Jonas Olsson vows to reward West Bromwich Albion

Star defender Jonas Olsson today celebrated a money-spinning new four-year West Bromwich Albion contract by predicting his best football is still to come.


The Sweden international put pen to paper last night on a deal that could net him around £7m – potentially the most lucrative contract in Baggies history.

And the 29-year-old expressed his delight and insisted he will continue to improve as he heads into his 30s.

“I very much like where the club is going and the way we have progressed over the last few years,” said Olsson, who has been with Albion since 2008.

“That made the decision, in the end, easy. I think every season I am progressing as well. At the moment I’m playing my very best football.

“Normally as a centre-half you have your best years in your early 30s.

“I’m determined to develop and hope to repay the trust the club has shown in me. It’s been a long process but it’s done now and I’m very happy.

“I had a few things that were important to me and there were some issues that were important to the club. Finally we came to an agreement – and I’m very happy.”

Olsson’s new deal ties him to Albion until the summer of 2016 and is expected to make him one of the Baggies’ highest-paid players with wages in excess of £40,000 per week.

The deal is the latest coup for the Baggies, who completed the permanent signing of goalkeeper Ben Foster in the summer on a long-term deal and agreed a new four-year contract with midfielder James Morrison last month.

Head coach Steve Clarke said: “This is great news for the club and shows we’re heading in the right direction.

“We’ve had a productive summer in terms of bringing new players in but it’s equally important that you hold onto your best players, and Jonas certainly fits into that category.

“He’s a tough, uncompromising central defender.”

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Comments for: "Jonas Olsson vows to reward West Bromwich Albion"

smethwick baggie

Obviously delighted Olsen's staying, but the financial size of the new contract just proves, in my view anyway, that all along it was just about the money and how much Olsen could squeeze out of the club. All the rhetoric about ambition etc etc is just that, rhetoric. Still, I suppose he's no different to all the other mercenaries in the modern game and good luck to him.

CantelloRocket 78


the contract PROVES,in YOUR opinion.....?

So without being involved in the deal,or knowing what's in Jonas' mind,you KNOW he's only interested in money?

Which means now that he's got a new deal,he can take it easy and let the other players do all the work.

I know this will happen because it's what he's thinking,right?


Gabby's Elbow

Money very well spent.....Jonas is the "heart and soul" of the team, should definitely be Captain (IMO) and fully desrves to be one of the clubs highest earners.............

Tell you what, I'd rather have 10 Olssons than 10 Odem's in the team?

noel howell

spell olsonn right come on u WO

B90 Baggie

Along with Ben Foster, Olsson is the best and most important player to play for Albion in the last 25 years.

Great news.

Cyril Randle

WHOOP-bloomin-EE ! Best News for ages. We shall have a defence to envy amongst the elite Prem teams. Now sign up Big Mac on a lucrative deal too. Better idea than trying to get the same in again for fees. With Popov, Ridgewell and the developing Billy Jones we shall be strong. It will also give Reid a chance to heal properly. Jonas, lead us to 3 points today please. Then you can party after.

Kev in Mallorca


I'm sure Billy Jones sends his thank's for mentioning him with a positive comment.


CantelloRocket 78

Brilliant news-

Jonas obviously looked at his options -understandable for a player approaching 30 and near the end of his current deal- then decided it'd be hard to better his place at the Baggies.

Despite other rumours,he's been quoted as saying he'd only consider offers from a handful of top clubs,but with the progress made at Albion in recent years,he knows he's already in a very good place.

The future's bright........well,y'know the rest......:)

Now there's the little matter of a game to play-


Oh please


Hello mate,

Those rumours proved to be right in the end. He did sign for a top club!

Fantastic news!

Boing! Boing!


smethwick i think your being a bit unfair , 40grand a week is alot of money yes but what would it cost to replace him .

it would cost the same amount 7mill in fees as well wages . to his credit the best defender we have had at the club , maybe with the exception of john wile

what would you have done let him go

Jack ♣ Hat.


I'll add if you don't mind,....if Jonas helps keep us up it will be well worth the outlay mate. I knew our Cyril would be over the moon.



the foundation of our defence is strongly rooted to the club for a few more years! and it looks like i'm gonna have to buy new sun glasses cus the future of West Bromwich Albion is getting brighter n brighter! and olsson knows it! in my opinion all the yo -yo ing is far behind us now, so lets kick some butts.


Fantastic news. It's a sign of the team we now are

Nick man baggie

Yep slippy,

I totally agree. Jonas is worth every penny and he has been totally professional through out these negotiations. He is key to us moving forward as a top ten club.

Long may it last!

Forever Albion

brilliant, he is worth every penny of his new salary. If Harry had still been Spurs Boss then Jonas would have been in London earning this sort of money so if you want to keep a top player you must pay top wages as a Premiership club. Now we can bring Dawson on slowly to replace him at the end of his contract.


Best news ever!! Olsson is a huge player for this club and this is just reward for his outstanding form.

I always had faith.


If it was all about the money I'm sure Jonas could have got a lot more than 40k a week at somewhere like Spurs or Newcastle - and he would walk into almost any team in the prem. IMO he is THE best defender I've seen at the club - and that includes Wile and Robertson.

Well pleased !!!


Very pleased that Jonas has signed he is a strong dominant defender and vitally important to our team. Know football is all about opinions but disagree that he is better than Wile and Robertson who in their day were within a fraction as being as good as Hansen and Lawrenson. Joe Kennedy was better than any of these.


I'm very relieved as he is very important to us. I think he realised that we are a team going forward as IMO this current squad looks to be one of the most successful in a long time. From this we have a spine of experienced and long serving players who want to win things at West Brom.

Cyril Randle

Kev, I rate Billy Jones. He is not the finished article by a medium sized chalk, but the talent is there, he's a fast learner and he doesn't seem to get thrown out of his stride by unnecessary criticism, neither on here or by our 'groaners in the ground'.

Jack, I wasn't alone. If you had heard the cheer when Jonas's new contract was announced at the ground, you too would have glowed.

Nickman, Nail, Hammer, head. The man is a professional of the highest quality. Job done first, argue after.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I don't think Kev was having a go at you but instead acknowleding that you're one of that rare breed on here that possess the patience to give players a fair hearing. Sad but true.

Brilliant news though, just as important as signing Ben and Mozza.

baggie birder

awsome best defender since i started following Albion in the 60s key to our continuing progress as an established prem club cock a hoop


If Rio Ferdinand is getting 140,000 a week, Olsson - a much stronger player in my opinion - is a bargain at 40,000. It is no good lamenting these salaries - a game of football a week for far more than most fans earn in a year. It is how things are at the moment and Olsson has done what any one of us would have given the chance - secured the future for his family. He is not only a great player for us, he leads with his heart, as did John Wile. He is inspirational and will prove to be our mainstay.

We won't stay in the top four for long - top ten would be brilliant - so I hope now we can add a little bit more to the firepower.

And no mention as usual when things are good of our chairman's role. With the club solvent, with so little money power compared to all our competition, what a job has HE done over the years.

Imagine how Blackburn's supporters feel compared to us?

CantelloRocket 78

This article's basically about both Jonas signing a new contract for the Baggies,AND the size of that contract-

so I'm looking at what this deal potentially means for all concerned.

We can see that the player's effectively received a pay rise,but as a hard headed businessman, JP doesn't just hand out money for the sake of it- he always expects a good return on his investment.

Regarding Olsson's ability, I was gonna say he's probably the best central defender we've had at the club for 30 years,but I stopped to reconsider that view,then 'Happy Baggie' added his opinion-

and when I think back to the late 70's-early 80's, John Wile was an inspiration in central defence,but I can't get away from the image of Wile dominating aerial battles,with his partner,Ally Robertson dealing with most of what was required 'on the deck',they were like two halves making a complete whole.

It could be that Olsson's a more rounded player than either one of them.

So if Jonas helps us to remain a top flight club this season,what of the financial side?

Well it appears that the premiership will receive an extra 1.25 BILLION pounds in TV revenue next season,and as an example,Stoke City apparently pocketed 43 million for finishing 14th last term (according to an article I came across),and whoever takes that spot next year might get 60 million.

So Jonas gains,the club gains,and the fans also benefit.

Surely a good deal for all of us?


he has proved over the last four years that he is as good as any defender in the league and he deserves all that he can earn for this. forget the £40000 a week that is nothing in today's game, the important thing is that we can now build on this and go forward and upward.the only way is up.