West Brom are now marked men, says Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke today warned West Bromwich Albion they are becoming marked men in the Premier League as he prepared to lock horns with former club Chelsea tomorrow.

Steve Clarke stock 4

Clarke believes the Baggies’ flying start to his first season in charge means opponents will raise their game at The Hawthorns.

West Brom, who are sweating on the fitness of key defender Gareth McAuley, would move within a point of third-placed Chelsea with victory tomorrow.

But the head coach warned: “The fact that we’ve done so well this season will start to make the games harder for us because people will come here knowing that they’re in for a tough afternoon.

“They certainly won’t take us lightly.

“Chelsea will look at the results they’ve had this season, they’ll remember that the last time they came here they got beaten.

“So they certainly won’t turn up and expect an easy game. They might expect to win, but they know it will be difficult for them to win.”

McAuley was being assessed today after feeling pain from a leg injury in Northern Ireland’s draw with Azerbaijan on Wednesday.

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Comments for: "West Brom are now marked men, says Steve Clarke"

We Only Need One Half!

I cant recall us ever being taken lightly in The Prem, i.e. teams "resting" best players against us, taking us seriously, now that's a different matter!

CantelloRocket 78

If the Baggies are becoming 'high profile', does that mean we might all end up like some sort of celebrity fans?

Wow!, I could do a photoshoot for the 'Hello' magazine from me garden shed...........:)

Jack ♣ Hat.


We have been high profile all season mate, it isn't just starting tomorrow. Prior to this we have finished 11th & 10th. That has been our settling in period, now we are already in the big time. Most of our players are hardened to this league, Brunt, Morrisson, Gera, Olsson, Dorrans to name a few. About time our fans realised we are a dyed in the wool Premiership club. Let the dawn of realisation break over our fans.

Kev, snoddy,

Get some of this medication and some scented candles. ☺☻☺☻.



A lot of londoners who I get to speak to due to my job have either a soft spot or a lot of respect for the baggies and the fans. They like our sense of humour and never really cause any grief.

Jack ♣ Hat.


..... and the Dingles below are choking on their attempted insults mate. Had my Flu injection yesterday and the Dingles I spoke to were all in the same mind, unable to bear the pain of their plight, aggravated by our position in the Premiership. Oh, and they all wished us well.

I just had to sympathise with them...?.


We got solbakken the club

Ronnie Corbett but with bad jokes .....

Au revoir our kid...

CantelloRocket 78

'We got Solbakken the club'-

so you've resurfaced after hiding and sulking recently?

I see you're continuing to make personal attacks on people's appearance, not bad for someone who weighs 26 stone, eh?

p.s.- talkin' about bad jokes, have you looked at your username lately?

au fully cringeworthy, our kid........

Bangkok Baggie

Err, no.

CantelloRocket 78

Just to point out a prime example of our 'visiting' wolves fans behaviour-

it seems that 'solbakken' and 'Bangkok dingle' (possibly the same person, as they both frequently come over here, and both specialise in personal attacks on everything connected to West Bromwich) have suddenly re-appeared, motivated by this story-

Considering they've shown extreme jealousy in the past, maybe the fact that wolves are sliding down the championship, whilst the high-flying Baggies are worrying European Champions Chelsea, might have something to do with it?


Jack ♣ Hat.

IF we win on Saturday it would be a massive result for us besides putting our club right in the thick of it regarding the title race. We have the wherewithal, we have the players to get us there.


Kev in Mallorca

Steady Jack! I should cut down on the medication if I was yo mate.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Okay mate, but you know I'm right.

Come on lads and shut his gob, ☺☻☺☻s.



Jacks been smoking that funny stuff again

Jack ♣ Hat.


Yo ay arf roight maet, the missus uz jus lit one uv them smell noice candles agen.

Come on lads, here's another who wants his gob shuttin.


We got solbakken the club

Please Jack, in future just take a minute and read your post out loud to somebody before you 'submit comment' . It might stop people worrying about the thin air up Hurst Hill bonk.

Au revoir our kid...


It is interesting, my thoughts are that it will or should make the squad more aware and put them on the front foot, knowing opposition will become harder to break down. Hopefully the players see this as a natural progression to improving their status in the Premier League.

Voice of Reason

Good point, it will be interesting to see how our team copes psychologically with not being the underdogs any more. They now have to cope with the pressures that come with expectation, and we all know that can be a different prospect totally after years of very little.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Mate, we have arrived for some weeks now starting with Liverpool at home, believe it or not this IS our third year running in this division and the lads are coping very well thank you.

Tell Kev I will try another couple of tablets.☺☻☺☻s.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Dead right, and it is not beyond us to do what we did last season.

I've followed that kev's advice and my extra medication is not working. ☺☻☺☻s.


Kev in Mallorca


That must be the first time I've ever challenged a positive post, I'll put it down to youthful exuberance, on your part obviously.


Jack ♣ Hat.


I'm having fun but seriously I believe we have "Arrived" this season. Look how many seasons we have had in the Premiership, off the top of my conk, sixth start this one is it, with this being the third on the bounce. Sure, I feel quite a lot of our players are Premiership quality or we would never have been here that long.

1/ Have any team hammered us this time?.

2/ Have we had all the luck going?.

3/ Have our players looked out of their depth as a team this season?.

4/ Have any substitutions let the side down

5/ Have you watch a game and thought "This lot will never score?.

6/ Wigan had a tremendous amount of possession,

Did you think we were being hurt?.

7/ Do you believe Steve Clarke is doing a bad job?.

How many have you answered yes to? mate.

I arrest my case.

Come on our lads.


P.S. Anyone want to make a list of negatives?, feel free.

1954 baggie

If we are able to repeat last seasons result then we can

definately say were there on merit, they look exceptional

going forward but at least we dont have to face Drogba

without JT they look weak on crosses maybe Rosenberg

will come good We have a history of failing v Chelsea so

a point will be welcome. I know its far too early to talk of

europe but I'd rather finish mid table than Europa lge spot..

Cyril Randle

I was secretly hoping the FA would have denounced Chelsea for the Clattenburg row by now. They would have started full of anger and defiance leaving themselves open to quick counter-thrusts by Long and P.O., followed I was hoping by deflation on a punctured balloon scale with Abramovich ringing for his personal

jet and his Minorcan yacht. And no Jack, I haven't been on the funny pills, just daydreaming while I graft in my garage.

I am far more concerned with losing Big Mac for this one.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Dawson being injured, I believe Tamas can do us a good job. We will just have to go with one striker and flood midfield. Faith Mate faith.


Phil Osopher

Hi guys,

We will always be the underdogs against teams like Chelsea / Man. Utd, City / Arsenal / Liverpool. It dosen't really matter does it?

Lets just enjoy our success at the moment. We all know we'll have a bad spell sooner or later. Just promise me, we won't start slagging everyone off. We will ultimately stay in this league, and that's what matters.

Up the Baggies.


And I thought it was just the Dingles who got carried away with 'winning' games. Forget Jack and the Beanstalk panto, more like Jack and the Magic Mushrooms! Title chase? LOL


danish baggie

Wonder how they are feeling over on the dark side ? Not long ago, it was all about " The sinking ship " etc. Hope they are enjoying themself :-)

Couldent help it.


For me guys the distance we've come is summed up by the fact that I'll be walking up there tomorrow genuinely not fearing the worst and genuinely expecting a good result. Don't know about you lads, but its the first time in my lifetime that we've been up there to be shot, not just on a local level from "Wolverwannabe Wanderers" and "The Burnley Lookalikes", but on a national level and long may it last

Jack ♣ Hat.


One Like from me mate.


Jack ♣ Hat.

On Q.P.R. :

Sparky had to stop a training session and lecture his expensive lacklustre Rangers squad on what is required for Premier League survival.

Sparky should have done a West Bromwich Albion and brought in better players even if they are cheaper and good at training.


Kev in Mallorca

You know me Jack I always look on the positive side except when it comes to Max or Cantello getting their wallet out or Warren turning up for a drink.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Si, adéu.

Jack ♣ Hat.

So glad Steve Clarke came to West Bromwich Albion, he is a fine level headed coach. We have had a fine start and with approximately a third of the season gone we are still in the mix.

Roberto Di Matteo will get a fine welcome at the Hawthorns as us fans don't go in for heckling former Head Coaches. Also we were sorry to see him leave and go home.

May the referee be fair minded one.


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