he is strongest and must be there on a regular basis. He is certainly my *Star man*. Must find a place for "Goran (Popov) the Albion man". Another three points and then we can play with the pressure off. Great to be a Baggy.


P.S. Sorry to see George Thorne left out, but it will let him take stock. He can be proud of his performances. Ditto: Tamas.

Jacks strange comments

Ever thought of putting some of your irrefutable drivel in a book?

You could call it "Whiter stripes of a football computer watcher"

Jack ♣ Hat.

I am cheesed off with commentators saying Osaze is selfish. He is INSTINCTIVE, that is the quality that allowed him to get the equaliser. Franksy was dead chuffed when we were two nil down, his little digs came thick and fast. Every goal was class. Nearly there. Oh! Anybody still want to say Arry Redc--p didn't try to upset our players before their games with us?.


'The Class of 68'

Sunday ..... and time to reflect .....

..... Chris Brunt deserves a mention, he had a good game, i thought Jerome Thomas gave SC a potential selection headache, and Dorrans continues to get back on track.

Point of interest, Villa have a young set of players, bar for one or two, they are new kids on the block. Should they survive this season, could they go from strength to strength ?

Come'th 40pts should we introduce our youngsters or concentrate on financially finishing as high up the league as possible ?

A Point Gained ..... COYB

tony browns moustache

the press make you laff ( "Albion have 33 points and sit seventh in the table ahead of today’s matches, leaving them within touching distance of Premier League safety for another season.) well so should the villa by grabbing a point. see my point boing boing

CantelloRocket 78


It's the Baggies 'keeper Ben who you disagree with, I'll ask him to debate the issue with you if he's got nothin' better to do from now 'til the summer.........

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