Dan Ashworth's planning for a summer spend

Departing Dan Ashworth is already working on his farewell gift to the Baggies – next summer’s transfer targets.


The club’s sporting and technical director has been speaking for the first time since his move to the FA, planned for the summer of 2013, was confirmed.

Ashworth, credited with playing a key role in Albion’s advance from yo-yo outfit to Premier League stability, revealed that he is working through “50 or 60” applicants to succeed him, including candidates from abroad.

But he confirmed he will be co-ordinating any January transfer moves – and has already blue-printed the Baggies’ transfer plans for next summer.

Ashworth, who will be charged with the task of revamping England’s coaching set-up as the FA’s new technical director, does not expect major business during the January transfer window unless an injury crisis takes grip of Steve Clarke’s squad or a golden opportunity crops up.

He said: “For the first time last summer there probably wasn’t any criticism of our transfer work. I think everyone agreed we filled the slots.

“So short of any injuries, or fantastic offers, I can’t see us doing much in January.

“When the window closed on August 31, an email went the next day with our summer targets. We are now looking towards summer 2013 and we will spend the coming months doing that.

“If any are available in January ready for our summer, either on pre-contract which we can do from abroad or people running into the final six months of their contracts, then maybe but we know the positions we want to strengthen next season. The board meetings we have all take into account of where we might need to strengthen, who is getting older, who might want to move on.”

Ashworth is ready to work an extended “handover” period with the candidate Albion eventually choose to replace him and has promised Baggies fans to work as “diligently” as ever in the meantime.

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Comments for: "Dan Ashworth's planning for a summer spend"

Chris Powney

So much manlove for this guy he sums up all that is good about our set up young intelligent football people not just ex-pros and silly reputations. We are now an attractive prospect because of the good work done on clever long term planning forged by Peace and Ashworth.

Up the Baggies

baggie mick

Who ever comes into the job will have big shoes to fill,would just like to say not surprised a top man has got a top job.Many thanks Dan for all your hard work at the Albion and England can only go up with you there.


Thanks Dan and good luck

you have helped to change this clubs fortunes over the last few years with your hard work.

you deserve the job at the FA and all the prestige that goes with it


We can't dwell on it as a loss but as a good learning experience, and I'm sure Jeremy Peace will be more focused than ever in getting the right man. He essentially is the man who tells Dan what is expected in his role so I expect no less for the new candidate. As he's said in the article, the club have already have srawn up new signings and so will leave the new man with an easy task of signing them.

1954 baggie

Difficult to see how we will fare without Dan but as long as the

new guy is able to get on with everyone then there should'nt be

too many problems. Maybe the club will prove attractive to prospective

buyers, suprised none have come forward. Maybe Dan should go into politics

Jack ♣ Hat.

I am sure Dan will show our new Technical and Sporting Director the ALBION way of working, before he leaves us. Transfers in coming are a rarity with Jeremy in January unless there is a dire need. Thanks to those two guys and Steve Clarke, the ALBION machine is ticking over nicely. What an interesting season we are having.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Just read your blog about Jeremy Peace. He and your good self formulated your role to fit into the ALBION scheme of things and what a good job you two made of it. With Jeremy's ideas West Bromwich Albion will always be a modern forward looking club. The F.A. have dropped on their feet in acquiring your services. All the best.



Afternoon all,

so much is written about the playing side of any football club that it is really refreshing that DA is getting the press that he so rightly deserves. Because of the work that he and JP have done our club is now in a fantastic place, both as an ideal place to play football and one that does not have any financial problems. And i trust that when the new guy is appointed and takes over from DA the outstanding work will continue.

Good luck when you leave Dan, i just really hope that the FA realise what a diamond they are getting.




Both his kids are Albion fans too so you never know what may ome of the future.

We got solbakken the club

I want Dan to do well for England and the F.A., but another part of me wants him to not like his new position. If the latter ever transpires ,then I can see him coming home and fulfilling a boyhood dream.

Au revoir our kid...


How noble of you to say solebacon

Kev in Mallorca

Cantello and Jack

Do us all a favour and ignore the idiot, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

CantelloRocket 78


to be honest, it's quite entertaining.

When Sid and Solbakken (the sol brothers) started visiting us, they both made complete fools of themselves.

Sid eventually got sick of being loffed at, but 'Solbakken's' pride was hurt, so he has to keep returning to seek some kind of 'revenge'.

I don't think he's even noticed that 99 per cent of the time he's the only wolves fan on here, the others realise they'd look complete plonkers to try taunting a club that's more successful, and on a higher level than them.

I could keep this up forever, it's like a cat playing with a mouse he's trapped in the corner.

Now watch him come running back, ha ha ha........


Kev in Mallorca

For me although I'm not a sufferer myself it's similar to having piles from the description that friends have given me.



Morning mate,

i'd forgotten about Sid.......are Sid and Stale bread the same person...??makes you wonder



Wall Heath Baggie

I hope ' Danny Osmond' and ' Realist ' are the same person or we

have got two morons posting.


I am a bit concerned you have not slagged my posts off this week .


I hope you had a good holiday mate.

CantelloRocket 78


thanks mate,I had a great time.

Although your mate 'Solbakken' doesn't like reading about me being on holiday-

it's such a shame that a wolves fan isn't happy about stuff he reads on the Baggies site.

Of course, he could always **** *** back to his own site, don't ya think?

CantelloRocket 78

Solbakken the obsessed-

I've read quite a bit about DA over the years, but whenever I've come across his personal details, he usually seems to be happy telling most journalists when he was born, but not where-

you get the impression he's too embarrassed to say?

If by any chance it was near Wolverhampton, I'm not surprised when you tell us he likes to dream, you lot do it all the time.......


Evening stale bread,

a boyhood dream....for your lot in staffs more like an ongoing nightmare!! please mate give it a rest now because it's just not that funny. You spend so much time on the albion blogs that you must be doing it in an ironic way.....do you have a season ticket at the shrine and this personna of yours is all part of a great big "funny" joke???? lets us know....or don't....either way mate just stop. Your making Lone and laughing wolf look intelligent.......and thats damn hard to do.

Regards (almost)


Lone wolf

Andy, ill av you know ive an IQ ov a 130. lol.



and your point is........

Jack ♣ Hat.

Odd Fellow,

Yep and still can't spell "Of".


CantelloRocket 78


I used to think yow was egg.., eggzag...., er, tellin' fibs about that IQ, but blow me down, yow've just posted in Hungarian, I tek it all back.

(p.s.- as I invited you to have a beer with me and WONOH recently, 'solbakken' must now consider you part of this 'cartel' thing-

d'ya wanna be Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, or the horse's 'ead......?

Beverley Collard

Hollywood are filming it.

Dream on Elm Street

bobharris carpenter and ex referee

hi dan could not happen to a better man ,wish you an charn all the best for the future regards bob harris

Robin Brittain

Tragedy for the club that we are losing him. I see Bernstein the Chairman at the FA has tried to extend his stay but has been told he must leave. All the others will now be jockeying for his position. I just hope Dan knows what he is doing. He may have a nice contract to fall back on but there's more to life than that.

Cyril Randle

My hope for England is that Dan changes the FA into Football Association as it was when Bert Millichip was Chairman, instead of what we have at present, Fanny Adams. One day he will be the big boss there. Make no mistake.

The new man must fit seamlessly into our setup, no ripples on our pond, or you'll see one quick splash as he departs. JP doesn't suffer fools gladly.


Dan has done a great job. But his role is well defined. Getting the right man in to replace him may be difficult but we all know what he looks like.

I think he will last longer at the FA than Roy!

While you're on the subject losely of transfer targets - how about a reliable right back, bit of pace an ariel ability that can stay fit and not pick up needless yellow cards. There's always room to improve the squad.

Jack ♣ Hat.

E&S Transfer Roumers:

West Brom striker Chris Wood reiterated his desire to join Millwall on a permanent basis in January after scoring two goals against Birmingham.

Obviously Chris knows he can't get in this team, all the best for his future. Warning:

Chris don't upset their fans.



Morning JTH,

be a shame if he does go mate as he's still really young and with time....you never know. Mind you, if he goes then good luck to him and hope he does well as their fans will let him know if he does'nt. They are not backwards in coming forwards shall we say.



Jack ♣ Hat.


Fully agree mate, as the saying goes "You can't win them all".




My local is a Milwall pub and they aint nice fans.

Jack ♣ Hat.


You come on here insulting All of us Baggies and when I hit yo with some home truths you throw a wobbly. Remember old Chinese proverb: If no can take it, No dishy it out, Aah so.


P.S. The word pal wasn't meant in that context, if I consider you a friend I would have said MATE. Sorry I misled you.

We got solbakken the club

Alrite Smethwick Baggie, I know where you're comIn from now mate. You offer an opinion and just because the cartel don't like what they see its idiot this and thick that. They think I have no respect for your club and they also think I no nothing about Dan, so out come the predictable put-downs. Maybe the question should be asked why these threads are getting shorter but the team is competing with the best. Baggies everywhere can have a go at me if you wish, I'm used to it now anyway, but if you think I've struck a chord or been out of order ,just say. The only guarantee I can give is that the threads will get longer and a lot less boring than somebody's holiday escapades.

Au revoir our kid...

Wall Heath Baggie

I have to say that your comments are not without truth.

Danny Osmond

Get a backbone you tarts

CantelloRocket 78

Solbakken the obsessed-

ha ha ha, how's me little 'puppet on a string'?

Like I said, I saw right through you from day one, sooo predictable.

You wait until an Albion fan has a moan about a player or another Baggies fan, then you try to get all 'chummy' with 'em and agree with what they say, so you can get a foothold in the door.Then you figure you can continue dropping jibes in as often as you like.

Have you mentioned that when the E&S recently covered local club's finances, all you could do was put on a couple of posts insulting Albion fans, whilst ignoring the story itself?

Admit it, you go to every wolves game, home and away (Inc. friendlies), and you hate everything about the Baggies, you were gutted about last season, and you want something to cheer yourself up.

Now be a good little fella, and pedal on yer bike back to your beloved wolves site for a change.

We got solbakken the club

Quiet everybody, the gaffa,s talkin.......

Au revoir our kid...

CantelloRocket 78

Solbakken the obsessed-

I'm now getting very concerned about you-

a few weeks ago, you told me how many posts I'd put on here, and you 'itemised' the subjects I'd been discussing.

You've now brought up facts from threads on the Baggies site from weeks ago, that the rest of us had forgotten about.

And you've probably put more posts on here this season than any Albion fan-

You obviously have a diary, with every detail of what we discuss on here cross-referenced.

The time has come, my friend-

for you to move from the comfort of those four walls, and

get yerself a life.............

Jack ♣ Hat.


Well said Gaffa.


P.S. Sobackinthechampionship,

excuse my sarcasm.


Morning all,

Gaffa......welcome back to the 1970's......i've not heard that word used in a conversation of any type for ages......was'nt there a comdey show in the late 70's early 80's called "the gaffa"?? started a big bloke with a white beard (not santa!)




He has a point, I enjoy having a laugh on teh Wo1ve5 forum from time to time.