Arsenal 2 West Brom 0 - match report

A shocking dive by Santi Cazorla set Arsenal on course for an easy victory against woeful West Brom at the Emirates Stadium.

The Spaniard threw himself to the ground to win the Gunners a controversial penalty from which Mikel Arteta gave them a 26th-minute lead.

And a second spot-kick from Arteta made it 2-0 on 64 minutes after Chris Brunt fouled Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, although Albion felt the Arsenal youngster had shoved Goran Popov in the build-up.

The visitors could feel aggrieved about the goals but they could have no complaints about the result following a dreadful display that ended in a third successive defeat.

Arsenal had the better of the opening stages but failed to fully test Boaz Myhill.

They went close early on when Gervinho rolled a shot just wide after Albion failed to deal effectively with a Cazorla corner.

And Cazorla sent a volley over the bar after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sprinted down the right and delivered a fine cross.

Chris Brunt went even closer, however, when he ended a rare Albion counter-attack with a curling right-footed shot that flew just past the angle of post and bar.

But it was the Gunners who took the lead in controversial fashion when Cazorla turned smartly in the box to draw a challenge from Reid but then threw himself to the ground despite replays showing the Baggies defender had made no contact.

The visitors were furious but they had to watch Arteta fire a cool penalty down the middle and away from the diving Myhill.

It should have been 2-0 to the hosts seven minutes before the break as Gervinho beat the Baggies’ offside trap to burst to the byline on the left.

He pulled the ball back to the far post, where a sliding Jack Wilshere diverted the ball wide with the goal at his mercy.

Just before the interval Oxlade-Chamberlain sent an overhead kick over the bar from another Cazorla corner.

Eight minutes into the second half a messy passage of play in the Baggies box ended with Oxlade-Chamberlain volleying against the crossbar.

And Gervinho then missed two good chances to double the lead for the hosts, first when he headed wide from a teasing Kieran Gibbs cross and then when he failed to make contact five yards out after a flick by Olivier Giroud deflected into his path.

But the second goal came on 64 minutes from another penalty.

The Baggies were convinced Oxlade-Chamberlain had shoved substitute Goran Popov on his way into the box but there was no doubt this time that he was chopped down by Chris Brunt.

Arteta again made no mistake with his spot-kick.

Albion threw on all three substitutes in a bid to turn around their fortunes but they were unable to alter the course of the game.

Their only chance came in the dying moments when Romelu Lukaku glanced a header wide from a Brunt free-kick.

In the closing moments Gunners substitute Lukas Podolski was guilty of a shocking miss when he blazed over from six yards after a fine run by Jack Wilshere.

By Steve Madeley

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Comments for: "Arsenal 2 West Brom 0 - match report"


Another shocking performance, dive or not does'nt take away the fact that for the 3rd game running we were shocking....................................................................

Brunt`s left peg

I agree with you for some reason we have stopped winning the 50/50 balls and our heads have dropped. Can`t complain about penalty as Liam did the same at sunderland,sooner the so called fridge goes back to chelskie the better, he is useless.


We'd have taken 26 points from 16 games at the start of the season!

We Only Need One Half!

Blimey Mboy! you was quick of the blocks with that remark, you've hardly given them time to get in the shower!

Were you praying for a loss has some sort of vindication for your remarks?

Oh and by the way, just in case your wondering, yes, I would have taken more than Wolves WHOLE season tally of points after 16 games.

Show some faith!

CantelloRocket 78


Yes, I have to say I'd have also taken 26 points from 16 games at the start of this season.

Mboy seems to be agreeing with this view, so we all feel the same way.Of course, the other possibility is that he's being sarcastic, but as we know, sarcasm's seen as the lowest form of wit, so I can't imagine he'd be happy to stoop to that level, can you........?


Caz needs a 3 game ban. Diving in the box and actually holding his leg when he was never touched is an embrassment. What a cheat

Mel the Mackem

There's only one Liam Ridgewell,

there's only one Liam Ridgewell,


the biters are bitten.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Mel the Mackem,

Try and access the different scenes before you open your silly mouth, eh.

Scene 1/: Ridgewell anticipates a tackle and takes premature avoiding action to stave off possible injury, gets up to try and retrieve the ball, at no time did he signal that he had been fouled.

Anyone who has played the game as committed to this action to avoid injury.

Scene 2/ Corzola although not hit writhes like an injured "SNAKE" (That he is) and grabs his ankle in what appears, unbearable pain. This action influences a referee who was ideally positioned to see no foul had been committed but opened the door for him to give ARSENAL an unfair advantage.

So you see my friend, learn the heartbeat of football before talking gibberish, eh.



Must only see through 1 eye Ridgewell did anticipate tackle that's why he went down knowing it was in the box and has skipped many a tackle like it in open play hence his many crosses into the box and to say he tried to get up you are joking it just happened that the ball stayed near his foot when he fell so he though might as well see if he could get it. I have played for may years and it would take more than a gust of wind to knock me off the ball.

CantelloRocket 78

Mel the muckem-

someone really clever can be hard to detect, whilst your 'dingle disguise' took me a blink of the eye to suss.

Hopeful you'll get those brains you need in time for Xmas......



Good to hear from you again. You went surprisingly quiet when Danny Rose dived for you at Norwich the week after the Ridgewell incident.

We Only Need One Half!

Still think the Mackems are going to finish on a par with the Baggies? you want to have a word with Mboy about positivity.

Phil Osopher

I didn't expect us to win today, but I thought we would be a bit more gutsy. Overall, a poor performance. irrespective of the penalty decisions, we got what we deserved. Time to recover our early form me thinks? We just don't become a bad side overnight.

C'mon Mr. Clarke, lets get back to winning ways, before we get use to losing.

Up the Baggies

Richard Bernnan

Cazorla; really rated the guy before today.


Seriously not impressed.


Jacks lost cap

Well all's gone downhill since the return of Brunt

Forever Albion

How can you blame only Chris Brunt, Odemwingie has done nothing last 3 games & never shows away from home, Gera struggled, since being rested Morrison seems to have lost a bit of his spark & Myhill does not give confidence to back 4. In fact at least Brunty always tries and never hides, he does give us an outlet. Add Yacoub, our best player this season, out on Saturday and the team definitely struggled. As they said on MOTD 3 loses ok but do not make it 4 or 5.

Brunt`s left peg

Im afraid when things start going wrong Brunt becomes another Carson, as pointed out in another thread how about Odemwingie and Gera, Myhill may not give the back four confidence but apart from 1 goal at sunderland what as he done wrong.

Dennis Webb

With our back4 and 4 of our forwards ages averaging over 30 years and Zoltan well ovr 30, ours is an aging but experienced team so why not blood some of our youngsters from our top ratted academy.. Man U Liverpool, Villa Arsenal and others do it My concern is the league position we have reative to Villa will be reversed in a couple of years signed The Menace

Bangkok Baggie

Forget the dodgy penalty. Totally outclassed all game.

Will be lucky to reach the 40 point target so sort it out Jack.


???????????. lucky to reach 40 points what a pathetic comment, from your name it is obvious you see very little of us, this team is a quality side, yes we have lost three games in a row but look at the league table, having lost the three we are still in Sixth place. these are the sort of comments I would expect to read on the dark side not on our pages what a deafeatest you sound

CantelloRocket 78

Bangkok dingle,

I guess it's maybe a couple of years you've been completely wasting your life running over here talkin' drivel about football.

There's sad and there's VERY sad.........

Orlando Wolves

Sympathy with my Baggie friends after this result today. Firstly, goal 1 was not a penalty, and that always causes a team behind to stretch too equalize, which is what led to penalty 2.

Great season so far my Baggie friends - get back to winning ways soon.


The visitors could feel aggrieved about the goals but they could have no complaints about the result following a dreadful display that ended in a third successive defeat. oh dear

Stato's Boring Brother

Wolves fan in peace.

I've just seen the first penalty and it was definitely a dive. The Premier league could stop this sort of thing within weeks if they would accept post match TV evidence (it would only work in the PL as every game is covered by multiple cameras) and support referees who are being conned.

If post match analysis shows that a player has definitely dived and that dive has resulted in a penalty or send off, the diver should be awarded an automatic 2 match ban for the first offence. If they do it again, the suspension should be double to 4 matches, a third offence 8 matches and so on.

Managers would quickly tell their players not to dive as they would be suspended for a long time. Players would eventually learn as well as potential lengthy bans for another offence would impact on their future transfer fee (and their cut of it) and earning potential.

Finally, Lineaker and his buddies on M.oT.D. don't help matters by applying their "was there contact" test when talking about fouls. Contact in itself doesn't always mean that there was intent and a foul has been committed. In the old days it was a matter of pride that you didn't go down for anything other than a "proper foul".


Excellent point on all accounts!

PS: We didn't deserve a point though.


I can sympathise with Albion over the first penalty.AS a Wolves fan they were victims a number of times of Arsenal's diving skills.

R Sherwood

Well whats gone wrong , seems to be lack of effort with some

of the players ,dont know why we have become a bad team

over the last few matches . they can not complain they are

tired .

The first penalty was a bad referee ,it may have been a

different result other wise .

Clarke is going to have a look if some of the players are

as good as he thought .

Dont think a lot of the other teams are playing as well either

look at Swansea playing well the loose 3-4 at home to norwich .

sure Clarke wil sort it out .

Baggie Ed

It makes you quite mad

It might make you cry

It makes you feel sick

I'm telling you why

Santi Cazorla keeps falling down

He falls down if you touch him

He falls down if you don't

The refs should send him packing

But you know that they just won't

So you better not bitch

You better not try

You can't beat old Arsene

And we all know why

Santi Cazorla keeps falling down

Merry Christmas everyone!

Boing Boing

mike (coseley) Baggie Fan,

What a dissapointing result, The referee had got this wrong, certainly we should not have lost this game, but we have to learn to take these dissapointments on the chin and come bouncing back. we seemed to be strugling up front on saturday may be this is an area steve clark should look at and it seemed we missed some confidence and creativity in the side but i am sure steve will address this and we look forward to a good match at Home against West Ham. Come on you baggies try and get yourselves back on track so we can push on.

Rob law

Wrong team selection. Morrison is rquired in the hole where he has played well his quick passing and bursts of speed cause problems. Jara should have filled in for Yacob whom was badly missed today. We lacked width and as last week played poor. With out Mulumbu and Macualy we would have suffered more.

cosy baggie

disapointing, anyone agree with me about Chris Brunt, he has not been the same since he's had the captains arm band, I know he has had injuries, but he is not the same player.

Brunt`s left peg

He may not be the same player but he is the only one that can pass a quality ball, we should start looking at a few of the other players who aren`t pulling there weight.


Yeah i watched the girls spoil my weekend AGAIN! i think they should be docked this weeks pay for that so called display, i agree with one or two of the above points about Brunt, not the player he used to be, As for Odenwingie is carried in most games! what has he done since his two goals against the saints? i think we are weak in the right back area also.When Rosenburg gets his chance he does nothing but smirk! he is out of his depth in the prem IMHO and not good enough! Arsenal were first to the ball! what i really want to know is why cant we put two passes together? The weekend was COW PAT for me, so S.C. sort it before it all goes Pete Tong.

CantelloRocket 78

Obviously not the result we'd like, but the key here is RESULT-

regardless of how well or badly you play, the simple truth is games are decided by goals, and Arsenal's two just shouldn't have been allowed-

watching slow-motion replays on TV, Reid's foot made abolutely NO contact on Cazorla, yet he managed an Olympic-standard dive, followed by 3 or 4 rolls, whilst clutching his leg in agony-

he should be made to watch these replays in public, then explain to everyone how much pain fresh air can inflict on you?

As for the second, no complaint about Brunt's tackle, but when did Popov being pushed to the ground from behind seconds earlier, thereby allowing Oxlade-Wotsit to run into the penalty area with the ball, become an acceptable challenge?

As usual, Arsene Whinger has lots to say when he feels his team have been beaten unfairly, but he either doesn't see, or can't comment fairly, on his own side getting away with murder.

No matter, I keep saying maintaining our premiership status is the first priority, and I have every belief this will happen well before the season's end.

It's not exactly uncommon to have ups and downs during a season, so you 'roll with it', then move forward-

certainly, whining about the team, and pointing fingers, is more likely to drag things down than improve performances, so stand firm and march onwards!!!

We Only Need One Half!

CR, spot on, anyone who thinks that Arsenal won that game, and not the Ref would have to be crazy.

Yes Arsenal looked the better team, no argument, but the fact remains if they were not awarded two penalties that never were, they would not have scored, simple.

Moreover, if we had have been given a penalty for the Mertsacker DELIBERATE hand ball, who knows.

When your playing with a Ref who gives two penalties that never were, whilst awarding the other team a free kick that should have been the only REAL penalty of the game, what chance do you have?

If Man Utd got treated the way Albion were Saturday, the media would be talking about it for years.

CantelloRocket 78


concerning the Mertesacker 'hand ball'-

As you say, Arsenal were given a free-kick because Olsson apparently fouled the guy-

so I watched the incident again on TV, and what I saw was Jonas' hand on Mertesacker's shoulder, with the German defender's arm stretched high in the air, as he tried to catch the ball in his hand....

so was Jonas penalised for stopping the guy from catching the ball.......?

Which also raises the question-

if Olsson was penalised for a hand on the shoulder from behind, what decision would you make when someone pushes a guy with the ball over from behind.....?

Phil Osopher

Baggie Ed.

Classic mate.

cosy baggie, I agree mate. We have a few elder statesmen playing, and when we come up against teams with pace, we will struggle. The next two home games are imperative, but it wont be easy. If we can take 7 points out of the next 3 games, I'll be delighted.

We will have to look at adding some youthful talent in due course, and I think SC will be aware of this. It is blatantly obvious.


My concern is SC changing the team to regular. I'm all for rotation but not on this scale as you can't build a unit like we were on our 4 game win run. One loss and he chopped 6 players?

Anyway it was almost as bad as last season at the Emirates, apart from legitimate goals last term. The ref gave some very very odd decisions indeed. I'm disappointed all the same as I thought we could give that team of kids a good game....


This is turning out to be a disappointing season for a Baggies team that took the League by storm earlier on. From all indications the rapid fire Baggies engine has stalled. The big question is how long will this slide will last. In my view this slide will continue until the team figures out how to score goals and concede less.Scoring one goal in three consecutive losses will not cut it.If December is this brutal then January will be a nightmare for the Baggies Nation.

oz baggie

Why all the complaints about the first penalty didn't Ridgewell do the same at Sunderland and we got 3 points we played bad and got nothing so the games and decision cancel each other out and instead of having 1 point for a goalless draw we got 3 points away from home. In football what goes around tends to comes around. let leave the ref's alone it's the players that cheat not the ref's they only have one look from one position. If you want to blame anyone for the amount of cheats in the game look at the coaches and who teach this to their players .

Jack ♣ Hat.

oz baggie

December 9, 2012 11:22 pm

Why all the complaints about the first penalty didn't Ridgewell do the same at Sunderland.

Answer: No, see somewhere above for my explanation.


We Only Need One Half!

Oz, you cant compare Ridgewell with that Saturday for the reasons Jack has given you, but..............even if you insist, we would have still won at Sunderland 2-3, it wasn't relevant to the final result.


mr wenger saw nothing again,he would make a good referee.

we must keep the faith

Jack ♣ Hat.

Not my match comment, but a later reactions:

Jack the hat 0 likes

To whom it may concern,

By the way, I never said "I liked my last comment" just as I didn't like Corzola's insane dive and gamesmanship either, that is what this type of "Pungent foul" brings to the beautiful game is it not?. No I am not proud of my reaction but it does state how I abhor these actions.

Thank you.



Jack the hat 0 likes


You ask: (Pasted) Why the sudden uproar over this incident and not when i comes to the likes of Young, Suarez, Bale, Rooney etc.

Answer: So you never saw the sickening way he held his ankle whilst writhing like an injured SNAKE (That he is). Knowing very well he had never been hit. This idiot should be kicked out of football, it would soon rid the game of the pungent sewerage that are spoiling the game.



I know we were awful but the fact is the two goals should not have counted and we should have got away with a dodgy nil-nil we didn't deserve. We have games coming up against teams in form and i don't see 30 points before the new year on current performances. We missed Yacob but one man don't make a team and i hope SC doesn't make the same mistake as Stoke by trying to pick a team to combat West Hams power and aerial ability. We need to play to our strengths not combat there's.

This is now a big month in our season and i hope the players now realize they are not as good as they thought they were, Don't believe the hype and get back to doing the basics well.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Here's hoping for a rare gem next game, a fair referee.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Oh, no matter what Steve thinks of them.

Getting like Russian Roulette now.


Wall Heath Baggie

To be honest i was going to slaughter everything that moved in this blog but having read Rocket's thoughts i decided to hold fire.

However lets be honest we got what we deserved from the Emirates.Thats three very poor performances on the bounce now . The Steve Clarke honeymoon is over and he now needs to show that he can hack it at this level when the chips are down.


I presume you are trying to score points with the Idiot/Moron question. I do not have the energy to argue the point to be honest . I will try to be fair minded from now on if you will !!!!!!!!!!!!.

CantelloRocket 78


Morning mate.

I don't wanna bang on about it, but I've mentioned before that 'Bomber' Brown repeats time and again how important confidence is to players, and as soon as a decent player loses self belief, he suddenly becomes a 'poor' player.

Everything was rosy until Swansea played out of their skin against us, since then doubts have maybe crept in, so we need a morale boosting result to get back on track.

Let's hope it comes next week, I can't believe anyone deliberately does a bad job, so it's in all our interests that we turn things around.I just always stay optimistic because I believe we have the quality, we just need a result to get the focus back.

Kev in Mallorca

No I'm not trying to score any points just proving that you have double standards as it's OK for you and your mates to say whatever they want but when it's somebody with a different point of view saying what they want then according to you they are totally out of order.

As for the match, there is nothing to slaughter except for the ref. We weren't playing well but we were holding them and waiting till they and the crowd got frustrated then try to push on a little and maybe sneak a goal.

I just can't understand why the FA is not doing some thing about it?

They sorted the same problem out in Germany with a ban if video evidence proved the player dived.



To put things into perspective, yes we have lost 3 games on the bounce Swansea away on a cold Wednesday night (never an easy game), Stoke (did we not half expect this against them), Arsenal away (need I say more). We have had a fantastic start to the season which hs given us this luxury of still being in 6th place after this.

Now we look forward Home to West Ham, Home to Norwich, Away at QPR, is it not inconceivable to think we could now go and take 6-7 points from the next 3 games to put us on the brink of the magic 40 point mark at the turn of the New Year.

Things are the rosiest I have seen since I have been going and watching our team, and not for one minute have I felt downbeat, we will win more games this season, we will lose more games this season, but I'm very positive that this season we will memorable for good reasons.

We know what we are!!!

CantelloRocket 78


I'm glad you mentioned that, 'we know what we are'-

In truth, we're a club who've had less than two and a half seasons back in the top flight, a club working on a limited budget, and a club many 'experts' confidently predicted to struggle this season.

What we're NOT, is a club with a God-given right to get a good result against every other premiership club, all of them are there on merit, so there's no room for arrogance in our ranks.

Each club prepares in a similar way to us, so no one's gonna step aside or lie down, to let us walk away with three points.

What we SHOULD be is a club enjoying it's highest status for many years, and doing our best to encourage each other.

At least, that's my own opinion, and I'm happy to stick with it.....

'The Class of 68'

Outside Looking In

And trying my best not to use the words 'if' or 'but' ..... try it

We did'nt threaten Arsenal, and according to MOTD and radio reports, Albion had nothing to offer as a attacking force. I have to question why when we have

so many talented midfield ball players, we struggle to get to grips with the midfield. The players that determine which team controls the game are of

course the midfield players. I'm sure other managers view our midfield players (Mulumbu,Yacob,Morrison,Dorrens,Gera,Brunt) with envy ..... Keeping the Faith

Brummie roader Ryan

Yes I was angry at the dive but don't forget Rosenberg's dive second half was just as bad.

Players should receive an automatic 3 match ban as it is ruining the game even if he's an Albion player that dives it won't change my mind.

We have been poor the last 3 games we seem to have lost our 'flair' going forward.

We miss Morrison playing in the 'hole' behind the striker with his acceleration, quick passing and ability to find space

West Ham at home next they play a similar way to Stoke we always seem to lose against the 'hoofers'.

So let's worry about about our own game plan we won't beat them at their own game!

Boing boing.

Jack ♣ Hat.

We will win more games if:

1/ we get back to our passing game.

2/ Stop the long ball to our only front running striker who is 5'11" and marked by two central defenders who are over 6'0".

3/ More mid-fielders assist the lone striker and take the weight off him.

4/ Too much Palming the ball out by the keeper, even in favourable conditions, also to command six yard box at set pieces. Stop wasting time as this can influence referees.

5/ Defenders to man mark more at corners.

So come on you BAGGIES.


Psalm 25

Psalm 23. You weren't fired up enough.

oz baggie

Now the players say Cazorla didn't cheat it was bad referring shows the morality of the players. If the players didn't go down by their own accord then the ref doesn't have to make a decision about the incident just shows most players think it's OK to cheat. Maybe they should look at themselves instead of trying to blame someone else for their failings.