Goran Popov targeting long stay at West Brom

West Brom defender Goran Popov admits he is playing for his future as he targeted an extended stay in the Premier League.


The Macedonia international is desperate to remain at The Hawthorns beyond his current season-long loan from Dynamo Kiev.

But the 28-year-old, who has played in Albion’s last two games, accepts he must perform to convince the Baggies to buy him next summer.

“I want more than a year,” he said. “My future is here, I don’t want to go back.

“So for me it is important now to play and show that I am good enough to stay in English football.

“I would like to stay here after this year. This is my future and I am thinking like that.

“That’s why I came here. If I wanted to be back in Kiev I wouldn’t have come here.

“I came here because I know I can play here.

“We have spoken about it and the club have said if I do well here this year I can sign for one or two years more.”

Popov is likely to get the first signal of his progress when Albion return to action in a fortnight. He replaced an injured Liam Ridgewell against Villa and QPR but the established first-choice left-back is likely to be fit to face Manchester City.

But the new-boy is relishing his battle with the ex-Birmingham defender.

He added: “When you don’t have competition you know for sure that you will play, then maybe you will play at 50 per cent and not 100.

“You have to show you’re better, and whoever is playing better will play.”

And Popov believes he can help Albion extend their impressive defensive record at The Hawthorns – Rangers two goals on Saturday were the first conceded in four home games.

“For us as a defence we are always looking not to concede a goal,” he said.

“Against Villa I said to the defenders ‘just keep it to zero and everything will be OK’.

“You will get a point or maybe win, because when you have a chance you can take it.

“If you have a corner you can score a goal, so when you keep it to zero it’s good for the team. It is important for us in the back four to concentrate for 90 or 95 minutes.”

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Comments for: "Goran Popov targeting long stay at West Brom"

Brummie roader Ryan

Seems like a top bloke and is tough as nails, also better going forward than Ridgewell and has a good left foot.

I would love him to stay for a few more years his attitude is second to none.

I don't mind who starts the next game between the 2 as I rate them both highly

Boing boing

Kev in Mallorca

I thought about replying to self opinionated comments on Saturdays match report but I couldn't be bothered but being as you've come out with another sweeping statement I'll have to enquire on what do you base your judgement . How after two games can you say that Popov IS better than Ridgewell going forward and his attitude IS second to none?

I not knocking Popov cause I think he looks that he could turn out to be another gem but the two games he's played have not been against the greatest teams in the league where as Ridgewell has faced stiffer opposition, not always covering himself with glory but generally doing a good job.

You also seem to think that Reid is our saviour,again I'm not knocking Reid he's been a great signing but sometimes he's caught out of position and yes he uses his experience well but he's a crock and is not the answer.

You don't seem to think much of Jara after Saturdays performance at fullback but I and many others thought he came back well after a dodgy first 10mins which after his troubles over last season and Steve Clarke asking him to stay at the club and fight for his place,which can only be on the advice of the existing coaching staff cause the manager had never seen him play, I think we should all be supporting instead of knocking him.

As for playing him as a holding midfield player,who do you intend to drop? When he first came that's where he played and he looked a great player but he's also very versatile so he is being used in a few positions so inevitably he just maybe only maybe take a little time to settle so a little patience is required from the experts in the crowd.


E1 Baggie

Best thing is it allows Ridgewell to serve as cover for the central defenders if Olsson or McAuley pick up an injury. Hard to choose between them for first-choice leftback, which is a nice position to be in.


Have to admit I am considring selling Ridgewell in my fantasy football team, he may struggle to be a permanent fixture, much as I rate him

Jack ♣ Hat.

We have good cover for the left back position plus left centre back. Long may it reign. Now concentrate on the right back berth, then adjust as necessary.


CantelloRocket 78

To put it simply-

I've watched Popov playing on video, TV, and in the flesh-

I like his determined attitude, and I like what I've seen so far on the pitch, he'll do for me.

Very few clubs have a 'perfect' squad, but as The Duke of Wellington would say in the 'Sharpe' series-

'we now have a damn fine collection of men going into battle',



I just like the way he does the basics very well, such as when Shaun Wright-Phillips was through on goal and Popov just keep pushing him further towards to side line so when Wright-Phillips had a shot, it only hit the side netting. I wonder if we can play Popov and Ridgewell together on either flank?

1954 baggie

Looks like another gem unearthed by Dan, could Ridgewell

play rt back? also I think Jara would do ok midfield.

Pity Southgate did'nt fancy the FA job we'd have kept Dan

I bet Roy instigated the move were going to miss him.

Jack ♣ Hat.


All the best to Dan he puts the name West Bromwich Albion firmly in the history of "St James Park" and England. We now move on as we have done with Roy who has put our name in England's history too. Don't forget the man who made these things possible and he is still with us. Oh! Jeremy Peace is the name and I hope "England Albion" don't come sniffing around mate.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Nice to see Des Humphries back on his feet a enjoying life again. Well done des, keep cheering the lads on mate.


Cool J

Well I think both Popov and Liam are quality, but Popov is more natural left back IMO. Why McCauley has to play, can we play both of them? Popov on LB and Liam at CB. Gareth is 32 after all and is not that good. He got his place last year due to injuries.


Kev in Mallorca

Am yo on drugs?

The Real Bully Hoo.

No known drugs are that powerful.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Bin yo afeelin orl roight, yo bay avin the blu devils bin ya. Worra staetmint. Cewl J mooer like Saft J.