Fulham 3 West Brom 0

Ten-man West Brom fell to their first defeat of the Steve Clarke era as Peter Odemwingie’s needless red card left them with too much to do at Craven Cottage.

Ten-man West Brom fell to their first defeat of the Steve Clarke era as Peter Odemwingie’s needless red card left them with too much to do at Craven Cottage.

The Nigeria international was dismissed late in the first half for a stupid kick at Fulham defender Sascha Riether with his side already 1-0 down to Dimitar Berbatov’s first Fulham goal.

Berbatov made it 2-0 from the penalty spot before half-time and, despite a brave Baggies effort after the break, Steve Sidwell added a third on 89 minutes.

Both sides had moments of early promise but it was Albion had went closest through James Morrison.

He collected a pass from Billy Jones and hit a dipping shot that Fulham keeper Mark Schwarzer tipped over his crossbar.

The game was evenly poised but it was the hosts who went ahead on 32 minutes through Berbatov.

Alexander Kacaniklic was the creator, weaving his way between Jones and Marc-Antoine Fortune before squaring for Berbatov, who curled home a fine shot into the top corner.

Brede Hangeland made a vital block seven minutes before half-time to deny Jonas Olsson after Fortune had nodded down a Morrison free-kick.

But Albion were facing an uphill task a minute later thanks to Odemwingie’s moment of madness.

The Nigerian lost possession to Sascha Riether and reacted inexplicably by aiming a vicious kick at the Fulham man, leaving referee Roger East with no option but to show the red card.

And it got worse for the Baggies in stoppage-time when Jones, who had moments earlier threatened to score following a fabulous attacking run, was exposed defensively again and fouled Kacaniklic.

The referee pointed to the spot and Berbatov sent Ben Foster the wrong way as he placed the penalty to the keeper’s left.

Albion introduced Chris Brunt and Romelu Lukaku at half-time and they showed resilience after the break, although Berbatov fancied a hat-trick and blasted over from 20 yards after cutting inside Jones.

Brunt forced Schwarzer to push the ball over his crossbar from a 20-yard shot and Lukaku then saw a low effort deflected into the body of the scrambling keeper.

But it was the 11 men of Fulham who carried more threat and Foster had to make a series of smart saves to prevent further damage for Albion.

First he saved a long-range Sidwell shot and palmed the rebound bravely away from Damien Duff, then he blocked a deflected effort from Duff and kept out a decent low drive from Hugo Rodallega.

But he was finally beaten for a third time with two minutes to go after he could only parry a cross-shot from substitute Pajtim Kasami.

Rodallega headed against the crossbar but the rebound fell for Sidwell, who blasted into an empty net.

By Steve Madeley

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Comments for: "Fulham 3 West Brom 0"


Thanks Mr.Odemwingie!!

You seem desperate to be transferred out of WBA one way or another!!


Disappointing but not surprising. We haven't won there since the nineteen sixties!!


odemwingie, what is it with him,need to calm down son

SC Baggie

Mr Clarke may have forgiven Odewinge (weak management) but not me, he's not a school boy and he cost us dear today. Grow up Peter your supposed to be a professional. He's out for three games and I hope its more. All this apologising to the fans dont wash with me he has a dont care attitude.

Forever Albion

Odemwingie should be ashamed of himself, absolute disgrace. Cost us any chance of getting anything from an average Fulham side. I cannot understand why Brunty is not selected on the left now he is fit, he showed in the 2nd half he must be 1st choice from now on. Missed Reidy, sorry but Jones just not a Prem player, gives 100%. Bad a day at the office but hopefully SC now knows what will be his strongest side. Back to winning ways v Reading.

Lee Pratt.

Odemwingie turned the game, what a disgrace!


Game on live over here, observations:

1) What on earth was Pete thinking, doing what he did right in front of the referee and the Fulham dugout? Deserved red card and he let his team mates and the fans down badly today.

2) The penalty right on half time then killed us. I was actually screaming at the tv for Billy to defend the cross when I saw the step over move, why he thought it necessary to dive in, I have no idea. Just slide horizontal towards the by line and try and stop the cross. It was unfortunate because up to that point Billy was doing an excellent job going forward and creating over laps. I know, easy from here....

3) Ridgewell had a poor game. I thought Duff exploited him, particularly in the first half.

4) A point I will make to defend our full backs however, is that in Fortune and Odemwingie, they get very little protection, particularly away from home when you know the home side will come at you in the first 20 minutes. At times, Pete just seems to stop when he loses the ball which is incredibly frustrating.

5) Foster was my clear MoM and I thought Rosenberg showed some nice touches when he came on.

6) Overall a bad day at the office. It made me think back to the Blackpool game in the RDM era, when we had Pablo and Jara sent off, lost the game and never recovered until Roy came in. I clearly don't think this is anything like that and believe SC has the smarts to learn a few things today that will absolutely be put right against Reading next week.

7) I hate international breaks.......

J♣ck the Hat.

Osaze said that assault was his was his fault and that he had lost his temper, now he has three matches for his action to sink in. Can Popov play at right back?. ALBION are at their best when playing their in your face, passing game, why did they start gingerly?. Fulhams strikers were left unmarked for their goals, Dispite having seven players in defensive positions for Fulham's first one!. Myself, I would have stated with Lukaku and Gera, as I stated in a post that wasn't passed again. Man of the match Ben foster for several save and blocks some from vicious deflections. We were fortunate not to have conceded a second penalty for handball. Roll on next match so as to get the war wagon on track again. Remember "In your face, passing game from the off.



Bad day at the office, tempo was wrong and then Odemwingie let everyone down, not only by being sent off but his lack of work rate when out of possession. Not acceptable

Shows how far Albion have progressed that PO is not a nailed on certainty to start any longer



next time Peter before the red mist comes down think about the 1700 fans who made the trip down to craven cottage....and yes i was one of them......

the futures bright its NAVY BLUE n WHITE


Poor result, but then again we were up against it after Odemwingie's moment of red mist, now we lose him for 3 games which isn't helpful. The key now is how we react to this, we need to!


I hope you're happy with yourself ODEMWHINGER! I'm not sure why you did what you did, but there's obviously sothething that you're not happy with? probably because you didn't get the transfer you were hoping for. In my opinion, your body language since the stsrt of the new season says a lot. Anyhow, Shane Long is my favourite anyway. Ah well, I hope Steve does the right thing, and fines you, for letting everyone down.

Roll on the next game.


I didn't get to see the game but Craven Cottage is never an easy place to go, especially with 10 men. With Pete's suspension it will give other strikers an opportunity. Maybe Jones could be replaced with Popov????

J♣ck the Hat.

Check my post on the "Zoltan Gera is all geared up for Albion return" blog.


poor 20k turnout

Lee Pratt, good try kidda but snuffed ya quite easily. Will see you soon!


odemwingie wanted to leave not so long ago,hi would not play him again for a reckless tackle like that,he does not work hard far to lazy,we should stick with LAKUKU GERA LONG FORTUNE,NEXT TRANFER WINDOW GET RID OF THIS TROUBLE MAKER.


ODEMWINGIE, total disgrace and when interviewed after the game it appeared he could not care less. Get rid first chance you can Clarke.SHOULD never play for the navy blue stripes again.


This is PO,s last season he is not interested take the money and get rid.

I thought the game was even but giving Berbatov time to put his foot on it swivel and shoot is criminal then down to 10 and then a silly penalty bad day we Need to move on quickly

CantelloRocket 78

I said on here recently that we're bound to have bad days this season,and yesterday just happened to be one of 'em.

Obviously many people will immediately pick up on the P.O. sending off incident,but I don't want to dwell on it for long,because we know by now what we have-

on the one hand,a guy who's body can be on the pitch with his head elsewhere,and on the other hand,a striker who's goals have played a big part in securing our premiership status.It's frustrating,but he's a complicated character,and after apologising for what he did,he now has a spell on the sidelines in which to reflect on matters.

To be honest,there were several factors that contributed-

Fulham have this tendency to get the better of most teams at home,they nicked a goal when the game was evenly balanced,got themselves a penalty right on the stroke of half-time,and I noticed a number of bounces and deflections going their way during the game.Everything seemed to combine to suggest we'd come away from there empty handed.

Still,it's just one game in a long season,and it's worth getting things into perspective-

had we'd won yesterday,I believe we'd now be sitting on top of the premiership.Very early days,and I'm sure plenty of good times ahead for us.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Wolves fan in peace. You have had such a great start to the season (sincere congrats on that) that Sat must have come as a big disappointment, particularly as you're easily a better team than Fulham and must have hoped for a win there.

However, I don't think your man Odemwinge is fit to lace the boots of Chris Brunt (one of the finest midfielders in the Prem) and I honestly think you would be better off without a man with his attitude.

Anyway, keep up the good work and, although it won't be for a few years yet, I look forward to the Black Counrry derbies in the future.

Gabby's Elbow

Stupid, petulant & childish - Wingie definitely cost us at the cottage.........lets hope the team rallies round without him for the next 3 matches and makes it difficult for him to get back in?

We looked poor down the right with Jones - just shows that maybe were not as strong as we think when we dont play the first 11 - Can Popov play at right back aswell as left back??


KEV R.....lol......

Wall Heath Baggie

Bad day at the Office make no mistake. Billy Jones puts his heart and soul into it but he a'int good enough at this level IMO.

As for Odemwingie well again IMO he was very poor for most of last season and his behaviour Saturday was simply awful , not the actions of a 30 plus experienced international , i wanted him out of the Hawthorns in the summer and frankly my mind has not changed.

I see that one or two want Brunt back in the team although one of em is a Ding !!! sorry boys but overall i just do not rate him overrated just does not cover it.

J♣ck the Hat.



Yes we did expect something at Craven Cottage, you see, we have hope unlike your lot. I see it still hurts, Osaze giving you thrice times grief at the Custard bowl, you would give your fangs if you had any for a player with half his pace and goalscoring prowess (Remembering Henry). Your club is not Black Country. good win against a dud Leicester. Have a nice day, you don't have many football wise. ☺☻☺☻


Gabby's Elbow,

I know how you feel but I would never wish ill on any ALBION player. The reason it hurt is because it was so unlike Osaze, therefore it stood out like a sore thumb. Don't let one brain storm override the good things he has done for us. What were your words when he put the ball in for longs goal against Everton?.



Nice to recognise one of your own. The both of you will be celebrating a wo1-Ves blue moon today. ☺☻☺☻



I have never been prone to knee jerk reactions one way or another.

And i abhor the modern day blame culture, yes Odemwingie was stupid to do what he did, but was he to blame entirely for our defeat ?

There were other contributing factors surely, one of those in my opinion being the team selection, Wingie wide right and MAF wide left, with a view to both of them taking responsibility of defensive duties, if that was the plan then Brunt and Gera would have been a far better option.

Steve Clarke is on a learning curve, and doubtless he will have learned a lot from this setback, often these thing are a blessing in disguise, and we will do just fine.

kev r wba

well done pete !! cost us there !!

but i will never forget the hat-trick ya converted against them lot!!

bad day at the office

still 6th i think last time i checked and have a good bunch of games cumin up!!

boing boing

ps the wolves were out of this world yday! how do they manage to hang on against a superb all action leicester side !!

ohhhhh and can ya fill ya seats for the tele !!

Brummie roader Ryan

As much as I like Odemwingie his attitude stinks sometimes.

Lets hope he learns his lesson.

Some people are going over the top.

Get rid of him? Yeh right the same bloke who has scored 25 goals in 2 seasons for us?

My next point is Shane Long.

I do like Long he is one of my favourite players he always gives 100% but he needs to work on his ball control and his decision making.

Also, is it time for El Ghanssy t be given a chance.

He is a natural winger.

J♣ck the Hat.

We have cover for every position so why put a clever goal-getter on the left wing?, Surely Brunt is the man although I would have gone for Gera as he tracks back, actually I'd have made him captain for the day. Fortune is better inside running the channels and ball holding, so thinking about it Brunt and Gera were worth a start as they can both defend.


Robin Brittain

It's understandable that PO is suffering the wrath of Albion fans but he does not exactly make a habit of his stupid actions does he ? . He is still our most reliable goalscorer . I am sure he will learn from his mistakes.

Although I did not go to the game I watched the extended highlights on Sky and I have to agree that Billy Jones was very poor in his defensive duties. When we signed Popov we should have also got cover for Steven Reid . Hopefully Goran has got a right foot.


Why do we always start so slowly and give the opersition to much respect . We do need the midfields to be able to hold the ball and pass to our own players .

jones is not a premier player ,we do need a replacement as reid is injury prone .

sure clarke will sort out this problem .

J♣ck the Hat.

Reference to the Osaze blog:

You weren't the only one who was having a bad match, the problem was you stopped Steve from putting it right, o.k. you might have been replaced like others could have been and given us a chance. The only chance we were left with was an ice cream in hell's. You owned up to your mistake and will come back stronger, so will others who didn't play to top form. Us fans now have a long wait for you to show us your intentions, All the best.



Gotta say I agree with Rocket and Robin Britain, I'm as frustrated and angry with Odemwingie as an Albion fan but his goals bring us something nobody else in the squad can. By the wording on his Twitter account, it seems he's had enough abuse, we need to move on, pull together and ensure this is the good season we're all optimistic it will be.

In a strange way Odemwingie's probably at his best when he feels he owes his team-mates and the fans rather than swanning around in a cloud of self-indulgence.

Without doubt PO's sending off swayed the game, but if you exclude games vs the traditional top 6, Fulham's home leage record since August '09 is P41 W27 D9 L5, losing there is certainly no disaster.

On another note, there was a bit of a scrap in the away/neutral end shortly before half-time. It took a good 5 minutes for any stewards to appear. If you're going to have a neutral end, surely it needs Policing properly?? Poor bloke was taking a right pummeling.


Brunty- more assists than Xavi in recent season, can't argue with those stats. Give me a few days I'll knock up a Youtube compilation to prove how good he is!!


I made the trip to Fulham and whilst Odemwingie was stupid and petulant I dont think it changed the outcome of the game. Fulham had the edge from the off anf wehilst I dont think they were miles ahead of us they certainly deserved the win.

We must put it behind us and move on to the next game. Billy Jones continues to look a bit short at this level for me. He tries hios best but I think we definately need cover for Reid in January.

Bring on Reading I doubt we can look this bad two games running.

We got solbakken the club

Theres only a very small minority of pro footballers who care about the hard working fan. Never mind about losing his starting place and a two week fine , it's just a part of the job description. The fans who stayed at home can't really grumble to loud either, just cos it's put a dent in their Saturday night , it's the 1700 souls who pay hard cash and expect a bit of proffesionalism I feel for. I had Albion to draw on my coupon so he cudda cost me £180 aswell but I bet he ain't bothered bout that either . No wonder behind the scenes he's known as Sod-em wingie.

Au revoir our kid...

Cyril Randle

Had that been a player from the opposition committing that foul I would have been livid and relieved it did no lasting damage to the player

on the receiving end. That one of ours was the perpetrator of such an act left me embarrassed and utterly disgusted.

Being gifted often carries with it a barminess we mere mortals cannot understand. They don't think 'team' either, being eccentric. Odemwingie will need to bang a few in and soon if he wants forgiveness, though whether we will ever forget is another matter. That 'tackle' is etched on my mind already.


Odemwingie out! We don't want or need primma donna's, football is a team game there's no team in Odemwingie, only himself! Bone Idle, won't help out the defence and gives the ball away too often! And I'm not just talking about Saturday! Billy Jones can't defend at this level, he's guilty of ball watching far too often, he needs to mark players! Although he's great going forward, to his credit. I said before the season started we needed back up at right back, as well as left back. We will lose more games, but hopefully not like this! Shame this happened we've had such a good start!

Wall Heath Baggie


I think you will find that Xavi may have one or two medals more than Brunty mate and you will not need youtube to see how he got them.

CantelloRocket 78

34 Solbakken the obsessed-

Judging by your past record,you never waste any time coming on the Albion site to grab an opportunity of aiming a jibe at someone at The Hawthorns-

e.g.-you've said Ben Foster's a good keeper,then slam him for not joining the England squad-

and now you say you 'feel sorry for the Albion fans',as you put the knife in P.O.,who just happened to score 5 goals in his last 3 games against your beloved wolves.The fake sympathy makes me feel quite sick.

After browsing the wolves site,it seems you put many more posts on here than over there.

This is an Albion match report,on the Albion site,for Albion fans to discuss.

Pretending to be 'friendly',whilst dropping in digs at the Baggies won't wash.

I've told you before,trying to be clever simply doesn't suit you.Now go away.


makes me laugh when they try and put us into the same bracket as them !!

they really have no clue!

hence why they are called dingles

J♣ck the Hat.


So back in the Championship,

Personally I couldn't give a flying fig what you think. Bet you lost more betting money when wo1-Ves went and won. What do they call your wonderful STRIKER Doyle behind the scenes?. He missed a boat load of chances against Leicester, again. ☺☻☺☻


P.S. I await your response that you can never give because you are too shallow.


Rocket/Max/Warren are you around for a pre match beer on saturday?

I will be arriving via train to Brum around midday so will get down the Vine quite early as the wife is in Wolves all week so can get a few beers in.