Olson was against Roberto Di Matteo's sacking at West Brom

Defender Jonas Olsson today revealed he was against West Bromwich Albion’s decision to sack Roberto Di Matteo – but admitted it has worked out well.


Di Matteo returns to The Hawthorns as Chelsea boss tomorrow, 21 months after being shown the door by the Baggies.

Olsson said: “I rate him very highly. I was very clear when the club sacked him that I wasn’t in favour of it.

“But everything happens for a reason and for him and for us it turned out well. We got Roy Hodgson as manager and really pushed on from there and Roberto went to Chelsea and has a fantastic career there.”

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Comments for: "Olson was against Roberto Di Matteo's sacking at West Brom"


I was livid when I heard about it, but over a period of time I realised that it was for the best. We will never know what would have happened, but all I will say is I will applaud him tomorrow!

Cyril Randle

I too was stunned with the speed of his demise and I do think he'd have turned it round in time, but who can argue with what Hodgson did with the same players ?

The football lost excitement but we reached safety and have built on it wonderfully well. R.diM. will always be remembered in a good light by Baggies.


I admit to being stunned when I heard that he'd been sacked, and thought "Oh no....here we go again" and questioned the Chairman's judgement. However, we don't know what else had been going on behind the scenes, whether RDM had lost the dressing room, etc, and when I heard that Uncle Roy had been appointed (at his age, and having 'failed' at Liverpool) I feared another period in the wilderness. How wrong could I be (!) and I suspect many more like me. Even after Roy had gone and he appointed Steve Clarke, I again admit to being worried - taking on an untried. Every fan is an armchair manager and thinks he/she knows what's what......what's happened since just proves we need to keep the faith. Well done to the Albion hierarchy. Can there be a better run club in the league at the moment? I doubt it. Proud to be a Baggie!

Kev in Mallorca


This isn't my usual knock at fans always looking at the negative but reading your post I want to ask you why after every move the club made you looked at it as negative before even giving it a chance?

You are not unique by any means but I can not understand the mentality of such a doom and gloom reaction to any change at the club,is it the same in other aspects of your life or just when it comes to the Baggies?

As I say I'm not knocking you I'm genuinely interested why you have this outlook and can honestly say for me it was a surprise when they sacked RDM but an understandable one, as for the following appointments I looked on them positively.



Nice bloke and all,but got a bit out of his depth at WBA went to Chelsea and looks good.The thing is with the players at Chelsea a chimpanzee could manage them. i I think you will agree he didn't have such a team to at WBA

Jack ♣ Hat.

I was shell shocked at Roberto's sacking, but everything came up smelling of roses all round.



Yes it was a bit of a suprise to all us baggies when Roberto got the sack Cyril, and I love the fact that rob went on to win the European cup with Chelski, and I for one hope they win the league. The man is a super coach, but the football under Hogson was far from unexciting under Hodgson. 1-5 against Wolves! best and most memorable match for years. I can't see that that result and the unbelievable joy it gave us will be matched in the next decade. Unless we beat Villa in the cup final!

Boing boing.

Steve Clarke is going to be a top top manager for years to come. JP and DA should be hailed as the true saviours of WBA


Agreed, I was gutted when Di Matteo got the sack but have to acknowledge that Mr Peace's judgement is rarely wrong. I thought that Steve Clarke was a mistake when we could've competed for a really high profile manager for the first time in years, but seems I'm wrong again!! Moral of the story when reflecting on the last 10 years or so seems to " trust in Mr Peace", I just hope he can get us another Ashworth.

CantelloRocket 78

I think most Albion fans quite like RDM, apart from all else he won promotion with us, and got the team playing attractive football, but at the same time I believe his dismissal was spot on.

The fact is that the Baggies were in freefall, we'd plunged from top 6 to one place above relegation, were losing game after game, all confidence had gone, and in the second half at home to West Ham, RH watching from the stands saw us completely fall apart.Even he must've wondered what he'd let himself in for.I think Robbie was just too inexperienced at the time to handle a crisis, now that Chelsea are having some problems we'll see how much he's learnt from those past events.

(the only thing I questioned at the time was why sack him straight after losing at Man.City, a game no one expected us to get anything from? But of course JP still made a brilliant decision in recruiting Roy).