West Brom back QPR targets to stun suitors

West Brom today backed Queens Park Rangers targets Jonas Olsson and Peter Odemwingie to shine against their suitors in their FA Cup third round replay at the Hawthorns.

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly - Nottingham Forest v West Bromwich Albion - City Ground

The Baggies will take on Harry Redknapp’s side for a place in round four tonight against the backdrop of their failed bids for defender Olsson and striker Odemwingie.

But assistant head coach Kevin Keen is adamant the pair will perform, despite the potential distraction of QPR’s continued interest.

He said: "This is what happens in football. The supporters might not be happy with QPR but I’m sure they will give the team their full support, whatever happens.

“Peter and Jonas are two experienced players who have been here a long time and they will go out and do their best for West Brom.

“I’m sure the fans will support them just as strongly. The two bids have been turned down and Peter and Jonas are more than happy to be at a club in the top half of the Premier League.

"We certainly don’t want to get rid of them. Peter is a fantastic footballer, a really good player for West Bromwich Albion.

“I hope he will be for the rest of the season and I'm sure he will be.”

Odemwingie is back in the Baggies squad after a calf injury, while Olsson is looking to continue the comeback from a groin problem that began with a start in Saturday’s defeat at Reading.

Steven Reid is also available tonight after a shin injury and the Baggies are hoping for a clean bill of health – apart from long-term absentee Zoltan Gera – by the time they host Villa in Saturday’s Premier League derby.

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Comments for: "West Brom back QPR targets to stun suitors"

Halesowen Baggie

Has anyone considered that this could be another piece of "gamesmanship" by Harry boy to give QPR an edge for tonight's game?

The best way we could respond is to trounce them an send them back to "the Smoke" with their tails between their legs.

E1 Baggie

I like how the interviewer asks "will there be an issue over the bids" and the guy says "there might" and suddenly all the papers run with "Harry Redknapp to get frosty reception at Hawthorns". Making the news much?


well i see harry is trying to do to qpr what he did to portsmouth and don,t i wish it would happen.

what does annoy me is that he thinks we will succumb to his bids , well mr melted wellie face have you tried dealing with our chairman

We Only Need One Half!

Yes he has, last year, Jonas to Spurs, he got short shrift then too, but it seems he never learnt his lesson!

What's the difference between Harry and a computer? You only have to punch the information into the computer once!

Cyril Randle

On 'Arry's own admission, he struggles to read and write, but he's used what brain he has in cunning. I love foxes so I won't compare him with them, but he's rich, famous and successful. Maybe many of us have got it wrong ?

I hope both Jonas and P.O. get a goal tonight. Could make him want them even more, especially if he can't have them.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Harry Redcrap has paid £15m for two players and wanted to beg West Bromwich Albion players.

Don't know about Shepherds Bush, maybe it should be renamed Beggars Bush.


Bromham Baggie

I have to confess that last season I would occasionally have a look at the Wolve's pages, especially as they got deeper in the mire (we all enjoy a smile). The thing that struck me was how often one of their 'stars' would pop up with a "this time we are going to get it right" or "This time we will stuff the opposition" type of statement. Inevitably, the day after the match, they would have egg on their faces. I know journalists have to fill the pages, but I would prefer it if the "We're gonna...." articles were put to bed for a while and let the results tell their own stories. e.g.: "West Brom plan to blow away the season’s first sign of problems with a fresh statement of intent. (at Reading)

CantelloRocket 78


I've mentioned before that I once heard Martin Bell ( political journalist and one-time politician ) interviewed on the radio, and at the end he was asked for one piece of advice.He said-

'take little notice of what politicians say, but watch carefully what they actually DO, that's MUCH more important'.

Obvious advice, but the same rule applies to people in football, so I take all this 'mind game' stuff and 'promises' with a large pinch of salt.


yes bromham, totally agree, thats why i have'nt stopped smiling since saturday 4-55 pm.

roll on benteke's villa

CantelloRocket 78


You know I've always had a soft spot for you, 'cos you ain't all bad, so I'm happy that you've finally managed to smile.

After all, with wolves stumblin' from one embarrassing disaster to another in recent years, and now hoverin' just above the championship relegation places and strugglin' to win a game, you must be havin' a pretty miserable time.

By the way, what's the weather like down there?

You need a holiday, I recommend flyin' from Luton airport, they know how to guarantee people returnin' with bright red faces from over there...........:)

We Only Need One Half!

.....yes khs, but you got over Luton quick enough! roll on, err Kirkland? sorry, he's the only one I recognise from Sheff Wed!

BBC website,

Wolves need a Suarez - Saunders

New Wolves manager Dean Saunders says they need to unearth another Luis Suarez to try and return to the Premier League.

Deano, may I also suggest a Van Persie, Ba, and Michu at the very least!

Bromham, don't deny yourself the pleasure old bean, their still doing it now, no wonder they struggle for results, must be hard playing each week with a foot full of buck shot!

Jack ♣ Hat.

One Half,

Deanosaurus forgot to mention a good manager is needed as well, preferably the Luton boss. L☺Ls.



West Brom losing makes you smile for that long?

What a sad, sad life you must lead.

Jack ♣ Hat.


We've been *sniggering at your lot for the last ten years and you are STILL worth a *L☺Ss.


Brunt`s left peg

Well i hope Jonas performs better than he did at reading, if not we will be out of the cup, as for Peter i will be very suprised if he plays with Aston Villa coming to town on saturday.


Agree entirely Brom Baggie,It's a sure fire egg on face game.We need to be very diligent about how we go about the game,tight at the back and devastating up front. Like you say "we are going to this and that" is never a good idea.Lets just get on with the job in hand. Then onto Villa another great big banana skin.

jolfie b@ggie

Come on yo baggies, lets stick it up Harry n his boys tonight! Good cup run would be great! COYB

Had a chance to travel back and forth between Denmark and England to see my beloved club in action tonight against QPR. But common sense has made me rethink. I´m not going to travel after all, since it is an FA cup replay and Albion do terribly on such occasions, as following statistics show. Read on for appalling, horrific stats of Albions FA cup replays for the last 27 years....

1985/1986 3rd round replay WBA 2 Sheffield W 3 (Chamberlain scoring Wednesday´s winner 3 minutes from time)

1988/1989 3rd round replay Everton 1 WBA 0 (Everton scoring the winner 2 minutes from time

1992/1993 2nd round replay WBA 1 Wycombe 0 (For once Albion lucky - Taylor scoring a late goal for us)

1994/1995 3rd round replay WBA 1 Coventry 2 (Albion winning 1-0 only to throw it all away conceding twice in the last 7 or 8 minutes)

1999/2000 3rd round replay Blackburn 2 WBA 0 (After extra time)

2004/2005 4th round replay Tottenham 3 WBA 1

2005/2006 3rd round replay Reading 3 WBA 2 (after extra time - Albion 2 up at half time....)

2006/2007 5th round replay WBA 4 Middlesbrough 5 (1-1 after extra time, Albion lose on penalties. Sherjill b****y McDonald)

2007/2008 3rd round replay WBA 4 Charlton 3 (2-2 after extra time, Albion win on penalties!!!!)

2008/2009 4th round replay Burnley 3 WBA 1

2009/2010 5th round replay WBA 2 Reading (again!) 3 (2-2 after normal time. Zuiverloon making a dreadful mistake to let Reading equalize 3 minutes into stoppage time.....)

Oh, and regarding Reading (my most hated team at the moment), they did the hat trick on us in the FA cup in 2009/2010, when they won 1-0 against us......

So, if there is justice, we should finally win tonight. We´ve had so much bad luck I´m sure you would all agree? Still, I´m not convinced. Fear it´s going to be another grim FA cup evening tonight.....

Soren, Roskilde, Denmark

Sorry, meant to write Reading did the FA cup hat trick over us in 2010/2011


We Only Need One Half!

Nice piece of research, interesting read, well done.

Bromham Baggie



Evening all,

went tomost of those games.......top stats mate.......coldshivers down my spine at rememebering some of those loses.....

think i need a stiff drink



Logerheads Baggie

Im relieved I didnt make a 440 mile round trip from Northumberland through ice and snow to watch tonights dissapointing game.

We seem to be on a slippery slope.

A run of results like this cost Roberto his job.

If Dan has a shortlist of managers ready for JP I wouldnt be surprised to see the axe fall.I think Clarke was niave to think he could fill the boots of Jacob and Mulumbu with the other players in the squad.

Lets hope they are both back togther soon before we slip into the pack above the relegation zone.The clubs at the bottom are all looking to strengthen and freshen up there squads-at least one of them will pull away and do a Wigan of last year! I am relieved we had an excellent start to the season and only need three wins to be in next years top flight--I am sure we will get those points but it wouldnt surprise me if its Easter before we are safe.If the Villa turn us over I think we are into a crisis.


R.E. E&S article "West Brom want to do their talking on the pitch". Please, starting tonight can we do less talking and more winning.

On a different theme has anyone seen that Dean Saunders has instructed the Wulfies to "like the ugly stuff". In other words The beautiful game .. Wolverhampton style.

'The Class of 68'

I hope they both stay.

Finding replacements of their quality could probably prove difficult not to mention inflated prices. Olsson for me is a true Baggie, committed to the club, but if he moved to a 'bigger' club so be it, but surely not QPR.

No disrespect to Odemwingie but Albion appear to be in the driving seat, Albion i hope dictate his stay at the club and hopefully a sale.

Two comfortable wins, tonight and the weekend, may just make them both more committed to WBA FC ..... COYB

Brunt`s left peg

MIRROR MIRROR on the wall

who is the fairest of them all

why you are Peggy of course

CantelloRocket 78

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

I'd so much love a pringle-

Could you make one appear for me,

And please this little dingle......?

Brunt`s left peg

i just hope it dont go to extra time and pens again as its going to be freezing cold.

Robin Brittain

QPR are the perfect example of all the bad things in football. They try to to do their business in public and by doing so unsettle their transfer targets with claims of higher wages, a special bonus if they retain their Premiership status plus an extended contract. The bid for PO which apparently was £2m will now be increased to £5m. All very interesting especially to PO's agent who is no doubt imagining the increase in his own bank account. It could be said that this is the modern way of operating in the transfer market , after all Rangers have just gazumped Newcastle for a French player by well improving the offer he had been made in the North East , but what will happen if Rangers are relegated as seems likely. Earlier this season the alarm bells rang when Rangers lost one of their major investors , who was replaced , but should they go down will he continue to pump in money.

Whilst we as supporters can show our regret if a favourite player is sold the final decision will be with the very astute JP who no doubt would insist that should any player be sold to QPR they must make payment in full before the transfer is completed.

Although I am only speculating I would imagine that if relegated , the whole club will go pear shaped and at the best they will revert to that to which they are best suited, a life in the lower leagues.

As far as Redknapp is concerned the best thing we can do tonight is ignore him, England didn't want him , Spurs got shut just as Rangers will when they are relegated Why give the bloke any credibility.


Evening all,

good points there mate - imagaine what could happen if 'arry turns up at a club....spends money they do not have......gets sacked / leaves......club gets relegated........implodes due to financial issues......

think i've seen this movie before......

best thing we could do tonight is laugh at him as he is not as good as his mates in the press seem to think he is.IfQPRgo down he'll have 2 clubs on his record that he totally knackerd ( not sure about west ham)

Brunt`s left peg

RB, we would not want him at Albion then?


Evening all,

we do need to keep both Olson and St Peter as we are better with them than without, and beating QPR and 'arry tonight would go a long way in doing that.They are both under contract anyway so 'arry would ahve to deal with JP.....good luck there!

Good luck to the lads tonight and lets all stay positive no matter what




Well this clearly proved to be the case how apt was this title post match !

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