West Brom place a price tag on Chris Wood

West Brom are ready to hold out for £1.5million for striker Chris Wood after interest from the Championship in the New Zealand international hotted up.

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Brighton and Hove Albion v Millwall - AMEX Stadium

Brighton are among the clubs ready to rival Millwall for the in-form 21-year-old’s signature, with the Baggies hoping a January bidding war will drive up the value of any deal.

Millwall, for whom Wood has hit 10 goals in 17 starts during a successful loan spell, have already tabled a £1million bid for the Hawthorns academy graduate.

But West Brom have fielded enquiries from several other Championship sides including Brighton, where Wood spent six months on loan in the 2010-11 season and against whom he netted twice last night.

Wood seems likely to leave the Hawthorns permanently in January with his contract due to expire next summer and little indication that he figures in the club's long-term plans.

But the Baggies are determined to drive a hard bargain for a player they plucked from junior football in his homeland and nurtured in their academy.

Brighton manager Gus Poyet all but confirmed his club’s interest, although the Seagulls are not yet thought to have lodged a formal bid.

He said: “We had him here when he was very young and we helped each other. He helped us a lot with his power and his goals.

"I think we did our job as well to put him in shape, because he was still growing up. I think he is a much better player now.

"He is mature, he has learnt a lot about the game in England. He is playing week in week out, so he’s much better. I’m not surprised at all.”

Wood has been a hit at Millwall, whose chairman John Berylson has confirmed a firm offer.

Lions manager Kenny Jackett said: “He is a player we would definitely like to pursue once his loan expires. Would that be a permanent deal? Yes.”

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Comments for: "West Brom place a price tag on Chris Wood"

Jack ♣ Hat.

£1.5m has to be the bargain of the season for any club wanting a young world cup player. His goal scoring is prolific and he is improving every match. I hope we put in the deal a substantial sell on clause. Wouldn't it be better if we used him ourselves as our goals seem to have dried up of late, just a thought.



could be another bully


Brummie roader Ryan

It's a shame he hasn't broke through to our first team squad but he is a bit sluggish in the games iv seen him play in he can't run BUT he's a goalscorer.

If we do sell him for 1.5M (Bargain) then I hope there is some sort of sell on clause

boing boing

'The Class of 68'

£1.5 million ?

I fail to understand at times how the transfer market works.

Wood's is scoring regular in the Championship with two or three clubs tracking his progress. What fee would he command if it were one of the so called big clubs listening to offers ?

He will leave WBA a more accomplished player, he's young, he plays for his Country. OK the Baggies probably don't think he is Premiership material, but we at the Baggies know only to well that some strikers will score goals in the Championship, but maybe not in the Premiership.

£1.5 million does'nt sound enough to me

robert sherwood

I have a feeling that selling Woods could be a big mistake even for

one and a half million , beleive you would need a sell on clause

same as Dawson who will no doubt want to move on ,but McCauley

is 32 and is getting a bit slower even though he is doing a great job .

Also we need to be looking at what younger players are available

in the lower leagues like villa are doing .


Re Chris Wood. I hope we are not making a big mistake selling Chris Wood in January. He is big and strong and is banging in the goals in the Championship. I remember us selling Steve Bull who was playing in our reserve side for a very small fee to our rivals down the road, on reflection this was a very big mistake made by Ron Saunders at the time. I think that if Chelsea recall Lukaku in Jan then we will need Chris Wood as cover especially as it looks like PO could also be missing in January too.

I think we should give young Chris Wood a few games in the Pemiership and see how he develops along side the likes of Shane Long. What do you think?


We Only Need One Half!

Been saying it for weeks, I think it would be a mistake to let this boy go for such an amount, appreciate he is not in the immediate plans for SC, and that he also craves a game every Saturday, so wouldn't season long loans, with recall on our part, make both parties happy?

The article states "Wood has been a hit at Millwall" fact is, Wood has been a hit at every club we have loaned him to.

With Odem gone for January, if Long has a protracted period of illness/injury has as happened in the past, Wood could prove to be the vital cover required.

Is he really that far behind Rosenberg?


We will be making a huge mistake if we sell Chris Wood. Also £1.5m is laughably cheap.

Fento Baggie

The comparison to Steve Bull by earlier posts was exactly my first thoughts. I cant see why we nurture young talent that then dont get the chance to play for the 1st team At 22 he should be pushing for a place with us. Lukaku is yopunger so he obviously has something in him, but I cant see why Wood is behind Rosenberg or Fortune at this stage.

I say bring him back and use him as an impact player for a bit. He is different to anything else we have and has proved he knows where the onion bag is.


If he was a Championship striker scoring as many as he is and a Premier League side came knocking they'd be quoting 5, 6, 7 million for him.

How come because he's a Prem striker going to the Championship it's £1.5m?

Doesn't seem right to me.

And where's this figure come from?

No-one at the club has spoken about him leaving.

More loans, not a permanent move.

Jack ♣ Hat.

I can't help but think "What Chris would have done in the Stoke box", he is a big strong lad. But as he has said, when his loan ends he will discus his future and his contract hasn't much left on it.



The comparrison with Steve Bull is valid when Bully was with us as a young lad - but Wood also reminds me of benteke at Villa - big and powerful with an eye for goal.

OK he won't be a smooth player like PO or tricky like Long but if you need to batter a team on occassion CW is as good as anyone his age.

Bromham Baggie

Some people feel a need to belong to the organization they work for; he might want some sense of permanence to his life, perhaps buy a house. He's been a peripatetic player for some time now, and it would be unfair to just keep him hanging around. Two goals last night, mind, so that should add another £250k to his fee.

Stratford Baggie Boy

I echo all of the comments so far, if this is the collective opinion surely the hierachy should be thinking along the same lines...he is developing and is still only 21 as already mentioned....no brainer!


I trust JP to either offer him a new contract or to get top dollar!!

pirate pete

Bring him back and get rid of Rosenberg he`s never going to score and dose`nt hold the ball like fortune,

with PO going on international duty we need another striker.


I totally agree with whoever beleives this to be a similar situation to Steve Bull. Wood is slightly slow for the Prem at times but he is big, strong and has a wicked shot on him. He also doesn't seem to be affraid to have a go. Keep him for when we lose Lukaku.

Boing Boing


I think he has to be as good as rosenburg , i know he hasnt had a fair run . But when he has come on nothings really impressed me about his game. and i remmeber bull going to the wolves , i used to rave about him and yes he was sent out to the wolves and look what he became to them. Whats the point of a big accademy if you let all your assets leave for a song.

Robin Brittain

I hope the Albion take into account the general consensus of opinion about Chris Wood. He's a goalscorer and they are priceless. We do not want another Steve Bull cock up. Jack's point about Chris in the Stoke box is valid , he may have got us a point or three. We have nurtured the kid from when he arrived in the UK. To give him away now when we can't be sure that he's not got it at top level would be criminal.


As they all say it a no brainier bring him back use him as sub and see what happens we are not exactly a wash with goals are we


He can score plenty of goals! so what say is keep him, by the way 3 mill is more like it.

Jack ♣ Hat.

I like his "Bomber" Brown pose, albeit after he has struck the ball (See above snap). That has put a few more quid on his transfer fee.☺☻☺☻s.



I'd take him at wolves for 1.5. Looked a good player when Milwall came down. Strong, good in the air and takes up good positions between the lines. 2 years in the championship scoring 20+ goals and his value would be 4-6 mil

We Only Need One Half!

He's already there, 22 goals in the Championship since the start of last season, could possibly be on 30 plus if he sees out this season with Millwall.

Jack ♣ Hat.

One Half, 81,

I wonder who has tagged Wood with that ridiculous price?.


boy from the REAL black country

Would be short-sighted of us to sell him, i've seen the goals from last night as well as others his scored this season. Goalscorers are like gold dust and you have to break the bank to land a proven one! The £1.5M fee is due to the length of his remaining contract, he could walk for nothing in 6 months, i know academy players who are snapped up on frees when their contracts expire can get the parent club a tribunal set compo sum, but not sure if CW still qualifies for this? He's an ever improving player, PO will be away in Jan, Lukaku either gone in Jan or next summer for definate, and Rosenburg not looking the part (still too early to judge if i'm fair) and MAF won't be around for ever...so why take the risk on selling a player with REAL potential? Madness!


sandwell ay in the black country


CantelloRocket 78


just to put you in the picture-

West Brom's in the Black Country and the Premiership,

Wolverhampton's in Staffordshire and the Chumpionship.

And you're on the wrong site.......

We Only Need One Half!

Pip, you are such a Platini !!!

Stratford Baggie Boy

I would also like to see Jerome Thomas back in the New Year as he offers us another dimension down the left.

Phil Osopher

Jack ♣ Hat.


Totally agree mate, I can't believe we are not keeping him. I said ages ago to watch out for this lad. I think he will be a world beater one day.

Why don't we bring him back and give him a chance?

Jack ♣ Hat.

Phil Osopher,

Don't know how far you go back but this kid is a dead ringer for the great Derek Kevan in my opinion.


we got solbakken the club

Although Wood has undoubted ability, why do so many want him in the team. I aint gettin the reasons why a team who have been in the top four most of the season would gamble precious points by throwing him in. Ashworth has gotta know somebody better,the window is nearly here and you need to strengthen. This might come as a shock but you can actually buy players in January. Why are you not wanting better quality, it could mean the difference between mid table and Europe. JP cannot possibly brainwash everyone of you into thinking success comes for nowt

au revoir our kid...

CantelloRocket 78


yet again, you're trying to be clever, but like I said before it just don't suit ya.

Your post is full of jibes and sarcasm, 'Albion need to strengthen', 'JP can't brainwash all Baggies fans', etc.,etc.

truth is, wolves are far, far worse off than us, with Morgan and Moxey takin' you lot for a ride,so here's some advice-

just for once, try spending some time concentrating on YOUR OWN club, we don't want your drivel.

On yer bike, our kid.

Jack ♣ Hat.


We are discussing an uncut diamond here, we know you aren't getting it, like all Dingles it goes right over your head. Now run along.

I'm feeling better already.


CantelloRocket 78


next time you speak to 'solbakken', ask him why he's so 'concerned' for Baggies fans, after he's put posts on the wolves site sneering at our personal appearance and mental state, plus on at least one occasion he insulted the entire population of West Bromwich.

Sad, bitter, hypocritical and repulsive, high time he got himself a life.

Jack ♣ Hat.


We have to pity the afflicted, but I don't think I've got enough to cover the SOBACKINTHECHAMPIONSHIP case.


We Only Need One Half!

As already pointed out by some previous posters, there are number of reasons why the majority on here want to keep him, firstly we can see that if he keeps progressing the way he has, he will definitely be a star of the future, secondly, what's the point of bringing players through a world class academy if you then only pass on the benefits to other teams? thirdly, some of us believe he has more potential than players that are currently in front of him.

And finally, and I am not having a pop here, why spend money if you don't need too? that has been the cry from Wulfie fans for years when things aren't exactly going to plan, and where has it got, not only yourselves, but many, many other teams who believed splashing the cash is always the answer?

JP, with the help of Ashworth, hasn't needed to brainwash us into thinking this way, he has proved it to us time again that for a club with our size budget it is the sensible way, after all, which teams have performed better than us over a season with a similar sized budget in the past few seasons?

Beano daz

Sol i fully agree with you that is what jp is doing but most on here cant seem to see it.

We Only Need One Half!

Your obviously of the computer game generation who believes money is always the answer, have your not learnt anything from the Torres, Bent, Carrol situations? its nice to spend pots of money like confetti, but it does NOT automatically guarantee success in the real world. If our respective positions are the measure of anything, please let us all know where JP has got it wrong and the Wulfies have got it right.

I wont hold my breath for a sensible answer.

p.s. wouldnt you swap Morgan for JP, yes or no?

Jack ♣ Hat.

Beano Daz,

Wait till you have been on here long enough mate, you will find we do seem to get it. What we are saying is "Don't throw away uncut diamonds or we may as well not have an Academy", get it?.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Beano Dingle,

Just to let you know the penny has dropped.


Clive B

Have to agree with most comments Wood may still be raw but there are similarities with Bull with two loan strikers and one another due to be away in January I would like to see Wood offered a chance in the Prem and maybe further loans while he hopefully becomes the finished article. But we do have to recognise the object of the acadamy is to bring through young players who cannot progress if there is a queue of hopefuls clogging up the path in front of them. For instance the club rate Beranhio highly then theres other positions with players such as Hurst, Thorne, Dawson, Daniels, Mantom sometimes it is in the interests of the players career and development.

Jack ♣ Hat.


I see where you are coming from, but we have to be careful we are not throwing away uncut diamonds to make room mate.


catshill baggie.

not for a minute should we be selling chris wood,i would let him stay out on loan for the rest of the season,but £1.5m in this day and age is derisory.its a no brainer for me

CantelloRocket 78

Just a bit of team news I've spotted-

Steven Reid's got a badly bruised shin, so will probably miss out again, but Ben Foster's had a good week's training, so it's looking promising for him........


I think albion should consider recalling and give him a chance between now and the end of the season. Lets see what he can do for a few months in the prem. If he not good enough then sell him on. I'm sure there would be lots of interest come end of the season. Albion FC have to be sure on this.

Albion fans wont be happy if we end up letting a good striker go by mistake.

We Only Need One Half!

January is looking a good time to try it if we are going to give it ago, Odem away, Lukaku possibly recalled, and that's fingers crossed there are no injuries to the others.

I was always a fan of Simon Cox, but, I have to concede, when given his chance in Prem games he wasn't quite the finished article for us, however, at least we gave him a chance, albeit a small one, hasn't Wood after nearly 4 years with the club earned the same chance?

Jack ♣ Hat.

One Half,

Good idea as long as we don't do a Simon Cox and play Chris Wood anywhere but where he supposed to be.


We Only Need One Half!

Fair point

paul york baggie

agree with most comments,chris will develope into a big player,we need a player like chris to offer a dfferent option up front

a big centre forward,good in the air and can bully defenders and he will most certainly only get better DO NOT SELL


Give Wood a new 3 year deal and let Millwall have him on loan for the rest of the season for a loan fee of 250k.All these people who say he hasnt got the pace for the prem dont relise Holt and Lambert have faired well in the top flight.

It seems though that West Brom are holding out for a auction for him as many championship sides would have him,and it wouldnt surprise me if the rubbish up the road joined the auction.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Thet ud be a croim if thet lot pu rin fu rim un ee went theea udn't et.


Chris Wood resembles John Guidetti (Man City). See todays transfers.


Cyril Randle

IF we don't want him and I find that hard to believe, nor have I seen the club say we don't, then Millwall would be absolutely crazy not to offer whatever it takes. He probably puts 1,000 on every gate for them.

From another angle, we loan out a player, watch how well he does, he scores say 25 goals in a season. Not good enough for us is the verdict. Really ?

Jack ♣ Hat.


Wondered when you were going to pipe up as you have stated many times how you like this kid. I've also said my bit on the Sun site mate. I believe we have shown our management how we see it without actually marching to head office with "Save Wood for our own fire" placards, Kev with his loud hailer and all those pink flags flying. ☺☻☺☻s.


Phil Osopher


I started following the Baggies when I was 11 years old in 1967. But I can't remember Derek Kevan. but, I've just googled him Jack.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Phil Osopher,

Derek Kevan was my teenage idol mate, I based my game on him and I was his height. Big, strong as an ox, upper-medium pace. Defenders used to wince when he thundered through with or without the ball. Frightened the Russians to death when he played for England. He used to come out of the tunnel like a bull in Barcelona's bullring.


*All the best over *Christmas* to you and all ALBION posters on this site*.




We will take Woods on loan and knock him into shape for you, just get in touch with the WOLVES you know the real black country giants, after all we have found some great strikers down the years, just a thought. COME ON THE WOLVES.

CantelloRocket 78

Mr. Git-

Are we talkin' about the 'giants' who're struggling near the bottom of the championship, the club the Baggies are fed up beatin' time and time again.......?

You've already signed some of our 'cast-off's this season......

Ha ha ha ha ha............

We Only Need One Half!

mardygit, that post is just wrong on so many levels, thanks for making me chuckle.

pssst, you should having a crack at getting your own strikers in shape seeing has none of them are fit to lace the boots of (Ten goals and counting) one of our loanees, just a thought.