Steve Clarke urges West Brom stars to dig deep

Angry West Bromwich Albion boss Steve Clarke today told his players the next month could define their season after Santi Cazorla’s dive helped condemn them to a third successive defeat.

Steve Clarke

The Baggies manager saw his side beaten by two controversial penalties at Arsenal  as they slipped a place to sixth in the Premier League after yesterday’s results.

Clarke hit out at referee Mike Jones and today called on his team to show their character to return to winning ways.

“We have to dig in,” said Clarke, whose side had won four successive matches to go third in the table before losing their last three.

“I never said it was going to be sweetness and light all season. I said there would come a time when results would go against us, as they have done in the last three.

“So now we need to stand up and be ready for the next challenge. The next seven or eight games will shape whether we have a good season or a really good season.

“But we’ve now lost three in a row so we have to address that.”

Clarke, who was today awaiting news of Liam Ridgewell’s ankle injury, was critical of referee Jones.

He said: “We have a fantastic group of referees and we have to try to work really hard with them, but on Saturday we probably got one of the poorest of a really good group.”

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Comments for: "Steve Clarke urges West Brom stars to dig deep"


Not the man for the job. Tactically naive. Honeymoon over. Come on Jeremy do your stuff.


Please follow these instructions. Click...

Sport - Football - Wolves.

You will be re-directed to your correct destinaton.

We Only Need One Half!

Before the start of the season, supposedly the "best" managers to get were Lambert or Rodgers, almost half a season gone and where are they now compared to S.C. ? who would you have us swap for, Stale or Pullis, oh my ribs!!!!

Kev in Mallorca

I think Fruit Cake would be more apt

voice of reason

That's spot on !!

CantelloRocket 78

Voice of Raison-

presumably, you agree with 'fruit cake', as you've things in common-

you both require nuts to make you complete.........

'The Class of 68'


Mix five parts of oil with fifteen parts of water (Emulsion is formed) and leave to stand from August to May,

you will notice (in May) that the 'refined' oil as separated from the water, the oil now sits on top of the water.

Can anyone explain why this happens and does this apply to any other strange phenomena.

I do believe there is a formular, to disperse and sink the oil, but it is most expensive.

Keeping the Faith ..... COYB


That would be "Formula" not formular


The ineptitude of the decision to award the first penalty was overwhelming. The decision to allow play without awarding a foul to Popov before the second penalty was awarded was staggering. These incidents substantially changed the outcome of the game and if we had been justly awarded a penalty as I believe television replays show then maybe we would have got something out of this game however from a technical footballing perspective we were very poor. I hope the FA review the officials performance, it was pitiful.


need a big shovel

Jack ♣ Hat.


Why, are you having stew for dinner?.


ockerhill baggie

put them all on the tranfer list ,then see what we reaction we get- we have to get this mowbrey itis as i call it, where has our football gone.

will the real west brom please to stand up.

Jack ♣ Hat.




Brummie roader Ryan

Yes I was angry at the dive but don't forget Rosenberg's dive second half was just as bad.

Players should receive an automatic 3 match ban as it is ruining the game even if he's an Albion player that dives it won't change my mind.

We have been poor the last 3 games we seem to have lost our 'flair' going forward.

We miss Morrison playing in the 'hole' behind the striker with his acceleration, quick passing and ability to find space.

West Ham at home next they play a similar way to Stoke we always seem to lose against the 'hoofers'.

So let's worry about about our own game plan we won't beat them at their own game!

Boing boing.

'The Class of 68'

Baggies here through and through

Football stirs ones emotions, the ups the downs, incidents within the 90mins of play.

I tend to not comment so much these days on miss judgements or miss happenings, thats not to say i feel that approach smells of sour grapes, or hard luck stories.

I focus on the playing side, willing my team 'WBA' to come out of the game with points for, and if they can do that and play attractive football, i'm happy.

Our last performance against the Arsenal was a no no, we were 2nd best over 90mins.

I believe our next three opponents fall short of the Baggies, in the Premiership pecking order, do i think we can win all three ???????????????????????????

Andy T

Has Mr Clarke forgotten Liam Ridgewell at the Stadium of Light ? What goes around comes around. Now move on and hammer the Hammers !


Ridgewell got up and carried on playing

We Only Need One Half!

........and even if he hadnt, we would still have won 2-3, it was not a game changer.

Jack ♣ Hat.


I don't remember Ridgewell writhing around in simulated agony, but I do remember him taking evasive action to prevent injury to himself or the tackling defender and immediately getting up to try and retrieve the ball. Not once did he claim for a penalty. Tell me, have you ever played football?. Thought not.


Ronnie Allen

Can someone put oatcake in a cup of coffee. You twerp. Do you think baggin the manager is the answer??


Steve Clarke is right to be angry with the controversial referee's decisions at the Emirates that 'gifted' a struggling Arsenal team the two goals and three points it desperately needed to turn the season around.But what the Baggies Rookie Coach should be more angry about is the quality of football his team has played in the last 3 matches.It is one thing to loose games when you're playing well as was the case against City at home and Newcastle on the road, this is going to happen even to the best teams.However you cannot expect to compete at the highest level with such pedestrian displays by the Baggies in the last 3 games.This Coach must take full responsibility and reassess his methods, his game plans, team selection and substitutions. This is not just a game it's a business. So lets get with it.

Perth Baggies

Kali, you talk much sense. Regardless of the poor decisions by the Ref, we have not played well for 3 games.

Myself, I think Foster is missed big time by the defense, Morrison is wasted in a defensive midfield position, Rosenburg is not good enough (not a Fortune fan but he is better and works his socks off). Chris Brunt if you are a captain please do not walk around like a spoilt kid who's been told he's not getting any sweets today. Captains lead by example and your example of dropping your head and shoulders (not shampoo bottle) on Saturday was really poor leadership.

Conclude, SC as made a few errors he isn't perfect but who is. He will learn and hopefully not make the same mistakes again.

Thought! Jara in Yacob's position if he is out for a while.

Jack ♣ Hat.

E&S, are you saying most of the ALBION squad are saying Corzola is not a cheat?. I don't believe that and IF any of our squad are even thinking he is not a cheat they should take some football-rules revision as home work.


Professor Plum

No need for homework Jack. You just pop down to the Hawthorns and tell 'em as it is.


Had to go make him manager of the month didn`t they?

Now we`re doomed

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