Steve Clarke reveals Jonas Olsson's clause

West Brom boss Steve Clarke today confirmed key defender Jonas Olsson has a summer escape clause in his contract after the Baggies rejected a £5m bid from Queens Park Rangers.

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Albion turned down Rangers’ offer today but the move forced Clarke to confirm details of Olsson’s get-out clause this afternoon.

The Sweden international can exit The Hawthorns for a pre-determined figure in the summer transfer window – but only to one of six clubs named in his contract.

The clubs are thought to be major names in European football – not including QPR – and the clause is not active in the current transfer window.

Olsson penned a new four-year deal at The Hawthorns in August following a summer of speculation about his future.

Clarke admitted: “There is a clause in his contract that comes into play in the summer and there are six clubs that can activate that.

“I don’t think it would be prudent of me to give a figure but it doesn’t come into play in the January window.

“I can confirm there has been a bid, I can confirm it’s been turned down, and we don’t encourage any further bids because he’s not for sale.

“I have spoken to him. He said he’s loving his football here, enjoying the way the team is playing, enjoying the position in the league and looking forward to the rest of the season.

“We turned a bid down and don’t encourage any more bids so he will remain a West Bromwich Albion player. We don’t have to sell anybody.”

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Comments for: "Steve Clarke reveals Jonas Olsson's clause"

Do Lallytap

What a non story, why on earth would Olsen go to QPR ?

QPR are in dire trouble and if relegated they would have to off load some players.

Come on E&S give us some real stories !


double money as served us well

Ronnie Allen

Why would he want to go to Rangers?? Just like why would anyone want to join Wolves or Villa right now?? Especially as they will be changing managers soon.

We Only Need One Half!

Lost to Bradford, 6 pointer with Southampton Saturday, then local derby against us,

Anyone bet against us getting another local manager sacked???


In a nutshell......QPR can do one!!!!! He wouldnt move anyway.


Sports Headline in London Evening Standard 9th Jan 2013 'Harry (Redknap) targets Gallas to Rescue Rangers' !


Well if he does go it will only be for more money not ambition,


I hate Harry Redknapp. And his old-school managerial ways.

I wish he'd just retire, or stick to being a pundit. Maybe spend the time learning to read. Or looking for other business opportunities. Whatever. Just go away please. Never like him. Nothing personal.

English football wasn't a lesser place with him out of work.


couldnt agree more


why would he want to risk playing in the championship again.

jacks mate.

This season ain't over till the Fat Lady Sings. Just remember that.

CantelloRocket 78

Jack's Mate-

I can understand your concerns about possible relegation-

didn't Dean Saunders take Doncaster down last season, and wolves are currently only just above the relegation zone?

Crikey, you must be nervous..........

Jack ♣ Hat.

jacks mate,

That's right, there is plenty of time left for wo1-Ves to be relegated.


jacks mate.

Still with us then must be eating Garlic. Sorry Garlick!!!

Jack ♣ Hat.


Look, a new "Blakey" is born, so it is back to on the buses with "Deanosaurus" the new chief whip. Ychy Da Taffy from all.

Don't know if you will be there long enough to play ALBION.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Sam Mantom is a Walsall player.



Jonas Olsson I am sure is not daft enough to go to QPR. If there is a get out clause in his new contract with a fee attached It will be at Olsson's request to give him the opportunity to play for one of the top four clubs, who can blame him, he will not get many more potential opportunities at 29.

CantelloRocket 78

Whilst Jonas was considering a new contract with Albion, he was interviewed back in Sweden, and it was reported he said he would only consider leaving for a 'top' premiership club, or one of the leading European clubs-

if this is true, and bearing in mind he said how happy he was with his new deal, then if he expresses any interest in joining QPR, he'd be seen by many as a money-grabbing hypocrite, but as he strikes me as a sensible, intelligent guy, I don't expect that to happen.

If there IS a 4 mil. clause triggered in the summer, and he does want to leave, then play him for the rest of this season, and sell in the summer for 4 mil., although by then other clubs may have brought in other players and there might not be any offers at that time, so he'll probably stay.

Saunders Foot

Bet you anything that the official bid gets knocked back, the player gets sidetracked,then Harry ups the bid. By this time the ball will be in Jonas' court and he will then play 'how much do you rate me' with JP. Knowing that Peace is no shrinking violet, he won't budge an inch and Albion lose a quality player , albeit for an even healthier bank balance. Calls to Ashworth for a replacement and the wheel keeps turning.

'The Class of 68'

''Head coach Steve Clarke has pledged to keep together a squad''

No more to add



Much of this is @Arry's mates in the cockney press who love nothing better than to flush out a few targets for him..... then they can spend all day talking to him through his car window whilst he blathers on about "nothing concrete" and "well if he was available"....... boring !!!!!

If the player is under contract and has not asked for a move how is this not "tapping up" ??

Brummir roader Ryan

Exactly what I was thinking.

The press are always up his backside the game will be a batter place when he retires

Cyril Randle

Where's he retiring to Ryan ? Scotland ? Battered Mars Bars, Battered Football. Sorry mate, that typo had me chuckling.

Agree about 'Arry though, can be a pain in the bum, but he's your archetypal Landaner ain' 'E ? If there are any left these days.


5m is that a misprint,should it be 15m

Another media joke story,he's under contract I say do them for poaching if It's true.

Too much of these unrest stories in football.


It was but arry could only count his ten fingers and he did not want to take his shoes and socks off to count 15

Robin Brittain

Just because a player is under contract it does not stop another club making an offer. Having said that I cannot see Jonas or any other established Premiership player wanting to join QPR and I am afraid that Harry will be restricted to the Loan Market or signing mercenaries from overseas which is the policy that's brought them their current problems.

On another matter why can't we get more information on the progress of our injured players. I listened to Ferguson the other day when he stated that Rooney would be out for an additional two weeks so why can't the club keep us up to speed.


Hey brierley hill this name is already taken by me so can you please choose another one so too all the regulars on here who know me this was not from me. To be honest it could of been me cause it made sense but sadly it wasn't so come on b hill Baggie you seem an intelligent kind of guy choose another. Regarding the article it's a no brainier really I reckon they could get messi and they will still go down


I dunno, an International size venue, big crowds, In a good position in the league.....


I wouldn't be surprised if he left us for QPR. Jonas has always stated that he wants the experience of living in other cities and I'm sure that he would love living in London.

However, as an Albion fan, it would be disappointing if he left.


Given our present injury list I can't see the club selling Jonas for any money in January,(not unless we have a replacement up our sleeves). If there is a clause for a £4m bid which comes into effect in the summer, fair enough, he's been a good servant for Albion and deserves to take his chance elsewhere if that is what HE wants. Family comes first and if he has reasons to move to London, so be it. The club still has options. If we want to keep him we could renegotiate his contract, or we can take the £4m in the summer and invest in a replacement of equal or higher status. The squad will evolve over the next couple of years, as it always has, and what seems a great loss too horrible to contemplate now, will soon be seen as another step forward.

Keep the faith. Boing Boing.

Brunt`s left peg

If our injury list is so bad why have they let Gonzola Jara out on loan without a call back clause, the mind boggles.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Brunt`s left peg,

If our injury list is so bad...... .

It is at the moment, der!.



Another joke story! Again we have some quality players at the Albion so clubs are going to want to buy them. I know for sure that JP will not let Jonas go unless the offer is one that he just could not refuse. Can I ask if anyone out there has any information about when Jonas is going to return to the side? Just how serious is his injury? I am also concerned that we do not seem to get any information from the Express and Star or the club on our other injured players like Yacob and Reid. When can we expect them to be fit enough to return? I know that Gera is out for the rest of the season, but what about the rest of our injured players? Can anyone help with some news? COYB.




Albion fans getting twitchy? Not me, even if he does have a release clause, this isn't triggered until the summer and QPR might well be down by then. I'd fully expect JP to play hardball and say something like "Ok you can have him for £4m in the summer".

Then we would find out how confident QPR are of staying up.

'The Class of 68'

Blue and White striped veins ..... Go's against the grain, clubs chasing our big players, stirrs the old emotions.

Get's my back up, but i accept it is part of the English game.

If United or Liverpool came in for Yacob, rest assured he's gone.

In these heady Premiership times do WBA FC adopt a tougher line and stand resolute with regard to offloading our big players, i think not. I have no doubt a (Robson, Moses) downturn could quite easily happen again.

Keeping The Faith ..... COYB

Brunt`s left peg

Dont forget Jonas also said he loves Albion but for personal reasons he would love to live and play in london, im sure he knows he is not good enough for Chelsea - Arsenal-Spurs or even Fulham for that matter so Qpr or west ham are his only options,and the way the fixtures are set out this w/e Qpr could possibly be only 2 points behind saftey, if so would you bet against `ARRY` not keeping them up, i think not.


Not good enough for Arsenal, Spurs or even Fulham? Are you having a laugh mate?

Statistically Olsson is one of the top 5 defenders in the Premiership winning more headers than any other CB and making considerably more blocks and clearances than most defenders. Granted, he might struggle to get past Mertesacker and Vermaelan at Arsenal but he would walk straight into the Spurs and Fulham back 4.

All the talk of London was in response to the known fact that Redknapp wanted him at Spurs last season, couple that with the fact he has said numerous times he will only leave to a top club then you can safely say that he would only leave us to go to Arsenal or Spurs.

Mind you with the way the Chelsea back 4 are playing lately he could walk into their defence as well.

Absolutely no chance he would leave to go to QPR or West Ham. My main worry is if a European team come in for him this month or the summer.

CantelloRocket 78


don't worry mate, 'peg's a dingle.

And a very sad one at that.

Brunt`s left peg

ok maybe i was a bit harsh with fulham, but the top 4 premier sides not a chance, im sorry but if Harry had wanted him at spurs he would have had him, Harry also says how good Jerome Thomas is yet he`s not made any offer for him,Harry knows Jonas is the best hes going to get at struggling Qpr.

CantelloRocket 78


'if Harry wanted Olsson at Spurs, he would have had him...'

Don't you remember?

Harry was tryin' to get Jonas from us when Spurs told him he was sacked, so the whole thing fell through.

I thought all GENUINE Baggies fans knew that?

If you want to post as an Albion fan, you need to do yer homework.

Your posts have more holes in 'em than the wolves defence........doh!!!

Cyril Randle

Left Peg, I agreed with a comment of yours a few days back. If you want my backing any time you'll get it if you don't make questionable statements.

Jonas Olsson is as good as any one in the Premier League in his position.


PS: Is this me writing this ? I haven't been 'on the pop' either. I just bristle when fans can't see just how good Jonas is. He's walk into Chelsea's team right now and woe betide any bighead who didn't pull his weight.


Has he got four arms?

Jack ♣ Hat.

Why would Jonas sign a new four year contract if he is keen to get away?.


We Only Need One Half!

Fair point Jack, but Curtis Davies hadn't longed signed a 4 year contract when he left for the bright lights of Villa!!!! its a funny old game!

Mind you, we did take their pants down on that deal, thanks to Martin O Neill, he's not learned much has he, he's just let the Wulfies do it to him again with Fletcher!

Jack ♣ Hat.

One Half,

Agree mate, but £2m up front and £8m the following season isn't like the Jonas offer.


We Only Need One Half!

yep, we certainly had em with that one ;-)

Reg Smith

Why all the correspondence, Clarke stated that the escape clause isn't effective until the summer and only if one of six 'top european' clubs meet the Contract price. So why is anyone mumbling on about QRP?

Jack ♣ Hat.

NottinghamForest have signed Gonzalo Jara-Reyes.


jacks mate.

So what's the big deal then?


I cant see the point of top flight football no more,Money bag teams will always take the best players from West Brom.The only winners of premier league football are players and agents who just get richer and richer.

Eventually WBA will become victims of their own success by getting relegated with 50 million wage bill and spend many years in lower leagues.Many fans think you build slowly, but with oil money buying championship clubs they"ll eventually get promoted and out spend West Brom.

Olsson,Long and Mulumbu will all go in the summer and this will test the metal of Clarke and Garlick.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Mate I would agree with you some time ago but our aims are changing. £60m for staying up this term plus place payment at least. Why sell our best players for a pittance and risk that shed load?. We are changing our format mate. Onward and upward with ALBION.


Phil Osopher

Sorry guy's, the only way Olsson will be leaving Albion is, If?

He get's fed-up and want's to go.

He want's more money, so would go to whoever is offering the most.

As for going to a list of 6 clubs? Well, it would have to be some European club, because there is no way he's good enough for the top 4 in England, and believe me, they won't come knocking.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, He has reached his peak at this club, and at our level.

£5M I'd snap their hands off.

The club is all what matters.

Cyril Randle

We now have two stories about two players, Dorrans and Olsson, both of them with 'family problems' in different parts of the country. The club has bent over backwards to keep Jonas, quite rightly in my view as I haven't seen a better centre half at Albion ever, or in the Prem today. Dorrans should get down to making himself indispensable in the same way, the world looks different from a successful and settled scene. Footballers are fully aware when they sign contracts that they may have to settle in foreign climes, family, children, schools etc. being a price they pay for megabucks. It's a short, dangerous career, laced with uncertainty. Why keep adding to the problem ? I hope both stay.


Wood sold,jara loaned out , gera out and dorrans allowed to go.then theres the injuries and mulumbu away. surely someone must be coming in!

crusty bread

im suprised they aint offerd 20million he could go in goal with 4 arms n hands.

B71 Baggie

Have not posted on here for many a moon, a lot of doom merchants and negative posts drove me away, read this article and can't believe some of the same negatively and in some parts hostility towards a man who has been phenomenal for us. We all bang on a out big dave, who yeah is a legend hands down. But if big dave is a legend, olsson deserves night hood. Bottom line he's not going anyway and for me best centre back we've had in my 27 years as an Albion fan. So lets ignore these petulant 'headline grabber' stories and focus on Saturday. Ps e&s can we have more stories on injuries, under 21 league tables, stats etc

Brunt`s left peg

B71, He would have gone ages ago if the right offer had come in,remember how long it took him to sign his contract.

Cyril Randle

B71. Absolutely spot on mate ! I probably won't be around to see it in years to come, but supporters will one day be comparing any centre half playing for us with 'Ah but you should have seen Olsson play. This new blokes good, but...."

WE had Joe Kennedy, John Wile, now Olsson, 3 blokes in a class of their own. I could add Jackie Vernon, probably the most polished I've ever seen, but that's going back too far maybe.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Joe Kennedy was a good Centre Half, used to love it when the ball came in and the cry would go up "Put your money on Joe", nine times out of ten he would oblige and pick out a navy blue and white striped shirt to "Springboard" another attack. Some Centre Half was Joe. I'll go as far to say he was England's best uncapped Centre Half.


Jack ♣ Hat.

E&D Transfer rumours:

wo1-ves sniff around Cliftonville, Northern Ireland.

ALBION sniff around Barcelona, Spain.

Says it all really, classy BAGGIES.


Jacks strange comments

You post's get dafter by the minute!!!

Percy the Wolf

Rivalry aside - I doubt very much he'll be going anywhere. Especially not to teams who are struggling.

On another note though, I was also little surprised when I looked at the picture for this story, as I had never noticed before that Olsson has 4 arms. What a shock!


Forever Albion

Harry wanted him at Spurs and if he had still been Spurs Manager Jonas would be there now & not at B71! So not surprised by this.

CantelloRocket 78


there are negative Albion fans, but believe me, some of the posts on here are 'dingles in disguise', I guess it takes 'em away from their own misery.

Sad people.

CantelloRocket 78

So it seems QPR might be about to put in an improved offer for Jonas-


1) Jonas Olsson is a central part of the Baggies team, and on the pitch he's seen by many as the REAL Baggies Captain.

2) Albion have said very clearly that they want to keep all the first choice players, and we don't need to sell anyone.

3) Jonas has said, and it's written in his contract, that he'd only consider going to a handful of TOP clubs.

This is obviously an attempt to unsettled the player, and the gutless F.A. should take immediate action on this.

Apparently, when asked about it, 'arry said he 'don't know' what's going on.

Yeah, innocent guv, clean as a whistle mate, let's all have a knees up wiv some pie an' mash.....

We Only Need One Half!

I want him to stay, but if he did go, I would be more annoyed that we bought Rosenberg in allegedly to partly placate him.

Look CR, there's nothing remotely suspicious about having over seas bank accounts in your pets name,

I thought the dog that won Britain's Got Talent was clever, but why Harry never entered his I just don't know. After all, cant be many dogs that can use a debit card to make a withdrawal at a cash machine from their own account!

Phil Osopher

Brunt`s left peg,

Nice to see someone is on the same wavelength as me, as you were with the Zoltan blog the other day.

Much appreciated mate....................................

Tough game tomorrow?

CantelloRocket 78

Phil O'Stein-

I kinda have concerns when a guy uses two different names, and talks to himself on a forum.

Tell ya what, as a big one, or should I say two, Baggies fans, if you an' yerself fancy a drink with us before the villa game, I'll give ya directions to The Vine from Molineux-

fair enough......?

jacks mate.

Well you have admitted something I knew all along, your a fairy.

CantelloRocket 78

Jack's 'mate'-

what a strange thing to say, it doesn't even make sense-

and this coming from a guy who chases another man about on here, and even uses the other guy's name-


Phil Osopher

CantelloRocket 78


I'm replying to Brunts left Peg mate, that's why I put is name on, Just as I have with you? Are you sure you're not in the Vine already mate ??????

Up the Baggies

Up the Albion

Whoops, I've used two names there.

CantelloRocket 78

Phil Free-

Over the past week or so, 'Brunt's left peg' has-

attacked Chairman Jeremy Peace, criticised the way Albion are run, slammed Graham Dorrans, took a swipe at Zoltan Gera, tried to stir it with Olsson, and thrown jibes at one of our regulars, Jack the Hat-

then you suddenly appear, with only criticisms about the Baggies, and tellin' Peg you're 'both on the same wavelength'.

I'm sure you'll get on fine together, tellin' each other what fantastic lifelong Albion fans you are.

And I'll look forward to seeing you having a drink with us fellow Baggies, but you need to travel over to this side of Bilston........

Brunt`s left peg

PO, God forbid meeting him in the pub he bores everyone to death on here fancy having a pint with him, think i would end up throwing myself in the shropshire union canal, i take it being as he wants to meet before the villa game this die hard king of all Albion fans will not be going tuesday night,but having said that i wonder if any of them go at all.

ps I tend to agree with Jacks mate, as he does seem to ask alot of men to meet him, is the vine a pub or the local toilets.