It's official - Steve Clarke is the top boss, says West Brom coach

Albion fans have been told the team could not be in better hands then award-winning boss Steve Clarke.

Barclays PR Shoot 10/12/2012
Steve Clarke with his manager of the month award

Clarke was named November’s Manager of the Month yesterday just as he grapples with the task of ending a three-game losing streak which has taken some of the wind from Albion’s sails.

But assistant Keith Downing urged Baggies fans not to panic in paying tribute to Clarke’s “seamless” transition from predecessor Roy Hodgson’s ground-breaking regime.

“I know that we are in good hands,” said Downing. “Steve is a thoughtful man, he analyses everything.

“When I first walked in we were a yo-yo club and since then we’ve made progress. We have to maybe deal with the expectation now – not so much from our own supporters, who are knowledgeable, but more the national media hype around it.

“He doesn’t get too carried away with three defeats and he was pretty level-headed after four victories.”

Downing has hailed Clarke’s quiet style in a division of major personalities which has given the Baggies the chance to break even more ground this season.

“The difficulty with Steve coming in was always going to be following Roy,” said Downing.

“I’ve worked with both men and the biggest compliment I can give to Steve is that the transitional period was seamless.”

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Comments for: "It's official - Steve Clarke is the top boss, says West Brom coach"

Bromham Baggie

If I could treat those two impostors just the same....if only, if only.


Congratulations Steve, thoroughly deserved.

Bring on the hammers!


we all know what that means

Brownie the Baggie Boy

Well done Steve and thoroughly deserved. We have suffered a miner blimp recentley but hopefully be back to winning ways the weekend. He as done a fantastic job since he arrived and all credit must go to Steve and his backroom staff. 39 years in following my beloved Albion and i have never been so proud to be a Baggies fan. Boing Boing!!!!! We know what we are....PRIDE OF THE MIDLANDS....We know what we are!!!!!

Brunt`s left peg

Lets just hope the board think the same and give him the funds to kick on, this is our big chance to establish ourselves.


What yo yo club?

We Only Need One Half!

Dont see it has a insult Solihull, Palace, Middlesbrough, Hull, Derby, Blackpool, Charlton, Blackburn, Leeds, Burnley, Bolton, Birmingham, Ipswich and Wolves all WISH they could yo-yo!

CantelloRocket 78

Yes, this term 'yo yo club' linked to the Baggies has been used by some as a derogatory term, but it was actually something to be admired-

truth is, Albion had no 'sugar daddy', or any kind of outside financial help, so we had to pull ourselves upwards with hard work and dogged determination.

The club's very well organised, so whenever we had a set-back, we stayed focused, level-headed, kept our squad together, then bounced back.

Rather than poking fun at what we've done, it's a lesson others would do well to learn from........

We Only Need One Half!

yep, you could also add these poor buggers, who aren't even in The Championship any more (other than Leicester and Sheff Wed, who I forgot yesterday)

Barnsley, Bradford City, Coventry City, Leicester City, Nottingham Forest, Oldham Athletic,

Portsmouth, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Swindon Town, Wimbledon (aka Milton Keynes Dons)

ask any of the fans if they would be bothered being called a yo-yo club!


curse of manager of the month strikes again

Jack ♣ Hat.


We have a coaching personnel to be proud of. It has been a few seasons back since we had a bout of Yo-Yo, before Roberto Di Matteo if my memory serves me well. Us BAGGIES realise we are fortunate to follow on from Sir Roy Hodgson with another experienced first class and now recognised Premiership Head Coach. Our fans now have full belief in what our club is trying to achieve. Gradually onward and upward to build on what we have built so far.



Onwards and upwards ..... onwards and upwards. Sounds good to me Jack.

Psalm 23

Come on Jack. He would say that about his gaffer.

In industry it is called brown nosing.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Psalm 23,

Keith obviously likes his job and his boss, in the place of work it's know as being compatible. Every body isn't ratty about their boss. Some workers even pretend not to like their boss in front of their work colleagues in case they are thought of as a milksop, in their mind. Probably that is part of the reason West Bromwich Albion are a well run club. Y-know staff "Get on" with one another.


We Only Need One Half!

If anyone has access to a TV at the mo, Chelsea v Monterry, World Cup of Clubs is on BBC teletext red button now.

Come on the Blues (be nice to have beaten the European and World Club Champions in the same season ;-)