Chris Brunt praises West Brom forward planning

Captain Chris Brunt believes Albion have struck two major deals for the future in securing James Morrison and Jonas Olsson on new long-term contracts.

New deal - Jonas Olsson and James Morrison
New deal - Jonas Olsson and James Morrison

The key midfielder and defender ended any doubts about their future by agreeing new four-year deals.

And Brunt believes the long-term planning is another major component of Albion’s bid for more Premier League progress this season.

“What has been important for us in the last few weeks is getting people like Mozza and Jonas on new long-term contracts,” said the Northern Ireland international.

“They’ve been here a long time, they know the place inside out and have been big players in the success we’ve had over the last four or five years, so I think it’s right to see them rewarded for that.

“And it’s great for the club to have them tied down here for seasons to come.

“It’s important to have a core of people who have been here a long time because they understand the place and have a special feel for the club and, speaking for myself, having that affinity with the club is really nice.

“Those boys and myself are experienced footballers now compared with when we joined and that goes a long way at a club like ours, especially if you can add to it with guys like Gareth McAuley, Liam Ridgewell and Steven Reid, who have played a lot of games.”

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Comments for: "Chris Brunt praises West Brom forward planning"

Toby Hollinshead

Excellent news securing Olsson/Morrison on long contracts. About time the national media gave the Albion sme credit I after all this squad is miles better than the one of five years go.

Kev in Mallorca

SHHHH! I know what you mean but "slowly slowly [and quite] catch a monkey"


The Real Bully Hoo.


I think it's good that Mozza and Brunty are still here as they came to us as highly rated young prospects when we were a very unfashionable yoyo club (I seem to remember a certain Wulfie gloating on here that they would never sign for a club like ours.) They have stuck with us through relegations as well as promotions and can take a lot of credit for getting our club where they are.


I accept no responsibility for any upset caused to posters with very gentle sensibilities that come on here to have a go at either of these players. Any distress this post causes is entirely coincidental and if any other Happy Clappers, Mafia Members, Cartel Associates or people that have a generally optimistic outlook on life agree with my sentiments and post it on here then I fully hope they are not ganging up on these gentle souls.

Kev in Mallorca

Thank's Trbhoo for mentioning the gang that is the Moaning Mafia it's getting so bad of late I've felt too intimidated to post my true feelings,which is a shame cause these sites are for all opinions, we don't want them to be know as Meldrew's Memoirs.


Wall Heath Baggie

You are with no doubt this site's answer to Andrew Mitchell , everyone is a ' pleb' apart from you and your favourite bloggers, no wonder less and less people are blogging on this site, you really are a deplorable self important individual . I have tried to be friends with you but no more , i do not like you or your manner one bit and i will ignore you from now on and the boring drivel that you write.

Kev in Mallorca

Cantello paid that quid for the ransom fee then?


The Real Bully Hoo.


I guess you won't read this and as I've obviously touched a nerve I'll lay off a bit. Hope I haven't upset the others as much or I won't be able to live with myself.

Kev in Mallorca

Traquilo Max ,Trbhoo isn't calling anybody a pleb at all,

I for one thought it was a humorous ssip tek of our fellow fans who feel they are being ganged up on when anybody dares to disagree with their opinion and it's always those with a negative or pessimistic opinion that call others with the opposite opinion of being a gang member,me and you have had our differences but never have I accused you of being a gang member.

Our spats have always been about a difference of opinion except for our next one which will be about to stop yo hidin' in the bog as usual when it's yowa round.


Kev in Mallorca

trying to mar mate trying to.


Restin' Rocket

Will you lot pack it in, I'm thinkin' of the end of season party, and I want everybody to be there shaking hands not necks.

Life's too short, and the Baggies are flyin' high,so behave or I'll make yer watch me holiday slides when I get back.......

as they say in Eastern Europe,

Tranquillo, Comrades.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I thought it was funny and didn't believe it would offend anybody but hey ho.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Wall Heath,

The only reason for lack of posts mate, is no blasted post boxes again. Comes to something when I have to go in the Sun to have fun. Roll on Saturday, then we will only need 23 points for safety.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Our experienced players are bedded into the ways of our club as Chris states also ALBION have gathered this talented Squad together and have very little debt in the process. All the contract adjustments are already accounted for so there will be no worries about their wages not being paid. That is reassuring for their families. Well done James Morrison and Craig Dawson on their international goalscoring exploits.



Good players always want to play in teams with good players and want to stay in a club which is attracting good players. Is developing and is well run!

Stating the extremely obvious!


After all the naff years, its great to see The Albion IS BACK!!

Very proud to be a Baggie.

Always was!!!

We Only Need One Half!

Watched the Wales v Scotland game on Wales MOTD (yes it does exist) on BBC2 Wales last night, Morrison's goal was superb, a blaster from just inside the 18 yard box, and he was unfortunate not to make it three.

Scotland struggled to get balls into the 6 yard box, so obviously Fletcher never scored! although he did set up Jimmy, who looked the more likely of the two to score all game.

To be fair, Fletcher's disallowed goal (in the 6 yard box of course) should have stood, and to my mind, Bale did dive.

Is Myhill injured? has he has gone from first choice keeper to not even making the squad?


Afternoon mate,

got back form seeing al murrey at the civic late last night so stayed up and watched the game on a scotsman the only highlights i could find were Jimmy (thakyou!) and the two fletchers! We were poor from back to front and CL does not seem to have a clue how best to use the players we have. Maybe Bale did dive, maybe not - maybe the goal shold have stood, maybe not - but this scotland side is as setting itself up to be as poor as under Bertie V. Thankgod for the Albion!!




Myhill's got a broken finger ...i think..............................................TFBINBNW

The Real Bully Hoo.


A belated welcome back to my main stats man and one of my favourite posters. I thought I read somewhere last week that Myhill has had an operation on his wrist. It's why he wasn't on the bench last week.

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, cheers buddy, baggieno1 and TRBH, yes, this was a debate I was trying to get going the other week, but I think there was only AITK stated an opinion, I think we seriously need to get (dare I say top quality) back up for Foster.

We are standing on the edge of our best season for a century, although every first choice player (rotation accepted) is an integral part, and would be missed if injured, we COULD mange without them due to strength in depth, all but Foster, I would hate to see such a golden chance go down the pan if Foster was to pick up a injury for the length of time Hennessey has. They had Ikeme to step in, who, by all accounts has made an admirable job of it.

Myhill, I have already stated on the other thread is a good goalkeeper, and he had a fantastic season last year with Blues, but, is a good enough for a top ten Prem side for any length of time? and now, with Boaz's injury we are looking to third choice Luke Daniels for cover.

Some might say I am worrying for nothing, but all it takes is one sloppy challenge on Ben, a virus, compassionate grounds who knows what, and we could be in big trouble unless we act now.


Afternoon all,

maybe stating the obvious at the moment but with all the great things that seem to be happening at the's great to be a baggie!!

And with players like Jimmy - Olson - Jacob - Gera - GMac etc you can see why!



Brummie roader Ryan

ohhhh Jimmy Jimmy!

Jimmy! Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Morrison !

Kev in Mallorca

That's more like it!


CantelloRaketa Szam78

Hallo peeps,

never mind giving Scottish-English futballa new contract, Mrs. Gera is asking Mr. Peece for little Zoltan to stay in block country for 8 more years, and can his three Brothers join him in playing on pitch?

Everyone in Budapest is saying-

'kozeledik teged Baggies!!!'




Szervusz Raketa!

Beszeled Magyarul? :)

Szia... Takk

(Hajrá Baggies!!)

CantelloRaketa 78

Szervusz, Takk!

as you can see, my English is very poor and my Hungarian is also bad.

My wife say I only really speak two languages, double-dooch and b*****ks, but I cannot find how to translate them.

Maybe one day people will understand what I say.

Best wishes from Budapest,

may you West Bromwich futball peeps always have good luck and Lukaku,

it is very bright,someone tell me it is white and blue, yes?



From CNN - Felix baumgartner breaks record for fastest freefall, previously held by Wolverhampton Wanderers fc

Robin Brittain

Wall Heath makes the point that fewer people are blogging on this site. I have a theory that interest is at it's highest either just before a game or just after when we are all eager to praise or condemn. I don't know if anyone else had noticed but we are in mid-October and we have only played seven league games so in reality there has not been that much football to comment upon. It seems that every time we get into a flow along comes another international break which not only disrupts the Premier League but probably lessens the input on this site.

Kev in Mallorca

Re Lack of posts.

Maybe some who have stopped posting could let us know their reasons, how ever brutal they may be? then if possible we can do something to help, maybe we can start swapping recipes?


Robin Brittain

Reference my earlier post we played our first three league games between the 18 August and 1 September. Since then we have only played four premier games. That can't be right can it ? .