West Brom step up Tongo Doumbia chase

West Bromwich Albion are ready to step up talks with Rennes midfielder Tongo Doumbia with the Mali international claiming he has decided to move to The Hawthorns.

Tongo Doumbia

West Bromwich Albion are ready to step up talks with Rennes midfielder Tongo Doumbia with the Mali international claiming he has decided to move to The Hawthorns.

Doumbia is expected to travel to England in the next few days for talks over a move to Premier League and appears to have set his sights on joining the Baggies.

A deal between the Baggies and Rennes is believed to be some way from completion despite increasing indications from France that a transfer is in the offing.

But confidence is growing that an agreement can be reached with the 6ft 3in tall midfield man claiming he has rejected overtures from more established Premier clubs including Arsenal to pursue a move to Albion.

“I felt more desire there,” he told French journalists. “Obviously, it is less glamorous than Arsenal but I’ll be able to continue my progress. I will have more chances to play.

“This (Premier League) is a championship that thrills everybody. I hope this is the beginning of a great adventure.”

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Comments for: "West Brom step up Tongo Doumbia chase"

The Real Bully Hoo.

Pinch me somebody.


Don't know much about this guy but it seems we are on the move again to get this done the right side of August 1st.

If he favours us above Arsenal then clearly we are making the correct noises out there in pursuading them that the future is bright where it's blue and white!


I am delighted with the two signings so far.

Doumbia would further bolster our strong squad.


We only need one half!

1) TRBH. Ditto!

and I was happy just to get Foster sorted!

Bexhill Baggie

Hold your breath Bully. I know I am!


Bonjour Doumbia. Au revoir Mulumbu. The futures bright. The futures blue n' white.


Youseff on his way out?


If the the comments attributed to him are true and the deal comes to fruition, then we will have a potentially great player with an attitude to match.


Get in there!!!!

getting better and better!!

Hope we sign him!

what a squad we're putting together now.

Can't wait for the start of the season!

We only need one half!

El Ghanassy, Odem, and Doumbia (?) could the exciting days of the Black Flash Three Degrees be back? here's hoping!


Havent had such a great back handed compliment since Laura told me i was better in bed than the rest of the football team.

J♣ck the Hat.

ALBION are getting a fine name throughout the football world as a place for young talented players to improve their education. Our squad is getting younger by the minute, let the good times carry on rolling under the exemplary leadership that Jeremy Peace affords.

Don't know much of Tongo Doumbia so can one of ours come up with video footage?.



Nick & Mulumbu etc

Maybe not, replacement for Scharner, Andrews ?

CantelloRocket 78

As someone's mentioned elsewhere,we have players that were chased by the likes of Man.City and Arsenal,expressing their desire to join the Baggies instead.

Er......I'm finding it difficult to express how I feel at the minute,let's just say I've had worse days as an Albion fan.........


I don't think Doumbia's (potential) arrival would signal the departure of Mulumbu; we lost 2 defensive midfielders in the summer with Scharner and Andrews departing - this would be a fine move to replace them and bolster the centre of midfield. Mulumbu, Morrison, Dorrans and Doumbia isn't a bad collection! It may signal the end of Cox oddly - with another attacking midfielder coming in yesterday, and another midfielder potentially on his way, his role seems very limited now. But, who knows? Clarke may have a completely different plan for all of our players now.


6 and 7

Why do you automatically assume that Mulumbu must be off? Scharner and Andrews both need replacing and Mulumbu's on a long term contract so unless someone offered silly money then he'll be staying and possibly partnering Doumbia in midfield.

My bet is Thorne will move closer to the first team this year so if we do get Doumbia on board then that's Scharner and Andrews already replaced, as well as El Ghanassay in for Tchoyi and Foster already signed up.


No7 - That was exactly what I was thinking tbh. Lets get this guy and show mulumbo everybody is replaceable.

I never thought I'd see the day when our star players wants to go and we can quite easily replace him with a player of the same pedigree if not better. In saying that I never thought I'd see the day that West Brom would be attracting good European footballers over Arsenal.

I really am made up at the moment. Fever pitch has hit me already.

Come on yaw baggies!


6 & 7 - It doesn't necessarily mean Mulumbu is on his way out. We've already lost Scharner and Andrews from last seasons' squad in that position, so we need to increase that level of competition for positions again.

No one has asked if JT or Brunt are leaving with the arrival of El Ghanassy after all.


looks good. seems like he wants to choose the game-time over the money. not sure why people immediately assume that mulumbu's on the way out, just because this lad plays in a similar position. i suppose if we're connected with another keepr in the coming weeks, it'll mean foster is on his way...

p.s. 7, only one person i've seen on here as childish and silly as that, and he came on here yesterday and made a bigger fool of himself than even he had previously been able to do, and, quite understandably, hasn't been spotted since...could number 7 indeed be our very own SID-iot?


Another coup if we get him, the good news just keeps on coming! Can't wait for the Premier League to kick-off, so excited!

Sid's a bit quiet today isn't he? Wonder why....

Boing Boing!!


Top man for a Top team. West Bromwich Albion, pride of the black country.

The future's bright, its navy blue and white.

J♣ck the Hat.

Aston Villa also want Tongo.

Mulumbu as been our player of the season on quite a few occasions, lest we forget. When one has the role of ball winner obviously one will sometimes put a foot wrong. We keep him.


Bromham Baggie

Is the name pronounced Doom-by-ah? If so I bet Kev could make up a song, something along the lines of "Doumbia's my lord, Doumbia." Mind you, we've got to sign him first.


All those asking for JP to stand aside and let some unknown corporation buy us out should remember days like today and also look at Forest who have sacked Cotterill and Watford who sacked Dych - good young managers with no blemish on their records sacked just cos some rich playboy aint heard of them..... football is dying a slow death and I hope we are never part of it.

Jeremy Peace - local businssman and a fan - works everytime for me.

Roy Doran

Afternoon everyone.

I have to agree with the majority of you I don't see Doumbia as a possible replacement for Mulumbu. What really excites me is the quality of the squad that DA, JP and SC are putting together.

But remember that you need 'quality' cover in EVERY position to have a chance of success in the Premier League.

I am sure that there are more new signings to come and hope that JO is offered a contract extension and another quality full back is found before too long.

The future is BRIGHT it's BLUE & WHITE!!!!!


How about "let us see you score a goal,Tongo Tongo, Tongooooooooooooo,to the tune of Quando Quando Quando.


Why does he think Arsenal are more glamorous? Our bench is just as glamorous as there's! Anyway if he wants to come here instead of Arsenal and the vile we should give him a chance!


17-LMS-there was no assumption only a little curly thing like this ? ie a question mark.

In case you hadn't noticed this is a message board intended to provoke a debate-not just to pander to your school of thought.

CantelloRocket 78


as you say,here's hoping.

Every time I see an old photo of the 'three Degrees'- Cyrille,Laurie,and ol' Brenda- I always think-

'When will we see you again'?



Settle down kiddo, did I not answer your question with my thoughts on the matter? In case you hadn't noticed, that's how a debate works.

J♣ck the Hat.

Latest off the press: wo1-Ves want £50m for Leigh Griffiths.

You heard it hear first. ☺☻☺☻



Great signing if he comes...

Don't want to rain on your parade Bomber but Laura said the exact same thing to me ;0)

kev in mallorca

Bromham Baggie

It's like Lennon and McCartney's bed sit here!

TONGOOO Doumbia, Doumbia, Doumbia

TONGOOO Doumbia ,Doumbia, Doumbia

TONGOOO Doumbia, Doumbia, Doumbia

Repeat and really shout the TONGOOO



31 LMS

In my opinion then,there has to be a number of question marks concerning Mulumbu's ability to last 90 minutes,his mis-placing of passes in dangerous areas,the giving away of free kicks on the edge of the box.

Add to this the late return for the resumption of training to the displeasure of Steve Clarke and the Billy Big B******* attitude seemingly adopted recently and maybe his days are numbered,especially if someone offers a decent price.

Bangkok Baggie

Rejected overtures from Arsenal in favour of the Baggies. If he does sign then someone will need to pull him to one side and and tell him to stop telling porkies.

J♣ck the Hat.

Sorry guys @ (32) meant here. I'm getting too exited.




Agree with you on his passign ability but not so sure on his ability to last 90 mins. Remember Odemwingie's late winner at Liverpool? Wasn't it Mulumbu who chased down and harassed their player, eventually winning the ball and laying it on for PO to score.

I'm not sure on all the talk about him wanting to leave as whenever it has come out it has been from a 'foreign source.'

For Mulumbu's ability to break the play up alone I think it's imperitive he stays but if he did want to leave then may God have mercy on the buyers souls because I bet JP won't!

CantelloRocket 78

36 Bangkok dingle-

Do you mean 'porkies' as in-

calling yourself an Albion fan when it's obvious you're a jealous dingle?

We're currently thinking about football songs,so how about-

'Bangkok dingle,Bangkok dingle,

are you Sidney in disguise?

are you Sidney in disguise.......?


bangkok badsmell (lingers)

just in case you haven't had time whilst sagaciously perusing and cunningly contributing to the baggies pages, i thought i'd fill you in (oh how i wish) with news from elsewhere in the football world.

looks like there's a chance your old mate mick muckarfy could be on his way to a big championship club. and i mean a big club as well, one that played in europe THIS side of the napoleonic war...

wonder if he'll do you wulfies one more favour and take all his mates off your wage bill so as to ease the burden of frank nouble's 300 quid a week salary. Nottingham Forest would surely be a good career move for the likes of Jarvo and Fletch.

Not sure even a club the size of Forest have got the £4 million it would take to get them both though...

kev in mallorca

Kokbang Dingle

You lot just haven't got a clue av ya?

He said that cause he thinks he will get more match time with us and so develop quicker as a player not that he thinks the Albion are a better team.

How many young players sign for Arsenal then go out on loan and end up being transferred?

If that's all you've got to criticise say's it all,dow it?

Robin Brittain

Traveling from a remote part of Africa is not the easiest thing to do and it's understandable that he wanted to spend the maximum time with his family. He got back for the evening session any way. Mulumbu has ran his guts out for our club since he's been with us and represents one our best ever signings.


dont know about less glamourous , u make it what it can be m8, we are what we are, come on u baggies


36 Bangkok Wolf

Pull the other one,stick to Wo1ve5 site mate with all that Bull.

What he said is ,he would have more games,and progress more at Albion,thats all,it makes more sense,when you think obout it.

Then again it would not make sense to you would it.


35 - odd that you have a name dedicated to Mulumbu yet seem so against him, is it not?

His late return could not be helped - the club haven't disciplined him and in today's climate it's hardly comparable to other players' exploits. His 'Billy Big B*******' attitude, as you do eloquently put it, is nonsense as he is widely regarded as one of the more modest and quiet members of the dressing room. His failure to achieve a 100% pass rate is true but, unfortunately, a bi-product of his being human; when we get a player with a truly perfect passing ability we will be winning just about everything football has to offer.

Yousouff is going nowhere, he's absolutely vital to the side and on a long contract. Some fans need their scapegoats every year: Carson, Morrison, Odemwingie last year and perhaps this year it's Mulumbu's turn?

Matthew Thompson

I really do hope we sign Doumbia. He will pair up nicely with Mulumbu. Although i am glad with yassine signing for the baggies it means a winger will be dropped and because brunt is captain Jerome thomas will be dropped and thats a shame as yassine and thomas would of made a lethal combination


seems a great prospect.

Albion are looking are the right kind of players - young, ambitious, talented and wanting to prove themselves.

pride of the Black Country


I bet not far from us, (geographically speaking), would like to sign players who are keen to play more games, (46+ maybe, rather than a mere 38+ that is).

Wall Heath Baggie


Sagaciously ?? great word mate. I ay gotta clue what it means though.


Good video o Tongo on Youtube when he was at Young Boys

wolves boo-boy

He wont come

J♣ck the Hat.



Had a look but there is something wrong, the guy playing for Young Boys isn't 6'3" mate.


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