Exclusive - Lukaku set to stay at West Brom

West Brom striker Romelu Lukaku today claimed he is confident he will remain at the Hawthorns for the rest of the season.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion - Stadium of Light

The Belgium international, who hopes to start tonight’s Premier League game at Swansea, does not expect to be recalled by Chelsea in January despite helping the Baggies climb above his parent club.

The Blues could cut short the 19-year-old’s season-long loan in the January transfer window but Lukaku said: “I don’t think about the option. I am very happy to be here for one year.

“Hopefully, this season will end very well and we will see what happens in the future.

“After January, I am sure I will be at West Brom. I am very happy to know that in my head.

"Hopefully, I will do well for the rest of the season.”

Lukaku does not believe the appointment of Rafa Benitez as interim Chelsea boss will affect the chances of a recall and he insisted he is determined to keep West Brom above his ‘parent club.’

He said: “I don’t think things will change. I think he has his plans and I am happy with the team here.

“If I focus too much on Chelsea it wouldn’t be good for me, so I will focus on being here.

“In my head, I am here for a year and it has to be clear I am here for a year and not for six months.

“I knew if I came here I would do my best for the team.

“Now we are above Chelsea and, hopefully, it will stay like that but you never know.

“We have to be focused on ourselves, we need to win game after game and look game after game and try to win everything that we can.”

Lukaku could get his fourth Premier League start for Albion tonight if boss Steve Clarke chooses to rest leading scorer Shane Long after the Republic of Ireland international started Saturday’s 4-2 win at Sunderland.

And the former Anderlecht man believes his time at the Hawthorns had already been vital for his career.

He said: "I am learning a lot. I think I’m a much better player than last year or the two years before.

“I think I’m in the best shape I have ever been in since I started playing at 16.

“Hopefully, I can make something out of that and do well for the team and help them finish as high as possible.”

Exclusive by Steve Madeley

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Comments for: "Exclusive - Lukaku set to stay at West Brom"

KEV R pride of midlands!!! (wba)

run them welsh raggid tonite BOYO!

Peter Kingston

Future Chelsea legend. An absolute beast. He will be an amazing physical assest, spearheading our attack, and he can make up for the lack of strength in Mazacar..

Bromham Baggie

Two thoughts: 1) Just enough tension produced by this article to make Wednesday morning exciting. 2) The legendary 'Chippy' Clive Clark only started to play proper football when he was 16.

E1 Baggie

There's nothing about whether he'll actually stay, just that he's mentally working AS IF he will stay - a very mature attitude.

I hope he does, though.


Roman says "He cost £50 million, you will play Torres, even if I have to bring in his old manager in an attempt to get him to recapture his form"

Will Luka get a game at Chelsea?

Jack ♣ Hat.


I hope you stay this season and next. Two seasons with Steve Clarke would do wonders for you. We would gladly have you on board. All the best for tonight and the rest of your career.



jth the only problem i can see is at this time we are Chelsea's rivals, come January should we still be rivaling then, Roman could recall on that basis, victims of our own success, still we have Woody who i really like and Rosenburg Fortune


None of what was said above says "set to stay" to me. A lot of "he is confident that" and "Hopefully" but nothing that says "he will".

Nice interview. Nice sentiment too from Lukaku. But the headline doesn't echo the contents in reality...

Jack ♣ Hat.

Who needs praise off T.V. pundits when Jose Mourinho is watching us, praise indeed STEVE. Go get 'em lads.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Chris (Brunt blog),

Would be nice if we can do a hat trick of away victories.

You say Swansea have brought in a lot of foreign players and they have clicked straight away, a bit like us you mean. Congratulations on your appearance record. Same again please.



Before this season ends we have to give Chris Wood some game time in a Baggies shirt.

Why waste time bringing in a loan striker and sending him out on loan when he is as good if not better than Lukaku


Absolutely no way on earth is Chris Wood as good as or better then Lukaku. He is however, a good striker with potential.

burnley baggies is a retard

chris wood better than lukaku?

are you blind ? or just plain retarded

chris wood is a championship striker at best..


Sorry almost forgot, Message from the retard Its Burnley Baggie is a retard or Burnley Baggies a retard. Not as stated above.

So what does that make you...?

P.S capitol B FOR Burnley

Phil Osopher

Burnley Baggie,

Good call, I have previously stated that Chris Wood "in time" will be a top class player, and I'll stick by that statement.

I certainly would'nt consider selling him to anyone, definitely one for the future.

Good luck at Swansea boys, as good as we are at the moment, we still need to have the rub of the green.

CantelloRocket 78

I've just been reading an online blog regarding Lukaku, written by a Chelsea fan, who's also taken into account opinions from other 'Blues' fans-

it seems the majority feel Romelu could be a useful 'stand-by' striker in their squad, but they're much more interested in signing a proven, experience player, with Falcao apparently number one choice.This is a pretty obvious attitude from the fans, but Benitez must feel the same way, because he'll be under extreme pressure from both the owner and fans to make the club successful.

If by any chance Lukaku does return to 'the bridge', I'm sure DA has other plans in the pipeline....


Retarded am i you muppet

Championship at best how do you know he's not had a chance at Premier level You will be one of the idiots who said the same about Long (although can't be sure as you won't show yourself).

Lukaku is at best a raw talent and not ours, Woods is ours so he should get the chance to progress with us now our status is as good as assured and the pressure is off

Now go and crawl back under what ever stone you came from


Forget it mate, i like them both, whether Woody is better than Lukaku is debatable. Millwall fans love the bloke, i hope we don't sell, i reckon he has what it takes good luck to the kid, liked everywhere he's been.We at the moment are Chelseas rivals and that more than anything else should we still be come January would be the tipping point and they would recall IMO


Agree with E1 Baggie, there's nothing here that says he will stay, that's not to say he hasn't had the conversation with Chelsea.

I said on the other thread but think Markus Rosenberg may bring us something in the 2nd half of this season if given a run in his favoured role. I still think Lukaku's a raw youngster and I'm not sure his hold-up play is always condusive to us keeping the ball in the way that Long's is. He's certainly been a useful player to have though, certainly from the bench.

Chelsea may well chase Falcao, but with Atletico Madrid in the La Liga title race and in Europe still, I don't expect they'll get him in January.

Re: Chris Wood. Personal opinion here but I don't think he has the technical ability to make a name at this level. He's a nuisance and a physical presence, but I think at this level you need more. That he keeps scoring at Championship level though can only increase his market value.

Cyril Randle

Chris Wood could be another Derek Kevan. We would be foolish to dispose of him until he has had a run in the team. Lukaku is going to be one hell of a player too and I hope he stays as long as possible for Steve Clarke to make best use of him.

Chelsea can afford polished diamonds, ours start uncut. We know Oo we bin !


Thats good to hear, a quality player who wants to be at West Bromwich Albion. Just goes to show how good we are.


Chris Wood is doing everything he can at Millwall - playing well and scoring goals and so may deserve a chance with us at some stage.

He may be a rough diamond or a blunt instrument but having watched Benteke for Villa against Reading I think Wood can certainly do a job in the prem as he is a better player than Benteke and is similar to grant Holt - he just aint silky smooth.

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