West Brom players told to forget leaving

West Brom boss Steve Clarke has told all his players to forget about January transfers after holding talks with Queens Park Rangers target Peter Odemwingie.


Clarke spoke to Odemwingie yesterday amid continued speculation over a move to Loftus Road.

And the Hawthorns head coach insisted his players are in no doubt that they will not be sold this month.

The Baggies have turned down a £2million offer for Odemwingie – and a £5million bid for defender Jonas Olsson – from Rangers.

But the Express & Star understands the Nigeria striker would be interested in speaking to the Premier League strugglers.

However, Clarke said: “I had a good chat with him about his situation and all Peter wanted to do was talk about the game with Villa.

“There is no indication that he is even thinking about the bid. Everybody’s been told that nobody is going out.

"Clubs are entitled to make bids for a player if they do it through the correct channels, which QPR did.

“But it’s easy for us to say no and the players know the situation.

"The number of times I have to say ‘I don’t want anybody to leave our club in the January window and we don’t have to sell anybody’ is incredible.

“But I will repeat that we don’t have to, we don’t want to and we’re not too far away from the end of the window.

"My only focus is making sure we get our season back on track against Villa.”

Odemwingie is expected to play against Villa unless his wife, Sarah, goes into labour. Their first child is already overdue.

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Comments for: "West Brom players told to forget leaving"

Jack ♣ Hat.

Strikes me the E&D like to er! stir, have fun Franksy. If I were Steve, in coming callers inquiring about our players should press 2 and have some little girl to answer them.

Any-road, I don't think the Local Police will allow the Villa game to go ahead as the roads and footpaths will be too dangerous with all the snow expected and with a 17:30 H'rs kick off time. There will be lots of cancellations this weekend. Wouldn't it make life better if there were navy blue stripes in the white stuff?.


Robin Brittain

It will be a shame if the game is postponed but at least it will give Long and Yacob another week to get properly fit. I t would be good if it could be re-arranged for when Mulumbo is back. Not much fun sitting outside in this weather anyway.

Oh please


If the match is called off it will as you say probably be down to the roads. Our pitch seldom lets us down.

PS How do you put the "club" symbol in your name? Just curious.

Boing! Boing!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Oh please,

I wasn't worried about the ground, just the Local Council not doing their job. Remember the last time the footpaths around the ground had been left so the game was called off.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Oh please,

☞ Onward and upward☝ with the *BAGGIES*.


Oh please


(Finger pointing right) To infinity

(Finger pointing up) and beyond!

Well, I did try!

Boing! Boing!

Bromham Baggie

That's all very well, Steve, but is anybody going to leave the club in January? Best wishes to PO and family. When you know things like that it's another piece in the jigsaw of understanding performance.

CantelloRocket 78


got me smilin' there, I do like your dry sense of humour.


I sense a clearout at the end of the season. Until then I don't think anything will happen. Onwards and up! COYB

'The Class of 68'

Baggieboyroy .....

..... I don't disagree, but who would you like to see move on, replaced or whatever ?

My thoughts .....

..... Rosenberg, Fortune, Jara R, Tamas, Ridgewell, Dorrans.

With question marks against Gera, Odemwingie and Thomas.

I am the Dorrans fan, but it looks as though he will go.


'The class of 68'.

I agree with your list of players and I also think that Thomas and Odemwingie may move on at the end of the season if JP can get a decent price for them. Regarding Gera I am a big fan of his, but although he is a positive type of person he may not get back from this unfortunate injury as age is not on his side. We need to gradually introduce a couple of our talented young players into the first team squad soon, I would like to see Dawson and El Ghalasy given a chance. We lack width so a tricky, quick winger would be an asset to us in the future.

As a club we must continue to build up our squad with at least two new quality signings next season if we are to push on up the Premier League. Hope you agree?


Brummie roader Ryan

Looks like the game is being called off, might be good news at least we might have Yacob and Mulumbu back

CantelloRocket 78

So there we have it-

the Head Coach said-

We don't WANT to sell,

We don't NEED to sell,

and he's told his first choice players that THEY'RE STAYING!!

So if anyone wishes to continue spreading rumours and trying to stir up unrest, I suggest they look at SC's interview and try to understand what he said, someone will help you if it's a bit difficult to grasp.

And if anyone wants to 'nit-pick', and say things like 'yeah but P.O. said things, an' there ain't smoke without fire', etc., I suggest you try to find something much more useful to do with your time, because one day you'll realise your life has ended and yer standing at the pearly gates tryin' to gain admission from ANOTHER Saint Peter!!!!!


good post cantello some folk will read what people say and still believe their own interpretation .


Let's wait and see what happens between now and January 31st.

CantelloRocket 78


Good idea, let's wait and see what actually happens concerning transfer activity by Jan. 31st.

Likewise, maybe we should wait until May to pass judgement on the club's performance this season, don't you think?

CantelloRocket 78


you've hit the nail on the head.

I'm always interested in what other people say, but I believe we should look at the whole picture, then be as fair-minded as possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys have a narrow-minded, prejudiced opinion on an issue, and even if something happens contrary to their beliefs, they just brush it aside, because it doesn't fit in with their view.

In which case it's impossible to have a proper, mature discussion with 'em.

We Only Need One Half!

SC confirming Odems leaving a rumour (didn't we go through the same scenario with him leaving for Wigan a couple seasons back?) Yacob on the mend, players willing to play for us with a broken leg, when lesser players are reluctant to play with a fractured eye lash for other teams, Villa blog showing real trepidation over their imminent visit, could it be?, yes, yes I think it is, some positivity on the horizon, hopefully riding in to destroy the ones who insist on denying themselves the pleasure of enjoying the here and now, and attempting to importune everyone else into doing like wise, due to suffering from some sort of Cassandra Complex.

An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness.

Elbert Hubbard

Cyril Randle

Has anyone else noticed how Billy Jones looks like Jonas ? I was trying to explain to a 'new' bloke who sat by me at the QPR Cuptie that he was Jonas's love child. He nodded approvingly until I also had to point out in fairness that Jonas would have only been 7 at the time. Bloody Vikings ! He's shaping up brilliantly though and will eventually be accepted by the ones who got on his back earlier. Especially now I've bothered to explain the link. Now who does Markus Rosenburg look like ? I'll shut the moaners up somehow.......


Rosenberg doesn't look like anyone as he was cast down from the loins of the Gods.


Rosenberg reminds me of Colin Sugget!! A big money buy in the 60's bought in to play alongside King Jeff - not a success! 'Suggo' is physically very similar to Rosey

Given my age away haven't I


Jack ♣ Hat.


Billy the Kid is coming on beautifully mate, he will prove a good buy.

Question: Now who does Markus Rosenburg look like ?

Answer: Alba Tross. L☺Ls.

Stoney Lane

The quality of our press conferences and radio after-match interviews are very poor, aren't they? No-one has yet posed the simple question:'What were your thoughts, Steve, about the sale of Chris Wood?' Or:'At Reading, Steve, were you still thinking of going for a third goal when you brought on an attacker for a midfielder so late in the game?' I know that lickspittle journalists dare not ask too much, or too frankly, in case they are 'banned.' But there is a softer way of asking the obvious. I am constantly frustrated on my long drive home at inane questions on both West Midlands Radio and brmb. A succession of callers make very good points. Then the reporter has to interview the manager and asks about none of the key issues. I've just watched Steve Clarke's weekly press conference before the Villa game, which may or not be on because of the snow. No wonder that we, as fans, are left so much in the dark if that's the kind of quality served up by local journalists.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Stoney Lane,

Earthquake in Leicester today. Source found to be their football training ground, Chris Wood had hit the net again.


We Only Need One Half!

Adkins gone, just after beating Villa too!

Oh please

Until something actually happens then it's best not to take any notice of rumours, january is january and there will always be speculation.

Next up VIII a, not going to be easy but I'm hoping one or two key players are back for this one.

It occured to me after qpr beat chelski that it's that time of the season where one or two of the relegation candidates begin to put up a fight and produce some unexpected results (it happens every year.) So there's no easy games no matter what it looks like on paper.


Howdy mate, hope you are well.

I left you a reply few days back but I've been to sleep since so I can't remember which thread it was on!

I don't think we've been outside the top ten this season(?) so a result tomorrow would keep us up there and remove some of the recent negativity on here.

Boing! Boing!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Oh please,

Franksy WM is broken hearted now the Osaze rumour has been knocked on the head.


CantelloRocket 78

Oh please,

alright mate?

You said recently you'd not been in the best of health, and I said I hoped you were now on the mend?

I also mentioned one of our old teachers, Mr. Jones, who used to take our school football team for practice, but he couldn't run 10 yards without collapsing.Not the greatest role model.Apparently he later gave you lot English lessons, I could never understanding him meself, because of his strong Welsh accent.Oh well......

And yes, the Baggies haven't been out the top 10 all season, but I can now see many furiously typing posts to say we could soon be.......some might even hope it happens, so they can say 'told you so, told you so....'

Now what was I sayin' about Schoolkids.............?


Why would he want to join QP$ anyway?

Brunt`s left peg

Ciaran, Because they would treble is wages.

'The Class of 68'

Brunt`s left peg & cosy baggie

Concise and to the point ..... i like it ..... totally waffle free

COYB ..... assuming match goes ahead, give us something to smile about you Baggie Boys.


good news he is staying we need him to keep the bench warm!

my bet is he will force a move if offered loads££££

funny how Harry made all the fuss about too much money been spent in the past, he has clearly high jacked the french kid who was going to Newcastle

Jack ♣ Hat.


Redc--p will send QPR the same way he did Pompey.


'The Class of 68'

THE KING 13/05/1942 > 19/01/2002

Thanks for the memories Jeff

DEREK 'the tank' KEVAN remembered at The Hawthorns today > also great memories.

Let us do you proud today against the old enemy ..... COYB

oh please dont,!!!!

as i said after the QPR defeat, benteke was frustrated and fuming.......fast forward to sat 19/1/13 wba 0 villa 2 benteke,agbonlahor........reading.qpr.....villa!

oh please, dont

7 points from the last 18.......... even luton town are playing better......lol

Oh please


Would that be the Luton Town who are pushing for promotion? Yep, they're playing better than a lot of teams, especially those teams at the bottom end of their respective tables.

Boing! Boing!

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