Mark Warburton in talks with West Brom over Dan Ashworth's job

Brentford sporting director Mark Warburton today emerged as the latest candidate in the race to replace Dan Ashworth at West Bromwich Albion.

West Brom Albion Hawthorns WBA gates stock

The Baggies have held talks with the former City trader about taking over from Ashworth, who is set to leave for the FA next year.

Warburton is a former academy manager at Watford and the brains behind the NextGen Series, which pits academy teams from clubs across Europe against each other.

Chairman Jeremy Peace hopes to make headway on an appointment in the next few weeks, with Albion hopeful the new man can spend time working alongside Ashworth before he leaves for his new role at the St George’s Park National Football Centre.

That move is still scheduled for the summer, although FA officials are still keen to bring it forwards.

That would depend, however, on the Baggies making a quick decision.

Warburton’s first football experience came as a part-time coach at Watford but he rose through the ranks at Vicarage Road, quitting his job in the financial sector and becoming a key figure in the development of the Hornets’ academy.

He was a coach at Brentford under Nicky Forster before being promoted to the sporting director’s role.

Ashworth, who is leading the drive to find his own successor, has presented several candidates to his fellow directors, who are now believed to be narrowing down the list before pressing ahead with an appointment.

Hamburg sporting director Lee Congerton, who previously worked at Chelsea, was strongly tipped for the job but the German club refused him permission to speak to the Baggies.

Former Liverpool and West Ham director Damien Comolli’s name has also been mentioned, although he is thought to be an outsider.

And Andy Marriott, who spent a season at The Hawthorns as Ashworth’s assistant before leaving for the Mercedes Formula One team, is thought to be keen.

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Comments for: "Mark Warburton in talks with West Brom over Dan Ashworth's job"


It now appears Albion are narrowing down the candidates to be Dan's successor. I'm sure they will get the right man, they always do. Casting an eye towards our "noisy neighbours" can you imagine if they were doing this recruitment, they would have hired someone who was totally inadequate .... they always do.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Copied for the use of:

"Director of football" is a term describing a senior management figure at a football club, most commonly used in Europe. The exact nature of the role is often unclear and extremely variable and causes much debate in the sports media. The term is almost exclusively used in the United Kingdom, with "sporting director" or "general manager" often used elsewhere.

The presence of a director of football acts as an intermediary between the manager and the board and may relieve pressure on a manager by handling aspects away from day-to-day coaching, allowing a manager to focus on on-pitch performance. The director may also help to stabilise the club – many examples exist of director stepping in as a caretaker manager on the departure of the manager. The director – often an experienced football figure.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Just to add to the above:

The NextGen Series is a European football club cup competition for under-19 footballers. It was designed to provide players with the opportunity to match themselves against other elite European footballers of their age group in a competitive environment.

The competition was created by sports TV producer Justin Andrews and Brentford sporting director Mark Warburton.

This Mark Warburton knows his football.


jacks mate.

Bet you also know which side his BREAD is buttered!

Jack ♣ Hat.


What I do know is ALBION are going to WAR.

wo1-Ves are going for a BURTON.


Jack ♣ Gnat

Jack ♣ Hat. you forgot the 5

jacks mate.

I see you are mentioning the UPPER CRUST of teams when you talk about Wolves.

Please to see you recognise CLASS.


So you think "Roman Numeral" is the Chelsea manager then.☺☻☺☻s.


Upper crust!, I was thinking CRUMBS pal.☺☻☺☻s.



heard good reports about this bloke he uses is LOAF

Jack ♣ Hat.


Good job you have got that one in before it goes STALE.


Jacks strange comments

I think we must stop taking the P out of you Jack. It seems it is going against the GRAIN.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Old Chinese Proverb: He who winnows against the wind, he gets his own back.

Keep trying pal, You lot don't come anywhere near the stove.☺☻☺☻s.


CantelloRocket 78

Jack's strange mate-

don't yer think yer being a bit THICK sliced?

It's obvious you don't like JtH having a few 'digs' at wolves, so you spend half yer time comin' on the site using Jack's name, which draws attention to him, so even MORE people become interested in what he says.......DOUGH!!!

Just thought I'd mention your embarrassing BLOOMERS-

or to 'expand'-

Jack's mate, you ARE a doughnut........

Jack ♣ Hat.


Thanks mate, got them up against the wall again. I'll toast to that.


jacks mate.

C##tello. First see my post below. Secondly you have the audacity to call us THICK. I suggest you read your posts before making a comment like that.

CantelloRocket 78

Jack's mate-

you suggest I 'read my posts'?

Why, d'yer think I don't know what's in 'em?

Stop it!, I've just fell off me chair loffin'.....ha ha ha ha ha.......

We Only Need One Half!

CR, now thats touching a nerve!

sir molly

Is he the one who does the bread adverts ?

Jack ♣ Hat.

Sir Molly Malone,

Yes, the big advert is "Don't let your club Bread go Stale, try spending a bit".


jacks mate.

Jack your getting like ITV with all your REPEATS!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Run out of bread have you or have you got a cob on?.


Jack ♣ Hat.


You are coming a bit Brown (Bread) with that one pal.



My bet is he would'nt cost us much dough either

CantelloRocket 78

Don't you just love our visiting 'deluded dingles' ?

First they come over here to 'have a pop' at the Baggies players-

who're currently 5th in the premiership, whilst wolves are 17th in the championship-

now they're tryin' to poke fun at a guy who MIGHT get the job of dealing with Albion's day-to-day business-

whilst they have, errr.......Jez Moxey, who's doin' a great job at the Moulinex factory.

Well the Baggies fans think he's brilliant, ever since he said on the radio he could help wolves to get where the fans think they should be, just behind Manchester United........

so far, he's got 'em just behind the Mander Centre.........ha ha ha ha ha.........

jacks mate.

What a childish post. Not that we expect anything different from you! Obviously touched a nerve.

At least Jack responds with some jollity. Get a life Cantello!

CantelloRocket 78

Jack's stroppy mate-

you come runnin' over to a rival fan site, and have an angry rant at someone telling the truth in a humorous way-

and you say YOU'VE 'touched a nerve!'.

Absolutely priceless........

you couldn't make it up........

jacks mate.

Originality for goodness please. Or is that beyond your comprehension????

CantelloRocket 78

Jack's very strange mate-

a final word-

You spent part of yesterday poking fun at a person's name, and you used your valuable time to run back and forwards ALL DAY to this site, when you're not even an Albion fan-

then you tell other people to stop being childish and get a life!!!!!

It seems you can dish it out, but you can't take it in return-

so in future, if you can't stand the heat, keep out of the Bakery........

what a wally........

We Only Need One Half!

jacks mate, I think your the one that's touched, what about that O'Hara eh! whata guy!

p.s. hovering above a relegation place in the 2nd tier, and paying 35 grand a week for a part timer, best laugh I ve had in a long time.

jacks mate.

What a simple mind you have if things like that make you laugh!!

We Only Need One Half!

CR, how dare you have a go at Jezza, I think the guy is awesome and doing a fantastic job, long may he reign, and just to show my appreciation I have sent him a Christmas card with best wishes for him to continue what he is doing, and I would urge all other Baggie fans to do the same.

Why are the Wulfies talking about stale bread? is it because they have finally realised they are toast!

Ronnie Allen

Sammy Chung said to me the other day you must let your bread Stand. But he could not believe it would cost over £20 million for it to Stand. Lets hope they do not repeat the Bhatti success of 84, 85 and 86 and end up in the drunken baker's league (south).

jacks mate.

I hope that your post name is your birth name. If not get a life1

Jack ♣ Hat.


Ronnie Allen has got a life he is a West Bromwich Albion football fan, not a Jezz Moxey PIE fan, their is nothing else to go to NETTO-GHETTO for.☺☻☺☻s.


Cyril Randle

Gentlemen, Temper your hilarity with a modicum of reserve.

T'others am thinking yow've awl gone yampy.

jacks mate.

Are you sure Jack? If you are right then O.K.

If not perhaps he should show some respect for one of the nicest man I had the pleasure of meeting, who has now left this mortal coil.

Finally thank you Cyril. Common sense and courtesy reigns in certain areas of Sandwell.

KEV R pride of midlands!!! (wba)

cantello rocket


your talkin about wolves fans here mate they dont understand they really dont!

for last 10 years we have spanked them took the mick

now a league and bit infront and godknows how many years

also our club is run bang on!

sour grapes cus they just would love to be like us and think they should be like us but it never happens year after year after year.

thats why they hate us so much cus they think when they had a good team 60 years ago they should be where we are!


We Only Need One Half!

No Kev, we never took the Mick, we sacked the Mick!


So we are talking to a bloke who's name sounds like a bread firm yet the dingles CEO is actually the Pillsbury Dough Boy - oh the irony !!!!!

Jack ♣ Hat.


Bang on the nail, at least Warburton isn't Stale mate.



Think we are on the crust of a wave Jack !!!!


It does seem like a high "Bread roll"er mate.



Careful Jack, your post might get 'sandwiched' in between Happy's posts!

CantelloRocket 78


I'm glad you added that remark about the sandwich-

we were hopin' somebody would provide the filling...........:)

Jack ♣ Hat.


Looks like I've bitten of more than I can chew again; but it is nice to take the rise (Yeast-wise) out of the Dingles with our figurative, collective blow to their bread-basket.


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