Ben Foster happy at home with West Brom

West Bromwich keeper Ben Foster believes he has ended his years as a football nomad after signing a three-year deal to stay at The Hawthorns.

Keeper Ben Foster signs his three-year Baggies deal with Richard Garlick, Albion’s legal director
Keeper Ben Foster signs his three-year Baggies deal with Richard Garlick, Albion’s legal director

West Bromwich keeper Ben Foster believes he has ended his years as a football nomad after signing a three-year deal to stay at The Hawthorns.

Foster, one of the key targets the Baggies have been keen to secure this summer, says he has finally found his football home after serving 11 clubs and his country as a ‘keeper for hire.’

But he has finally put down some roots at The Hawthorns following his impressive debut campaign on loan from Birmingham last season.

The clubs finally agreed a deal for an undisclosed fee – believed to be £4m – for the 29-year-old and Albion also have a further two-year option in their favour, effectively committing Foster’s future until June 2017.

“This is my club and hopefully I’m going to settle in and have the best years of my career here,” said Foster.

“It’s going to be strange to feel so settled. I’ve been on loan for many years of my career, so it’s nice to know that this is my club now.

“I’m not doing it to impress people, or to see what I can get off the back of the move.

“This is a huge moment in my life and in my career.”

Foster declined an invitation from his former club gaffer Roy Hodgson to rejoin the England fold for this summer’s Euros and his career focus remains firmly on Albion’s Premier League campaign.

“The decision to come here on loan last season was a chance to stay in the Midlands, but working with Roy Hodgson and Dean Kiely were other big factors.

“As it turned out it couldn’t have really gone much better.

I managed to play virtually every game, apart from missing that last game of the season, which was really frustrating as there was genuinely nothing I could do about it.”

It’s a boost, too, for new head coach Steve Clarke who said: “Ben’s been a priority signing all summer.

“A quality goalkeeper is worth ten or 12 points a season to you – and that’s certainly what we think we’ve got in Ben Foster.”

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Comments for: "Ben Foster happy at home with West Brom"

Bangkok Baggie

The legal Director is pointing to the paragraph where it says "in the likely event of relegation i will accept a 50% reduction in my salary".


I'm still over the moon with it. He had a chance to probably earn more money elsewhere but chose us. Naturally his family are settled here but money does talk for most so much respect TO Ben, plus his ackowledgment to us the fans for supporting him.

these next 3/5 years i'm sure will prove to be his most successful time in his career as loyalty makes a difference.

Jack the Hat.


You are and always will be a BAGGIE hero. To know you are here for "Yonks" is reassuring for the squad and us fans. We are so chuffed you came along thanks to Dan Ashworth and Roy Hodgson also Jeremy Peace for giving the go ahead. ALBION fans are happy that you and your family wanted to stay local. May your stay with us be long and happy.


wordsley baggie

At last ! always takes us weeks to tie a deal up. well chuffed though now its done, saved us at least 10 points last season.

Jack the Hat.

Thought I'd paste this one from the dark side.

29Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

June 30, 2012 at 10:00 am

Fantatic news, the revolution has begun.

@ 17 psalm23…..we have signed an ASSISTANT coach as an ASSISTANT coach, not as “head coach” like your lot, think the penny pinching is on your side.


There is a slight difference between 10yrs in English football and 3yrs in Scandinavia old boy. We have every confidence in our boss, Ben Foster not Franky Nouble, says it all really Whoever signed him needs Kenny Hibbits left foot up their rear end. What's say old chap. ☺☻☺☻


P.S. Sorry for giving you a pasting but it saved time rewriting your post.

Jack the Hat.



We could have had him next day if we had thrown £10m on the table. Be patient my friend. We have still got him for pre-season, no problem. Now post "Thank you Jeremy".


CantelloRocket 78

1 bangkok dingle-

when we signed Ben,Sherlock said 'it'll take a pretty thick dingle to come over here and criticise this deal'-

so here you are,right on cue- what a plonker!!

CantelloRocket 78

For those who said we should rush over to Blues and give them whatever they wanted for Foster,and criticised JP in the past for not spending enough money,just think on this-

if Jonas Olsson is still willing to consider signing a new deal for the Baggies,then he now knows he'll have a top class 'keeper behind him on the pitch next season,AND Albion have saved enough money on what they might have paid for Ben to offer Jonas an improved salary in a new contract.

That's why JP and DA are dealing with the business,and not us.........

Mr Buzaglo's goals

A decent signing for the Baggies. If he can work on his crosses he will have the makings of a fine keeper

Jack the Hat.

I don't know whether I'm as happy as a pig with two tails or as happy as a pig in! the custard bowl. That saved me swearing, on the other hand it sounds worse.


kev in mallorca

No1 Kokbang Baggie

Thank's for pointing out how astute our management team is at covering all eventualities



No. 1 good god man get a grip and look after ya own lot.


Still buzzing!! I always beleived he would sign for us despite all the negative drivel. Jonas will be next, mark my words.

Boing Boing!!

Brummie roader Ryan

Class signing im over the moon.

Oh ignore the dingles there just jealous.

Boing boing

Mike Baggie Fan(Coseley)

well done everybody at westbrom and what a great signing, good to have Ben on board,I am chuffed this is a area we have difficulty to attract good keepers and this will be the start of stablizing the side and build to strengthen.It would be good now to get olson on board for another period and achive hopefully a another good season. We need to keep progressing towards that next step.


The deal was amazing to be honest. £3.5-£4m and no makeweight from our squad such as Wood, Myhill or Cox, brilliant. Blues fans were sure they'd get more and a player.

This was great work from JP and DA and leaves us in a position to do more business even though the squad are a mid table squad by definition.

Naismith, Gardener and Rose are good rumours and would do nicely for our squad.

Boing Boing


No1 Bangkok

How sad that your making fun of us by saying NEXT year we MIGHT be as rubbish as you lot.

Boing Boing


Afternoon all,

WAHOOOO! welcome Ben ( as a long term signing!) and a hearty big thankyou to DA and JP for once again doing the business in a calm and professional way.

Now if Olson can sign (please) a new deal and DA plucks more of his diamonds of his never ending list of players that would set us up nicely for another season.

think i might just sit here and very full and overflowing.




walk before you can run they say! give us three more quality signings mr D.A.+ J.P. and we can start jogging up the prem.

Cheshire Baggie

A fantastic signing, all credit to JP, DA and all the backroom staff who pulled this deal together..welcome back Ben.

A signing that matches Ben's aspirations and the clubs....sends a signal out to all that we are a Premier League club, and will be for many years to come...come you Baggies

BOING BOING.....sooooooo excited...

wordsley baggie

6 jack the hat.... thank you jeremy :) p.s. we wont pay 10 million for anyone !

We got solbakken the club

Somebody help me! I,ve done that much loffin I nearly bought a round. Good old Ben Foster signed up not for the money, not cos he wants to win things , but because he,s settled and feels at home, ho,ho. Is this bloke serious cos if he really is being honest to the newspaper mon then he,s gotta be the only professional footballer on the planet who wants to live near West Bommidge.

It's gotta be the weather over there and the cold temperatures, cos when it comes to Fosters, you wouldn't want a warm one would ya ?

Au revoir our kid...

Cyril Randle

The stage is large, the players are highlighted one by one and each gets the spotlight as and when we need. It's pure drama, the sort we need to light up this appalling summer.

1.Bash-Willy-Wulfie. Why do you think many of your players want out? Wages relate to results and your lot owe your club! Come to think of it, they owe your loyal supporters too.

kev in mallorca

Why does everybody keep quoting 3/4 million?

Every report I've seen it's an undisclosed fee.



U will need a good keeper u window lickers!!!!!!

amsterdam baggie

never doubted albion had the shillings and ambition to sign foster,now please back it with oters key sighnings ,cosy baggie hows the craigh,you old devil,ha ha,anyone remember sam our leader,or am too old thinking about the past!!!!!!!

New Broseley Baggie

Fantastic signing.Best keeper imo weve had since i started supporting the baggies as a kid.I just missed out on seeing John Osbourne.Really chuffed!

Brierley hill Albion

Sounds like a good deal, and we know he's a top keeper. Another 3 good signings by Dan Ashworth now and we might really surprise a few people. Looks like our time is finally coming! JP is taking everything up a notch each year. Convinced we have a real chance of a cup now.

Oh please

I think last season and this coming season will fuse together smoothly for us unlike some.

1- Goalkeeping is not a good topic for a wolfie to comment on after last seasons goals conceded. A prem record of sorts wasn't it?

Boing! Boing!


Statement of intent keep up the good work Albion premier league keeper proper lets ave a few more boing boing

J♣ck the Hat.



You didn't make a very good job of ignoring the Dingles mate; but every ALBION fan agrees with your Ben Foster remark.



Mr Buzaglo

When I read your post I smiled and felt compelled to respond with the username of one of Chorley's goalscorers the day they beat Wolves 3-0, unfortunately as this result wasn't particularly deemed an upset given you were barely any higher than them at the time, nobody actually knows who the goalscorers were, just that Division Four team who get 2,200 every week have been dumped out the FA Cup again.


This is the key signing of the summer for us and gives us confidence moving forward. The thought of bringing in another keeper and all that brings has now disappeared, and we now have arguably the second best English keeper in the Country for the next 3 years as a minimum or 5 if we take up the option. The question now is what other areas do we now strengthen (possibly a replacement for Jonas if he decides to move on, which I hope doesn't happen).

Alan Merricks Tackles

It will be interesting to see who we get as second choice keeper.

He will know he won't get much game time except for the odd League Cup game. When he is called upon he must be able to produce a workman-like performance and definitely NOT a Fulop type debacle.


26 chrism

has somebody been upsetting you? would you like me to come down to the school and have a word with teacher?


CantelloRocket 78

23 Stale jokes-

Absolutely no sign of resentment there,then?

Actually,the Sunday mags. did a feature on Wayne Hennessey,and in the interview they asked him-

'Let's get to know a little more about you the person.Now when you're not in action for wolves,catching those crosses and making spectacular full length saves,where does Wayne the man spend most of his time?'.

In reply -

'errr............I think I'd have to say,in the back of the net,pickin' the ball out.For starters,I was there at least seven times last season against West Brom alone...........'.

Robin Brittain

25 Kev in Mallorca

Astute of you to point out that the fee is undisclosed. Whatever we paid JP will have done the right deal for the club. Over the years we have a good relationship with the Blues with many players moving in both directions so whatever the deal I would imagine it is fair to both clubs. Over many years I cannot remember a keeper as good as Ben so its a big signing for us .


35. Myhill sounds a good bet to be after all he is the Welsh number 2!!!!!!!!


23 you must be such a sad individual to find the time to post all that drivel

Embarasingly relegated why on earth you got a chip on your shoulder

I can see you dropping again and maybe they deserve that just to wake up some of you arrogant lot

You really need to get out more

CantelloRocket 78

39 realist-

Earlier,I had a rare 'browse' on the wolves site,and saw you were sarcastically mocking Albion fans for being happy about the signing of Ben Foster.

I guess the reason we're pleased is because he cost us around 3-4 million,and consecutive England managers have bombarded him with phone calls pleading for him to join the national squad.

On the other hand,I see Matt Jarvis is supposedly 'valued' at 7 million,yet after 15 minutes in an England friendly,the guys at the F.A. appear to have conveniently LOST his phone number.

Actually,as there's been no offers for him either this summer or last,it looks like NO one knows how to get in touch with him.....?


15. Mr O'Neil or may I call you Ryan?

Why should Wolves be jealous?

They have the Welsh No 1 Goalkeeper.

Foster is ??? choice for England where is the comparison?

J♣ck the Hat.



But that can't be right, you see Myhill is a Premiership player where your guy is Championship unless he leaves you lot. We could buy him for £2.5m to vie with Myhill for our number two spot.


kev in mallorca

I've got a suggestion as to our need for a fox in the box, how about Fletcher from the Dingles?

Dick Turpin could offer 2 million and see how things develop, we wouldn't want to be paying more than 3/4 but if Dick could work his magic it would be a cracking wind up.



44 kev

prefer fletcher from Porridge.


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