Steve Clarke named manager of the month

Steve Clarke today became only the second Albion boss to be named Barclays Manager of the Month.

Barclays PR Shoot 10/12/2012
Steve Clarke with his manager of the month award

The Hawthorns head coach scooped the November Premier League award for steering the Baggies to four successive wins for the first time in the club’s Premier League history.

He follows in the footsteps of Roberto Di Matteo, who bagged the honour as Albion chief in October 2010. A 3-1 defeat at in-form Swansea was the only low point in an otherwise sparkling November that saw Albion beat Southampton 2-0, Wigan 2-1, Chelsea 2-1 and Sunderland 4-2 to reach the heady heights of third place.

It is another notch in Clarke’s belt following his appointment as Roy Hodgson’s successor in the summer – a decision viewed by some as a gamble by the Baggies.  His previous experience had been restricted to a series of coaching roles  at high-profile clubs Chelsea, West Ham and Liverpool.

And Clarke paid tribute to staff and players who helped him add the award to his CV just five months into his first No.1 posting in football.

“It’s a good reward for a good November,” he said today. “I’m the one who picks the award up but it’s obviously down to the work of my staff and players. The players were exceptional in November. We had a great run. Four victories in a row in the Premier League is difficult to achieve.

“We managed to do that and this trophy is a little reward for them. We wanted to start well and we wanted to try and build on it.”

As much as Albion fans will applaud Clarke’s achievement, they will now be fretting that he has been struck by the fabled curse of defeats that accompanies the honour.

The Baggies have also been struck down by reverses against Stoke and Arsenal and go into the West Ham game on Sunday anxious to stop their slide growing any steeper.

“Up until November, we’d done really well,” added Clarke. “The last three games we’ve lost and now it’s a different challenge for us and a different kind of pressure.

“We’ll speak about it as a group. We’ve got a really good, honest bunch of players and if they keep applying themselves the way they have done so far and keep approaching games the way they have done, we’ll have a really good season.”

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Comments for: "Steve Clarke named manager of the month"


Congrats to Steve and all the team and its a tribute to JP and DA and their ability to spot some fantastic managers...... lets hope the last three results are the "blip" that usually follows this award - he was always gonna win it so they planned the blip early - we can get back to winning ways now !!!

KEV R pride of midlands!!! (wba)


Psalm 23

KEV. You are a closet Wolfie. How do we know? You can't even get his name right. GERRROFFF.

CantelloRocket 78

Psalm 23?-

as wolves fans have been calling themselves 'Psalm this-and-that' lately, chances are it's you that's the dingle around here.....

Psalm 23

Wrong again!!!!

Brummie roader Ryan

Well done !

But it's a curse!

Brunt`s left peg

Looks like 4 losses on the bounce then .

We Only Need One Half!

possibly, doubt it will get to no wins in ten though, we will leave that to the Wulfies.


or one goal in 3 games, we'll leave that to the baggies.

CantelloRocket 78


or Albion in the top half of the premiership, and wolves amongst the strugglers in the championship-

we'll leave that to the present-day reality........


So that,s why December is proving to be so bad

Cyril Randle

Congratulations to everyone. It is a poisoned chalice usually and has proved so in SC's case too, but it may be just the lift the players and coaching staff need.

PS: For 8 days now we here have been without either phone or broadband, or both, so I'm back. Let torment renew !

PPS: Repairs by a great BT man Baggies supporter so all will be well now.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Congratulations on being acclaimed "Manager of the month". You and all club staff are now proven Premiership quality. I am not superstitious so stick the curse where the monkey sticks his nuts, we have football matches to win.

Just read the last posts of the "No Warburton" blog.

So he has been cream crackered, lets see what is in the next "Batch".

Those last posts took the biscuit.


Trying out your sarcasm then.


'The Class of 68'

Well deserved Steve Clarke

Onward and Upward

Boing Boing

Ronnie Allen

Brilliant Steve

to all all those bozo's posting on here saying he is not tactically aware. Shame on you. Ask Mourinho, Dalgleish, Gullit and Zola. Why did they want him?

Enjoy these great times.

Thanks Steve Clarke.

CantelloRocket 78

The fact that Steve's won this award, at a time he's being criticised by some Albion fans, has probably sent them into a state of confusion-

the guy's not perfect, but he's obviously been doing something right?

Maybe it's partly down to the way we look at things?

We pay our money, watch our club, and hope everything's gonna be exciting and successful, but in reality we know that's not the way it always turns out.

Over the last 10-11 years it's been like climbing a mountain, we pull ourselves upwards, then slip back so far, tryin' to make some slow, steady progress.If we move up a couple of steps we want to throw a party, if we take a step back, we get frustrated and look for someone or something to blame- it ain't easy, is it?

It's natural to get caught up in what's happenin' at the minute, but I guess we need to look at the whole picture and try to be a bit patient.

I was gonna say we need to step back a bit, but maybe that's not a good idea when yer on the mountain..........:)

Robin Brittain

Just reward for a very decent man and highly skilled coach. I believe the FA overlooked Steve's remarks about the Arsenal referee because they were made in a constructive way and without malice.

As the January window approaches I feel sure that the powers that be have noticed that without Mulumbo and Yacob together in midfield we tend to struggle and none of the other established midfield players seem capable of filling their roles. It would be good to find another Yacob as a parting gift from Dan Ashworth.

We Only Need One Half!

"I believe the FA overlooked Steve's remarks about the Arsenal referee because they were made in a constructive way and without malice"

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plus the fact what he said was the truth, not just opinion, what could the F.A. possibly charge him with?

Boy did they miss that ref at Bradford!

Robin Brittain

Wouldn't have been the first time they have charged someone for telling the truth.

We Only Need One Half!

Fair comment!

Broken Bubble

I bet he don't win it for December

We Only Need One Half!

Well I know Stale wont win the Premiership manager of the month this season!

Wanna bet on that?

CantelloRocket 78

Broken Bubble?-

Not sure how you'd 'break' a bubble, even a 5 year old knows that's not the correct term-

presumably you haven't reached 5 yet........?

CantelloRocket 78

Changin' the subject for a minute-

I haven't seen highlights of Arsenal's defeat last night yet, but apparently Cazorla missed a penalty in the shoot-out, after which Steven Reid 'tweeted' that he enjoyed watching that shoot-out 'immensely'.

I wouldn't be too happy Steve, you could be in trouble-

as you were sitting close to the telly, Cazorla complained you 'impeded' him as he took the kick.........

we only need one game

well done steve.

as for the people a couple of baggie's to take the bait......and as for cazorla, he is a cheat, but as for celebrating bradfords win......they just done what the european bound baggies could'nt do. beat arsenal.

wonoh your bet is ridiculous/sarcasm.....but i would settle for promotion rather than any temporary award for the manager.

how about the baggies winning a trophy this season? wanna bet on that?

as for bubbles, every time west ham score , a couple of bubble machines fill the air with thousands of them.

so hopefully wba can render them useless

as the one at the hawthorns broke down(burst) about 3 games ago! sorry just could'nt resist.

its only banter.....if wwfc lose to boro on saturday, i'm sure the wwfc page will be full of wba fans gloating.

stale bread indeed.

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