West Brom's Ben Foster is relishing facing Manchester City

Ben Foster believes Albion are ready to stand toe-to-toe with Manchester City on Saturday in The Hawthorns’ biggest game of the season so far.

Soccer - pre-season West Bromwich Albion training

The Baggies fought their way through a gruelling contest last season to cling on for a point against a City side destined to finish champions.

But the Baggies keeper believes new head coach Steve Clarke has changed the mentality of the side and is hoping Albion can prove that on Saturday.

“Last season it was as if we needed to concede a goal at times before we’d play,” says Foster.

“We just didn’t seem to give it a go last year until we conceded, then we’d spring into life. “The way we’ve started this season, without a doubt, is something we’ve tweaked under Steve Clarke.

“He likes us to try and attack. If we do that we need to do it as a team, rather than do so as a counter attack.

“It’s a challenge facing them – you also need a little bit of luck on your side, as you do against all the top teams really.

“The fact we had such a good start suggests that we might get something from the Manchester City game because our home form has been very good so far.”

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Comments for: "West Brom's Ben Foster is relishing facing Manchester City"

Clipboard Clarke

Think the cricket club will lend us a score board? Boing boing!

Malvern Baggie.

Never going to be anywhere near as bad as that Clipboard.! I know we have masses of self belief at home, I saw it against QPR especially. We are not afraid of big oil rich arabs spending millions like confetti---IT DOES NOT guarantee a forever win win situation, in my vioew. Bring em on !!

Boing boing----we stand undaunted.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Righto sad Dingle, we see your stupid comment. We ARE playing proper football teams. Enjoy the wilderness ☺☻☺☻s.


Cyril Randle

Fret not Clipboard. We can count up to any number Man.City score without an abacus. You know, Manchester, that place oop North where they have TWO big clubs. You have played them in the distant past, instead of going to Cardiff, etc.

CantelloRocket 78

Clipboard Clot-

the last time you posted as 'clipboard', someone told you it made absolutely no sense, and was a comment only a complete idiot would make-

so by repeating it, you've now managed to confirm that the 'village plank' vacancy's finally been filled.

And next time, would you please type your post instead of sending it by Royal Mail, scrawled with coloured crayons......?


I have no doubt in our quality and believe we can match most teams just as we did with Chelsea and Man City last season, but City have unlimited world class talent on tap so if we get a bore 0-0 draw then I will be happy. We played not to concede last boxing day and it worked so it will be interesting to see what the formation is this time.

Is Riedy and Ridgewell out still? I can't imagine Jara staying on the pitch if Balotelli is at large.

Kev in Mallorca

Why the comment on Jara?



He has a little temper

CantelloRocket 78


if someone tells Balotelli he has a little something as well, he won't stay on the pitch long either!!

Kev in Mallorca

List cases for the prosecution?


Jack ♣ Hat.

I've said before we can give anyone a game if we play to our strengths. Give it a good go and I see no reason why the three points shouldn't be ours. We are good enough. Come on you BAGGIES.


Dead Baggie

The football this season has been like a breath of fresh air compared to last season under the negative tactics of Hodgson. Roy did well for us and stabilised us as a club, but the football was dour. Our gain is England's loss, the worry now is though, will somebody try and poach Clarke! Is he on a long term contract, or just a rolling twelve month one like the last few managers? And Ben, keep a clean sheet Saturday and I will be over the moon.



Cyril Randle

Spot on Dead Baggie. I was reminded of 'the system' when England finally played Poland on Wednesday. Grab a goal, get the wood, nails and hammer out to board up our goal, then try hard again after their equaliser. Yet we could have been the better team throughout had we tried.

CantelloRocket 78

The way I see it is if a manager or coach is allowed to 'cherry pick' top players from across the globe, whilst other clubs don't have the resources to do the same thing, then in theory his team SHOULD win every game, anything short of this must be seen as a failure.

I know a player's transfer fee or salary isn't always a true reflection of their quality, but if ONE Man.City player cost more than the entire Albion starting XI, then most people must surely give us no chance against 'em-

in which case, let's go into the game with an attitude of nothing to lose and everything to gain, be positive and try to ruffle a few feathers.

I suggested we do the same thing against Arsenal before we beat 'em at their place the other year, and look what happened then.

Just go for it!!

Kev in Mallorca

Sorry to here the news regarding your employment being terminated after 15 yrs on BBC radio, must admit Folk was no really my bag but on the odd occasion I did listen you seemed very knowledgeable.

I'll bet you'll miss the make up department the most? the way they dumbed down your hair colour must have cost a few bob.

As it fades maybe you can sign on the sick with some sort of mental stress and get sumut free from the chemist to keep it the same colour as in your very flattering picture in the Daily Mail, it's wonderful what they can do by air brushing these days or in your case paste brush,ay it?


CantelloRocket 78


my agent's told me not to comment until after I take legal action, but it looks like people were jealous because they said I have the perfect face for radio.

And now I'm on the dole, I prefer to be called Mike Hardup, if you please.


Jack ♣ Hat.

See wo1-ves Championship prices are being aligned to our Premiership ones so that their tickets appear cheaper. Probably priced before our £50 reduction across the board; apart from that us BAGGIES get much classier players and football to watch.


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