Jonas Olsson hails the 'McAuley factor'

West Brom defender Jonas Olsson admitted today his partnership with Gareth McAuley was the hidden factor in his decision to commit his future to the club.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Aston Villa v West Bromwich Albion - Villa Park

The giant Swede, whose new long-term deal at The Hawthorns gives him the chance to become an authentic club legend, is the latest to salute the Northern Ireland veteran’s belated Premier League success.

McAuley was an inspired pick by former head coach Roy Hodgson, who recruited the defender on a free transfer the summer before last.

It proved a master-stroke few predicted as McAuley re-launched a career previously limited to lower-division football by forming a partnership with Olsson hailed as “one of the best in the Premier League” by goal keeper Ben Foster.

And it now appears one of its extra benefits was in persuading Olsson to sign a new four-year deal last week.

He said: “I finally feel I’ve been able to get a good partnership at centre-half. I enjoy playing with Gareth and I hope our relationship can be a long one.

“One of the reasons I have re-signed is that I really love playing with him. He’s a good guy as well and that makes it easier to connect on the pitch.”

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Comments for: "Jonas Olsson hails the 'McAuley factor'"

Kev in Mallorca

I won't give up till it's ringing round the ground, all together now

He came from Ipswich clap,clap clap,clap

We got him for free clap,clap clap,clap

He'll stop you scorin' clap,clap clap,clap

He's as big as a tree clap,clap clap,clap

An his name is [ clap,clap ]Gareth McAuley

Yes it's [clap,clap] Gareth McAuley

His name is [clap,clap] Gareth McAuley

And we're glad he's here,here,here,here,hereeeee

Sung to the tune of Dave Clark Five@S Glad All Over.

Come on HillTop and Bomber spread the word down the Smethwick, it's wuth some Tikka and a nan with all yo con drink in hour n half if I hear it at my next match which will be Norwich.


CantelloRocket 78


the only reason 'Macca' hasn't retired, and still writes songs at a furious pace, is because he's worried you'll take his place in the spotlight.

At least that's what I've heard.

Come to think of it, I think it was you who told me, last time you were over here.


CantelloRocket 78

At the time we signed Gareth, some people wanted us to pay millions for Roger Johnson instead, but we ended up with the free transfer guy from the championship-

and what a fantastic decision that was!!

Like Yacob, I still can't believe two superb players were picked up as 'freebies'.

They're both now priceless to us.

Absolutely brilliant.

Robin Brittain

Whilst in effect both McAulee and Yacob were signed on free transfers that does not take account of the signing on fees and the cost of the contract both of which are not tax deductable as is a transfer fee which is written off over a period of years. You would of course still have to pay the player a salary even when you pay a transfer fee but I suspect that certain players benefit more financially when they sign for a club on a free at the end of their contract. I think that within 5 to 10 years transfer fees will become a thing of the past which will be made news for the smaller clubs which rely on them for income.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Jonas Olsson 6'4", Gareth McAuley 6"3" are a gigantic barrier for any raiding party to break through. Best since Wile and Robertson and are on the way to being better. With Ben Foster behind them ALBION have a formidable backbone in defence.


Brummie roader Ryan

We should have signed Roger Johnson from Blues under Wolves noses for 5 mill why sign 2 useless players for free in Yacob and Mcauley?

Kev in Mallorca

I know we're in the minority but I agree.



I probably should know better but i truly hope this is sarcasm!


Whilst I wasn't in the contingent that wanted to sign Roger Johnson, I will hold my hands up and say I certainly was questioning the value in MacAuley as an addition to the squad. How happy I am to be proved wrong. He's been simply outstanding.

As a former centre half up to U14s (when they finally realised that I wasn't going to grow) I firmly believe that centre halves are about partnerships. It's far better to have two average centre halves who understand each other than an outstanding one alongside a donut. Thankfully, we have two outstanding CBs and one of the best defensive partnerships in the Premiership.

Boing Boing


Best central defensive partnership since I started going up the Baggies. The amount of aerial challenges the both of them win is incredible, it is rare when either of them has a bad game. If Macca or Jonas got injured we would soon see how important they are to the recent success of W.B.A.



1 - Kev, try singing that to - 'He's got the whole world in his hand's'

He came from Ip, swich - We got him for free

(He's got the whole world - In ........................... etc.


Unusual to reply to your own post I know, but you could add a verse for Olsson

His name is Olsson, - he's own big Swede

His name is Olsson, - and he doe's the deed

I'll leave it to the rest of you creative lot to finish this !!

Kev in Mallorca


I'm having trouble here, would you ask McCartney to change the tune to his words,ay?


CantelloRocket 78



after reading all the 'words and music' activity on here, it reminds me of those unforgettable days in the Abbey Road studios with The Beatles back in 1969.

Nobody was talkin' to one another, everybody had different ideas, George Martin couldn't work out what was going on, and the fans were all shouting-

'Yoko- oh NO!!!!!'..........

(Then Jack came in with tattoos........)


CantelloRocket 78


as this thread seems to be a fertile site for budding songwriters, I hope you don't mind if I try to develop an idea or two?

After what you suggested, I'm now working on a Ben Foster song called-

'he's got the whole ball in his hands......'

( Which also reminds me of that famous photo of Vinny Jones firmly grasping part of Gazza's anatomy.........:)


His name is Jonas - he's very tall

With head boot or knee he wins the ball

He has long hair and quite a big nose

we sing his song - here's how it goes.....

His name is Jonas - he's very tall

(repeat until the man next to you hits you)....


His name is Jonas He comes from sweden

Hes got thick head full of hair and he'll kill you with his stare

He scores from corners and and he does back heals

with the throstle on his heart, hes our defensive star

Hes signed for four years more, youll hear the albion raw

with our greatest ever swede

how could we ask for more

Hes our jonas Our jonas olsson

the greatest star outside of the sun

Hes our jonas Our jonas olsson

He scored past the ***** Hes our swedish Knight


Jack ♣ Hat.

Just a quick word on tattoos:

Can't see for the life of me, why anyone would want to put Graffiti on their natural skin. I will always remain a blank wall in that respect. Are you listening Daniel Agger. Anyone who wants to show bravery should try 1/ Lumbar puncher, 2/ Shunt line 3/ Being stitched up without local anaesthetic, I know.


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