West Brom's James Morrison signs new 4-year contract

West Bromwich Albion star James Morrison today signed a new four-year contract at The Hawthorns.

West Bromwich Albion star James Morrison today signed a new four-year contract at The Hawthorns.

The Scotland international has put pen to paper on a lucrative new deal that ties him to the Baggies until 2016.

Morrison has been in talks with Hawthorns officials since midway through last season and the 26-year-old has now been rewarded for his impressive displays in the last year.

Head coach Steve Clarke said: “After strengthening the squad during the transfer window, it’s equally important to hold onto your best players and I’m delighted James has signed a new deal.

“The new contract is fair reward for James’ hard work and efforts.

“He’s been here a number of years now and has always been one of the key players.

“This is a good message to send to the rest of the squad, that if you do well and keep improving you will be rewarded.

“It’s also a big coup for the club because I’m sure that if James was on the market, there’d be a few clubs interested in him.”

Sporting and technical director Dan Ashworth added: “I’m delighted James has committed his future to the club for the next four years.

“He’s been one of our most effective players in the Premier League over the last couple of seasons and fully deserves his improved deal.

“The fact we’ve got a player of James’ calibre to sign a longer contract is a sign that the club is moving in the right direction.”

Morrison joined Albion from Middlesbrough for £1.5m in 2007 and has since made 153 appearances for the club, netting 20 goals.

He was one of the biggest success stories of Roy Hodgson’s 16-month reign, establishing himself as a key figure at the heart of the Baggies midfield.

Meanwhile, Clarke confirmed contract talks with defender Jonas Olsson are ongoing. The Sweden international could leave for free next summer if he fails to agree a new deal.

“We are in negotiations,” said Clarke. “The parties are talking, he respects the fact we are keeping him for the last year of his contract and we respect the fact he’s in the last year of his contract.

“If we can find a solution that’s what we’ll do.”

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Comments for: "West Brom's James Morrison signs new 4-year contract"


WASN'T the biggest fan at first but morrison has grown into a very good player!

i must say

adrian hobday

Nice to know that we are tying all the players down top longer deals keep up the good work lads we are all behind u coyb


Well done James, The future's bright, it's Navy Blue and White.


What wonderful news! Morrison perhaps encapsulates the sheer level of progress our club has undertaken over the past decade, and perhaps even the past 3 seasons. He has grown steadily and admirably into an established Premier League player, as the club has grown also into a Premier League side. The work of our coaching staff and managerial appointments cannot be underestimated in bringing the likes of Morrison, Brunt, Dorrans etc. up to the level they are now at. Morrison's progression runs parallel to the club's and long may he remain at the club, he's certainly earned his extended stay and deserves no less than a new contract.


James can have his 'off days' but I rate him highly and am pleased with this news. Scores vital goals and shows commitment; perfect role model for our Under 21s.

CantelloRocket 78

When Jimmy first came to Albion,he made it clear he preferred central midfield,but he was often played wide instead.

In recent seasons,he's reverted to his favoured position,and over the last couple of years possibly shown the best form of his career.

It's fantastic that we have so many members of our talented squad wanting to play and stay at the Brilliant Baggies,long term.

The club are happy,the players are happy,the fans are happy,and 'Happy Baggie' is.......well,what do you think?


I like JM a lot. He's a technically gifted British footballer (just look at those volleys) but he also works his socks off.

We seem to be acquiring a team that is happy to play because they enjoy the game and being at the Club. They are not just interested in earning loads of cash for sitting on a bench for a supposed Top 6 club. I suppose its again down to excellent scouting. (do you reckon Dan asks them to do a psychometric test before they sign?)


Not been on here for a while but I have to add a comment on this. Morrison has for me been one of the most consistent performers of the recent era and have done whatever has been asked. His attitude and commitment has been a stabilising factor to those around him.

Well deserved James.

I am really pleased with this news. The vibe from the whole club at the moment is prosperity from unity.

Not been a better time to be a Baggie for years.

Let's enjoy these halcyon days.

Onward to Fulham we go...


I'm definately Happy !!!

Someone said to me that Mozza is the best "footballer" at the club. He may not be top goal scorer or get many 30 yard screamers - but his football is top class.

Great work by all the staff to get him signed up !!

Roy Doran

Congratulations James on earning a new contract. This is fantastic news for everyone conected with our great club, managers, coaches, players and supporters.

The BAGGIES are going in the right direction, so we must thank our chairman and management team for all there hard work. YES THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT IT'S NAVY BLUE & WHITE!!

Lone wolf

6.Hi Rocket. Hope your keeping well old pal.

As you know i usually pop on to have a light hearted dig at the Baggies expence.

But the way you have started the season and the way the club is moving, im totally out of ammo at the minute.

Cant even pick a fight with Sherlock, cus like my pal WONOH, he seems to have been abducted by aliens.

Lookin at your next few fixtures i can see more good results to follow.

Im big enough to say well done.

Just as i did when my ugly cousin married a rich bloke. ( ok. it all fell apart after a couple of years, as im sure it will for Albion, but she ended up with a 4 bedroom detached and a Merc, so it cant be all bad can it ? )

Keep smiling Rocket. As im sure you would even if Albion played in the conference.

Baggie Matt

Nice one, top player these days


That's made my proscecco even better.

Albion legend in the making.

mike Baggies Fan (coseley)

I agree with the fans on blogs so far this player James morrision has come on leaps and bounds since he joined westbrom and has got better and better great asset to have on board and i can see him playing a important part in our future sucess at this club Well done james you know all the fans are behind you and let hope you can net a few more goals to your tally.


I have never been a great fan of Morrison, but to be fair I think he suffered in his early days because he was a member of Mowbray`s midfield which was far too lightweight. Think of Greening, Koren, Valero, Kim and Brunt, to some extent, who all thought "tackle" was something to do with fishing. More recently he has been protected by Scharner, Dorrans, Mulumbu and now Yacob so he can play his more creative game. I would not put him in the same class as Bobby Hope but no-one expected him to win the ball, that was down to others. I have to say I agree totally with SPT and CR78(above).


Wouldn't surprise me Brother Russell. They cover every other base!

Fantastic news, Jimmy is one of the best players we have and generally when he plays well, we win. Come on Jonas, put pen to paper mate, you know it makes sense.

Boing Boing

J♣ck the Hat.


Bangkok Baggie

Dan Ashworth delighted that he has committed his future to the club for the next four years eh.

Unlike you who smelt England calling thought that will do me. See you corrugate towers I'm off to ex twin towers.


Morning all,

top news - top player and when he turns on the style is a better midfield player that is "that much" better than him in the top flight??? i think not. And as others have said already - as we have grown as a club so mozza has grown as a player. Some of his displays last season and this for us and for Scotland have been sublime and with his ability to lamp it in the net with style....happy days.




Hallo all good people of the jolly forum, and hallo Bangkok! I hope this fine morning finds you in the best of health and spitrits.

Just in the hope of catching one or two of you who might be travelling down to Fulham today to help roar the Baggies on to another positive result (a draw will do me don't ya think?)

Anyroad, if so, can i add my voice to the growing noise urging all true football fans this weekend to join in loudly with the chants of 'JUSTICE FOR THE 96'!!!

Let's get the liars locked up eh?

Cheers, av a bostin' wickend...

CantelloRocket 78

11 Lonely,

it's a pity you've recently lost yer spark,remember all those years ago when you first approached me,saying you'd just had a pint with Len Cantello in a Manchester pub,and he 'told' you wolves were always a bigger club than the Baggies?

We're now left with Saft Sid,his mate Kev the Gerbil,and your third-rate tribute act 'Solbakken',who thinks he's funny and clever,but ' 2 ' is both his I.Q. rating,AND the number of seconds it would take for him to empty a comedy club.

Now here's an offer for you-

if you're in the Wooferhampton area at present,and have no commitments,make your way to the 'Desi Junction' pub the other side of West Brom this lunchtime,and you should find me,possibly Mallorca Kev (nice guy in the flesh),and your old mate WONOH waiting to greet ya.

(All are welcome,no admission charge).

CantelloRocket 78

20 Sherlock,

blimey,another '74 Bus' episode,you and Max disappear for weeks,then you both turn up at the same time (sort of).

Anyway,fancy seeing the prem. champyuns at the Baggies next month?

If so,stay in touch,or get to the Desi Junction later for a chat.

See ya.

Lone wolf

21, Rocket, Ive only just fired up the laptop so im too late to take you up on the meet-up.

Shame, if ide known last night or even this morning i could have nipped down and seen me mum and then called in.

Next time eh.

ps. i see Len quite often either in the gardeners arms or the labour club new moston.

Always very well turned out and he still reckons weem considerably bigga than yow.

Well, not really. Thats another one of me fibs but as long as i know we am thats all that matters.

pps. Say hello to WONOH for me next time you see him and get him to post again. Its not as good without the moanin old tatter.


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