Steve Clarke tells his West Brom stars to think positive

West Bromwich Albion boss Steve Clarke today slapped a ban on “negative thoughts” as he rallied his troops for Saturday’s trip to Arsenal.

Steve Clarke

The Baggies boss takes his fifth-place side to the Emirates Stadium looking to respond to back-to-back defeats in the Premier League.

But the Hawthorns head coach has told his squad to head for London with a spring in their step after their superb start to the season left them five points and five places above Arsene Wenger’s struggling Gunners.

“I think the spirit at the club should be high at the moment and I said that to the players after the game on Saturday against Stoke,” said Clarke. “We were disappointed to lose but all I said was that they should be pleased with their efforts given where we are.

“If at this stage in the season you’d have said that we’d have 26 points and we’d be level on points with Chelsea and Tottenham, towards the top of the league, I would have grabbed that.

“I’ve tried to tell the players that we’re not in a bad place and we have to remain positive. There’s no way we can allow negative thoughts to come into our heads.”

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Comments for: "Steve Clarke tells his West Brom stars to think positive "


I can see this game going either way, if we can keep tight and not concede early then fine but an early goal to Arsenal could be a disaster. Overall feel more positive than negative. Keep calm and carry on winning.

We Only Need One Half!

Well, well, well, just when the Wulfies thought they could make capital about Ridgewell having a private joke with a mate, O'Hara voluntarily goes public with something far more disturbing.

Well those Wulfies ever get tire of shooting themselves in the foot! (actually, some of them might play better if they were shot in the foot, it couldn't be any worse)

p.s. his reference to his charity works that he doesn't like to talk about, anyone else instantly think of Jason Bent's charity work?

emma dale

yea you tell, be more positive, dont let your glass be half empty, unlike some of our fans.

CantelloRocket 78

Emma Roid (aka Saft Sid)-

Alright, Sid? Good to have yer back.

I was a bit concerned, with wolves losing every week, and the Baggies ridin' high, you went AWOL for a long time, we missed havin' a loff at ya, but we knew you'd be back when wolves finally won one.

Anyway, I guess you've probably had to spend some time resting, what after that procedure of changing from 'Sid' to 'Emma', eh......?

SC Baggie

Until two weeks ago I was very positive and could not wait for Saturdays to come round thinking we could give anyone a game and even expected to win games we would not have dreamed about last year. However that confidence has suddenly gone and I'm back to dreading this Saturday. Call me fickle or negative but that's my gut feeling. I cant help but think the swopping and changing of players as disrupted the team and l know it is said players need resting but i don't buy that. Teams in Euro competitions / games play many more games than us and why do players show their disgust in being subbed when they want to stay out there.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Have a look at the Euro teams and how many changes they have made. Our squad has got to get used to team changes on a regular basis, the bulk of the squad has to be up to scratch so they can be called upon for any given game. Our club is surging toward the European way, our Dinosaur system is dying out. Stale Solbaken down the road is trying to teach dinosaurs to dance and it is not working. Worry about the Swansea's of this world not the Stoke's. Okay mate.


Kev in Mallorca

Good God man, get a grip!

CantelloRocket 78

SC Baggie,

if you have the time and patience, I'll just tell you a little story.

Back in the late 70's, I was a younger guy who felt very passionate about the Baggies, if we won I'd be on cloud nine, if we lost, I'd be on the verge of depression.

I then went to see us play at Coventry, and stood right behind the Albion goal, excitedly hoping we'd win.

After about 15 minutes, Coventry ran towards us, and next thing I knew the ball was in the back of our net, a few feet in front of me, and 'keeper Tony Godden was sprawled on the ground.

I was absolutely gutted.

Then, as the Coventry players ran back to celebrate, and the Albion players were moving back up to restart the game, Captain John Wile walked towards us, looked at the ball, looked down at Godden, then he broke into a broad smile and shrugged his shoulders-

at that moment, I realised it really wasn't a matter of life and death, it's basically a game that we should all try to enjoy, there's much worse things happening in the world.

By the way, I'm still very passionate, but take it all in me stride these days.

And we beat Coventry 3-1................:)

SC Baggie

Cantello I too am old enough to remember that far back (and farther) I also remember with fondness the player whose name you use, and what a player. You are very correct in what you say there are worse things than losing a game of football. I shall go and have a glass of something strong and thank God I can.

CantelloRocket 78

SC Baggie,

If you're ever around sometime, I'll buy you a glass of something strong, and we'll have a loff together.

Take care now.

SC Baggie

Cheers CR and best wishes

We Only Need One Half!

CR, I remember Tony G on Brucie's (Forsyth) Big Night In, beat the goalkeeper section where they had a different keeper from the top clubs each week (bit like the Golden Shot, some one rang in, left a bit, right a bit, fire, that sort of thing) and I think I am right in saying he never saved one!


Jack ♣ Hat.

The way I look at it is the Arsenal big guns haven't had a chance to get their poor form out of their systems. Maybe their kids should play.

Omma Nael, yo gorra glass?,☺☻☺☻s.


Robin Brittain

So after two successive defeats you lose all faith in what went before. Four successive wins and 26 points plus being fifth in the strongest league mean nothing ? .

Some players get injured , some get sick, and some become mentally or physically exhausted. You forget that apart from playing two games in a week players also have to train. We have built a strong squad to overcome these problems.

Players generally get subbed when maybe they think they are playing better than the manager does.

Cyril Randle

SCBaggie, Cheer up mate and remember football is a sport so who wins should ALWAYS be wide open to the day, the form, one bit of brilliance or one slip up.

We have got a chance at The Emirates which is more than might have been said a few years back.

PS: I'm still revelling in watching a meddling Chairman screw up his toy at Chelsea.

CantelloRocket 78

So our head coach recommends 'thinking and staying positive'-

what a blummin' good idea, but he might be in trouble on here 'cos he's now joined the 'rose-tinted, me glass is fillin' up' club, so he shouldn't be tellin' the players what they can and can't think now he's joined the 'gang', it'll upset 'em...........



Steve Clarke-

' if at this stage of the season you'd have said we'd have 26 points, I'd have grabbed that.......'

do I need say more..............? :)


So now we've got 26 points, how many would you take at the end of the season?

We Only Need One Half!

CR, I know mate, that's you, me, S.C., Bomber Brown, about 25,000 other Albion fans.........and then there's Mboy!

Wot can u do???


At the start of the season I would have been happy with 26 points from 15 games. Now answer my question!

We Only Need One Half!

Mboy, that's a fair question, I would have to say anything that was an improvement on the two previous seasons would make me happy, any significant improvement, i.e. 6 more points or a couple more places on last season would make me very happy.

p.s. If I ever bump into you, I'll have a drink with you, its only banter, don't get so wound up!

CantelloRocket 78


if you didn't notice before, you now know why Max, Kev and others groan whenever they see 'MBoy' on here-

he pooh-poohs everyone else's opinion, and always believes he's one hundred per cent RIGHT, and he'll keep on and on until others lose interest, then he tells himself he's won, and always knew best........



Thank you for providing yet another "raisin d'être". Are you going to answer my question or not?

CantelloRocket 78


you're getting extremely agitated because someone hasn't answered your question, yet the other day, WONOH asked you a very simple question that you obviously didn't want to answer, so you brushed it aside by saying 'this question is invalid'-

double standards, eh?

I'm afraid I find your posts 'PPP'-

pompous, patronising, and pretentious.

We'd invite you to The Vine for a beer, but I guess you'd prefer a Wine Bar.

Also, it'd be uncomfortable with you looking down your nose at us throughout the session.

Tah-tah and toodle pip......


For your information, I was in The Vine last Saturday, (enjoying a few beers , chicken tikka and naan bread with some mates), but if we met, it would spoil our relationship.

CantelloRocket 78


If you really DO go in The Vine on match days, I suggest you be in there quite EARLY for the Norwich game, something's being planned that you might find entertaining.

And if all goes to plan, I don't think you'll have much trouble spotting us, believe me........

(actually, were you the one in The Vine complaining that the chicken wasn't up to Michelin star standard, and trying to find the wine cellar for a perky little Chablis?

But as for you EXPECTING a crushed-velvet tablecloth, well I can understand your utter, utter frustration at one not being made available.......)


Thanks for the warning!!!


A point minimum at Arsenal and 4 maybe 6 with our next 2 games at home. We should then be set fair.

Kev in Mallorca

OK Steve you've just got the job as Chief Inspector of the Fans Comments Police and just a little advice, whatever you do don't call anybody names cause fans with positive thoughts are not allowed to express their opinions on what they think of fans who always see the negative.


'The Class of 68'

Steve Clarke, i'm on your side

I wonder whether (Hagan, Ashman, Giles and Atkinson) uttered those same words in the dressing room. Those for mentioned managers produced the finest Albion teams i have ever seen. And of cause trophy's were won, but the league was a different kettle of fish. When Albion were flying, playing some of the best football in the league, again we used to say, what a wonderful time to be a Baggies supporter. But, some of you might just remember, the press labelled us as the 'nearly' team. Obviously only older Baggie supporters like myself will remember this.

My point being, younger Baggie supporters hav'nt had anything to shout about, until Garry Megson came along and instigated our rise back into the bigtime.

So i wonder, is S Clarke going to take us to another level, or shall we remain known as the 'nearly' club ..... Forever a Baggie

Jack ♣ Hat.

Pasted for the use of:

WEST BROM are among eight more clubs to have achieved top status for their youth academies.

This is good news for the FA seeing as they are taking Baggies’ technical director Dan Ashworth to be their director of Elite Development.

But football chiefs still face challenges in fulfilling their side of the bargain in the new Elite Player Performance Plan.

Academies at The Hawthorns, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, Aston Villa, Tottenham and Norwich all gained category one status in the latest round of inspections.

Congratulations West Bromwich Albion.


Cyril Randle

Jack, that shows we are doing it right and just how far we've come in 11 years or so. It's also great that our best kids are wanted and borrowed by clubs in lower leagues.

Classof68. The finest footballing team I have ever seen was that of 1953/54 and we NEARLY did the double, Div. 1 and FA Cup. So again we were a 'nearly team'. But it was sport in the almost true sense, the teams were equally provided for, wages had a ceiling, the clubs were run by directors made up of local business men and old players, no rich men's toys in those golden days. The one criticism I had then was 'no subs' on the bench. We were hailed as 'The Team Of The Century' by the London papers the day we went to play Chelsea early 1954 at the old Stamford Bridge. I went by train from Aldershot to London and then by tube to the ground. We lost that one 5-0 in the weirdest match I've ever seen. We had more of the game. The very next day, Chelsea were hailed as 'World Beaters' to avoid embarrassment to all.

SC Baggie

Cyril......If I remember correctly we lost the last game of that 53 [ 54 season to Villa at home three nil........they avoided relegation and we fail to win the league

'The Class of 68'

Cyril, i like your response, i'm in awe

My first visit to the Hawthorns was in 1961/2, i missed out on that wonderful mid 1950's team. Many a senior citizen (since passed on) put me wise to those great Albion players of the 50's. They explained in lengthy detail the game at the Molineux, a game we lost, but played the Wo1ve5 off the park with our classic style of play. I think i am right in saying, if we had won that game, we would have achieved the double.

Cyril, i find it wonderful to know that people like yourself with all your history can be on these blogs ..... you have certainly kept the faith


cr id love a drink n a memory lane chat too many negative vibes on here mate when we do good

its moaned about when we do bad we get moaned at that summed it up john wile must admit in the 70s

not many game played we lost if it was not for a winter and injury we could have been top but it didn't happen

but we went on to have some great top 4or 5 finishes its taken 30 yrs to get back to something like my time at the albion slow but sure progress and building from the boot laces up,and now we have gone in to the elite with the academy ,.gonna be exciting times at westbrom,.last 2 seasons we have broke records set new ones,i think in say another 5 yr plan as this is how mr piece sets it achievable realistic goals to move the club on and upwards

ok may be a false position this season but we have deserved every win to get there and 26 points where earned

not given to us like these pundits who think we are no body well i like that baggies can just stay under the radar then before they know whats hit them we will be building a club and team that again will do europe even win silverware ,in my time as a disabled baggie fan and before my accident i have had the privilege to see some cracking games and some great players,some rubbish ones too ha ha I've seen the highs been there with well over 40,000 in the 70s to just above 6000 in 86/7 yet good bad or indifferent i have supported them, till illness took hold in 2010,and my days of going to games had to come to an end,gutted but the memories and you the fans who i met at games good or bad i have been blessed to be part of it from my first game in 78 v everton to my last in 2010 v villa i wouldn't swap or trade it for the world am i sad we never built on that team built round robson and regis yes ,do i think if we had then we would have been as successful as mute went on to be? yes,do i regret we never had a multimillion pound man come in and put millions in for players?no way i have seen clubs go to the wall and clubs that will go leeds ,comes to mind and in 2000s arsenal liverpool even chelsea prove multi million pound players wont win ya nowt you see at westbrom we have a core belief that we have held to this day,fans have moaned and gone on we don't do this we won't pay that ect,well the thing is we are one of the best run club in the prem and you believe me more clubs will be run like us the over payed players will be gone ,you will see this happen where a club will have players who don't cost millions but get discarded because of all of the foreign players,this will happen look where albion is at the moment teames they have played and beat ,its no fluke ya no its just a taste of things to come, its there and as i say 5 yr plan keep in the prem in a top 10 finish get established then move on to try out new things using players that won't break the bank and will play as a TEAM NOT A TEIAM

as so many clubs do and in the end wins you nothing as i say happy times great fans i have met even players i had the luck to meet and a collection i have been lucky to get ,with my last being tony goddens shirt worn v sports braga he swapped it with the braga keeper and thats who i had it from so proud up the baggies