West Brom close to El Ghanassy loan swoop

West Bromwich Albion were today poised to complete the signing of Belgian forward Yassine El Ghanassy on loan with a view to a permanent deal.


West Bromwich Albion were today poised to complete the signing of Belgian forward Yassine El Ghanassy on loan with a view to a permanent deal.

The Baggies were hoping to tie up the loose ends of El Ghanassy’s switch from Ghent with an announcement expected at some stage today.

The one-cap Belgium international, who turns 22 tomorrow, is set to move to The Hawthorns initially on loan with a £2m permanent transfer in the offing next summer.

He spent yesterday in England discussing personal terms and beginning a medical ahead of his transfer.

El Ghanassy was scouted by the Baggies prior to the appointment of Steve Clarke as head coach but the new boss has given the deal his blessing.

The 5ft 8in tall flair player is likely to be used as a winger – a position in which Albion have been looking to strengthen – but he can also operate as a central striker.

Reports from France that the Baggies were set to sign midfielder Tongo Doumbia from Rennes have, meanwhile, been played down.

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Comments for: "West Brom close to El Ghanassy loan swoop"

Brummie roader Ryan

To be honest I was hoping it would be a permanent deal, if he has a good season other clubs will come sniffing around.

He will still be a good signing though IF it goes through.


You guys are kidding yourselves if you think El Ghanassy will sign for Albion. This kids electric and is nicknamed the magician, man city were willing to pay £4m in jan so cheap skate peace ain't going to get him in loan. Think you'll find he's spurs or Liverpool bound.

not inside man but close enough

The deal is done, so sorry sid no kidding there. And this is fact btw.

Also the deal means we sign him for 2m at end of season if we wish, if we dont sign him then other teams can but we are 1st in que as 2m and deal already confirmed,

Great signing!


BRR 1 and fathead at 2 - neither of you needs to worry cos we should all know by now that JP only does deals that suit Abio !!!!

A loan deal with a view to a permanent move is JPs signature tune and allows us to bag a player whilst keeping the money in the bank for another 12 months.

Silly Sid will tell you this is penny pinching - I think most fans (including Sid) will see this as a very clever idea.)

p.s Sid - I see you are lost again. Shall I get your helper to take you back onto the leccy league pages where you can shout at pigeons and tell albion fans to stop posting !!! MUG !!!


I was having a drink with Craig Gardner's brother last night and he reckons Craig will be joining the baggies- but probably in Janury....


No 1

The deal is a loan and then a pre arranged permanent deal with the decision in our hands not anyone elses. Its a fantastic way to do business, but rarely do you find a selling club who will agree to it.

Its basically a risk free deal, kid flops then we dont take up the perm option, the kid does well and he only costs us the pre arranged fee, believed to be apprx £2mill.

Brummy Baggie

The loan deal will be with a view to a permanent transfer with a fee agreed upfront. No other team will be allowed to "come sniffing" as the deal will already be tied up with Albion!

We tend to do a lot of our busniess this way, they attempted to sign Odemwingie in the same fashion, but his previous club wanted a straight cash up front deal so thats the way we went!

If he signs today, he will be an Albion player, full stop!

CantelloRocket 78

2 vicious Sid-

enough's enough,you're obsessively jealous.

Albion were successful last season,and we're having a good time enjoying it-

Wolves went down,and are now about to lose their 'best' players-

live with it.

Now crawl back to your own site and sulk.

baggie trousers

Has the money dried up ?

seems like were reluctant to spend.

sids brother james

I must send my appologies for my younger brother sidney he as a problem with consumption of white lightening hence his delusional post


Sid - this is a messageboard, now find mammy and she's change your nappy for you...

Great deal, no wonder there's sour grapes in the custard bowl ...

Stars In Stripes

Seems JP has done what he does best again, playing hardball in the negotiation stakes to ensure another no-lose deal for the Baggies. If El Ghanassy proves himself in the Premiership then £2 Million is an absolute snip. If not, then it's thanks and goodbye. Well done JP.

J♣ck the Hat.



To let him come to us on loan shows the confidence Ghent have in El-Ghanassy's ability. First refusal to us. Who says a Technical and Sporting Director is a waste of time and money. Thanks Dan.



SID ya know nowt mate

guess ya must be a dingle or summat ,

i heard today baggies wanna try n sighn defoe on loan

use ollson as part of the deal dunno how true that one is ,but

if so i think it would ,be a good bit of business on albions part olsson is stalling on a contract love to see defoe up here do a job for us and get some goals defoe n long up front the new guy on the wing least it will be free flowing football something we need just to tewwk up the side


Brilliant news, look forward to seeing what he will do!

Sid if penny pinching means getting odemmwingie,dorrens,Mulumbo,Mcauley,Olsson,Scharner,Ried ETC.... then I can live with that tag.

Lucky you as wolves can buy expensive players like Johnson, Hunt, Doyle etc...


This type of deal is far too complicated for any dingle to understand.


Ok.Loan El Ghanassy for 12 months then buy him for £2m or buy the likes of Matt Jarvis now for £10m.

A no brainer in my opinion.

Boing boing.

Dougan is the Queen

2 Dopey Sid

Thought he might have gone to a really big club, like Wo1ve5


JP's no mug end of.

I hope we get all of him though as the photo makes me think we are getting a half share, so he won't get any headers if he joins !!


O.k panic over I've just seen the top half of him on the official statement. - LOL

danish baggie

You were saying Sid ?


sid think you check the albion site he's already singed lol



Blimey..somebody is quick on the uptake.


sid think you should check the albion site he’s already singed lol


Officially announced on the official website....could be another dan ashworth bargain....wanna repeat your statement Sid? Thought the dingles wore orange and black not green??

Nottm Baggie

According to the Albion website he's signed & wears the No.10 shirt Sid

kev in mallorca

Saft Sid

Tell you what son you I'll give you 10 out of 10 for consistency.



No3....NIMBCE.....dunno where u get ur info from but well done,this is a real coup,a real pacey winger i believe..............................

how about some inside info on JO is he gonna sign?..

the futures bright its BLUE n WHITE

Brummie roader Ryan

6. Bomber. Yes your right mate.

I didnt look at it that way boing boing.


Signed, sealed, delivered ..... He's ours.

Penkridge Baggie

Well done Sid. Spot on with your comment. You are really a idiot


Deal confirmed pictured on clubs official site and will wear the number 10 shirt can play on either wing or up front very good signing hopefully a few more to come need another centre half and attacking midfielder


2. Sid Dingle.

More like a sad dingle, as Albion sign the magician! See his youtube!

Looks a great signing.

..and remember:

Black Country Owned

British Managed

Unbroken trading since 1878

WBA, unique in West Mids football.

Ste P

You were saying Sid. Sour grapes me thinks!!

Hows Nouble doing for you by the way... HA HA HA



Do you ever get tired of making yourself look foolish hahahaaaa!


6. Alot of the Belgian clubs do it, Wolves did it with Guedioura and Mujanji-Bia. took both on loan then signed Guedioura permanently, the other lad did'nt fit in with Mad Micks style so was sent back.

Not seen this lad play but if Citeh were in for him he must have something

Sneekes Left Foot

He has signed - one year loan deal with an option to buy.

J♣ck the Hat.

Talk Sport Radio states ALBION have signed Yassine El Ghanassy. Coming together now lads Yipeeeee. Another extraordinary talent joins us.



No 2. What was it you were saying Sid? I'm glad we've signed a player that you rate so highly.

J♣ck the Hat.


Saft Sid,



Ugo egg nogg

Big congratulations to happy Baggie for the worst name drop in the history of........, well, name drops


The deal is done! BOING BOING Yussine El Ghanassy, Yussine El Ghanassy ROCK THE CASBAH ROCK THE CASBAH ROCK THE HAWTHORNS ROCK THE HAWTHORNS Yussine El Ghanassy. The Moroccan Magican has just entered the Hawthorns! If he can do for us what I've seen him do on video, we'll be singing this song down the Smerrick for seasons to come! Yo'ud think i was excited about this signing, wouldn't you!

J♣ck the Hat.

El Magico king of the dribble has entered the HAWTHORNS.



Dear Sid,

Don't ever let the facts get in the way of you making a fool of yourself.


CantelloRocket 78

2 Sid the loser-

Well yet again you 'mouthed off' on the Albion site,so in the spirit of fairness within our democracy,I should be allowed to reply-

'you guys are kidding yourself if you think El Ghannassy will sign for Albion'-

then 5 hours later,he's photographed with a Baggies shirt!!

I have to hand it to you Sidney,you've proved me wrong-

you're a MUCH bigger plonker than I took you for!



Evening all,

he looks like a good player - and if it is a loan with the option in our favour then it's a great deal. Maybe another well done to DA and JP if it comes off!

4) well said mate!

2) dear Sidney - being as you spend so much time on our pages and obviously looking /reading about us more than your lot from staffs should we have a collection and get you a ticket to some games??? i mean it would be a change for you would it not? watching a team that likes to play football rather than hoof ball - a team that at least wants to win games not park the bus - and a club that has fans who support rather than just boo, whing and moan!

Sorry to go on Sid but please your getting old now - at least Lone and Laughing are funny!! (sort off)



The Real Bully Hoo.

I continue to be so excited and impressed with the type of players we are signing. Just makes the mouth water even more over the coming season.


Don't you ever get tired of being right all the time?


I've had a long day at work today, so a belated 'good to have you back where you belong.'


Welcome to albions new number 10, from here on known as;



Can't wait to see him in real life, the clips on you tube are mouth watering and the fact that Mancini put in a £4m bid on the night the transfer window shut in January (only turned down because there was no time for a replacement and because Gent were going for the league title) says it all.

His agent says he will excite the crowd and frighten the opposition. Steve Clarke said he wanted to put together a team to play fast attacking football, sounds like he's got the 1st piece of the jigsaw.


Sid (no 2): writing this at half-past midnight - and I know hindsight is a wonderful thing - but the announcment at approx. 8pm from the Hawthorns was that the kid has actually signed for the Albion. Note: not Spurs or Liverpool as you were quick to mention.

So, sorry old chap: Man City can't sign him for £4mill but WBA can on loan and then for £2mill? How does that work then Sid? (feel free to put as much negative spin on it as you can as it's a really good laugh readng your posts, especialy wih hindsight like tonight) :)

Roy Doran

Sid No. 2.

Well it's now official Yassine El Ghanassy has signed on loan for the BAGGIES!!!

Sid You are a bigger IDIOT than I first thought. You will be telling us next that the DINGLES are going to get promotion next season! DREAM ON SID!!!!


41 - fair point mate... think I let myself down there - and thats exactly what i said to Beckahm and Pele at this other "do" i went to.... how we all laughed (Tom Cruise didn't get it) !!

The Real Bully Hoo.

18 DITQ.

I know where you're coming from with this name but could I ask you not to use it again. Just because one total moron (Realist) tries to belittle King Jeff doesn't mean that retaliating by attacking a man that has passed on and was a top player as well as a real character is okay, it just means we lower ourselves to the level of this plonker that thinks he's clever. If we can't respect the dead we're in a poor state, sorry to preach.



your excitement is perfectly understandable when consider that sidiot (2) thinks he's good...

will you let that one through mods? or have i been WONOHd? i know you're not too happy lately about albion fans posting on these, erm, albion stories..

weird, man, weird...

J♣ck the Hat.

El-Magico has raw natural talent wait till our top rank coaching staff have their input. Hope we have the extinguisher ready to put out the grass fires.

Don't know about the rest of you, but I'm losing faith in saft Sid's forecasts. ☺☻☺☻

We only need one half!

Exciting times my friends, exciting times, will anyone still dare to question Peace and Ashworth's nous?

47, The Real Bully Hoo, cheers buddy.

53, sherlock, to paraphrase an old soft drink ad

"you know, when youve been WONOHd!"


Oh Sid! Siiiiiid! Where are you?

A lot of people were expecting to see you back on here to explain your comments in post no. 2. Haven't done a runner with your tail between your legs, have you?

I hope not because reading your jealous, ill-informed and infantile posts really help to make my day. Keep it up mate, this site's just waaay to serious without you :)

Scotty Darton was class

I just wanted to reproduce Sid's quote from yesterday;

You guys are kidding yourselves if you think El Ghanassy will sign for Albion. This kids electric and is nicknamed the magician, man city were willing to pay £4m in jan so cheap skate peace ain’t going to get him in loan. Think you’ll find he’s spurs or Liverpool bound.

; )

That's all!


I love how Sid has gone rather quiet now haha. I for one think that this is a great move/deal for the club! Another fine move by JP n co, I definately think that as long as JP is with us there will always be a west bromwich Albion!

The future is well and truly bright as its blue and white!!